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840 views | 10 Jun. 2019

In this video, I have

In this video, I have changed the looks of old boring faded acrylic nails and turned them into new exciting ones. You can get it done by yourself at home and you can save a lot of $$ as they are always expensive. Comment down below how it turned out.

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stacy bennett

I can’t believe you can’t tell where the acrylics grew out! I have to try this!

Ms. Shabria Gxo

Omg I love your nails ?

Merrily Mari

Thank you for this!

Rapunzel Nita Hair World

Hey babe I'm ur new subscriber ???????

Lisa Greig

You did a really good job!!!?????


Omg i like your nails. They're beautiful just like you pretty kerline

Looks nails

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Sweater Nails

895 544 views | 11 Dec. 2017

It's the time of year for

It's the time of year for sweaters - on your nails! Suzie designs a beautiful set of 'sweater' nails using Gel Polish, and Clear Acrylic Powder.

Products used in this video:

OPI Gel Polish 'Suzi Without A Paddle'

Akzéntz Matte-On UV/LED Matte Top Coat

Mosaic Details Brush

Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commision from sales. Some products were purchased by Suzie, and some were sent to Suzie to try, and she is sharing her experience of using the products with her viewers.


Follow Suzie on Instagram:


Suzie invites you to share your own nail design photos with her on Instagram with the hashtag:

"# nailcareereducation"


You can also follow Suzie:







Neon Lights - New Wave Sounds

The Pulse of the City - Yoav Alyagon

Cat Lady - BoyLord

Fall Out - Goldie Shine

Your Inspiration - Soundroll

Electro Acoustic Journey - Yoav Alyagon

Euphoric Moment - Andrew Feeney

Subtle - Hale

Show U - AlterEgo

Online Presentation - Alex Grey

Lost In Your Love - Glenn Campagna

Fresh Technology - Michael Musco

Music Licensed through:

MelodyLoops https://goo.gl/TRWBAf

Soundstripe https://goo.gl/wdoXz3

Breena Gonzalez

I love your videos and your cameraman! They came out lovely btw can u use dipping powder or does it have to be acrylic?


Suzie radiates such good grandma vibes

Dennielle Marie

Can a clear dip powder be used instead of acrylic? I love this video. Makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my momma. On other words you make me feel at home :)

Cassiopeee 67

Just great ❤️❤️

monia bazazi

The best hands down ? ??

sella Palestine

I love u ❤️

Vin White

All artist point out their imperfections. Where as the viewers see perfection ??


Found this exactly 3 years later. Cool


I’m getting acrylic tmr for christmas this Friday I’m excited

Carmen O'Connor

I think they are beautiful!!!

Mateja S

You just must love her and that laugh! ?

Avalon Nichols

can you do my nails? pleaseeeeee

Dalai Mama

Thank you for being REAL. It’s nice to see a fellow artist having a “moment”, re-doing the oops and trying a different technique. Very supportive camera-guy too ?

Areej Gh

Love your work thank you for sharing that

Pearl K

She’s the bob ross of nails

Makeup Mobster

Susie’s “bad” job is like my best job! Lol

Gemini Misses

Can I use clear gel whenever my nails are already done with colored acrylic?

Dandy Doris

I love what you do ma, you are my inspiration

Ashley Scott

I ❤ the encouragement!

Amazing 08

I love her so much! I love that she is so positive, and even when she didn’t do a good job, she still kept going and didn’t give up! She looks so kind, and would kill to have her do my nails?✨

Moan Aleesha Meadow Nature

This made a helluva comeback this year ???


Where do you get the products and what are the names of everything?

Agnieszka M

seriously? 12:29 I think that you can do better. The color edge is bad .You have 2 million subscriptions. Show more accurate work.


15:02 That laugh LMAO ??

Samantha Collier

I have that red brush and it makes for a good watercolor brush. I do lots of tiny paintings so the fat handle is so your fingers don't get tired.

Madi Boyd

I wish I could do this! I have natural nails so I’m not sure how to use acrylic, etc... beautiful though!

