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? Farzad "The Happy Barber" Deluxe Hot Shave - Vancouver BC

1 633 206 views | 20 Jun. 2018

Hello! If you are

Hello! If you are wondering what the noise is in the background, it is the barber pole in the window.

On our recent trip to Vancouver BC, we had such a fun time meeting Farzad "The Happy Barber" at his neighborhood barber shop in Yaletown. In this video Farzad demonstrates his signature Deluxe Hot Shave. An experience well worth seeking out if you are ever in Vancouver BC!

S P E C I A L T H A N K S:

Farzad and Shelley Salehi

Farzad's Barber Shop

126 - 1208 Homer St

Vancouver, BC

V6B 2Y5 Canada


F T C D I S C L A I M E R:

Some links shared in this description box may be affiliate links which means if you use those links I may get compensation from the companies at no cost to you. We use any money earned to produce new video and blog content to share. Thank you for your support.


Thank you so much for stopping by and watching!

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Stories behind Our Most Popular videos: https://haircutharry.com/our-most-popular-videos-with-over-a-million-views/

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Primary Camera https://haircutharry.com/ACamara

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#HairCutHarry #AsmrVideo #ASMRBarber

El Mapas

Thats not an ASMR video

Dmitry L

Nice bmw inside!

Aaron Barnes

This is the most relaxing video I’ve seen from this channel and I think I’ve watched it nearly 50 times now. Great content.

Jack Rockwell

Asking Harry is he’s ever had a shave is like asking Mick Jagger if he’s ever played a concert before.

Ale Ale

Grande Andy Luotto!

Philip Pietropaolo

Beautiful Gentleman ?

Etienne Wiese

Still my favourite vid. I love the prep process, getting all the tools ready and counter ready

Giuseppe Guidazzi

Hi man. I've been your friend on FB and also I've been in Esfahan for three years. Ake sciuma' kube? Greetings from Rome.

Rishabhraj Pahare

Teach the barber not to waste water

Jay Paul

I've got more hairs on my toes than he's got on his face, what a waste of time for the barber

Jar Jar Fett

This kind of mens grooming is from a different era . When men still acted like men. Not the little soy boy Starbucks men of today.

giovanni nunez

I started with this video. But in the morning I end up with Phoenix parlor ?

Johnny Five

His barbershop is really nice looking.


That bike though



Marcin Szpiglewski

He’s like my dad...


stop the water please.

Jarek [Zapzap]

19:36 the mirror wasn’t working correctly haha

Redi Setgo

I like the barber. He seems like the kind of guy you can just sit and have a hours long great conversation with.

Nic Lowry

2:04, but can you do this?

Afif Khaja

Masterful shave. I wash barbers would use plastic gloves though

Joseph Pembroke

he's obviously one of the best barbers you've had so far

Ya3goub Albshayer

Why I love to watch this before I go to sleep!!


Guy for some reason reminds me of a bald count Dooku lol

Natanael Alves

Nossa o que mais mim incomodou no vídeo foi a torneira aberta direito, grande desperdício de água ?? o trabalho do profissional é impecável, mas o desperdício de água é lamentável ???✂️

Jason Guy

I have to admire someone who has made it their profession to tour the world and pay people to press a sharp knife to their neck.

Walter Glowacki

This guy is a real pro!

Raj Chawla



Lol.. wtf is he even shaving? 1 day stubble,?

Safdar Badshah

I need a job I'm 15 years working hair cut 7 Year dubai experience

ulolhahahah hsbnjfj

Very humble and professional shaver ?


Professional and funny , nice job dude

Donny Gonzalez

What a relaxing vid

Ragesh K

Right way to sleep

Kevin Miller

Sure is funny that Farzad doesn't seem to get paid whenever he shaves someone-unless he gets paid after the filming wraps?

Mucks Cuts

Farzad is class act and a leader in our industry here. Top notch!!

James Renegade

Great shave!!!


Bruh you left the faucet on

Haider Boota

This guy should have an nobel sleep award

Mohammad Hossein Ganjyar

Iran ??

Barber 2 y ideas caseras

excellent barber shop Great attention to the LUXURY barber

Damien Brown

Farzad is the guy. Shave maestro.

