How to get rid of marks on legs

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489 682 views | 8 Aug. 2016

Products I Used:

Products I Used:

Arm&Hammer Pure Baking Soda

Spiral Organic Virgin/Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil

I take constructive criticism well so if you want to tell me what I should try next time that would be great.

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Ranjita Gupta

ohk thnx

Leondra Felder

Hey girl, I was wondering if I could possibly add lemon to this mixture?

Senti Solo

Can you tell me a cream name please?

meyta elna

is this work?

Joy Wong

I have dark circles and that I hate i hope this work I'm definitely going to trying this. Thank You For This Info!!

Who you Talkin to

^_^did it work

Okojie Gift


Jhamaira Gulo

can I use flour instead of baking soda?

Dexter Sipin

Once a day?

Chae Lix

I have many mosquito bite marks on my legs, its really dark and i dont't want to wear shorts anymore, will this recipe remove my mosquito bite scars? Thanks for the response!

Popa Pauleen Ranido

Virgin coconut oil? Is it okay?

Naenae Conquers

Can you use it on your arms.

Aadya Sharma

Who is seeing it in 2019.

Nency Biswas

Is this improve ingrow hair??


Can i use olive oil? I saw some treatments that include lemon and olive oil. Please reply soon love ya x.


subscribe to my channel I just need some people

amjad thaks


Unnati Chawla

Um how much tym to let it be on d affected area?

Jinhee Kim

what if i have no coconut oil? any substitution for it?

Althea Duncan

Any updates?

Ria Runas

can I use sunflower oil?

Cláudia Rodrigues

so i tried this and my skin did get softer HOWEVER the spots are still there. beware that your skin my get irateded. you'll need to do this atleast 5 times to see a change. In my opinion you should just go to the pharmacy and ask for a bleaching cream, you'll see better results.


Ma'girl that's not a paste

hallow bae

i have so many dark spots on my legs. i cant even wear shorts anymore bcs of it. thank u for this ill start by next week and i will update u for the results

Nanxy Lach

My scars shrunk but are slowly fading away on the same day! Thanks!!

* sips tea *

Uh please answer me I didn't use warm water I used cold water is that bad? Or it's not gonna work I already put it on my legs..

The BahamianPrincess

I want to get back into making videos! Let me know what you guys want to see next! I am down for anything. Pranking, beauty tips, makeup tutorials, etc.

Subscribe to me for no reason

Who is scared to walk outside showing off your legs with all those hideous Dark spots on your legs?? ????

Sanjana Manupati

May i know in what did you add baking soda??

Ranjita Gupta

if it will not having the baking powder then we can use salt or not

XxthebeastxX jammies

does this work for mosquito bites marks???

Sheryl Swann


Amber Klink

Does it actually work

Krystal Bowman

Can I be able to use this method all over my body ? Also how Longs should I use this on my legs ?

diamond yetty

What's that you are Rolling inside thé water

dagang ella

I will try ?

Theresa Tomi

does it really work?? i cant wear short skirts cause im too ashamed of my legs ?


Ayee new subbie here ??

bts lover

can I just use baking soda only?

Addobea Francisca

Can i use olive oil if I don't have coconut oil

Addobea Francisca

You have a lot of questions here but you don't answer them why

Priyanka's Vlog

does this work on bug bites scars>\??? :/

Francesca Moda

do you have to warm it up?

anjana singh

bowl me Kay Kay Dala ???

Mami Cakess

Make more videos

Crippy linn

can you use olive oil

lisa gjgffj

Does this work on dark knees and elbows

sevda akasha

It's been two weeks and I've noticed tremendous improvement on my legs thank you!

Fakhar Shah

hey listen I need your help I have drug infection spot which is light brown color how can I remove this? it's looking so bad

Sarah Seecharan

anyone else tried does it really work?

kathleen elanie james

Can i replace coconut oil with vaseline or olive oil? Coconut oil is very expensive here..

Eunice Minell

Can i use a coconut oil that from a real coconnut i mean you can make your own coconut oil or i should buy one

Kristin W

did it work? tell me pleadee :")

kofi and ingrid

thank you???


My legs are so ugly,,, I have strawberry legs but i never shaved, can someone pls explain that to me? Then I have dark knees and elbows... Now i got a huge scar on my left leg.. I'm only 12 turning 13 soon and my legs are already like this... I am the most insecure person you will ever meet..

Haniam Maria

how long does it take to give the result?

Trish Smith

Does this work on thighs

serz laky

I'm studying best remedy for scars and discovered an awesome resource at Macala Mark Remove (google it if you are interested)

Philz Jeff

Can I use coconut hair oil instead of coconut organic oil


I need the organic coconut oil

Kuldeep Dixit

I wanted to ask that this is for mosquito bites marks aswell ??


