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Best Laser for Asian Skin Rejuvenation

69 733 views | 24 Mar. 2016

Asian and ethnic skin

Asian and ethnic skin rejuvenation

Brisbane, Australia has a mixture of ethnic skin types including Asian, Middle Eastern, as well as Caucasian skin types. Providing safe and effective skin rejuvenation for each skin type differs. Ethic and darker skin will need more specific and gentle laser treatments. My favored lasers are Fraxel and Picosure Picofacial Fractional laser. Of the two, I use the Picosure FOCUS more often, why? Because this laser works-,and it has no downtime. Fraxel Dual 1927-1550, Pixel, Portrait, and even skin needling with PRP or microneedling are all good treatments, but they all have downtime- unlike PICOSURE FOCUS. This is my laser of choice for me, and my family!

Facts on treating ethnic and Asian skin types

Skin rejuvenation in Asian and darker skin types is a Specialist field

Treatments such as IPL can cause skin darkening

Skin rejuvenation, sun spots, age spots, freckles, acne scarring and rosacea can all be treated with specific lasers

My favoured lasers are the Fraxel and Picosure FOCUS lasers for treating dark skin types

What is the difference in treating Ethnic skin types?

Skin rejuvenation in Asian and ethnic skin types are much harder than treating Caucasian and light skin patients. This is because if energy levels are too high, the result can be worse than the treatment. Ethnic skin has a much higher tendency towards skin darkening- known as PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This means that laser parameters have to be gentle and precise. Gentler treatment reduces the chances of PIH. Conversely Ethnic patients will need more treatments to achieve the same result.

What lasers are recommended for treating skin of colour?

My two favoured lasers for treating Asian and darker skin types are the Fraxel 1927 and Picosure Focus laser. These two lasers are gentle on the skin with predicatble and safe results. Fraxel provides general skin rejuvenation- namely a decrease in skin pigmentation, improvement in fine wrinkles, tighter skin tone as well as increased radiance. This translates to younger, fresher and rejuvenated skin. Picosure Picofacial can treat specific spots, such as freckles, sunspots and age spots. Obvious from this video, I prefer using the Picosure FOCUS. I also have erbium Profractional, however this is outdated technology.

How long does it take to recover from laser treatments?

Picosure FOCUS has a recovery time within 12 hours, this is as close to a zero downtime procedure as one can get. This treatment is ideal for skin pigmentation disorders such as melasma or for gradual laser skin toning, skin tightening and wrinkle removal. Fraxel laser takes 4 days to recover from. Best conducted on a Friday, you will recover by Tuesday at the latest.

Thanks for viewing this video and please remember to subscribe for more information. I will be posting at least a video a week on topics ranging from acne scar treatments, pimple and zit extractions, birthmark treatments, fillers, , Botox procedures, and surgery for aesthetics. I will also review products and lasers with a no bullshit approach. My channel is aimed at giving an unbiased opinion on treatment methods and devices so patients can make better choices!

Dr Davin Lim

Laser and aesthetic dermatologist

BRISBANE, Australia.

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MD Boutiques

Excellent! And I love that you treat your Dad!

Deana A

How much should I expect to pay for one session of PICO in Australia?

Roy Chan

Dr. Lim , does the halo work on Asian skin ?

J Kwon

What is your opinion of Excel V laser for NATURALLY very light skinned Asian skin type for hyperpigmentation?

Parara Parara

Exactly what I'm looking for~~! Thank you!!⭐️


can this be used for forehead wrinkes caused by sun damage?

Anna O

Wow! I need to find a Dr locally who does this kind of laser.

Wendy Huang

I’m just curious....why are your face green..........no offense but is that a side affect for your laser treatment?

G. Dub

This is exactly what I want! Hope I can find a practitioner here in California. Thanks for sharing Doc - you have the best channel for dermatological skincare. And demonstrating on yourself, your Dad and other Asians is so nice to see. Very educational channel for anyone confused about all the types of treatments out there.

River Song

I wish this machine is available here in Philippines!

Em Yeu

I know this was a while ago but is this still your choice of laser for Asians treating melasma, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles

My Nguyen

hi, your site is still down. where about in brisbane is this? and how are we to book for consultation? ?

Steph Miller

Hi I hv a question where can I buy a ydunvie lasers the 1927 mn for at home uses

Carmen Gomez

Are all PICOSURE created equal or is PICOSURE focus a whole different game?


Fellow derm doc here, cool videos! Keep it up!

faisal noor

Hello Dr. Thankyou for your beautifull presentation and for always keeping us updated with the latest updates on laser treatments. Is Picosure treatment help in removing Acne scars for an indian skin type?