Bruce Wayne

look at barber's head in mirror at 19:40. At 19:42 something odd happens. Go back to the 19:40 and watch the actual barber's head now. Why the hell did that happen in the mirror?

James Immordino

Barber: "Beautiful day outside." Harry: "Indeed". That's what I say when I really don't want to talk either.

Isaac raseemela

Only car sounds & hooters are missing here for a good sleep?☹

Dominique Trottier Beaulieu

I like the barber watche

Rabid Raccoon

great shop and dude...loved the view too

brandon causey

I'm sure if these barbers had any idea how many views these videos got it would be natural for them to be a little bit nervous LOL especially with Stone Cold Harry my God imagine trying to get a read on that guy lol.?

Toby Bovingdon

That barber is a cool dude


Waste water much?

Brandom Pope

Gorgeous bike in the background

Sublime Sense

This guy travel to places and then just have to sit around until his hair grows back


holy water bill


Did he spit on his hand at 6:51? Sure sounded like it


Lovable fazard

dex - HIV


Big Dogg

Master of his craft. Such good small talk. Just amazing. Love the silent shop and small talk. No music or any crap. Just the barber shop noises. Barber does an amazing job.

Roman The coolest


Gijs V

I don't think the front wheel of the BMW is original.


Am I the only one that watches Harry’s videos at night to relax? Lol


This looks like the absolute most thorough shave I’ve ever seen ... ??

Vinay Patil

Any reason why the tap is on most of the time except for the "right temperature" ?

Tyson Pooch

Farzad has good taste in motorcycles. ;)


Only about two minutes into the video and I have to comment already. This guy's modesty just made my day. God it's so refreshing to see someone who doesn't think of themselves as God's gift, now I gotta get back to it, but I bet he does a good job!

Richard Hayes

Sort that rattling fan out. Messing up my chill that....


I’m from Van recognized these streets but never knew there was a barber here!

Jefferson Augusto



Any guy that has a BMW cycle in the actual shop.. dude - we’re off to a good start..

Marcello Woodford

Farzad,cHighly-cHob! But you forgot the 'Hapenis-Ending'-He was Waiting for your Kir between his Pestoon,Shabash! Otherwise Good Job,Sir!

Andy Garay

Thank you harry for all the great videos I have to go to this place.

Machiavelli III

He cut you.

Clifton Harris

Women have mannies and Peddies. Watching this youtube video makes me believe that getting a hot shave is our version of that.

hooman farzi


علی غلامزاده

آقا فرزاد گل عزیز دل

Filipino Barber

damet garm, as always you are an inspiration harry.

Manuel Ernesto

Awesome channel, I enjoy so much your videos.

Rokas Šešlauskas

Ant here I thought my self esteem was low XD


One of my favorite barbers that Harry introduced us to.

Nacho Mec Nieto

Great barber,,nice place and good chat


this guy is 100$ IRANIAN

Zack Rossi

One of my favorite ASMR like sounds from these videos is the barbers opening up their containers for shave soap and other products

ulolhahahah hsbnjfj

Really love watching a man doing his job professionally. ☺️ Greetings from Philippines

oliver böhm

Harry,like always a fantastic video. God bless!!!!????


Hey harry, where did you get the best shave?


Farzad likes Beemers Very nice.

Cem Günal

Farzad, please save water.

Ray Smith

Harry, thank you for all you do. We never would have seen the noble artistry of the world’s barbershops without you.

Jack Smith

I have to ask. Am I the only one that thinks that this guy looks like Michael Stevens in about 20 years?

19 98

Very Nice video and very nice Barber???

Naveed Niazi

Classy interior!

WhiteLightnin 67

1:30 “where else have you gotten a shave?”

* names different countries *

“They’re good shavers”

Harry: oh and Route 66

“..... the legend”

Khaled Rjou

Okay but why wasting all of this water
Close the tap please

Plenty Numb

He doesn’t look like he even needs one.

Jimmy Cebujano

Bangon pilipinas

Roman The coolest

Thank you

Gary Parker

Seeing all the cars and people now, well it looks like a ghost town

James Doron


RzRshRp 709

Finally, a barber that I can realistically go get a shave from! All your other videos from around the world and this one is probably the closest one to me yet!


