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Wearing the Longest Nails for 24 Hours! / Girl Problems with Long Nails!

1 771 952 views | 14 Nov. 2020

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No one can argue with the fact that long nails are very beautiful. But is it convenient?

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John Coleman


Balsam El-hemaidi

Who wears long nails on there feet-




ah yes, id rather burn than call the fire department and break a nail, my nails will still look fabulous when i'm dead!

pooja mittal

I have a small nails
But I want to big nails
How to long my nails

Laurent HENRY



I love your videos

Leesha Majumdar

Long nails 24??

Reenie Jayne Downing

I'm so hot

Brian Edminster


Reenie Jayne Downing

Please support me and go give a like and comment



Kylee Lewis

I love this

Jorge Ruiz

Pepol can just skip to the end

Luong Van


Namita Bedi

Did a witch sent it to you

Bishnu Limbu


Abdul Vahida

That guy is so funny


My brain
I t h u r t s

Jodie Hartman

I can relate

ΑɱɾҽҽɳԂɾαɯʂ ʂƚυϝϝッ


Troom Troom

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Brian Edminster


Artistic Panda

This is laterally me getting fake nails for the first time.

Hdhdhdhshs Bdbsbsbshsh

Troon is the best ????????

Lauren Olcese-Mercurio


Rudaina Sheikh

my friend has the same hair brush

jefferson Rosaldo

HAHAHAHAHAHA i was laugh in hairbrush HAHAHAHAHAHA

simply fun

I got irritation after seeing these nails

Madelyn Dietz

Don’t laugh at this! Just do it! It's not scary either

Do this 1 time and within an hour

Your wish come true!!!


My cousin did this and wished for a for an iPad and she got a box on her door this morning and she got an iPad!!!

I had to give this a shot...

Start thinking something you really really want, 'cause this is

astounding... the person that sent this to me said their wish came true 10 mins after they read the mail so I thought 'what the heck'. '



He will grant you one wish.



































No  send backs!!!!

   Send this to 10 people ( not me ), then turn your  phone off and turn it back on. Then you will have a new wallpaper

100% works

Uh o

Addisan Kelley


chile- _anyways

Tell me how troom troom has almost the same amount at nikci Minaj? ? Uh i- bye

ma. madeline barredo

hi molly

José Arias

Troom troom My Game is Guadalupe

Jazz Bayliss

My sister put me on pause until she gets back with apples star apples.

{ iipxstella }

To the person thats reading this:
Beauty isnt life, beauty is what u already are ❤️✨??

Btw my dream is to get to 1k

Fatima Naqvi

Very bad videos



Anna Carrizales


Faith Marcum

How she wipe tho

Spill the Tea

8:17 people who thought fill was going to cut the nails
Well I did ?

Bryant Sisters

Find sisters

Tina Marthaler

Troom troom, i noticed that you are a spy because of your new vids


I have like your video l love your videos

Patricia Valmeo


McKinley's YouTube channel

Hi I love your videos

Shelby Doderer

Zero for a

Maxine Herrell

The Gucci tights got me lol??????

Manish Paharia

No one is goanna have this long nails ?

Breanna Welcome

Watch it for toom

Mantej Singh

Here before simply reacts

May Troi

I need boy friend

Nho Noi

I need boy friend

Memory And player

That’s why I don’t like long nails but you can use them as protection XD

Aminath Eshaa Mohamed

OK but further

Dinesh Kumar

Wow nice and very long nails ???????


Can't wait for Joinen to let Madison see this, she's so quirky she'd use them to eat chicken nuggets

Roxanne Dehasse


Rubi Quixan

Do a among us real life Video in ttroom troom

Cordella Evans


hashanah cabugos


Sofie Katrina

I. Love. It❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I'm. Natasha

ibraheem baig


Ava Weller

IDC if you BREAK your NAIL you gonna DIE hurry up and press it .lol

Andie Shepherd

I can actually feel my IQ dropping down as im watching this video.

Khalid Khan Khalid Khan

My best troom ❤️???

Brian Edminster




Zahidul Islam

I hate long nails ????????

Allie Zacarias

Who will Evan g long nails

Brian Edminster


Cordella Evans


helen thomas

That 123 go is bobo

Joel Reyes


Shanna Wilburn

Ahhhhhhhhh that was so funny?

Maria Cecilia

then how did she pot it on

Jade Berry

I will never ever have long nails and long dress

Leyna Tran

Lol ?

saranya manoj

Stupid video

Grace Caampued

Hi troom troom

Daniella Mccalla


simply fun

How fool she is 7:12 se didn't care about her house and she is continue playing

Brian Edminster


Meh Eh

How can human be so dumb ?????



