Natural eyeshadow makeup

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HOW TO: BASIC Beginners Eyeshadow Tutorial | Detailed

255 123 views | 17 Feb. 2020

? HI LUVS , I filmed an

? HI LUVS , I filmed an eyeshadow tutorial showing you all how to achieve this very easy, subtle but cute eyeshadow look !

I hope you all enjoyed !


Ethnicity : Jamaican - I was Born there

Camera : Canon Eos Rebel Sl2

Age : 20


Location : Philly Area

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: [email protected]


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Nancy Barbosa

The lashes are too much for my taste but the makeup part is beautiful

Lovelyn Anton

Idk if I’m the only one who hears it, but she sounds like Rihanna! Anyways, this is a great video, I’m a beginner so this is so informative!


I loved this eye look!! Thank you for the detailed video ❤️ can’t wait to recreate

Candy Jones

I struggle with eye shadow and brows

Changes Me

I have deep creases, no matter how much concealer I apply it’s still a crease


This helped me a lot! Thankyou!

Hi This Is Amber

Thank you for the detailed tutorial!

Niq Sites

Your energy is everything! I signed-in to YouTube just to let you know ?

Sophisticated Msmo

This was and awesome tutorial, i’ve always struggled with blending and this video really helped! Thanks for sharing??

Pari Chauhan

Eyelashes cover all eyeshadow .

Fran'cheska Blackshire


Sylvia A

Lip combo pls ?

Kelimae Mills

Loveeeeeeeeeeee everything about this!?

Beautiful Goddess

New subscriber boo ya whole vibe is a mood!

Nadine Wilson

what shade did you use in the Too Faced concealer?

Neekie Bonda

I really appreciate you being so detailed and sharing your knowledge!


What lashes are these ?

Miss Mali

Definitely learnt a lot here ❤️

Joycelin Romero

Loved how you detailed you’re WHOLE tutorial most youtubers don’t do that ?? thanks

Liliane Baalshemtov

I prefer the look without the eyelashes on. Huge eyelashes are hiding your beautiful eyes. Very nice video

Akita Evans

Love the positive vibes

Iamprettyblack cutiepie

? love love love

Kaiona Zinsman

I dont think make up is for me lmaoooo

Wyneika Underhill

Thank you?? I never thought I would've done something like this and liked it..??? I'm also new to this.


Thank you so much for this video ?????

Busine Songoro

This is soooo cute ??♥️??thanks for your encourage,stay bless

zhane bennett

I got my hair done by a famous person ?

efe samson

now this helped meee

Nadine Stewart

Yang pilih allah like.

Kenda Newsome

Very cute......what kind of lipstick are you wearing?

Star bbb

Whaooo, tha hair is ???


You did such a good job with this video. I’m such a beginner and you made this make sense!!! Thank you!!

Felix A. McNeill

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Camille Francis

Love the tutorial, very well explained.

Tee Tee


Liah B

Love that quote ?

Ella TheBody

I LOVE your lashes!! I have been wanting to try lash extensions but I have't found the right person to do them. Who does yours?

Kimberly Mendoza

I wish she would’ve said the name of the colors :(

Naqwesha O'Farrill

Its the Fly away for me lmaoooo

Say Samina

Super cute , Trying this tomorrow for work ?

Stylez_by_quh _

Thank you the very best tutorial I’ve seen on makeup !! u explain perfectly

janeisha foster

lmao, I just saw myself making a big mess, but I am def. going to try it.

Kiana Cunningham

This tutorial was really good I tried this for the first time ever and it came out really well. Thank you so much! I wish I could insert a picture lol because people were asking me who I went to and I said I watch the YouTube video lol

Patricia Jackson

Thank you ! Finally someone that’s actually explaining. I struggle with shadow blending. I hope I can be as experience as you ! Thank you! I search for this and found someone good. ??.

zhane bennett

Omg you did my hair, I didn’t know you were famous

Jade Heugh

My eyes water when I apply lashes ??


New subscriber?? where u get your eyelashes from?

chrisan davis

I love love loveeeeeee this tutorial BEST!!!!

Rel Rellz

I suckkkkkkk at eyeshadow!!

Sagittarius Jones

Too much. Trying to find something simple.

Kalea Tatianna

Literally the best tutorial ever !!!

Jessica Naidoo

Can you do a full face do video

Candy Jones

Where is the crease area located

Wusgood Tay

Thanks so much for this video! I owe it all to you for helping me do my makeup for the first time ever by myself the look was so pretty ? #Subscribed ?


What if I don’t have a concealer or blending brush?


Thanks for this video. It was tremendously helpful. Quick question though, how do you look at a palette and determine a makeup look? I always reach for purples but I want to step up and do other looks besides pinks and purples. Thanks.

Domonique Roy

i’m new into doing makeup on my own. I love how detailed you were in the video! very helpful! gained a subscriber without hesitation!