Green Garden

Awake at 4:45am O.o


what about for acne scars? will this also help reduce or even better, diminish the looks of acne scars? thank you =)

Grace Leung

Hi, loving your videos! I want to come and visit but I'm in sydney! ?are there any good derm in Sydney who you would recommend that can use this laser on my Asian skin? Thanks!

La Yiyiyi

I have had 5 treatments thus far and on the areas where I had post inflammatory hyper pigmentation it has not worked. It gets frosted, then scabs, then the dark marks absolutely disappears for about a week and then it comes back. It's like groundhog day. It's absolutely terrible for me.


So glad you made this video. I want to do it.


Can picosure help an ethnic person who is suffering from rosacea? Kind regards.

Nicole Rose

Hi Dr. Lim, can you recommend someone in Melbourne doing Picosure Laser pls.
Thanks Dr. Lim ?


how much money will cost for treatment


Hi, this is a great video. I have asian skin type iii-iv and have dermal pih due to chemical peels. does pisosure also work for this kind of hyperpigmentation? Thx for yr answer in advance!

melanie n

Hi Dr. Davin Lim! Thanks for the informative video as always. I was curious to know your opinion on the efficacy of Laser Genesis on asian skin? I have light/medium asian skin that's probably fitzpatrick type II. My derm has been treating a mild atrophic surgical line scar with subcision and suggested laser genesis to further smooth the scar texture. Do you think this is a suitable laser for softening the scar edges? I read about fat loss from laser genesis so I am cautious about doing laser treatments vs microneedling for softening the scar edges. Thanks in advance for your help and input :)!

tina john

Hi sir. Can I do pecoseond laser on my melasma?


Can picosure be used on the neck successfully?

Marina Mel-Rinaldi C

Dear doc, do you have an advice for setting? Asian skin and FP 1-3?
Thank you

Alrico Favis

Hi dr david how do you compare picosure cynosure with piqo4 lumenis? Please give me advise before we purchase the machine. Thanks.


THANK YOU! Your Videos are so informative. I'm Eurasian and had some tiny red capillaries done which caused hyperpigmentation for 4 years all along the path of the laser. I also have melasma. Given I am in Norwegian, English and Chinese, would I be safe using this laser?

Joe Bloggs

I really would love to have this done on my face to fade PIH mark but am I willing to trust someone in UK with a laser on my face?

wen1897 Guo

I searched again and again but couldn't find any provider who has picosure in Michigan, USA. I did find pico genesis. Can you talk about the differences between picosure and Pico genesis? Thank you

zhe Ga

Hiya Dr. Lim do u have anyone here in London UK whom u can recommend ragarding laser treatment someone who is as good as you! i have freckles or brown spots dont know what to call it, it is all over my cheeks and nose and i dont wanna to go for any treatment coz i am scared it might get worse. I have been watching ur videos and decided i want to have it done but i wish to have it done by a Dr. like u.
Thanks, if only I can go where u are that easy then i would have done it right after watching ur videos, unfortunately can’t go

Alfred Chen

Hello Dr. Lim, love watching your channel. What would be the LATEST (2020) best laser
for treating skin laxity and full rejuvenation of skin for Asian?
Any improvment on Picosure Focus?
Thank you very much.

Kanishen Balakrishnan

What are the do's and don'ts after pico laser since patients don't generally face much downtime as opposed to other forms of laser? Also, what would the skin care regime be and to avoid after pico laser?

Food dog travel

Dr. Lim, is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation reversible after an ablative CO2?


I've done 3 Fraxel Dual sessions for freckles and sun spots on my type 3 Indonesian skin. There is still some residual pigment. Should I persist with Fraxel or try Picosure. My problems areas are forearms, chest and hands

Jillian Khoy

What would be the cost per treatment?

Diced Pineapple

This seems way too good to be true. It doesn't even have the downtime associated with fraxel. Why is it not used as much as fraxel?

Vanessa A

You gotta be pretty educated to film with bedhead at 4 am BEFORE a run lol


Hi, Dr. Lim. I'm a fellow doc/medical center owner and experimenting with the 2018 Picosure laser. I'm mainly trying to find just the right settings for adults acne scars + dark spots. So far, I've had bad results with frosting (which is a good sign at first), but it turned deep red after a day, moving towards darker red--looking like insect bites. Any recommendations for setting you'd recommend? Thank you so much:)

Allister Ryan

What laser would you recommend for Indian type 5? Thanks

Stev Le

Thanks, Dr. Lim, that was an excellent Presentation. I am Asian and I am completely bewildered by all the lasers out there. So, in general you prefer picosecond lasers for Asian skin. What do you think of the the Englighten system by Cutera or the Pico+4 by Lutronic. Are they pretty much the same? And which wavelength did you use for the patients in this video 755 or 532 nm? Thanks so much!

Shiuli S.M.S

Hi, what is your option on Emerge and Erbium laser for Indian skin. The one you suggested is not available in my city. I got acne scars and fine lines.