Mriganka Basak

i really love your channel

Emma White

Can you come to where I live and give me cool kick nails my house number is 480 just a man

Nope. Not Today.

Troom Troom really loves stealing brain cells

Disha Muthanna

Cristine entered the chat
Cristine is typing

Yolande Swart


Nitia Austin

I am no wearing long nails

Becky Longley

My brother broke off his toe nail

Rosie squad


Abbygail Charles

my nailllls are two long

School Al Rabi3

okk I love nales but nut that tall

Filza Asif

I love this troom troom ♥️⚘??


This video is my problem ?

Jordynn Strother

i love troom troom so much

Nessa Marie

Where is simply???? SHE SHOULD DO THIS TO BEN!

Nails long

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wearing LONG fake nails for A DAY!!!

1 674 428 views | 31 Jul. 2020

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go to https://casetify.com/derkslurp today to get 20% off your new favorite phone case! #ad

i've seen people do the challenge where they wear acrylic nails for a day...

BUTTTTT i have never seen someone do it with them THIS LONGGGGG

so i decided it was time ??✨

??? get some SLURP MERCH with this link ⬇️


if you see this comment "slurp ??"

follow me on...

instagram - https://www.instagram.com/derkslurp/

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tiktok - derkslurp

boost me on famous birthdays ?


hope this pleased your pupils...



Derek I love your videos omggg

XxCharlie! TwT


Aj Crp

Your so sweet. I loveeeeeeee your
Video ????

pinkish. butterfly

Includes paid promo? :')

Anni Chahian


Michelle the wolf Fox

NOT ME obviously I already have two siblings I don't want another

Panda_hollyroblox 123

You make me cry with laughter

Gary Campbell


Wolf spirits Morales

Your very funny

James Costa

Dirk slurp I can be inbensiol ok i can show you ?
Ok qwen

Mayra Hernandez

I feel like Larry and Derek should be Best friend

Kaoutar Lekhouayene

Gay derk

Abigail spriggs

just imagine the people that work at that gas station...

and derk goes in there every day to get a slurpy...

the things that the people that work at that gas station have to go through...

juliet P. barra


Abby Mcneely

OMG he said "Let me just eat it" ( 10:37 ) and then my computer died.

Jessica Reeves

Are you a boy or a girl I can’t have a template puppy go because you dress up like a girl

Lillian Williams


Jessica Stanger

I want him as a friend so much!!!!!!

Mukhtar Ragimov

Bro my cat has a BIG butt it’s soooooo BIG it’s in the way of everything and she can’t fit anywhere cause it so big


Parents seeing this:B** WHAT THE F*** WHAT THE F***

Tehehe Maruka

“That’s tErIfYiNgGgGgGgGggGGGggGg”✨?????‍????

crazy cat girl 09

Derks laugh reminds me of his edited Peppard pig video as it halerious

Sarah Santamaria

Are you a boy or a girl

Ishika Kewalapat


Kenley Hamilton


Amya Suttington


Terrence Goodloe



wait if James Charles did the same thing does he watch ur vids :0 mind blown

Leslie Duenas

?????? Y yo con IFOR Hours Jean King ?

Abby Mcneely

"Oh shooty patooty"
Derk- 2020

Garth Zanki


Christinarector Christina

Hey it stopped the like thing what you do in the front of the videos

Abby Mcneely

Ok, I can't be the only one thinking " Why do they have to be older than me and gay?"

Teoni Johnson


Suzy Pereira

What do you have to sing about yourself red tik Tok that you may when you hit 101 million subscribers how did you feel about that

William Beeken

No h*ll no

Solisito Barahona

Not me

Ana claudia Alves

Omg help them now

Leanne Cardenas


Heraldo Chiac


Ashley O'Hair

Stop saying bad words ok this is a kids love you Lou need to stop ok

Sssiperwolf is_AMAZING

YOUR JUST AN AMAZING PERSON NEVER CHANGE YOUR HALARIOUS i wish i could make a yt channel but my perents wont let me

Tiffany Fossett

I do Charlotte it won't let me go in there-

{*rockstar ghosty*}

I wish he was my uncle - he’s damn funny and adorable -

Kahmorie Simmons

Introduce Derek to Eric Carr watch what's his number

Kim'ori Johnson

What do you get those nails from and in that pink color is rocking it?

Zoe-E Print-Says



all the editing thooo i love itt YASS QUEEN!????
and the fact that he played larray OMG QUEEN him and larray would make the best collab???

Megan Churchill

Derk slurp isss soooooo FUNNNNNNNNY

Christopher Holmes



I just wanna say when you say hiiiii your like the same as my cousin my cousin says hAiIiIi

Sanjana Srinath ;3

i wish he was my bestie :(

Ricarda Pineda alviter

you are supposed to like your gender that god gave you you are a boy and you are exposing girls bit trying to be rude

Sorell Acosta

Boys are weird dude ????