Big fan of this barber, he’s got a great demeanour and a very relaxing tone.

Stephen Dines

Comfortable Sir?


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? Are You Comfortable Sir? The Royal Shave w/ Head Massage at Truefitt & Hill | Mumbai India

3 929 868 views | 15 Feb. 2018

This is the third

This is the third barbershop experience we filmed while in Mumbai, India where we aimed to experience barbershops from street-barbers to high-end business class.

In this video I was treated to The Royal Shave at Truefitt & Hill located in Colaba, Mumbai India close to Regal Cinema and The Gateway of India.

Truefitt & Hill describes The Royal Shave as follows: A timeless straight-razor shave perfected since 1805, this classic Royal ritual begins with the wrapping of hot towels followed by exfoliating the face with a scrub. Thereafter, the skin is nourished and massaged with a light-textured pre-shave oil. This makes the beard soft, allowing the razor blade to glide smoothly. A hot towel is wrapped again, an occurrence that is repeated often to help open the pores and relax the customer. Using our handmade badger brush, a small amount of our glycerine-based shaving cream is applied to create a rich and emollient lather. The brush coats each individual whisker with shaving cream ensuring the most comfortable shave possible. Now, holding the skin taut with one hand, the other hand does its magic with a straight-razor. This zen experience of shaving heightens when the Royal Shave concludes with a relaxing facial massage and the application of a selection of 10 aftershave balms/lotions.

S P E C I A L T H A N K S:

Kalim and Truefitt & Hill

1 - 2, Regal Cinema

Shahid Bhagat Singh Road

Colaba, Mumbai

India 400005


F T C D I S C L A I M E R:

Some links shared in this description box may be affiliate links which means if you use those links I may get compensation from the companies at no cost to you. We use any money earned to produce new video and blog content to share. Thank you for your support.


Thank you so much for stopping by and watching!

How the journey of visiting barbershops around the world began ?? https://www.haircutharry.com/about/how-it-all-started/

Stories behind our most popular videos ?? https://haircutharry.com/our-most-popular-videos-with-over-a-million-views/

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C A M E R A S:















A U D I O:














B L O G: https://haircutharry.com

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T W I T T E R: https://twitter.com/haircutharry

P I N T E R E S T: http://www.pinterest.com/haircutharry/





Bill Fisk

I don't know about you but I just about fell asleep watching you get the shave and to be massaged like 10 times on the face. Very relaxing and I was jealous. Seems like the best experience ever. Lucky.

Alex Lashbrook

Incredible how dignified he is in the exection of his service, It is indeed a very specialized service, applaud the barber!




convertible sir ?

Andrew Persaud

He’s already clean shaved ?

SecondAdam Bomb

Barber's nametag so comfortable it's tilted off.

Jovaria mohamed

If I want to die, I will definitely go to this place

Stephen Dines

This guy wouldn't look out of place shaving Royalty

Billy Fishkins

It took me 5 minutes to realize the whole video is gray and i wasn’t just watching the preview...


That is a shavette not a straight razor. Still an impressive experience.


“Are you comfortable sir?”



? Wait what?

Naster 93

Two words required to work there: comfortable sir?

Stephen Dines

Close your lips please, I didn't say open them.

Stephen Dines

All the skill of a top surgeon.

Action Jaxon

Wow classy place

Steven Senator

If I was rich enough, I would start every day like this.


My god, this is asmr at its best.


I keep coming back.


My new favourite video!


I have watched this video multiple times. I have yet to make it all the way through without falling asleep.


this is an $90 dollar shave in LA wow

Mad Dog

Everything was going so well,,then I spotted the wonky picture frame on the wall...


Very professional attitude and attention to detail. It's extremely rare to find this level of service in India (unless you're a millionaire)... Don't mean it in a racist way, but you can still see the influence of the British in all these clubs and gentleman fashion, Taj hotels etc.

Song ka Raja Rai

It is quite silent so that we were able to listen the clock. Like if you were also able to listen.


i got stoned and started noticing his pinky placement its on point

Mike Bergmann

tick tock tick tock beep... beep, "are you comfortable sir? Set repeat and you have the whole video.

