Not washing hair for a month

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I didn't wash my hair for 2 months. Here's what happened:

960 views | 9 Sep. 2020

We love not using

We love not using shampoo.

I wanted to see how long I could live with an oily head, and turns out the answer is indefinitely. Weeks 2/3 were the hardest to get through, but I'd do it again. I already am.

After making this video, I bought a scalp brush and I wish I had it from the start. So if you want something to help exfoliate your scalp besides salt, try something like this. You'll love. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08BHT8TZS/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B08BHT8TZS&linkCode=as2&tag=jonnib-20&linkId=a1161655cf017126fa4092d814e0df89

Filippo Cardoni

I'm a male. I'm bald. I don't even know why I actually got this on my feed, but well... I've watched this and the tattoo video and damn I was crying with the memes

Danna Sánchez

How often do you wash it now? Once a week?

Sam Alexander

Psh ive been doing this for yeeaaaars.

lala jean

Idk but i notice that my hair has less dandruff when i dont wash it and when i use shampoo theres a lot popping out .

Andrea Luna

Keep up with the videos!!!! Lmao you’re funny

Khala Ká

Wow you are pretty.

Not washing hair for a month

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269 views | 23 Jun. 2020



I want to thank Ellbat who inspired me to try this out, her video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgSR13rWeFk

So in this video I made the decision to Not Wash My Hair FOR A MONTH to see if my hair became Brighter, Softer or more Beautiful and well... Here you can see the process I had to go through for this experiment and then something unexpected happened ...

I also want to mention that my hair is processed and the texture of my hair is like this because I am of mixed race and my hair does not know what it wants to do jajaja

It is not because my hair is damaged, although everyone on the internet says that it is, but in this video where Im Not Washing My Hair For A Month it looks like the texture of my hair is everywhere and I think it even looks crazier than normal but What If You Don't Wash Your Hair For a Month?

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Esther Hale

Yo creo que se ve bonita la raíz con tu cabello natural y lo demás colorido, más porque tu cabello es ondulado ??


Aunque no te entendi nada, te ves hermosa jija de la fregada!
Jajaja si se ingles, pero no se por que con el solo titulo imagine que no funcionaria ajaja

That Squid


Not washing hair for a month

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6 856 views | 7 Oct. 2020


omgggg I DIDN’T WASH MY HAIR FOR A MONTH AND THIS HAPPENED.. *dandruff scratching* ? watch to see how my scalp did!!!

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Phoenix S

i have the same thing but mine not as extreme. it’s in certain parts and i pick at my scalp that’s prolly not good but hey it annoys me ?. it be like lil scabs in my head

Caky Yaky

I wanna scratch yo head!!! Keep em coming lol

S. Sheree Brown

More please!!! I search YouTube for scratching videos. This was so satisfying ??‍♂️. Scratch, scratch, scratch please!!!!!!

Jaiden Parisian

Make more! It was actually very satisfying! ?❤️


I watch all of your videos I love when you post .?❤

Ms Cumberbatch

Oh my gosh, I just came across your channel by accident, and I just subbed off this one video. I love this, it is soo satisfying and ASMR to me. Please do more of these, but can you please try it without the music so we can hear the scalp being scratched. Watching from BARBADOS ???? & thank you for an amazing video

Vanessa murage

I would hv fell asleep ? if I was getting my scalp scratched

Ashlei Hinds

You should try T/Gel therapeutic shampoo Neutrogena because I have bad dandruff and it works good. When you get the shampoo they have original Formula, Extra strength, stubborn itch, and scalp build up control.

tykeyah white

definitely interesting and relaxing.

Cathleen Smith

It gets worse without dr.s help. Yeast loves Sugar!

Jalynne Witcher


Terry Dionne

Does it itch really bad??

Salome Emani

interesting ???

# tyra

Apple cider vinegar rinse (1 part vinegar and 2 parts water) will leave you with dandruff free hair, I tried it and love it for my scalp and hair.

cheyenne jackson

New sub use sulfur 8 medicated ive had bad dandruff sense i was little and its worked so good it helped alot quick tip i used the extra strength one and mixed it with blue magic hair grease works wonders

Jennea Bell

This was so satisfying and it made me go to sleep, I like these type of videos do more ???

Terry Dionne

Here for it!!!!!!!! Very relaxing!!!!! I need someone to scratch my scalp!!!!!!!????????

Denise Mason

Actually your video can help a lot of people like myself. I have anxiety really bad and this helps me to relax my nerves. Thank you for sharing.


Ugh I have psoriasis also. That itching ain’t no joke! Anything with ACV in it helps me (shampoo and conditioner) also greasing it. Sulfur 8 works well. But grease that skin girl!!! Lol before you put that wig on and it won’t be that bad!

Ioniss World

my sister’s hair was like this!!! make more videos like this so interesting ?

Dai Daiii

I have this same condition nothing to be embarrassed about. I love getting my scalp scratched. I would literally pay someone to scratch my scalp for me.

Larandi Tooks

We don't see it as nasty. Stop apologizing. We are weird and we like to see dandruff scratch up. The young lady. Is a good scratcher. Wearing weave and weaves can cause this because the scalp isn't getting any air. More please! That was a good video!

Charity Merritt

Idk why these videos interest me lol

Nonchalant. kayla

This satisfying asf

Joy Mwendwa

And no one would scratch mine?

Cynthia Hytower

Good video... try to scratch in a circle sometimes, it'll come off a little better. Thumbs up ?

Brittany Himes

stop used shampoo and products with sulfur in it and you hair needs to breathe more. I had the same condition and it runs in my family. everything needs to be sulfur free. true me and stay with on product brand. go back to the old school brands.

LaShana Hayes


Linda Gary

We know you're not dirty; you have a scalp (skin) condition whereby the skin cells over-produce. Thank you for sharing your hair-story with all of us. For tips on camera angles and scratching in general, watch "cojonaj dandruff scratching."

J Jackson

It was not bad, we just learned something new about you.

Lay Lay

Very satisfying ?

Kamaron Ward

Use some suffer 8 medicated you can get if from the hair store everytime you wash it but the suffer 8


wait ... myah and kiarye related?

Celeste Bell

Look at all that goodness!!

Viola Darden

how often do u get it scratched out like this?