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10 320 views | 10 Mar. 2018

Wassup Guys today I will

Wassup Guys today I will be reviewing the NEW Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder Spf 45 in the shade Deep. Don't Forget to Subscribe...

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EMAIL: [email protected]



Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 - Deep


Other Makeup WORN :

Maybelline super stay foundation

film noir blush

Miss Lashes 302A

laura mercier ultra long wear concealer


FTC DISCLAIMER: This video was not sponsored but links are affiliate links.

N9ey91 Dowe

Your skin is so beautiful! ?


How are u

Bechelle Z

first to comment yay

Isy L

I loved this video! I was so hoping that it would work for you, and it did??yay! I just love your channel???

Gabriela Vargas

I don't know how to close mine!

Michele A

Definitely will be getting this. Exactly what I been looking for.

Kandirain _117

The side where u applied more was still completely matte! I think if u were able to empty it into a container and use it as an all-over setting powder but used something else for baking, u'd get a lot more wear out of it. But DANG! it comes in such a small container for $30!...


Thanks for this video. It was good to see what the product looks like on a person of colour. This is really is a SPF touch up product, so to get the full protection you would need to reapply every 2hrs, which would help reduce the shine. I would suggest applying a lotion/cream SPF30+ (either physical or Chemical) in the morning under makeup or IN your makeup, then use another less expensive product as a setting powder (or this one if you wish) and then definitely touch up with Supergoop throughout the day. Shine-free protection = Beauty... Thats the goal!

ashley johnson

Can you try the Paula’s Choice on the go shielding powder spf 30

Julicia Evans

Thank you, you look beautiful

Beautiful AsYouAre

First off Supergoop brand is expensive. I've personally only tried a few samples of their spf moisturizer and wasn't really impressed. TJ MAXX usually have some of their skin care products at a fraction of the price.


I looked up this item bc another channel mentioned it but I wanted to see if it would look good on a darker skin tone like mine. Definitely subscribing!

Kim Nicks

That powder looks great..flawless

ashie cream

Why do people upload videos when I'm asleep? Anyway I love this video?


It looks good !

tanny morrison


Spf powder uk

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27 827 views | 6 Feb. 2020

"How do I reapply

"How do I reapply sunscreen over the top of foundation?" is a question I get asked all the time. I also get asked what my favourite every day sunscreen is....Well in this video we will share all our tips to keep your skin protected.


LA ROCHE-POSAY Anthelios Shaka Fluid 50+ https://bit.ly/2RYDt8y

SUNPRISE Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF 50+ https://bit.ly/2zp85K6

SUPERGOOP SPF Setting Powder SPF 45

SERIOUSLY FAB Zinc It Over Spray SPF 25 https://seriouslyfab.com/collections/zinc-it-over

I understand that there are a few natural Citrus Oils within the Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk. These are added to give the sunscreen a fragrance. However, natural isn't always good, and I would prefer it if this SPF didn't have a fragrance at all. It is however an excellent SPF if you can put up with the smell.


BENEFIT Porfessional Pore Filling Primer

NYX Born To Glow Foundation (Light)


REVOLUTION Conceal & Hydrate (C2)

NYX Microbrow Pencil (Ash Brown)

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Luxury Palette (Pillow Talk)

BENEFIT Hoola Bronzer

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Cheek To Chic Blush (Pillow Talk)

FENTY BEAUTY Full Frontal Mascara

BEAUTY PIE Futurelipstick Luxe Shine (Naked Pink)


MAYBELLINE Dream Radiant Liquid Foundation (Natural Ivory)


NYX Born To Glow Concealer (Alabaster)

NYX Microbrow Pencil (Ash Brown)

NYX Brow Setter

BENEFIT Hoola Bronzer

BENEFIT California Blush

FENTY BEAUTY Full Frontal Mascara

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Lip Lustre (Pillow Talk)

Kate Barrett

I have 2 alternatives to SuperGoop in a like applicator design - loose powder with the built-in brush. I love the Colorscience SPF powder. It is slightly tinted and fabulous. I have dry skin and it doesn't dry my face. A translucent option is Derma E Sun Protection Mineral Powder.