Mai Tran

Would you say the candela gental pro is safe enough to treat Asian skin with pigment ?

Mai Morgan

Hi Doctor Lim, I want to know if this laser helps approves skin texture. I am Asian with freckles and have rough texture around nose and chin. :)


Incredible results! I Need Treatment for fallen cheekbones. I feel like a dog... What do you advise me?


Thank You, PIH is not fun...


How soon can one return to their normal skin regimen after a pico focus treatment?


Dr. Lim, I've recently heard about PICO genesis. What's your opinion about it on asian skin? If good, would you recommend this as a combination therapy to HydraFacial?

Future Tv

Is this laser good for acne scars? Like boxcar and atrophic?


incredible results! I think this is what I need.


Hi Dr Lim, I sure wish you lived in US, I hope you can answer this concern that I have. My skin aesthetic suggested that I have an IPL on my Lower 1/2 of the face to get rid of the darker spot then do the Picosure focus about 4 weeks later. I am a 56 yo asian woman with a few dark spot on my side temple and across my cheek. My skin is pale for asian. Thank you if you can answer this.

Ph 63

You are the best dermatologist that i follow...


Thank God ??

K1234 Tx64

How much does one treatment cost to rejuvenate a whole face? And how much for one time rejuvenate on whole face and neck?

Akiko Bae

This is amazing ?? wow I am amazed at how quickly it works.. but I am soo scare to try it since I have a super super sensitive skin ☹️☹️ Dr what's the worst side effect on someone like me with very sensitive skin??

Janeth J

And can u use that under the eyes bc i have premature eye wrinkles

Parara Parara

The clinic website isn't working........

Adelle Robinson

whats your opinion on the picoway is it the same thing? I would like to get rid of my freckles and improve texture, would this be as good as fraxel. its cheaper than fraxel in the uk

Hlee Thao

Hi Dr Lim, I love your videos. It's hard to find someone in and around the Wisconsin area that knows how to treat Asian skin. I've been diagnosed with melasma, but none of the treatments have worked, I've tried melasma creams, hydroquinone creams, BBL laser, and now the new doctor that I'm consulting wants me to try melange facial peel which is pretty pricey. And now after trying so many things I'm so skeptical. Do you have any recommendations of any doctors good with Asian skin. I'm willing to travel reasonably. Thanks ❤️

Jing Wu

Hi Dr. Kim, I found this video very helpful but have a question to ask:

I am Asian and my skin color is between fair to medium. I went to a dermatologist who did a ProFractional erbium laser ablative (2940nm) treatment on a old scar (15 years old) to remove it last week. I’ve been using only aquaphor and wear mask to avoid sunlight.

I was not told by my dermatologist that there was a chance for hyper-pigmentation and I am not sure if she has experience with Asian skin before. It’s been a week and the laser treated area is dark red. Is it hyper-pigmentation?

Kenneth Tng

Hi Dr Davin, I would like
Know the difference between picosure and Picoway . My problem is acne scars, can picoway do the job of improving it ? Or is it just a tattoo removal laser ?

shee chua

Hi Dr. I am half chinese half Filipino. I have a lot of freckles on my cheeks and nose. Is Picosure effective or NDYAG? Can i use Cosmelan prior to Picosure or NDyag?

Honesty 24/7

I am African-American fair complexion over the years plucking in-grown hairs under my chin/neck area has caused scarring and it looks very ugly considering I have bright skin. I bought this device and I will see the results after a month or so. I did notice this treatment burned them off which for me was good because it prevented me from plucking once again w tweezers.


Hi Dr. Lin, I saw your video and would like to try laser again! I had laser treatment with freckles on my face 10 years ago and they grew back :( Can you recommend PicoSure Laser clinics or doctors in Washington DC? Greatly appreciated!

Andromeda Galaxy

Can we use it for Neck hyperpigmentation?

Lee Sue

Hello Dr. Lim
I just got Picosure laser from Picolasure convention in CA. I got this red bums , breakouts and my skin is very lumpy the next day. I look like a red toad. ?
Im Asian. Is this normal ? ?

Allister Ryan

Hi David I have Indian skin is fraxel? safe for my skin my derm has suggested it for some hypopigmentation and a chicken pox scar on my forehead however she mentioned the areas may go darker temporarily. Can you elaborate on this and is it safe for my skin?

Omnislash Ver36

Alright, I'm half-Asian and got serious wrinkles from using Retin-A under my eyes. I've literally got pictures of before and after and after only one week my skin at 28 looks older than my parents who are in their late 50's...

Will this work on serious wrinkles under the eyes? Like a 65-70 year old's wrinkles?

I'm really interested because the rest of my skin looks so good but my eyes look so bad.