Taylor G

You’re amazing, thank you so much for this, it really helped

Joanne J

6 months later and I still come here when I'm trying to look cute lmaoo just guide me through girl???

GemStoned Witch

the detail you give in your instruction is lifesaving!! thank you for sharing your effort & knowledge


Great tutorial


I have tons of eyeshadow palette from my subscription boxes that I've stop collecting because I can never get my eyes looking this good. Im gonna try it out. Thanks for sharing. I need to get my eyeshadow game on.

Akua Boaduah

Lmbo at the beginning that 1 eye cracked me up ?

jamesia bridley

Now let me practice on my sister


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Liah B

Loved this! Now I feel confident to try my eyeshadow finally ?✨


Thank you so much for showing us this technique!

Linda Kapinga

God bless you, thats all I can say. ????

Dharmendra Singh

Oh my god your eyelashes is very heavily

Tia Daniels

You are Gorgeous
Thank you for sharing

Clearout Closet

Amazing ?

Roxanne Roxanne

Man I tried ??‍♀️ My 11 year old had to HELP me.? Thank you for this step by step

Edit Factory

I know how to do everything BUT eye shadow I just can’t do it Lmfao


This definitely helped a lot!!??

Pearlglo Barnes


Dimpho Renolda

it's the lashes for me??

Deja Simone

I just subscribed cause wow!!!! The details was amazing!!!! Thank you girl ✨


Bombb af ! came out almost the same !! & great tutorial!!

Art with class By Tina

Very informative ??

Simone Shine

needed this, love how u made it so detailed THANK YOU?

Sunni Ma

From yard?!? Big up! Loved your tutorial!???

Tkendriona Jordan

What’s the name of your lipstick ????

Ella Long

Thank you sooooooooo much very much detailed new Subbie

Zakaria M.

New subie, cosmetology student. First tutorial I’ve followed it looks good girl ??

LaShunda McGahee

So so helpful, thank u thank u thank u

Faith Buksh

Can’t WAIT!!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️I’ll comment after it’s over as well.

Bianka Cintron

You should list the products you use


Bravo ??

melissa diaz

One of the best, real how to do your eyeshadow videos I have ever watched!

Baeli Simmons

i have never done eye shadow with out my mom


Love this! Where did the eyelashes come from? ?

Ibrittanyslay Ibrittanyslay

I love your eyelashes? where did you get your lashes from???

Raven S

Your eyeliner trick definitely help alot!! Thank You!!

Whitney Sloan


Tia Austin

Ok Queen I’m going to practice pray for me just subscribed

Susanne Rodgers

Excellent tutorial, best one I've seen

Lime Green


Bianka Cintron

Thank You So Much For This Video Love . I Sooo Appreciate It

Emily Edmon

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Jenkins


Natural eyeshadow makeup

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4 216 views | 29 Jul. 2018

This look is super easy

This look is super easy and fool-proof. I hope you enjoy!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/corrinediane/

**For business inquires email me at [email protected]



Palastic feat. Nevve - City Lights [No Copyright Music]


Scandinavianz - Vacation


Halle Knox

I have a feeling your sub count is going to take off here realll soon, you are amazing!

Hallie Wieters

This is exactly what I need. All the beginner videos haha

ábbęÿ f

looove this?

it's HONEY

Hey I just found your Instagram and have to say that I love your makeup! I would love to be youtube friends and help support eachother grow! Great video beautiful!

Lisa Towery

Great tutorial!!! Love the colors and the look!! Beautiful!

Yvette Szabo

I'm learning how to do my eyeshadow properly and this helped a lot.
Thank you!

Stefanie Rodriguez

I love this make up look!!!

Denise Howse

I know what I’m doing for my work makeup in the morning. Thanks!

Nada Akhdoul

We would love to see the face makeup too... ❤

Flowers Amy

Video I been looking for.

Sarah Clark

you are gorgeous! please show us your brow routine!?

Melissa Rose

Beautiful. I need to start drilling into my head that less is more and the simpler the better ( especially for my hooded eyes). I can never decide on what look to do so I end up combining like 3 different techniques and wayyy too many shadows ? Such a mess ??‍♀️ but videos like yours inspire me to tone it down about 37 notches, so thank you for that. What lipstick are you wearing? I love it!

ábbęÿ f

definitely gonna be my first day of school look?

Hallie Wieters

Your disco ball really shining ?

Emily Towery

Thanks for helping a sista out! ? loving this look.

Michelle Morera

I’m gonna recreate this ASAP

Natural eyeshadow makeup

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Eyeshadow Tutorial For Beginners (Easy & Affordable)

155 834 views | 26 Aug. 2020

"How to Apply Eyeshadow

"How to Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners!"