Laraine Plummer

Hi Gemma is the Sunprise spf cruelty free?

sam tam

SHISEIDO SPF x Active Play Sunscreen (slightly tinted) LOVE it. I've used it everyday since I was 16 y/o. Highly recommended!


Just saying. The difference between SPF 50 & 30 is only 2% SPF 50 blocks out 97% of the sun’s rays while SPF blocks 95%. The Body Shop does an SPF30 spray which I find good for touch ups. Tempted by the Zinc it over. So important to apply enough of the product. Love seeing you and your mum together. So lovely.

Katherine Baltrush

Such an important topic! Thank you!!!

Helen Stanley

Love the Sunprise one and have been using it with another PW favourite, the No7 foundation drops. Makes a really lovely skin tint type base with great spf built in!

Esme 10e

Brilliant tutorial - I would love to try the Sunprise but I don't think it would be suitable for mature brown skin as it could cause an ashy look to my make-up :(.


I just ordered a tinted sunscreen in hopes to do a one and done for my shifts at the clinic. I’m inside all day but do and try to walk at lunch. I would love the spray sunscreen for weekends during my sons marching band competitions!!! Thank you.

Jinny Wade

Just ordered thanks was looking for a new sunscreen that’s not greasy. Love your videos thanks xx

Fifi Lebelle

I can also recommend the Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF50+ PA++++ 60ml, recommended by Kelly Driscoll. Around £12 at Yesstyle.com.

Mariana Dentsy

These methods of reapplication do nothing. You may as well not do it because at least then, you’re saving your money. You know how much sunscreen you need to get the spf on the label?? Did you see how much of that mist went into the air? This is literally throwing money to the trash.

Little Voice

Where are the links for the recommended products please?


Prem 50++++ on Yestyle is fab! it is about $30 AUD for 200mls! yes 200mls, no white cast whatsoever. Yestyle has amazing korean and japanese products for affordable prices.

Blue Moon

Great Video but could you list all the products mentioned please and purchase link


Hi, love you both! Usually I reapply my sunscreen with "VT - Essence Sun Pact SPF50+ PA+++ " It is a cushon (not matt!) and gives a wonderfull sheen.

Cherie Erten

Sorry products aren't listed. Zinc spray??? Nice to know what they are.

Deborah Hall

I use the la roche posay 50+ but I've just viewed a Dr that has warned about the denatured alcohol in it, and it is a the top of the list (so high percentage) and she explained how distructive that is to our skin. I'm confused why people are recommending this product. Please advise? Thanks Gemma x

Ellie Humphris

Upon your recommendation I bought the Sunprise SPF... it is AMAZING!! Thank you, it works so well under makeup (I am 47). I am going to search for Zinc it over in Australia. The Sunprise I could only find on eBay but it was cheap and other than the initial smell I adore it.
Edit: can’t get the Zinc it Over in Australia... poo bottoms. Do any of your Australian subscribers use anything similar? Living in QLD SPF is a necessity being summer like 6-9 months of the year.

Tina Walker

Your mom is beautiful!

Chrissy Bordeaus

Thank you.

Carol Clarke

Hi thanks anyway they dont have it..


I love the Anthelios...I’m in the U.S. and order it online from a Canadian pharmacy to get the European/Canadian formulation.

Mar Payne

Love your mum! ?

Karen Eastman

Are u and your beautiful mum wearing Hoola lite or original? I saw a recent No7 review on their bronzer. I know u liked No 7. How does Hoola stack up to No 7?

Colleen Geary

Great video. I wonder if you have a favourite cruelty free alternative please? Xx

French Fry

Could you list the sunscreens you featured please?

Kate Gibb

I use the Roche Posay in the tinted formula.Great product.Don't wear makeup over it.Have never burned in very high temperatures.

Celia Stone

You and your mom are so gorgeous!!!!

