Infection in earlobe

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Ear Cysts! What are Earlobe Cysts?

24 367 views | 21 Dec. 2020

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How to identify an earlobe #cyst! #cystremoval #pimplepopping

Earlobe cysts are saclike lumps made of dead skin cells. They look like small, smooth bumps under the skin, similar to a blemish. They vary slightly in color from matching your skin pigmentation to red. Usually they are no bigger than the size of a pea. But you should watch them to see if they change in size.

They are almost always benign and should cause no problems other than being a minor cosmetic issue or small distraction. For example, it can feel uncomfortable if your headphones rub against it.

Places you find them include:

on your scalp

inside your ear

behind your ear

in your ear canal

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Herly Torres

Video to shacky.

Infection in earlobe

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Popping Earlobe with Dr Gilmore - Alternate Audio

360 901 views | 7 Oct. 2017

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Bill Pugsley

Nu ï8

J Kenn

Why does it seem the numbing Dr. Pimple Popper uses never seems to bother her patients? The numbing you and dr ER use seems to cause horrible discomfort and pain! Is she using a different type of numbing then you?

Nancy Hillyer

Why don't you put a piece of gauze into the " hole" in the ear to eliminate the possibility that something would get into drum?

Catherine Ritchey

Should be nick named "The Earspitter" :-)

Diane Lalonde

Her voice is creepy.

Jerry Geromino

Around 3:00 he says he feels pain. At 3:10 doctor stabs patient's earlobe with an Exacto knife?????

Gordon Connors III

☝? Great procedure, Dr. Gilmore. You're such an amazing and kind Medical Professional. I enjoyed the" Alt. Audio Video". It was very interesting & informative. Thanks for sharing some of the greatest medical procedures on YouTube. It's a pleasure being Subscribed to your Channel, Sir. Best Wishes to You, Your Awesome Staff, & each Patients. God Bless You...?

Kathleen W

great video doc love your posts


I really like how Dr. Gilmore treats his staff! He has created a fun, yet productive workplace where everyone seems to like one another, or at least respect one another. I would definitely select Dr. Gilmore as my doctor if I lived in this area. I do have family in Houston, so I may pass the word on to them of your great practice. Way to go, Dr. Gilmore and staff!

Hubert Harned

Have not seen you on here sir every much. Hands down your the best. Hope to see you more.

Anne Evans

That hadda hurt.

Bsusie Tull

Great team work

Mia. BlackVelvet

Very good Job i'm a frensh nurse and i ve would like to work with Dr Gilmore, you are a very nice Doctor...... Aurevoir...


Who is better than Doctor Gilmore? He is great, isn't he? Great work.


Why did he do that his on the front of his ear instead of the back?

Curtis Neilson

That was odd how it became infected like that

Linda Tuttle

Ouch! Man looks horribly painful.
Oh and personally I HATE the spray and would rather just the injection. And yes I have had more than normal. In feet, knees, and not to mention back. I battle chronic pain and have way tooooo much nerve damage.
Good Luck on healing and no return of infection

Terrell Dennis

She sounds like smegal from lord of the rings

Alyssa Riggan

Grossly satisfying

Mandy Mason

I have heard this condition called a "Wynn". When you said you felt a pop, that is what the person told me happened to them when they popped their wynn.

Rocky Dans

Dr.John do you ever get boils or infected spots etc on peoples private areas? I am genuinly interested.

Disturbing Videos

I hate having acne, but at least it gives you something to do when you're bored?

Sleepy Boi

Damn that's huge

Dreadhead2 cute

I want to be a medical doctor

Xxgrantstalk76xX Barnes

I feel so sorry for you

Siti Zahara

Ih jorok

Angela Maureen Williams Vanderford

Never would have guessed yall were rookies

Lauren S

Good info about loculations (?sp?) in earlobe. Thnx!

Bob Ordewald

Your videos are pretty good. I don't watch them often because of ad that is inflicted upon us every time you post a video. You could give it more thought and maybe set it up as an ad where we can skip it after 3 or 4 seconds. You would get your point across and those who are not interested would be free of most of it.

Char Graveline

Love you Jenny!!!

April Bama Belle 80

I wish my boss was as sweet as you are. Mine was a Tyrant.