Loxy Oliva

How much time was in between each treatment?

Mary Reynolds

Alot of fabulous results! I have several sun damage scars and would love to do...Not sure if you said or not...does this help fine lines and wrinkles? Also, I have a wrinkled forehead.
Thanks for sharing.

Vera Lee

Hi Dr.Lim,I'm Asian with sun spots and freckles. Would you mind recommending a dermatologist in CA experienced in this type of laser?

Juan Romero

What is this treatment called?

YY Lok

I need to go to your clinic ?

Carmen Gomez

What about ethnic skin with melasma looking to tighten the skin? You’re awesome, Doc!

Stephanie Ho

Could you plz share your comment on sculptra

Lotta Kallin

What about doing the Hollywood treatmnet (carbonlotion) on dark people with q switched ND yag Genius mode for the heating and 1064 for the peeling?


Aloha, I'm Japanese living in Hawaii and spent my teens and twenties surfing...augh! I had paid for ten sessions of IPL and think it may have made my hyperpigmentation worse. Just went to the derm yesterday and he suggested the Picoway or Genesis for treatment...whadya think? I'm leaning towards the Picoway...btw great video...Asian skin is so hard to treat! Thank you!


Hello Dr. Davin.
Thanks for sharing all your honest videos of laser treatments.
In fact I have been following you on Youtube for past 6-8 months.

Just a quick question:- I am an Asian with brown skin complexion.
Is it possible to permanently make facial skin color 2-3 tones lighter by using any laser treatment?
If yes, then which laser treatment is most appropriate?

I have gone through a Asian Laser clinic website and it claims that it can be done by slowing down melanin production using lasers. The given below text is the exact statement that was mentioned on the website:-

IPL/ Nd YAG Laser: These Laser technologies help in breaking the melanin pigment responsible for hyperpigemnation. It gets destructed and scattered by the laser light rays and discarded from body with metabolism process.
This advanced skin brightening treatment aims at reducing melanin granules in the upper skin layer with the help of the state of the art ‘helios laser toning’ for optimized pigment balance along with skin.They are safe techniques and downtime is minimal.

Is the above statement correct? Will I be able to get 2-3 tones fairer skin permanently?


you are an awesome doctor, wish u were near:)

Gail Chan

So good to know we have this in Australia! I'm having a hard time finding a dermatologist for Asian skin here. Cheers!

Ann T

if im old i will never do this

Captain Fox62

Gosh I wish you were in Hastings NZ really need this

kurnia lydia

Educating me as resident dermatovenereology.. thanks?

Roch Dean

I need this! Do you think this would work on my back from back acne scars/post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? I have light Indian skin.

tina john

Can I use picosecond laser on my scars

Vennie Danae

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

KimG 1970

Haha! Love the discount intro!

Miao Miao

Hi Dr. Lim, what is the cream you applied on after the treatment

Rindriasry Mulyawan

this is what I need .... thanks for sharing the video Dr David ... btw .. you're handsome

Denise K

Great videos Dr Lim. Thank you for providing educational and informational fun videos on aesthetics. I am a 48yr old Japanese with fairly good skin (I have spent the past 10yrs as a rep in the aesthetic market). I battled with Melasma for 8yrs and it is gone into remission the past 6months (currently using refissa and Osmosis skincare & Osmosis waters). I am looking now for reducing pores, small capillaries around the nose and evening up skin tone. I wanted to know what you thought of the following : Scion BBL, Picture Focus or Alma Vshape Pixel RF. I appreciate any assistance in navigating these choices. Cheers

Chloe Ng

I am Asian and have serious pigmentation. This is my 7time to get treatment . However, this time, I have quite redness skin for two days. Afterwards, my skin look obviously two tones darken than before. do u know have any experience how long the dark skin tone last ?  the darkness doesn't appear in patch. instead, the whole face just look more dark than before... is it normal?

MG Chavez

hi doctor, If there was no Pico yet, What will you use in Asian skin? I ask because Picosure is still rare in Philippines and very expensive. I want to know my other options as I don't mind the downtime. I only want it effective too. Thank you

Janeth J

Would that work for hispanic people!??

Jaylin Brandi

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists in 2020."

000ppp han

Hi doc! Thanks for your video! I'm in Chicago area. Is there any docs to recommend for comprehensive acne scar treatment? It's hard to find a doc who performs procedures like subcision etc in chicago. thanks a lot

Seascorp Scorpio

Hello I am an asian man wiht melasma on my cheeks..how many treatments do you think I will need to improve my skin and also do you have to prep the with any skin products first? Thanks in advance.


Hi Doc! I'm Filipino here in Chicago and have developed blue dots on my face caused by Minocycline. Will this Picousure Focus remove them? From my research, only an Alexandrite 755nm can be used. I look forward to your reply. Thank you again for your time!