Amanda Youngs

Gemma, your preferred sunscreen (La Roche-Posay) is cheaper at Boots at the moment (25% off) at £13.12 - in case you or anyone else wants to stock up!

Fiona Cobb

This is soooo helpful. Thank you! I’ve been using the LRP Shaka since it came out and I love it but always struggled with the top-up idea once my makeup is applied. So I was really excited to watch your recommendation of the Seriously Fab product. Only problem now is I can’t find anywhere in the UK that has the Zinc It Over SPF Mist in stock. Any ideas? Xx


Is the Sunprise moisturizing enough on its own for us with dry skin? Sounds like it might be!

Debbie M

You must try my holy grail is sunscreen:
EltaMD UV Elements Tinted Face Moisturizer with Broad-Spectrum SPF 44, Mineral Face Sunscreen, Water-Resistant, Oil-free, 2.0 oz, about $18/oz, but, unlike Sunprise, it is Water-resistant, and fragrance-free AND double as a moisturizer for all skin types (unless you're skin is very dry.) It is tinted, so it can also double as a CC cream. It imparts a beautiful, youthful glow (not shiny). It performs beautifully under makeup (with or without primer.)
*even if you don't think you nerd waterproof, it has been shown to last longer than non-waterproof, especially if you perspire.
It is a thicker formula, which means you are more likely to apply enough. Plus you do not have to shake it up! ? (, most people would probably not read the directions.)
Tube travels well and it comes with pump and so less wasted. There is another one that's lighter, I believe, that is not a moisturizer :
EltaMD UV Daily Tinted Face Sunscreen Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Broad Spectrum SPF 40, Non greasy, Sheer Lotion, Mineral-Based Sun Protection, 1.7 oz
-Both have ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid!
And, no white cast! Even men use this.
All in all, you are getting so much more. I would rather splurge on this than some other products.
In the end, you should live using your sunscreen and this makes me feel so fantastic.
*sorry for bold type, I copied and pasted. ??

Anishaa aaa

Would you recommend the SUNPRISE to someone of colour? I have medium brown skin x

Lesley Nicholson

Great vid...I'm going to try them. Thank you. ?

Wendy Elliott

Hi, love watching you and your mum. Is the sunprise spf50, broard spectrum does it have uva and uvb protection ?

Jo Rooke

My sunscreen search goes on, the Etude one has both alcohol and fragrance/sensitizers in it & I've avoided LRP sunscreens as they have alcohol in them (I've dry skin)so annoying as I love some of their other products. Anyone know of a moisturizing sunscreen, no alcohol/fragrances and that can be used around eyes without inducing tears ? ?

Carla Purdon

Hi I rewatched the sunscreen video after this one and wondered if either one I’d you had trouble with the Australian gold drying your skin after a few hours.

Ann Marie Muscato

Great video but can’t find the links to the sunscreens!

T Diekemper

I wish that you would have listed the spf products!!!

Admin User

The Korean sunscreen has barely any UVA protection, some but certainly not like the Shaka fluid... which has the highest UVA and UVB protection currently in the market.


Can you add the links where to buy the Zinc it Over and Supergoop sunscreen in the UK please?

Dr Monica Gala

Lovely video... I like your eye look. Could you please do a tutorial on that?

Fiona Frazer

I have the SuperGoop SPF powder - great product. The Zinc Over It, The Sunprise are on my list to buy when in the UK in May, (along with the No.7 HydraLuminous foundation!). Great video.

Gwen Loughman

LOVE LRP Anthelios! There is a tinted one as well which is gorgeous if you want a makeup free day because it gives you that little bit of colour.

sinead conneely

Lá Roche Posey do the factor 50 anthilios in a fine mist spray. I use it to reapply my spf over makeup

Dawn Davidson

Thank you so much for doing a spf video I have been waiting just ordered one will let you know how it goes love all you and your mum do keep it up ?