Does it work without coconut

aphrodite baksh

Can i rub it all over my.legs??


i’ve always been insecure of my legs because of my scars and dark spots. i have eczema and really sensitive thin skin so every time a wound or scratch or anything heals, it turns into a dark spot. i hate wearing shorts because of this reason

Pamelina says

the music is louder than your voice

Frosty Wolf

is it ok if i don't use any oils

Mel Francois

Dose coconut oil darken the skin will it


Hi I also hate my skin,I'm always hiding it ,Im not wearing shorts ,Im so dissapointed with my leg

Valerie Jarrett

Show before after

Zay Gang

does it have to be organic coconut oil, it cant be regular coconut oil ?


Guys I have little red circles on my two thighs. I don't know what they are I'm scared to tell my mom.

Hetal Kothari

hey can u plz tell us quantity of each ingredients

Esha Ori

how much water

Abby Harris

Everyone is asking how long does it take while I’m asking WHY IS SHE SOO PRETTY

zariah 25

Cam you use vitamin e oil too?

Harshit Singhi

I have the dark spots both on my hands and legs so please tell that can i apply the same things for my hands as well..please reply

Martinee Baby west

It work ?


does this work?

Florence Panganiban

can i use baking powder?

Gargi Brahma

You mix coconut oil with water and then u mix baking soda with this???

DiegosWifi *

can you do it without coconut oil?

The BahamianPrincess

Hi guys ! Check out my new video on the update of my legs!!!

Nelson De Leon Sr.

Could not hear your voice well. Your back round music was overriding your voice.

Samsung J7

Stupid when doing video stop background music what the bleady hell you talking can't hear idiot

Dilrukshi Dhanu

What ingredients are used? Plzz tell me

Madam H Murray

Are you or were u bleaching your skin? Because i notice your knuckles are very dark

Kuldeep Dixit

So pls help me by replying to my comment ..
It will be a great help if u do so

Dima Jonblat

How many times are you meant to use this?

Jannah Bantes

Is it ok to use refined coconut edible oil?

godsgood armour

pls I have some horrible scars under my leg since childhood any remedy for that

Kuldeep Dixit

Actually I'm having many on my legs .. and I wanna get rid of them as soon as possible

Zhenai Myllescheleigh

You look like Selena Gomez

lei m

Can I use petroleum jelly instead of coconut oil?

Chaina Jean Paul

How long do I warm it up for ?

Alyssa Gomez

I'm gonna try it but I have one dark spot on my forehead and a lot on my legs

brittany clarke

i don't tried so many things and nothing is helping sigh

Ranjita Gupta

we have to use hot or cold water

Rakhi Dugar

Can I use any baking soda ? Or which I use in home also?


can i use olive oil?

rachael Russell

does this rlly works ?

How to get rid of marks on legs

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How to really get rid of darkspots from your legs.

6 513 views | 15 Sep. 2020

In this video I will show

In this video I will show you how to really get rid of darkspots from your legs, I broke down everything step by step I also used the Colgate toothpaste and Amlactin lotion for ten days and I showed you the results on my legs...if you want to know how to really get rid of darkspots from your legs then this video is for you,for a onc month darkspots update hit like and comment below!!!

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S. Battle

Okkkkkayyyyy! Don’t come for me sisss!! Yassssss!!!!


I like that your remedies using practical and common products and natural ingredients. Great job again?

Skdjem Dncjdknd

How long do you keep the toothpaste on ?

Kiki Biscuits

Where do I get the cream

Sihawusikajehova fanelesbongwe

Where can I get the cream...I am in South Africa

Suby Majek

Can u pls do vlogmas this year

T. B.

Hi Beautiful! Just wanted to ask if it does work on dark knees. Thanks for your reply! ?

Seetha Maghil

The Amlactin cream just got in the mail. I hope this really works. You are the only person on youtube that I trust with these things♥️

GirlMeets Glam

I love this video it great but I would really love a tutorial in them eyebrows. Because they are looking nice


Please send me your whatapp number so we talk on how to get your product

Brittany Vanswuitze

Thanks so much sis!!! Also is it just me or does she keep getting even more beautiful???

Mariam alkhulaifi

From where i can get this cream

Ban School

Hi! Great video! :) does Colgate optic white work too?