Aniyah Werito

I have the same shirt as you the blue and sponge bob shirt

Amya Suttington


Leanne Cardenas


Janeke Visser

youre funny love your vids

Jessica Stanger

He so funny ?

Jasmine Aplicano

love your videos

Suzanne Hird


Tito Quinonez

sips slurpie while watching the slurp queen

Deandrea Flores


Kim'ori Johnson

Where did you get those nails from and the color pink he’s rocking it I will kiss kiss I will do this guess guess100 likes

Neveah Garcia


Erick Chavolla


Tianna Howell

Derk slurp : " Sooo long "
Me : " That's what she said ?

Arianna AJ

:derk just*chill
:me thinking
:me sleeping at 3:00 in the morning

Ashley O'Hair

Lou is u ok so we Gucci OK we Gucci

Scarlett Trainor

꧁ ??꧂ -....

XxDamit_LexixX XxX

Shooti patooti

Presley Scott

Go girl go

Ana Zilar

Derkslurp if you see this my mom doordash to you and if you want to be friends we can like and me and my sister would love to be your friend since you don't have any I'm sorry but I want to be friends please let me know in the comment please please please please please I'm in love with your videos I'm in love with your tik toks they are hilarious and I love how you're so funny and your tiktoks and like yeah let me know if you want to be friends girlfriend

Jessica Davis

you do have energy


At the end the vid glitch so I could see his middle finger. hahaha

Lauren Maguire

I'd love him as my cousin to that one cousin who's like it bff

Lexi Sample

Who wishes to be derks YOUNGER sister or brother?

Kristiana Pedraza

Girly shut up omg ❤️?❤️?❤️

Janet Wong

There funny and I’m stoopad UnU me and mah bff act stoopad even doe we smarttttttt everybody smarttttttttttt but me and mah bff we like to act stoopad UnU

Shonna Isabell




David Mohon

He's so cute

Michelle Litas

Derk: I gotten this on amazon, "gotten gotten gotten"

Kevin Hansen

Theat. Is. A. Bad. Design

Avaleigh Webb

Best jerk slurp

R’niya’s TV

It’s funny how he loves Nikki but always listen to Megan?
I don’t blam him Meg is better than Nikki but I like both:)

Juma Sirahenda

you are no annoying u funny!

Sailendar Prasad

You not funny hhahahahahha



Jessica Stanger

Me and me him are a perfect blend he is so funny ?

Nath Dixon


Jessica Stanger

He ya so funny omg!!!

come play with me have FUN in this CHANNL

Who else wish derk was their sibling?????

Amira Ali

I love when u say hi hello how r you what is up its sick keep on saying in an every video pls I love it it really shows ur true self u know don't stop doing it pls:) ok thanks:)??????❤

Amr Metwally

Yes ??

Abby Mcneely

Ok so I'm new and I have a question. Is he a fella, gal, or non bio-nary pal? (yes that is a BENOFTHEWEEK reference.)

Christine Bell

Yeah no not today

alisha ruman

He might be the first YouTube who doesn't have a intro.

Jessica Stanger

Hello deck slrp

Leanne Cardenas


Nails long

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Acrylic Nails Tutorial | XX-long Nails | Acrylic Fill In | Saint Patrick’s Nails

156 087 views | 11 Mar. 2020

Product Consistency

Product Consistency Practice Sheet


Items used:

?#10 Oval Kolinsky: http://alphabrushes.myshopify.com?aff=6

? hurry up spray: Hurry Up Nail Glue Dryer 7.2 fl. oz. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000HKCAB0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_rUEyEbR0QM2WH

?opi bubble bath: https://www.beyondpolish.com/products/opi-gelcolor-bubble-bath-0-5-oz-gcs86

?cuticle pusher: Cuticle Trimmer with Cuticle... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H292XFX?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

?nail clipper: Ultra Straight Cut Toenail Clipper https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0055L235O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_XfI1DbNPCB8V



?Nail drill: https://www.melodysusie.com/pages/christmas-sale

Promo code: NATALI

?Drill bits

?180 Sanding bands: AKOAK 100 Pcs/Lot #180 Grit File Sand Piece Set Nail Art Professional Sanding Bands Brown Pieces Gel File Gel Polish Remover Manicure Pedicure Nail Machine Nail Tools https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XZ1DKD7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_QgI1DbCFBQ5YW

?Fine Drill Bit: Pana 3/32" Safety Nail Carbide... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6AKD59?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

?Xcoarse Drill Bit: Pana Brand Professional GOLD XXC... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01F6HHWHK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

?100/100 nail files: www.getnailed32.com

? Nail Tips, nail clippers and buffers : www.getnailed32.com

?KDS Glue: www.getnailed32.com


?Mia secret: https://www.brushnailssupply.com/

??Promo Code: GetNailed??