Hope you enjoyed watching! I made sure to use affordable products. Shoutout @Careline PH Official thank you for sending your eye makeup products! Love them all!



Products Mentioned:

Careline Play to Slay Palette


Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set


Careline Shadow Palette


Careline Skinny Mascara

Blythe Eyeliner Duo Stamp


Careline Graph-Ink Liner


Shopee Livestream every Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri at 7pm!



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louiseiya/?...

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouiseIya

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LouiseIyaaa


[email protected]

[email protected]

Track: Evening Walk — Amine Maxwell [Audio Library Release]

Music provided by Audio Library Plus

Watch: https://youtu.be/PbvXvSzaJU4

Free Download / Stream: https://alplus.io/evening-walk

Magic [LoFi Beat/Chill] by Le Gang https://soundcloud.com/thisislegang

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/magic-lofi-beatchill

Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/Xauzy1dUx_s

rose purple

very satisfying video amazing love you

Sour Lemons

I’m new to makeup and I’ve been looking for a good video, this is so helpful. Thank you so much! ☺️❤️

Your so pretty!

Oh Rano

Thank You for Sharing. It was really helpful.

Ivy Jean Minguez

new to your channel and i found this very helpful, not to mention how great your intro is. thank you for this ❤️

Jingky Tapang

Im searching for make up tutorial vids and found this but honestly i think i look like a clown right now ?

Gaven Rose Santos

Thank u for saving my life

Marjorie Tiansing

Love this ?

Paola Paje

Ang ganda mo po❤️❤️❤️

Shin-chan Nohara

We have same eyeshadow brush :)

Da Peble


Melissa Miles Niverba Delluba

Finally i found an eye palette tutorial that has the same eyeshape with mine.

uwu Belle

OMG i have those same brushes!!!!

regina vanessa

ahh thank youu!! as a fellow filipina with similar eye and skin tone, this helped a lot ❤❤

Jenna Apit

Badly need this. Thank you! ?


Spasiba! Thank you for this tutorial!


The editing skills tho?

Maebeth Ranay

Please make a tutorial eye shadow for chinita deep eyes?

Trishia San Antonio

Your intro is so lit?

Ara Santos

Yah look catriona and cristine decera?

Gypsy Arcilla

binaba sa mo po ba yung beauty blender mo bago gamitin oh hindi na po

Ivan Aragon

Woah! Nice hehe

Rahma khairani

aaa thank you for uploaded this video i really like how you explained a whole of step you shared, anyway god bles you!

Kate Marnel Rabaria

Thank you Ng madami, Sayo ako natuto mag makeup

sec tarrr

makeup collection vid please! ?

jane dela cruz


Coach Katya

This helped me a lot!! I kept on watching eyeshadow tutorials for asian eyes and so far this is the most helpful— very straightforward! Thank you!!

Ekta Thapa


Nosey R

Hi! What was the brand of the concealer?

Kimmy Orfalas

Thanks for the tutorial

Nicole Umali

Thank You for making this videooo ?

ty track

ang ganda po ✊

ominous sfx

aaaaa ganda ni ate <3 <3 <3


Hair tutorial nmn po?

Julia De La Rosa

where did you buy your crescent earrings po hehe

bebe mu

Video starts at 2:32

Eunice Montana

Love the intro

Malsawmtluangi Ralte

Youre so pretty

Vanessa Sarcia

Mlaking tulong po ito s mga baguhan plng s pag-me make-up,,keep it up!!!

Anton Joshua

Thank you for your tutorial po!! I really love it?✨

Frayfray Alexandersdottir

Geesh sooo pretty ?

Cathy Lamason

That intro is Unique? love ut

Jethro Antenor

hi chicaaaa

Leah Eulogio



Ur so pretty

Ven Angot

I love your background music?

SP Gazmen

Hello louise! Your video is so nice! What camera are you using?

Android 18

Thanks for this. I'm looking for the easiest tutorial for the eyeshadow lol because I'm planning to buy pallette pero I really have no idea how to use it lol thankies


It's my first time learning on how to put an eyeshadow to my eyes, cuz I'm not into make up, tamang eyebrows lang tsaka lipstick ok na ? di kasi ako marunong, your tutorial is very helpful ? thankful that I watched your vid

Hailie Jade

I love your eyebrows omg ?

Danielle Angela

you kinda look like Kim JiWon?? uwuuuuu so pretty!

Luna Landian

omg your eyes reminds me of Ida Anduyan's!

Toca Tasi

I just found this vid and this really helps & works and it makes me order that Careline palette :)

Ada Mae Celestial

Hi po ate iya from shopiyafam po ako I'M ada po

Franchesca Nicole Santiago

ganda huhu. bagay sa mga kagaya nating pilipina na morena!!!! ❤❤❤

Joh Reyes

Hi this is Kevin.Ano po ang brand ng inyong brush??