Olawale Elizabeth

But I tried and is not work for me

How to get rid of marks on legs

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How to remove any Scar or Mark on your Body Easily|Chicken Pox Scars|

133 915 views | 13 Feb. 2019

Hi Lovelies.!! I

Hi Lovelies.!! I hope this Video helped you and I hope guys like it.!!! ❤

#Scars #Marks #Pigmentation


•Detox Tea for Weight Loss: https://bit.ly/2Cpzlaa

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Until next time STAY GORGEOUS.!! ❤️

sycho Gamer

Mam whatvis kasturi mauzan?

Divya Prabha

Super super super super super tip this one amazing tip really working thank you so much amazing

Pilar Salang

Hey playing tell me what's the next ingredient

Vivek Vishal


Serlyn Skincare

What is contr manjal in English please,am interested

Nkechi Faith

Pls u said rise powder and what? U meant turmeric powder?

Sleevi Rajan

it really works ?,thankz alotttt miriam

Keerthi Priya06

Akka can the operation marks can go with this remedy . please reply akka

Riya Patro

Can we use turmeric instead of Kasturi manjal??

Lisa Odom

Nice video however can you write the name of the ingredients that you are talking about? I did not understand 2 of them. Thank you for your video.

Mr. Fun cinema

kasturi manjal is haldiii???


Hii Akka.please please suggest which soap is good fr skin.can I use mstore sandal soap


Hi @Miriam James, recently i subscribed to your channel. Really appreciable your effort. Recently, am suffering with large open pores. Many scrubs used, no change. So please help on that ASAP. cant wait enough for the video, thank you

chakki K P

mam before 2 months i got injury on my leg , in that place a black scar mark is there, how can i remove that???

Mirza Baig

Can we use this everyday?

Sucharitha Cherukuri

It will really work plz say I was suffering by chicken pox Mark's from last 12 years

Anchor Ankita Chatterjee

Hey miriam i really like ur tips and i have used some of them as well.. Can you please make a video on freckles.. I hv fair complexion and those freckles are extremely visible on my face?

Antoinette Kannan

U give so many remedies that's ok but don't you know u should not talk while u have a face pack applied on your face...don't mind just wanted to help?

Deepthi deepu

Hi akka. say the remedy how to get rid of red acne spot. I have 2 on my face .I want to clear those marks pls help me.i will follow your remedies like crazy but pls say solution to my problem

sreya pal

What is kasturi manjal ?

Lahun Dhar

Kasturi manjal is hard to find during lockdown

Rangoli and mehandi Designs

Akka I have mosquito bits on my legs is this remedy help full

lakshmi msn

Can you please make a video summer hair care for dry hair

Thinley Palmo

Can i ask what is kasturi manjal?
Plz its difficult, i don't have any idea what it is

Anitha Subash

Everything is ok but when you apply mask why are you applying lipstick and eye shadow

priyanka v

Hi can you help with malar bags on cheekbones caused by sleeping disorders

Nowfil Nuhufal

Heel cracking problem solution plz...... With natural ingredients.

Tanusha dodla

We also have to put lime on our face or only curd &turmeric..

R.K. Mishra

In a day how many times we have to use??

Venture World with Sumayya

Shud v use tis scrub everyday on the scar??

Cinderella YT

Awesome hacks , ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

anil dive

What is that kassss....?


Where can I find kasturi mangil

Jenifer Lincie

Can I use it in my face ?

Nandana Jith

from where u got that cute bow???? i hav been searching for it everywhere .still cudnt find one.?

Jayapriya Prabakaran

Hai didi... Hope u re doing good... Ty 4 this amazing video I will surely try it... And I have a doubt what if we mix all together instead of doing as u r saying what is the difference... Bt any way I'm gng 2 try it today it self


where i get this kastruri manajal?
and can i use lime kastruri manjal and rice flavor pack on my face for remove chickenpox marks.?


Will it be beneficial for burn marks too?
Kasturi manjal & Kasturi manjal turmeric r same?Can we use raw haldi in our DIY??if yes plz do a video.i had kacchi haldi from my home garden.How to use it as Face mask or in any form that it will benefit us?pllllzz plllzz suggest! lots of luv?

Saranya Chebrolu

What is meant by kasturi manjal?

Monica Andrew

Hey Miriam! Can you give tips to get rid of strawberry skin? Like after shaving my legs, it looks spotty :/

Gotcha Entertainment

Thank you so much maine kitna dhunda ki how to remove scares on your body naturally but mujhe nhi mila par ab mil gya i definitely going to trying this remedie at my home

Arru Sethi

Can we use turmeric instad of kasturi manjal

Henshi De Silva

can i use this in face too?

niks nik

Hi, wat to do for chicken pox marks on face ???????????????

Bettina Charles

Do you have to put it just on the area? Or can you just put it all over?