Susan Moore

Thanks for the suggestions but I had to go through the comments to find the products you were talking about. No big problem because I easily found the the one I wanted to see if I can get here in the states. Love seeing your mom again. Make sure and tell her thanks and a big hello. Thanks so much for sharing and doing the research xoxo

Margaret O'Horo

Hi Gemma. Thank you for the sunscreen tips. I live in the US and I use Australian gold DOC 50. It's tinted mineral sunscreen. Works as a primer as well. Very affordable at aprox. 13 dollars. Not sure if you have it in UK but it's a really goOd one. I'm your Mums age and I use it everyday. I'm going to try the Sunprise .

Patricia Wallace

Great video! Thanks for all the information. You both look beautiful! Is the Magic Varnish drying?

Stacy G

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish did not work for me. The first time I tried it, it was very drying, accentuated every dry patch and felt like I was wearing tape on my face with very dry albeit smooth finish so that when I smiled or raised my eyebrows I could really feel it. Alcohol is the 4th ingredient. I was unable to verify the zinc and titanium dioxide percentages in Sunprise. Back to the Elta MD UV Elements Spf 44 mixed with the Paula's Choice Super-Light Wrinkle Defense Spf 30--both all mineral and both tinted. Peace.

Karla Jakeman

Hiya, learnt loads from your vids. I have bought the La Roche P SPF and a load of The Ordinary after watching videos....I like fake tan for face and have 2 different ones, a No7 moisturiser with fake tan for face and another St Tropez drops which you add to your moisturiser. Can you advise when to apply with SPF? Can you add tan drops to SPF? Thanks


I don’t see the links either?

Jo Ann Williams

Please link the products.


Tell your Mum I love her (and you) love Uncle Paul xxx


I have tried the La Roche-Posay US formula and the UK formula, and I like the UK formula but NOT the US. I am in the US and am wondering where I can purchase the Sunprise product? Is it in the drugstore in the UK? Because I only see it on ebay and amazon, and I don't trust skincare products from those sources. Thanks!

Fi at Skin and Blister

Thank you for the recommendation on the Sunprise SPF. I would never have known about this if it wasn't for you and it's beautiful. I've struggled to find an SPF that doesn't make me look really shiny but this works brilliantly. I also wear SPF every day now, come rain or shine, thanks to your teaching on this


This is the video that every woman needs to watch!

Judith Klein

loved your videos, i miss the list of the SPF

Serena Kara

Hi Gemma, firstly thank you for your videos - super educational and fun! I wanted to ask about chemical sunscreens because I also wear the La Roche Posay spf daily but have started to read that chemical sunscreens contain oxybdenzone, octinoxate etc that apparently ‘shouldn’t be slipping into your bloodstream via the dermis daily’ and also that chemical sunscreens may cause the skin to oxidise and turn into free radicals that are then absorbed by us, uh oh! I want to wear my spf with peace of mind and mineral suncreens are so white and usually look horrible! I love the La Roche Posay one! Thank you!

Little Voice

I get my mum the La Roche Posay SPF50 spray.

We also recommend the Trinny London BFF

Ellie Humphris

@pamperedwolf... do you know of any other sprays that can go over makeup other than the zinc it over? As two bottles plus shipping to Australia is $158 and as much as I love my skin that is just seriously out of reach for me. I have extremely dry skin so would prefer a spray as I can’t do powder. I don’t use it anywhere except for a minute amount to set under my eyes. Or if any subscribers in Australia know of anything that will work over makeup.
The Sunprise is so so so good (I don’t even get the white cast so can wear it alone without makeup).

Vanessa Gross

Hello Beautiful Ladies! I was wondering if you've ever seen any of gothamista videos? Her name is Renee and she does wonderful reviews of both chemical, mineral, and hybrid sunscreens. She's thorough in her research of ingredients and testing under makeup. She also has a dry/sensitive skin type. She is based abroad, like you. I have found several sunscreens that work for me based on her recommendations. I have an oily skin type that is sensitive to most US chemical based sunscreens. I thought I was doomed and headed for prune skin for sure. I'm also in my 40's. I don't know if you've heard of her but I think she's another amazing YouTuber I've come to trust. Have a lovely, blessed day!