Steven Thompsen

dude goes to a barber for a shave looks like he just got one

Cyrille Dedieu

The sound or silence ?

John Jones

man this service is off the charts.. "comfortable sir".. hell yeah!

L Sho

I love how he does not feel the need to talk. If only women could get that relaxing ambience whenever they get a treatment.

Al Doe

I didn’t know Erik Spoelstra was a barber too.

Finn Fyfe

Still the best video. Comfortable Sir. What do you think!


How could a guy on my phone get a face message and I end up relaxing !!!

Simone Batista Vichingo

please another video with this barber...

Christopher D’Amore

Anyone else notice how badly the guys hand is shaking around 32:43?

Solanki Ajay

barber: comfortable sir?


barber:wait, this is out of syllabus. what do I do?

Bobby Smith

Want to have a whole new appreciation for this video... watch it in 0.75x speed

Krishna Sharma


Badger Bhoy

This is the Heavyweight Champion of relaxing videos.

Andres Cardozo

Looks like a barber for a classy james Bond's villain

J Tee55

The gentleman doing the shave is a real professional. Kudos to him. I love to watch the professionals at their trades. ??✌️♥️

Jojo Galvan Mora

It’s been 2 years since Harry uploaded this video. Rumor has it that he’s still comfortable to this day.

Jjtpatt123 P

Every barber in the US should be taught to do this. Lol


Can we give mystery woman credit for holding the A-Cam rig for almost an hour!


All I'd need is some classical music playing in the background and I'd call this my dream shave.

Henk meerdink

A masterclass for Turkish barbers....

Stephen Dines

Watching during Christmas 2020 in a pandemic and Harry is still comfortable.


Barber: @ 9:20 he fans hot towel around the client’s face in remembrance of his last profession, professional bull fighter.

Black Wood 17

Wonderful Sir

Артем Новик

One day timecodes of all "Are you comfortable, Sir?" appear here


Despite the constant clanking sound this is a gem

Ancient Buns

Only 28? Pretty damn good price

Barnaby Chicken

Man, they use a lot of towels

Rodrigo Jose

I love this video as much as the positivity and light hearted jokes in the comments section. The overwhelming recognition of the barber's mastery is amazing!

HairCut Harry

We now have official "Are You Comfortable Sir?" merchandise!! ??. https://teespring.com/new-are-you-comfortable-sir?pid=46&cid=101361

James Renegade

This place is so relaxing


Why is there a frying pan on the wall?

Its a hand mirror but still... lol


Are you still comfortable sir?

David Keep

That has to be the most relaxing and hypnotic clock I've ever heard, really adds to the experience....

Eusebio Rojo López


nath dipp

Haircut Harry, answer me honestly, did u get a better shaving experience then dis at Mumbai? I have seen all your videos, nothing beats this experience, so awaiting your reply on this, and if it differs, what's the difference and to which video do we compare. Let us know


No offense to the barber but doesn’t he look like a young Ricky Ricardo Lucy x husband?

Profeta degli Dei

Ask The Gods.


Hw wasted to. Much water...

Michael Falk

Harry, what is your day job?

Alexander Müller

Time for Gentlemans

Sagish Preman

He could ve woken him up with a tight slap... ?????????

ted bus

25:47 Mystery Woman shows her face

Some Space Monkey

does he get a cut of the shirt profits?

nath dipp

The tag line you are comfortable sir describes all, none on earth will greet you as sir, as we greet all guests equally, so I would request change the description to something the best experience you have ever had, or whatever u feel like,


That has to be the most relaxing thing to watch. I’ll put on a fake beard for this treatment ?

Vito Turturo

the clock...<3

Justin The Great Ponte

Too shave da face! Too cuta the beard!!!! “Sweeney Todd” if you know then you know

abdul azeez zain

Come for table sir ?

Marcello Woodford

Kalim Sahib! Sab Kutch Tik-Tok Hai! x M


10:52 TOBS?

James McAllister

World class service at its finest. Awesome to watch people do their job so well!