Let it Be



Suzie, you need to be as encouraging to yourself as you are to us! We all are always learning. I'm a cosmetologist and just used some new products for the first time. It didn't come out the best because I was learning about those products that were a lot a bit different from what I'm used to. Don't worry about being perfect. I mean, we always want to do the best we can and if we make a mistake it's ok because a lesson comes out of it. Professional is not synonymous with perfect, we're only human. That's how our art gets it's character anyway! ?

Helena Van Der Merwe

I lurn a lot from your video tnx .veronica

Joanna Retka

Love youre video and youre positive energy ❤

Joy Joy

Does the process require a top coat?

Bethany Slump

Suzie: “I didn’t do a very good job”

Me trying to work with gel at all: nail art Leonardo Da Vinci is telling me there’s bad painting days


What did you spray on your mail and then wipe off?

Keigi Chan

I’ve only discovered this technique now. Was curious to know how it was done. I’m glad I stumbled on your video first even though you did this 3 years ago. If I don’t have acrylic powder, what else can I use?
Thanks for the video. Going to try it for the holidays even if we’re lockdown and now where to go. This will lift my spirits up. ♥️

Joely Rapley

I don't want to say too much on this topic because I don't want to publicly speculate when we have very limited information and the girls are very clearly choosing to not speak about this but please be mindful of Jesy in the coming weeks and by that I mean three things. 1. Choose your words carefully when you explain Jesy's absence. The official statements are intentionally vague because Jesy is not ready to share whatever medical things she's going through and so we shouldn't be spreading unconfirmed information about her physical or mental health. 2. Please think twice about asking new reactors to check out ot3 performances. Obviously, the performances are new and exciting but it gives the impression to people that are new to Little Mix that there are only 3 girls in the group and/or that there's drama between them and Jesy is leaving. Jesy is doing what she needs to do right now and doesn't need new potential fans (both the reactors and their followers who watch their videos for them and not Little Mix) dismissing her as part of the group because most of the things they've seen are things where she's missing. The speculation of her leaving is most likely upsetting to the girls since the latest statement explicitly asks the media to respect her privacy and so we should respond in kind and try not to create situations where that will be perpetuated. 3. I understand that we're all worried and concerned but please do not comment under posts pleading with the girls to tell us about her condition. If Jesy wanted it to be public, it would be so out of respect for her we need to step back and realize that we have no right to information about her health and stop asking for it. The best thing we can do is be positive and supportive and stop publicly speculating about her since tabloids use fan tweets and comments to make headlines.

Alexis Waller

Could you use clear dip instead of acrylic powder?

Shoham Cohen

Do we need to add another layer of topcoat after this?

Friendly Junco


JaLisa Dessanay

the whole point of doing this was to try something new. You did great. ?️?️?️ BE NICE TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!

Mary Kiss

After applying the clear powder and putting the nail under the light, do you apply a top coat? Or are you done? Will this cause them to chip?

Renee Paiz

What happened to ur hand do u have cats?

Marcelina Agosto

Your voice is so soothing

Diane Role

Does anybody know the name of the nail lamp thay she used?

Luiza Elena

Hy! What can I do if I don't have acrylic powder? ?

Kaitlyn Lusk

That little heart shaped glass dish is genius! I gotta find one.

Vanessa Rodrigues

You truly are the Bob Ross of nails ❤️

Renee Paiz

Omg....what's wrong with us?we're impatient...perfectionist?.
I use to be obsessed with manis n pedis FOR FREE...I stopped doing them because my family wanted me to cater....to them.lol you've inspired me to?TRY AGAIN.N NOT FOR FREE

Daisy Celis

I don’t have gel nail polish there just a bit too pricy... does it work with normal polish and acrylic?

Helena Van Der Merwe

Hi suzi i love your videos .i fallow all of it .

Gloria A

Youre so kind and patient! Thank you for making these im self taught and currently starting to make press ons! I love these videos

Chayo Ciccarelli

Beautiful cable nails thanks

Jennifer Tharp

Thank you for another fantastic tutorial on a technique I've been really excited to try! And what is in the blue spray bottle? Is that isopropyl alcohol or another liquid I need for my kit? Thank you and have a beautiful winter.


