How to grow an afro fast

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How to grow an Afro: Hair Tips, Growing Hair faster

4 767 views | 27 Mar. 2017



Ashlynn Ricks

Turn you camera sideways next time. Love you Tim! I watching all of your videos lol

Stephane Mujomba

looks like justice winslow

Kutthroat Dre

I just started my Afro ? can’t wait for my hair to grow

Ki Ren Red

Took me forever to twist my hair too guess I should stick to it, thanks for the inspiration. Gonna start back twisting my hair.

Jay Sosaaa

Cool fro bro...how do you get your current hairstyle

Apollo G

Yooo I respect this so much, I've been trying to get Donald glovers a hairstyle for a longggg time and this is probably as close as I can get

Brandon Akinseye

My hair is a little more than halfway to my eyebrow What twists can I do. And I’m feeling like texturizing it for more of a longer look because it looks really short. Ideas on these?

Jaden Blake

will the sponge twist can that make your hair grow

Ig: Kicksbykah

How long did it take you to grow your hair

thierry Kenny

Hi what oil do you use to moisturize your hair

How to grow an afro fast

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5 938 views | 9 Nov. 2016

How to grow your hair

How to grow your hair faster. I will teach you hair growing tips to make your hair grow faster and longer. Here is my hair tips. Water, hair scalp massage, and biotin. Everyone wants hair growth. So in this video I'll give you my tips for growing hair faster

Dineil Haynes

You put peperment oil with your other oils

Robert House

Good video man

Nazzy Escobar

The type of vitamins I have is hair skin and nails

Dominic Briggs

Great tips???

Easy Recipes

Hello! Very cool you channel Like. Let's be friends?

RemZi Star

I'm trying to grow my son hair out he wants his dreads back!!! Thanks for some of the tips!! ?????

T Money

Y'all got any tips? Please share. I like trying new things

Nazzy Escobar

When you said hit that like button you sound like narrio harden when he say it

Десятка Топ

LIKED # 14 + , Shared, Nice video my friend. Always support. *please check in my new video

Chris Baker

do a video straighten your hair

The Hardens 7x


How to grow an afro fast

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Growing an Afro

319 889 views | 9 Mar. 2013

This is my 7 month journey

This is my 7 month journey growing my afro. Unfortunately, I had to cut my hair, but was good while it lasted. If you have any questions, either send me a message or post in the comments section.

Keyan monti

Who else here after regretting cutting they reasonably long hair

Jether B. Strong

Is my hairline too bad to grow an afro?

corey coreyyy

Nice man

vennessa lorret

sub me back kik me @donnarodneydrigus

Charles Walker

What did you use yo grow your hair sooo fast!!!

Dude Dude

What was the point of grow that Afro to cut it off

Luke Brooks

what did u use to make your hairgrow fast


Nice vid now I’m gonna get and Afro

Self Allwell

Damn your hair grow fast I'm on 6 months and my hair is at your month 3

Momoneycash_ 100

his 5 months take 2 years

Lisa Maloney

What cream did u use

big buc

My hair was looking like two weeks, but I've been growing it ever since July 9. Hopefully it will look like 1 month old in the next 3-4 weeks

Xtreme Gamer

How old are you ?

Thabo Ngwabi

Dude, what is your secret


0:30 he looks like a basketball player

Marquis Jackson

This should be a try not to get mad at the end vid

Dranged 2k

I took me 5 months to grow what you grew in 1 month

Tochi Ezeocha

wtf this nigga bout to roll at 0:32


SUPER GRO GO BUY IT THAT IS WHAT HE HAD TO USE OR BLUE MAGIC OR SUM but im pretty sure he used super gro

Alliquance 101

How u just grow it like that

Carlisle Julien

How'd u get ur hair to grow that fast in a month

Justin Meran


nate perkins

How so fast lol


I know I'm late, how often did you trim it?

Brett Pitman II

Head and Shoulders

Onewayy B

hair products that u use

Zavier Breaux

whoa bro your vids deleted

aydon Milligan

i really want a afro that tall

Tavares Allen

he shit crivked


Y u cut it it was getting long

TheAnxoiusHero 21

How ur hair gonna be an inch after 2 weeks. Damn! Mine takes a month


Did you get a shape up, like a little off the top to retain shape, I'm curious if a shape up will lengthen the time to grow an afro at all.