Ailish Beth D

Aww you are two lovely ladies. You are so like your mum. Thanks for the video. I have never known whether to put sunscreen underneath or on top of my make-up. I have te Anthelios, but neer liked it. It dried my skin out and I hated the smell.

linda alden

i use laura mercier mineral powder foundation, can i use the spray spf over it.

Pie Nicole

Supergoop! also abd Coola also sell an spf setting spray.

Rachel Bird

Great video as always! Please could you review some more of the Etude House products from Amazon? There are some interesting cosmetics and quite affordable too! I have been using the Your Good Skin sunscreen from Boots. It is not too greasy or shiny under makeup.

simone swift

Hi Gemma..
I have been diagnosed with BLEPHARITIS and have been told to only use hypoallergenic eye make...would you be able to advise on what would be the best ones that won't cause an infection or flare up please

Carol Clarke

Hi to get this SUNPRISE Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF 50+ I have to pay at least $57.00 US Dollars which is about $100.00 Aus dollars Lol Xx

Renee Burich

I’ve also been interested in trying the Acwell 50+ Natural Sun Cushion powder for sunscreen over makeup.

Michelle S

The best spf under make up are the watery gels or the milk spfs from Japan available on yesstyle I'm an spf junkie and have had dozens of face sunscreens, japanese spf's far out perform any spf's, I have tried the shaker fluid and didn't like that my makeup slid off and I found it really greasy The Japanese sunscreens have the best UVB filters ?

Debbie A

try the Cerave TINT 30 SPF that just came out! goes on your face so smoothly!!


Hi Gemma, this morning after applying my serums and moisturizer, I measured out a 1/4 tsp of Australian Gold Botanical 50 tinted sunscreen. I was shocked at how much a 1/4 tsp is! I kept applying it before I finally gave up. By the time I let my serums and other creams soak in, I will have to get up at least a half hour earlier! Do you have any suggestions? I really don't want to get up a half hour earlier just to let everything soak in. Thank you

Sylvia Soland

I think you forgot to list the SPFs in your products list. Also, I live in London. Where did you buy the cream sunscreen and the spray? I just see them on amazon.

Sandra Saxon

Hi can you do a video on the best foundations to go on top of the sunprise spf 50 thank you


Have you seen the ingredients of SUNPRISE Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk?? Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Oil, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil... I wont use that in my face even if they paid me!! I don´t want that great deal of esential oils way up in the formula in any product nowhere near my body.. saludos desde Madrid!

Jasmine Hasan

I don’t see “all the products mentioned in the descriptions box below”.

Christine Ramsey

Really appreciate the video -- thank you!! Kind of concerned that the Etude Sunprise sunscreen does not list the % zinc it contains like most sunscreens do. I've noticed that often in Korean sunscreens, but I don't know why that is. I've had basal cell skin cancer twice, and the zinc percentage truly matters... so it's a bit of a red flag for me that they don't list it. SPF only measures the prevention of UVB burning rays, but not protection from the photo aging UVA rays (at least in the US). I know the PA+++ rating is supposed to measure that, but the percent zinc is a much better indicator. There are SO many mineral sunscreens that are recommended on YouTube because they go well under makeup... However, they go so well under make up because they only have 5-7% zinc. It's just not enough to really protect your skin... Dermatologists seem to consistently recommend around 20%. Of course, some protection is always better than nothing!! I just think it is important to make an informed choice, and know the limitations of a low zinc content.

Tammy Haverfield

Neutrogena has a new spf 55 facial spray!

Essentially Emma

Can anyone recommend a good cruelty free spf that is ok to wear everyday under makeup?

Joanne Boyce

Gemma where can I purchase the zinc it over in uk? Can find it anywhere it’s not on Amazon

Sabsa 70

You 2 beauties do always such a great job ?! Thanks❣️Hugs and kisses, Sabine ?

linda dee

Great video Ladies :-)))) oxoxoxoxox

Louise Miller

Damn that is one stunning mum!!!