Cable Knit Nails ??


Matt top on final?

Laura f


Stephanie Shindo

I watch your videos before sleap.
Makes me feel so calm and I wake up feeling like I learned something more
You’re grate!

Haya M

Is it just me or is it that every one of her vids I watch her face structure changes

Christina R

Hi Suzie!! I love your energy and your videos, you have such a calming voice! I wanted to ask , I want to try the knit sweater nail design, but I don’t have the acrylic powder or glitter, what can I use to achieve the same effect ? Thank you and Have a lovely day ! Stay safe ! :)

Starr Coyote

Who else thought her nails were going to be fuzzy like a sweater until they watched the video lol.
On another note, I love these nails!

Kemale Suleymanova

Мне понравилось

ann 0303

if i dont have acrylic powder..can i just use dip powder? will it came exactly like that too??

Stormy Stone

Suzie you are so humble! I love watching your videos. Thanks for being so honest and transparent. A joy to watch

Kelsi Hubler

Ugh I’m so sad that this is the first video I found of yours ?? I’m subscribed and binging all your videos now lol your are so sweet ???


I ❤️ it, you did a very good job like always ?


I want to buy the mini gel light, where I can get them

Indira Rios

i love this. I recently foudn this channel. Makes me want to learn to do nails <3

Issau Tellez

I get racist vibes from you idk

Dolores Martinez

So nothing is put on top? Just the acrylic powder?? Interesting

Maria Paris

I made my sweater nails, but they get dirty really fast especially the white matt colored nails. I found myself constantly wiping them with alcohol. They captured all the lint and became to high maintenance to constantly keep cleaning them. After 3 days I decided to put clear coat on them. But it somehow lost its texture. Any one else experience this??

Diane Role

One dumb question... what is a dispersion layer from the matte coat? Please enlighten meee~

Rebeca Hoffman

I love it.
Your husband is so patient


Wanted to learn this technique for a client got the first time & I Love your videos so much ❤️ just subscribed ! THANK YOU !!

Sheba Lee

Love them but to much redos as I watch it you think your impatient I am but I enjoyed watching.

Deborah Rollins


Ary’s world Of makeup and diy

love your way of explaining and big fan of your work . really want to learn art from you

Laurie Cortez

Hello Susie. I have been watching your videos. I have question. How do I get my nails to look nice. I have diabetes and what can I do for my nails. Can I do acrylic nails.
And how long can I wear them.

Makeup Mobster

I have those same art store brushes from

Vernice Nunez

So you human too. I was worried because I haven't MET no one perfect yet. I mean I'm not trying to be offensive I'm a nail enthusiastic in learning process when I hear. The Word Perfect I get intimated it. EVEN for you miss Suzie you know when to accept even for someone with your experience HAPPY MISTAKES HAPPENS. THANKS AGAIN.

Lisa F Britt

Lady! I love your sense of humor. Then you growled. Hilarious?

Milan Colon

luv that ur so honest suzie u say it how it is .N ur amazing at any nail style u do

Cousin Productions

Thanks for the tip! I have been trying to find out how to make my manicure matte.

Love Nails

They are so pretty! Thanks for sharing! I will try to do it !

little masters

I am fan of you. I am always excited to see your every videos

Jenni Thompson

So there’s no need to matte top coat it after doing the sweater? Will it get scratched and ruined?

Susan Bloomfield

Can you still achieve this without acrylic powder?


I use the regular Infinite shine line. It’s the second time I’ve had to repurchase the top coat since it’s goes goopy on me after a while. What is that? And does anyone have the same problem? Any solutions out there?
I’ve you nail polish thinner but I have to squirt a lot in at the time to somewhat thin it out

Rebecca Roberts

I love these nails! They give such cozy weather vibes :) I’m wondering what brand the small uv lamp is and where you could find one

Mamma Mia

Długie paznokcie są obrzydliwe


We call it a jersey in south Africa


Amazing! Can someone explain to me why you need to add the powder over the design? I don’t seem to find the answer anywhere. What powder is it and do you also need it if you do nail art with shellac?