Don't know why, but whenever he wraps the towel around his face, I think of the face huggers from Aliens. :] Love the video!

Mizter FreakShow

No beep beep beep beep....

Der Ausreiter

31:03 "Are you comfortable, Madam?"

gary jensen

How do they decide to become this class of barber? Amazing truly amazing. Would love to experience this before I die.


Why only 1080p?

W. A. L.

This guy can put Ambien and Lunesta outta business.

Night Has Fallen


illuminosity awareness

What a legend

Maximillian Swansson



Anybody else notice that the clock skips a little bit every like 45 seconds?


Just want to know... if you are reading this... are you comfortable Sir?

DJ Bass

I've watched this at least 8 times now.

James Renegade

Most relaxing shave ever

Felipe Barra

I'd go to India just to get shaved by this man. This looks like a whole other level of comfort

Stefan S

I really like the quiet environment- no music, nothing that disturbs in this relaxing moment. The ticking clock in the background is a little like a metronome, which helps you to let go. And a very nice service person that ensures you feel well. Thanks for sharing.

Black Wood 17

35.35 min like a cat

Profeta degli Dei

Ask The Gods.


I dont care how much it costed it was worth every penny!!!


I feel uncomfortable when a person asks the same question over and over

Ryan Ghezzi

The last time that man accidentally cut someone with a razor the Himalayas were still underwater

philippo Fadly

He need to visit asim barber


They need some snake charmer music playing in the background ?


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The ULTIMATE Indian HAIRCUT EXPERIENCE 3.0 - Full Shave + Massage | Sivasagar, Assam, India

794 966 views | 18 Jun. 2019


? AFZAL: https://www.instagram.com/arshad_afzaal97

? WATCH: Kathakali Eye Dancing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHGJT_pZg8U&t=1106s

? DAVID’S BEEN HERE SHIRTS & MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/davids-been-here

The two weeks I spent exploring the states of Assam and Meghalaya in northeast India were two of the most extraordinary weeks I’ve ever spent traveling. This beautiful region really opened my eyes to how diverse India is. I was blown away by everything from the captivating history to the friendly people to the phenomenal cuisine. I hope this video series inspires you to visit this incredible area of the world!

With my time in northeast India winding down, I decided to treat myself and do something I’d previously done in both Kolkata and Shillong: get an Indian haircut, shave, and massage, this time in the historical town of Sivasagar. Haircuts in India are easily the best haircut experiences I’ve ever had, and they’re super thorough and relaxing. I couldn’t wait to get started!

The barber shop wasn’t too small like the one in Shillong. I wanted to get a good fade and then a full shave on my face. After fifteen days of my beard growing, I wanted it gone!

My barber started by giving me the haircut I always get back home in Miami, a skin fade. Then he cut some off the top with his scissors. I couldn’t wait to get to the massage portion. My body was beat after fifteen straight days of traveling and filming from sunup to sundown, so I was so excited to just relax and collapse. My barber was doing a great job! He was like a barber and a stylist!

I had a lot more hair for him to cut, too! Just a year ago, I was practically bald, but now I have hair. Rogaine really works!

In addition to Indian haircuts being so relaxing and thorough, they’re also incredibly inexpensive, especially when compared to the ones I get back home. I spend several times the amount of money there, and that’s only for the haircut.

My barber was super serious as he worked on me, so I couldn’t help but play around with him a bit to try to make him laugh!

Then he sprayed my face and began massaging my beard before he added the shaving cream. I prefer being clean-shaven because I sweat when I’m traveling through hot places and I get pimples under my beard. But when my beard is gone, it opens my pores and then I don’t have to worry about getting pimples.

My barber started shaving me with his blade. I was already starting to look like a different person! I let him shave my mustache as well.

The massage portion started with a head and forehead massage that was the absolute best! It felt so good. He even got my eyebrows, my temples, and the back of my neck! The cool thing about Indian barbers is that they’re all different, so you get different massages with each one.

I was in heaven! The neck massage was really needed. There was so much tension in it and I could feel it all evaporating. It was so relaxing! It felt like he was massaging my brain! He was styling my hair at the same time.