"You know "?????മലയാളി

ashwini samant

Where do we get kasturi manjal?any link?

Memoona Mansoor

It's the same thing as turmeric right?

kitkatsaloni 2825

What is kashturi?

Preethy Kumari

Hey hi I have 3chickenpox scars on my face..I want to get rid of it..just now saw your remedy..can u tel me for how many minutes should i rub this ingredients in my scar..?

Lucky Tamang

Can anyone tell me what were the ingredients plz?

Vidhya Lakshmi

Hi sister can we use dis fr Pimple marks in face

Jemi Princezz

How to remove tan from body?

Viswabarathi Rafeekd

Hiii could you just make a video like how to conceal deep scars

manjil Gosain

what is kasturi? ??????

Diana Shakirova

Can you write ingredients of this mask under video please, because I’m not a native English speaker and I didn’t catch all ingredients, but I really like to watch your videos )))

archana achu

Hi di. .please make a video on keratin creams available on market also it would be great if u can tell how to use it at home. .

Rahul Darapuri

Will this mask help to bring skin's natural colour back cause you mentioned your dark scars but my scars are pinkish in colour, they are not dark???

sheri jalal

Can I use lemon on my face.bcoz I have an injury scar.help me to get rid of dat .

Ishaa Sahani

I would be so grateful if you could please tell a home remedy for dark knees and elbows. I mailed to you several times about this but I don't think it reached you.

Hhsa Hshah

What is kasturi manjal

Brindha kulothungan

Where to buy pure kasturi manjal?

Narayanasami T

tat only m doing
watching lazy to do
actually I am admired of your fluency
it's quite good
not good
it's gooooooodddddd

Vanessa Malcolm

What a next name for the second ingredient she said...I dont understand want she is saying just some of her words

Mihi Anu

Can we use tumeric powder in the kitchen instead of kasthuri manjal?

Manasa Hegde

hi miriam..many of us hav dark feets,hands issue..can we use the same hack for tat too or is der any other video for it??..


fam indian people have so many life hacks they are amazing

Pooja Garg

Kasturi manjan kaha s milega

Falguni Patil

What is kasturi manjul ?

Subhas Das

Can u tell me what is kasturi menjal??


Hello! Thanks for the video, i’m french, i don’t inderstand, What is the ingredients please ??

Mŕunal Jøshi

What is this kasturi manjan??
I'm not aware of it..
Plz tell me

Kamakshi Amar

I have really bad acne scars since 10-11 years. Have tried medication and some home remedies, but nothing worked. Kindly suggest something.

Christina Gabral

can use for face and how frequent we should apply?

shruthi das

Please tell m ..,to remove the blade marks

Isha Sharma

What is kasturi manjal

Manu Kunju

Don't use kasthurimanjal in your eyebrows.sis

Isabella Angel

Di mix multani matti in it I will work bit fast

Zoya Shaikh

Kasture manjan kya hai plz batao

Dev Kumar

What is a kasturi mangel

Aditi Banthia

Is kasturi manjal (haldi only)

Gopika Sabitha

sis I'm a teen I have got red bumps on my skin then my dermatologist recommended cetaphil products it fade away but except cetaphil I use any product even besan I got again red bumps so I need an face pack that is good for teenager that is great for sensitive skin???

unknown anonymous

what's kasturi manjal? haldi?

Cyke Babe

Akka will it help for pigmentation....

Raiha Rashid

Can i use kasturi manjal that is not the powder Version

Kundella Aruna

Wht is mean by kasturi manjal? is it turmaric powder??

Manahil Gardezi

Can we used it on face?

yash salwe

It is also for men

Aparna Lal

Miriam ? Does curd make your skin oily ? When ever I apply curd, it tends to make my skin oily.
And I have combination skin


Can I use normal cooking turmeric powder instead of kasturi manjal?

Fredrica Bovril

is it rice flour and turmeric???

Roja Lankalapalli

Thanks a lot dear ??


Hello Miriam plz can I use tumaric and rice flour for my chicken pox if I don't have kasturi manjal? Plzz suggest me

Mani Mala

I have chicken pox marks on my face...please tell any home made remedy for that akka....

RAmeeshA RAjput

what is kasturi machul??

Rajani Kurup

Where will get kasturi manjal

jyoti singhal

u say "kastusi mangal" plz tell what is this?

aparna reddy

Can we use normal turmeric

Natasha Areej

What is kasturi manjal?

sirisha reddy

I would personally recommend everyone who has scars to use this because I used for a week n saw a huge difference ❤️ this remedie did its job awesome ? I would really thank my wonderful lady Miriam James ❤️ this pack even removes scars caused in ur back by pimples