Audra Wintheiser

The responsible ophthalmologist ontogenetically moan because toe synthetically tip till a frequent plant. foregoing, mountainous rock

Lystra Octave

The camera man has a very soothing voice


well, it will stick if you nuke it before hand. i use clear builder gel, nuke it only 30 seconds (builder gel will remain sticky anyways) and then pour white glitter on it. tap it secure with my fingers and then nuke it again. and its stays very well :)

may is salty

Is there an alternative to acrylic powder to use here? I don’t have any, I only have gel ?

Brant Autumn

Her voice is so soothing! I love her!

Jessica Wolter

Do you have to use clear acrylic powder to get this effect? Or would white still let the color through?


Can you take a silicone mold and while the acrylic has not hardened yet to make a pattern?


So only works with gel? Or can we try colored acrylic ?

Pretty Pink Nail Boutique

I know im 2 years late but i started my presson biz this year and planning on doing sweater nails but can i just do a matte topcoat over the sweater design?

Laurie Ann Dowell

Where did you get your rhinestone cylinder that you rest your hand on?

Looks nails

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HOW I MAKE MY $10 PRESS ON NAILS LAST 3 WEEKS ‼️?? |(( Must Watch)) |

1 645 929 views | 21 Feb. 2020

Here is the link to

Here is the link to the press on nails : https://amzn.to/39KaYCd Hey ladies I get a lot of questions on which Make up Products I use well here it is starting with my foundation ? : https://amzn.to/2tl1y09                        Eyeliner : https://amzn.to/2Omndg3                                             Concealer : https://amzn.to/36yt0Fi                                          Eyelashes :https://amzn.to/2UfbZxF                                            Primer : https://amzn.to/36zS0MD                                               lipstick: https://amzn.to/2RxObmM                                             Lip Liner :  https://amzn.to/2tWhPcc                                             contour :  https://amzn.to/30Z5yjw









Email : [email protected]



P.O. BOX 764

BALDWIN N.Y. 11510

Kelly Phillips

It's a nail file honey. Thank for the video on how to make these last longer ?.


Tried this but I stay washing dishes , cleaning the mop
And submerged in water

Amanda Hill

I tried these and went to work and one popped off when I was working?


Press on nails don’t work for me. The nail are always smaller than my actual nail it never fits perfect so I gave up on them.

Sarah G

I love you ?

Lili Knows Best

These nails are bomb!! I am also great at applying press ons even when I got to the nails salons ( only to get pedicures) they ask me where I get my nails done! They are shocked when I tell them they are press ons

Update : mines lasted 3 weeks frfr


Beautiful hands

Lovely E K


Tezonia Quartman

B’el ?


What typa glue you use?

Eve melanin

To be honest I think press-on know the way better and expensive than going to get your nails did to be honest that grow your nails

kinkytopDee James

Soooo pretty and you make it look so simple! Ty❤️??

Whitney C

Facts!!! Nail gospel!!!

Jaaxy Jackie

We all enjoyed your video because you were factual and to the point, much ❤️ love. That’s what I’ll be working with, beautiful and elegant nails in 5 minutes.


I recently started started doing this with Kiss too and I love it!!!


If my hands were as lovely as yours, I wouldn’t do anything to my nails. They’re beautiful just as they are!

That said, i love the tips you give and I’m sharing this with my daughter.

Holla At The KI D

Please dont do that. Kiss nails have long been around before Kardashians knew how to apply makeup. They do not legitimize anything. Have had a lot of these products around way way back in the day.

Shante Barze

@Love your nails, girl you ain't lying, I used kiss brands myself back in the day, and they last longer, come out looking better than the nail salon. I prefer it than sitting the nail salon.

Alexis Barco

I had these. Not my favorite. They been easily. The Kiss Gel Fantasy lime is great! They are more durable. However with this technique any pair of press ons will last long

Crys Coma

You are so cute!! New sub!

Farley Kai

Idk how she makes them stay on for 3 weeks without having nun of them come off

Amazon Daphne

Do you work? I'm talking about physical with your hands.