Then he started pounding and rubbing my shoulders. It felt so freaking good! Once it ended, I took a look at myself in the mirror. My friends said I looked 18 without my beard! I think shaving it is my Fountain of Youth! I felt so refreshed!

The total was 150 rupees, or roughly $2.15 U.S. What an incredible deal for such a fantastic haircut experience! I gave him an extra 50 rupees as a tip for doing such an amazing job.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my third Indian haircut experience! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming travel/food content!

BOOK YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE: ► https://app.trilltravel.co/u/davidsbeenhere

#Assam #India #IndianStreetFood #IndianFood #DavidGoesBackToIndia #Davidsbeenhere

Subscribe Here! http://bit.ly/DavidsbeenhereSub

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Contact Me:

+BUSINESS EMAIL ► [email protected]


5858 SW 81 ST

Miami, FL 33143


#India #Davidsbeenhere

The ULTIMATE Indian HAIRCUT EXPERIENCE 3.0 - Full Shave + Massage | Sivasagar, Assam, India



Next time when u r in salon of india. I recommend, just shut your mouth and enjoy the whole process of 15-20min.

Lexi Curry

Dude, relax, let them do their job, god damnit, quit talking... ?? (no hate, just opinions?)

Mr Steve

10:50 umm


The barber was good looking no homo tho

F-b Owen

$3!? You couldn’t throw the homie a fiverr or something? You’d pay $50 atleast for something like that in the states and they will annoy you with questions the whole time

Mohammad Bakr

The indian gay he just look on one side ????


Good looking barber.

Ghassan Alniser

Beautiful haircut


Why don't they do this in England omg

Mick Solo

2.10$ and about 30$ in America and in northern Europe its 60$

Duniya de rang

@Davidsbeenhere : you skin might be having seborrheic dermatitis, you need to skip oily food.


the massage was really good but you talk so much my man

El Capitano

I love how you flirt with the barber ?

Marina Puy Niño

Es Abraham Mateo en negro?


Thank you for watching my Indian haircut experience video! If you're new to my channel please SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/DBH-SUB for new travel content every week! Also follow me on Instagram to get live updates: instagram.com/davidsbeenhere

Soho Divinci

Just relax, relax -Baba

Kamran Rasid

Free assam

ggg G

Dude this is asmr so just stop talking so much u ruining the whole thing

Asmit Rayal

i hate when i go for a haircut
i have to say yes even i m bot satisfied by the haircut\

Deepak Punyani

I love [email protected]gmail.com

Ajit L

Me and that barber are pretty similar...keep doing your job as the leaders lecture...?

Shoeb Khan

You look like Chris Martin after the shave


Nobody needs to listen to your arrogant ramblings. We're not watching for you. Just shut up and let the guy work

calis krit

The shaving wasn't bad but he needed warm towel to get the skin prepared.. Also preshave oil and after shave later on.

The shaving needed more on different directions as well to get it even and more smooth. The shave was ok, but it needed more. His skin was red because of irritation and dryness.

Your best Teacher is Your last Mistake

How much did he charge u for massage?

Mark Vargas

A beard is actually suppose to not prevent pimples, cause I noticed when I was growing my facial hair I didn’t have pimples at all



Geoff Newman

This guy talks way too much.

Praveen Kr. Singh

You look good in beard though....had viewed almost every videos available in this channel.


bro just shut up you always talk about ur FAdE

Sebastian Vue

“They hit you in the head, and break your back.”

Me: “Uuuhhhh that’s a massage to you..?”

Amit Kumar

Trust me guys that head massage is heavenly
I have that once every 15 days. ??

Jason Clark

Omg you are driving me crazy stop moving around and shut the hell up. This video is difficult to watch..

Zephry Soucy

ohh my god shut the fuck up and enjoy the massage

Duncan C

Jesus christ. Please stop talking


I feel bad for the barber, having a cringy foreigner you need to work on that wont shut up while you try to concentrate.


David lovers talking

Umair Saifullah

Mine as well have a baby with him

UnķŇ0vvñ ?

Why does he lokey look like faze adapt with the look kinda, face kinda, tatoos, and voice?

