How to get rid of stitches scar

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How to Get Rid of C-Section Scar Fast the Natural Way

47 761 views | 14 Feb. 2018

How to get rid of

How to get rid of c-section scar fast naturally? This video will show you natural treatment c section scar removal and recovery.


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Cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is anti-oxidant in nature. It helps in healing the wound and also vanishes the scars from the body completely. Besides this, it even nourishes the skin with immense moisture and removes dead cells from the body.

Aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera gel help to lighten the dark stretch marks and the stitches mark from the skin. Applying the natural aloe vera gel, right from the plant is best to use. However, if unavailable you can use the processed one. It even provides a cooling effect to the burning sensation.

Oil massage with vitamin E oil.

Applying vitamin E oil or vitamin E rich capsules on your stitches or stretch marks help to get rid of these scars easily. Oil massage helps to break down the collagen formed on the skin. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc. It helps to make the tissues soft and also leads to healing of the skin. Massaging even helps to even the blood circulation in the body, thus the dark marks fade away


Honey is a natural healing ingredient. It helps to nourish the skin by removing the dead cells from the skin. Besides this, it is antiseptic in nature too. It lightens the dark scars on the skin and helps to cope up with them easily.


Lemons help to remove or reduce the scars caused by the surgery. However, one should not use lemons right after the surgery, when your wound is fresh. It might hamper the process of healing. One should wait for some time in order to cope up with the wound and then try to use the same.

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should they be used at once or each works alone

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When i start dis process after c section

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How about old scar Caesar it can help

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How many weeks to use c.s removal scar after c.s section

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How to get rid of stitches scar

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Surgical Scars: Making Them Less Noticeable

9 637 views | 13 May. 2009

MedStar Washington

MedStar Washington Hospital Center cardiothoracic surgeon, Jennifer Ellis, MD, talks about how surgeons can minimize the scars that occur during open heart surgery.

Learn more about Dr. Ellis: http://ow.ly/MdXSI

robert gray

can you wear earrings after surgery or does the hole close ?

Sharon Larson

@totalbliss777 I will be having an open heart surgery next week, I'm in my 30th and I feel your pain.

How to get rid of stitches scar

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How to get rid of Stitch Marks? - Dr. Anil K. Agarwal

7 586 views | 23 Nov. 2015

Stitches are usually

Stitches are usually performed on deep cuts or wounds, and they require proper upkeep and daily cleaning to ensure you do not get a scar from the stitches. Everyone’s skin heals differently and sometimes you are left with stitch marks or scarring due to stitches. However, there are several methods you can try to reduce the appearance of the stitch marks and prevent any long terms scarring.

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Please btain ye operation k bad b use kia ja sakta hai

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Dr sahab from which gel I can remove my neck scar mark please reply me