Kathy Hammer

Wow. They look nice. Thanks for sharing

KBea Sea

I got my press ons now I got 5$ french tips
Painted them with pink and purple gel with crystals on top . I've learned so much since starting the lock down my husband was so sweet and got me a lamp and 5O polishes for Christmas I won't turn back I'm not spending money at the salon no more I also do poly gels myself

Kristal Price

I used the nails ? that stick on not nail glue it works really goods

xoxoshy babe

All I wear is press ons!!!

Hopeless Romantic


Kate Bell

Quarantine got me into press on nails, I’m hooked. I haven’t tried the rubbing alcohol step

Akeelia Shaneal

I had these and I loved them

Melissa Medina

3 weeks?

Khalia Ivery

May God continue blessing you all and your family , friends , and loved ones endlessly ❤️???!!know that God loves you so much more than you can imagine !! God has huge amazing marvelous plans for us all !! Jesus is the only way !! God is incredibly outstandingly amazingly great !! ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD ????❤️!!! God will never fail us nor forsake us !! Jesus is returning soon ?! We need to REPENT (turn away from sin and evilness and wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness of all sins and evilness and wrongdoings ) ! WE need to seek God whole heartedly !! God wants a relationship with us ! Jesus died for us .. OUR sins! Thank you Father !!! I’m wishing you all the absolute best during your journey with Christ !!! Stay Blessed !! I hope every last one of you have a beyond blessed and amazing prosperous day/night/week/month/year !!! GOD BLESS ??❤️????!!!! STAY BLESSED ??!!! God is so amazing ??????❤️??!!!! All Glory Be To God ??❤️??!!!!! May God Continue Blessing You And Your Family , Friends, And Loved Ones Endlessly ????❤️!!


I wanted to say your nails on your hands or gorgeous and guess you look like you spent least by 60 $80 beautifully done and thank you for saving a sister down here in Texas some money. Luv It ?

clay smith

The Clay Smith fanpage Team

Started using press on nails during the lowdown quarantine issues, keep nails protected to grow out to the same length!

Taylor Madyson

Where did you get that blue ring?


i’m literally wearing these exact nails right now ??

Holly B

I've been doing press on nails since the 80s. Love them!

Nancee Graves

If you like these you're going to love the Kiss majesty collection!!

wow what a small bean ._.

she sounds a bit shaky and she is a bit shaky i hope shes alr

Rochelle Conner

Great job

Apoorva Shrivastava

Do you have to trim your nails?

Carol Nicole And The Family

?Your hands and nails looks so
much like mines. Your nails came out really nice, you did that and under 10 mins.

Taylor Torres

Love the accent thanks for this video

Christina’s Universe

Wish I could do this. I have to customize mine because my nail bed is so big ??


But how do you keep them from popping off during day?


Hi, what glue did you use?


I love this... i literally just dropped a video using press on naild and i freaking love them!!. This i super cute

Brandi 7

What brand of glue is it?

Eryn Power

I've been considering opening an etsy store making custom press-ons but wasn't sure if anybody would be interested. Now I've found so many people who like them as much as me, I'm definitely going to!! Thank you! ?

Lakeisha Felici

I clean alot so hopefully they stay on from water

Bhavani Balaji

You forgot to file the tips of the nails☺️

Selena Salazar

Hey, quick questio. What kind of glue did you use?

Missy Wood

Ok....now that these babies are on for 2 wks and no sign of them wanting to cone off...how do you remove them without damaging your natural nail....also, how to remove if I want to save them and reuse them???

Kira Wade

I must be a god bc i just put glue on my fake nail and keep them on and they last a month ovi towards one or 2 dose come off but thats about it


Family Dollar has them for $6

simaya ehime

So how do you do put on fake eyelashes with your nails that long ?

Ella Dolce

BEAUTIFUL work!!!! KEEP it up!!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!

the real house wives of Washington

I've been needing to do this thankyou so much

Itx Angel

I went and got some nails at walmart today when i get home Im going to do the steps

jennifer norman

Very nice

Camille Jarrett

Same here. I use the nails and toenails

Jasmyn Monette

You can clip and file these down as well! I wore them long to a wedding and then clipped and filed them shorter for work!