Fariq Izwan

that barber must be get hard time when cutting n shave you bcause you moving alot when he working on u..also lucky on you dont have any incident while he working on you..


Welcome to the time for bed side of YouTube


love the Jim Carrey comment

Anett Kereszturi

This video could have been great if you kept your face shut. Bad acting mate

Arindam Phatowali

My hometown is in Sivasagar. ?

Peter Cannon

Seriously stop talking, so full of yourself

Marin Simeonov

If I was the barber, I'd tape this guy's mouth xD

Tyler s

Finally someone who isnt embarrased to truly feel out the massage and let a moan out lol


This nigga haircut still trash 11 months later on May 24th, 2020


So this is what an American tourist seems like from a locals perspective...

Mr Steve

This guy really annoys me for some reason

Tribe Barber Lushai Lumet Lu La Hnam!


Edward Tualla

Thats lit ????

Nilpawan Borah

love from assam.♥️I hope that u went back with good vibes and memories

Gary Williams

It might have been an interesting video if you had just stopped talking. You kept on running your mouth

que square

I wonder if I open barber shop like this in America. I'm a millionaire!


Mans jus moaning the whole time

Michael Zervas

Dude, stop talking when they are shaving you.
It's totally disrespectful.

Sen Kailash411

Bhai ko kitne rupye diye

Aleshia Wilson

It was unnecessary to call him mute when he was focusing on you and don’t touch him if he didn’t ask you to.

Samy N

Ballon in USA? That’s why 75% of the barber & nails wash control by Asian!

ahmad raza

You r nice person

Nymgmhb A

You are every barber’s worst nightmare like can you stfu and enjoy the damn massage ?


This guy needs to shut up

Dhurba Gogoi

I am sivasagar


Good job


Hey David, Thank You for came Assam and also Sivasagar. I request you to please come again here.

NyarB TV

Indian haircut is so awesome to watch, here's how we do in the Philippines maybe you can also try it here: https://youtu.be/EcwfwlVZ8Gw $1 - haircut massage ad shave.


The American has that like kind of a cool guy/Ebonic plague/YouTube guy/Skater- just a little bit accent.

Gary Williams

This would have been an enjoyable video if the guy had just stopped talking. He never shut up

Z Abby

sometimes, I wish I could be a dude for that fabulous Indian salon

Geetartha Kalita

Love from assam❤️❤️

Mega Knight

This is what happens when you don't have any content for your audience.


SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin McQuade

He’s lucky that barber didn’t stab him with his scissors when he touched his chin lol


" get in there owwwhhhhh....do what you want, do whatever ooohhhhh make me feel good oooowwhhhhh"


I am interesting if they do some nasty things together.... ?

Rusty Bakoyoyo

20 bugs he's going bald in 9 months

Transcendent Music

His reaction was not gay at all

Marie Trini77


Momma Bear

Toooo much talking

Mckey Broner

You guys so ??? customer

Peterson Vasconcellos


Brian Wong

Would have knocked you the fuk out if you touched my chin like that without asking. Lucky that guy was a nice and patient person you annoying fuck lol

Hisham obaid

I think we have to mute you too, Honestly would you stop talking..

Jyotirmoy Sankriti

Anyone From Assam here ❤❤

Deep in the Bunker

Very disrepecting to much the man's face and mock him. I watched up to that point then turned off.

Ananthu Kr

Super bro

17-127 Nupur Saikia

I am from Assam❤

sahil creations

Thair too luxury salons in India and you see only this

Texas Rebel

Dude you literally sound like the barber is making love to you ?

Official Watchers

Why is it tagged Indian street food

rahul the crazyboy


Angelic Healing

This could have been a great ASMR experiencee......but man....talk, talk, talk!

lil red cutie

1:15 The barber barely resisted the urge to strangle him in the chair.


You have to be the biggest douche ever. Stfu and let the barber do work. We don’t need to hear about you 24/7

Boss at Snipe

They do a better job because American dollars are more than Indian dollars


I see comments annoyed with his youtube blabber. I will simply dislike this video and move on. I hate people who are SHOUTING constantly at the viewers....its pathetic.

Nabanita Das

Hey Devid i m from upper Assam. Love to watch your vlogs