Isaac 101

I'm starting this aswell next time I go barbers imma take it down ??


After finding this again after 2 years I just want to say, It gets on my nerves so much when people with good hair, knowing they look better with longer hair would cut it on purpose to flex on those no hair niggas.

Dula The Naga

Why u stop uploading

Edward Jones

Ahhh why’d u get the fade at the enddddd

Deandre Jackson

how many times you wash your hair a week?

Aramiyun Staley

Michael Jackson entered the chat

Don't Try me



I've been trying to grow my hair out for a while but it never grows evenly. Advice?

Kaiden Filmore 3rd

U should of just kept the waves..

Xtreme Gamer

His hair grows much faster then mine


my 4 months looks like your 2 weeks :(


What did u put in ur hair?

Jack fraser

I have watched this video ever year since I was like 11




My hair look exactly like the 1/2 mark. We both have the same hair growth speed. Im just letting my shit grow


Just take care of your hair and dont cut it

Petrus Edward Jr.

Don't want to hate but it's obvious you're lying


Your hair grows so fast ?

trippy_ nation

Man ive nevee seen hair grow so fast


My hair grow fast

Richard Jones2005


Provaic aqw

You look Edgy With Braids/Cornrows

Wavy Assassin

Wtf was the point ? ??

Mr. Bmore

damn your hair grow fast you should have kept it


My shit grow so slow, its like the 2nd month and its only 1 inch and its uneven

Bobby Seals

what you use

Louis Ryan

Omm bro hair grow too much in 2 weeks


i grew way more than that in 4 months thats slow niggga


All you had to do was follow the damn train.

jamie sonnet

How come your hair grows so big in short timetable

The.#1 T

How does your hair grow so fast wtf

Prince Rumi

How did you get those curls at 4 1/2 months?



Deandre Jackson

what products did you use?

Juan Menezes

music? :-)

Bryson Booker

what did you do to it

Sheepy Blue

Nice video, very inspiring. I to made a video 2.5 years and counting.

Quintin White

u should off gotten dreads instead of cutting it off

Devontee Treadwell

cerfer what did you use to grow your hair... I meant what hair products, I'm still struggling with this hair growth process. can you help me please it's my 6th month and it looks like yours did in 2 months

Tominations ;-;

You look dope with braids

Sergio Lucius

He is a pretty boi.

Staysidewayz Z

Ur hair grows too fast

Kangoo Kangoo

7 months was fresh

Joseph Whigham

It's been a month

Tim Xman

I looked at this video over a year and sum ago now I got Dreads

Old Shenzai

Hes hot also.

Fxmous Antho



Fireeeee dammmm ruined it with that high top fade

Konfident Kayy

Guys grow hair and nails faster, lucky.

MarcosMobile Gaming

He eats a lot of veggies


Your 2 weeks took 3 1/2 months for me

JM Productions

Please tell me everything u used

big buc

I say that cause I'm using products now.


Hi could you to review Watermans Hair Growth Shampoo thats made in UK ? Please our username for more information,   have a amazing day

Madeline Green

2 weeks was ?

ᔕTᗴᑭᕼᗩᑎ ᔕᕼᗴᗩᖇIᑎ

What did you use to grow your hair?

Thebird cried

10 months in and my hair is only 3.5 inches. :(


Your 1 month took me 4 months


Been growing my hair for 4 months, and it looks like your 1 month. :(

jg 03

0:45 to 0:56

Daniel John

Your so lucky that your hair isn't messed like mine

Best Roast

It's been 3 months and I still dont have an afro

YoutubeInZert Hacks

My hair technically grows like this it has been 2 months and damn has it grown

Tobi Adebayo

how did u get ur cutls in month 4

dee dee

what he grew in 2 weeks takes me like a month and a half !!

Veli The Villain

My hair grows faster than his. His 5 months is 2 1/2 months for me. I got naturally good hair though.

Lean Boy Jeff

Bro you got the McDonald’s hairline second 0:23

Amr Same

Check out my Afro journey 2 month and sub I will do afro journey until 8 month