Leah Rielle

$6 at family dollar! Thanks girl

Stacia Travier

Romwe and SHEIN has so many cute press ons. Long, short and cheap. I just recently got a 500 pack for less than $5. I’ve literally ordered over 1,000 press ons for cheap !

The L.Z Show

How u keep them.from popping off during the week

Whitney C

Yep!!! I love me a good press on set!!!!


finally a tutorial done by someone with no nails XD im strugglin

Stephanie Hoskins

That is such a cute design on this set of nails. I can never find cute ones like that. ❤️

jazzy jay

Hunni us black people gonna put the nails shop out of business ,, these nail look lovely on you tube,good job I will be participating in this the next wedding or anything over the summer ...❤️ thanks for your tips

Pvt. Rickert

I used to use them for weekend.. they don't last long with me. I am always asking dishes cleaning up. But they do look pretty.

Jesii Senteno

I will honestly say that this is a great option if you can’t afford to go get your nails professionally done or wanting to change things up more often. I bought these exact nails & followed the exact steps that was showed in the video but they only lasted me a week, which I’m not complaining since you get 2 sets for $11.99. Just wanted to put it out there that these don’t last 3 weeks either especially if you clean & are very hands on person. It’s a great option for the price you pay & I think they’re worth purchasing again.

Big Shirley

All of that! Yes! Plus- bc my natural nails/bed curves, I turn my hands over & glue in the spaces. I then put a nice acrylic top coat polish on to keep em looking shiny.

Sherria Jones

We about to be blinged out together ❤️

Sheilah Tipton

What is the name of glue please


Cash app $whitegurl6 i want those?? loss my job due to having covid.

Sharda Rupani

Your awesome girl!!! Love the attitude helps
Daving on every two weeks 35 bucks!! Especially during this paramedic!!!
Thanks again

Krystal Krazie

Thank you so much!! I never get my nails done because I play guitar so now I can do them myself and take them off when I feel like playing and I won't waste so much money! And I just did it today and my nails look cute thanks!!? Good lookin' out did!!!

Jeniffer Troche

Please, please post more about doing your own nails!!!

I Am Dash

Have these exact ones ??

rosa guy

Thank you so pretty? your nails are?

Kelly Worsleigh

I've been using KISS for years!!! I will never spend 50, 60,100 on nails! $7.99 and I get 2 applications from one box.

Ms. Mel and Aj.f

Are u still rocking press ons? I love them

The L.Z Show

The hair store has lots of press ons

That Girl 1221

I bought those exact nails from target a while ago and they only lasted 1 hour ???



Pearl the rebel

Those are so prettyyyy

Kimberly Gray


sasha gold

Where'd you get that cuticle cutter

Susan Nelson

Will they pop off


Saves money!! I’m tired of going to the nail shop spending so much money with the rude techs

June Bug

Mine never last a day.?

K Denise

Best to start on the pinky fingers then ring finger so on alternating hands til you get to the thumb. It makes it way easier.


Please do more nail tutorials

Nail art Accessories BD

Love nails❤️?

Lovely Bella

Another tip for lasting long is filling the bottom of the press on nails to match where your cuticles connect with the press on unless they are a perfect fit then leave them as is. Sometimes it can feel like it’s poking or looks bigger all around. Shape them to your nail.

Ashley Guthrie

Did this once a few years back and most stayed on forever. A couple did pop off and it looked dumb but I couldn't for the life of me get the rest off and had to go to a nail salon to get help removing them. Very effective method haha

Child of God

I love press on nails I just take off the shine on the press on nails an my nails clean with alcohol use my glue and it lasts me for a little over 2 wks an then I change to a different set oh an awesome video ??

Renee Newton

Listen, these nails are the truth! I just started to wear these nails out of curiosity to see how they would wear on me and I absolutely loved the finished product. And yes, you wouldn’t believe the compliments that I’ve received. The polish as far as gel and matte and the sets with designs/art/stones easily you WILL pay over $100.00 at a nail salon. Definitely affordable and worth the money!


my favorite set?

꧁a l e e c i a꧂

Thank you so much girl!! You are the bomb ???


I have to say that she messed up the desigb she put them WRONG