June Pixton

You can get the Sunprise on Amazon for $7.30 US on Amazon! Yay for Amazon!


Where do you purchase your Sunprise spf from in the UK? This is a recent discovery for me and love it but struggle to find it. Last bought from eBay and I don’t trust amazon x


Purito centella uncented is AMAZING and affordable

Joan Walters

This is a fab discovery for alllll day protection. I have the powder, so to topdress my face with the spray ❤️???? is the ANSWER.

dee Morgan

wish you had links!

Gloria J. Pinsker

Thank you for the information, but honestly, too much chatter and you don't have the sunscreens listed either on the screen while you're describing them or below in your links. Really?

Lebora Nickas

Have you tried the Color Science SPF 50 powder sunscreen?


Ah, thank you!!! =)

Trish Hickson

I’d really like a powder but it seems the supergoop is only available from US so there’s a hefty postage cost. Dermacare Direct have one with a 30 spf, £25 .00, not as good as 50 but maybe ok for topping up ?

Patricia Cardiff

Have you any thoughts or tested the Clarins UV+ sunscreen F50.I just bought it under recommendation from pharmacy staff but it was €38 and extremely white.

Penelope Fongers

Where are the names and links to the sunscreen products?

Jo S.

It's the middle of winter, and dry as a desert. Can you recommend a moisturizing sunscreen? Bare MInerals original mineral powder foundation is SPF 15. That works well for a topcoat on cream or liquid foundation, makes it bulletproof.

Gill Donne-Davis

Can you let us know where you can purchase the Supergoop product in the Uk please ?

Karen Burt

Tried the Helio 350 but it didn’t play well with my MAC foundation. Have now found one called Skinnies and it is amazing! Feels like a primer and wears well under my makeup. Love it!

Georgia Hamilton

Yes, love to see a mature fair skin lady for skin care tips.

Gianna S

At last a spray spf! Thank you ?

Rebekah Klein

Incredible timing of this video because I have been so resistant to sunscreen. I know, I know. One would think I would ‘get it’ after seeing what the sun does to your skin (ugh, I’m 67). I have tried sunscreens in the past only to have them screw up any make up I put on, so I just chucked the sunscreen idea. But...this video is helping me rethink it all. Hearing you both describe the messes you had with sunscreen in the past like I did...and that these products do not produce similar results makes me want to try again. Thank you, thank you.

Spf powder uk

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Tarte SEA Set and Go Mineral Powder First Impression | Summer Must Have!

3 405 views | 29 Mar. 2020

Perfect touch up powder

Perfect touch up powder for on the go!!!

Translucent loose mineral powder and brush in one

$37 CAD

Hope you're all keeping safe these days!!!!

Miliaris santos


Michelle Rodriguez

Is this similar to Tarteguard? I want one but I’m not sure which one I should get? There’s this blue one and the purple one? ??

Daniela Torres

Thanks for making this video. I had a hard time figuring out how to let the product out.

Deanna Reed

I bought one like this from Peter Thomas Roth and I hate it! The brush was scratchy, there's no way to put the cap back on, and it was super orange in color.

Diem Huong

I'm obsessed with colorescience powder brush so i'm currently searching for any dupe of it then i found for your video. Thank you for your good content, i will consider to purchase this product. Hope to see more your vids in the future

Susan Ray

I found this takes off some of your makeup. Be gentle and also you really can not tell if this is actually coming out. I feel these powders need to be in some other type of packaging. I have tried them all.

Michaela Fineza

Is this refillable or reusable? Like can u add more powder into it or is it once it’s done then that’s it?

Sara Shweda

I have this and love it so far! I purchased it for summer as I live by the beach so we will see! ❤️


Is this SPF?

David Vielma

Be smart like me and switch the powder from colorescience into the packaging of the tarte one. You’re welcome!