?AB Glitter Acrylic: https://www.nailsupplyglamour.com/default.asp

??Promo Code: getnailedME??

?Gel Polish: Madam Glam Gel polish: https://bit.ly/2Mkhdlm

??PROMO CODE: GetNailed??

?uv/led light: 54W UV Led Nail Lamp Nail Gel Light Professional Nail Art Lamp Curing Nail Light,Led Nail Polish Dryer Curing Lamp Plus Gloves Gift for Gel Manicures  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BBNMDG6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_9HR1DbS9VQQKZ

? Zulay nail adhesive: https://zulaysnails.bigcartel.com/product/bling-adhesive-bundle

Shann H

Where do she work that allows these long nails?! They look a mess honestly........

Honey Love


Mari Nuñez

Hey natali l can never get enough of you nail videos they are very helpful. I got notifications on ready to learn ?.
Also I tried using your code for the nail supply glamour store and it said it’s been expired since 3-6-20 ?

Zamorah Brown

Why your videos be so damn long

Just Mari?

You should make a video showing us where it needs more acrylic so we know what to look for

Tatiana Collazo


Noor Sajid

?so cool


They look BOMB AF???

Kiyoshii SY

Are you in Europe??

Brianna Burgess

I bought 180 sanding bands at a nail supply store n I have the melody sussie drill and the when. Ever I use the sanding band. It always kind of slides off or goes up off the bit . Like if there to big for the bit. What should I do

Hunter Kemp


Soleil Bundu-Fanga

U are a kind of messy nail tech when it comes to polishing the nail u leave residue on the skin and the nail art on the nail it not strait it is very out of line and crooked. My aunt is a nail tech and taught me how to do nails when I was 8 and I know that is not how nails are supposed to look cuz I have been working on nails for three years so I know what it means to have nice nail. go follow my aunt on IG @clawsandallbyemme

Shentelle Monique

i love your videos \



Elena Michel




Vanny L

Ooh lala very long ! I can’t

Obsidian Queen

Is there a specific name for this design that i've been seeing on countless celebrities including Megan the Stallion...like a extreme french manicure type...not sure if i'm asking right?! haha

Leticia Linan

Do you prefer Zulay nail adhesive vs gem UV glue??

Chrystal Gonzales

what specific nail drill do you use?

yvonne banegas

Wow awesome wrk!!!???

Jade Nelson

H o w do people wear nails this long

Nathan Martin

I want my nails done now ?

Kimberly Natasha

I love!

Beauty Buru

Where do you get the rhinestones ?

Rachel Saintvil

I’m I the only one having trouble with the code for nailsupplyglamour

My Nails by Johna

beautiful set and good teaching video

Hunter Kemp

Do you do your nails

Marco Antonio

Megacool nails

Takeshia M Griffin

I'm a nail fan I love nails

Deysi !


Nailed By Destany

Hi, where is your local nail supply store? I live in Arkansas as well and I didn’t know we had any.


Nail ART ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

beautiful kizzy

Hi can i ask what do u use to hold the stones on the nails

Banji Bap

You Are Dope!!! Such a INSPIRATION :)


Natali, do you ever use regular nail polish? Or is it always gel?

Just Jaie

This set ❤️

Bad Gurl_niya08

You are inspiring me to make my own business I’m so lucky I found your page

shaunna howard

I don't get the chance to practice much so having these amazing videos really help when I do practice

Armoni Babe


J Wonderfully Made

Where do you get your bling?

Carrie Forever

My day has been made everyday i wait for a nail video from you ??

Nails By Iris

Your code isn’t working ?

Aistė Pujanauskaitė

U one of my favourite nail artist??????????????

Tezora Richards

Lovely as usual



Tae Tae

you are a great teacher. i would definitely pay for you to teach me but these videos are perfect. so i’ll just buy some of your products :) thank God for you lol

Pressons by Jenn

Love them!!!!!

Tiffany Treasure

What brush do you use


I'm a beginner and I love your videos. Question. Why don't u put the clear coat in top of the stones?

Miah G

where do u buy your bling from?

Favour Moses

Beautifully done ?

Lyndy Simpson

Hi Natalie from California absolutely love these nails love them love them love them beautiful work I'm going to try it on my nails

Shantel W

This is gorgeous ??

Kathy McDowell

Holy mo-ly rock n rolly ???????


So much bling ??????


Wow can’t believe all her bling stayed on after 3wks gotta try Zulay’s ??

Angelique Weise

The Voice like Bhad babie

Ebony Hunt

What dryers do you use xx

Purple Panther

Pretty set??


I love your nails. Just a question. I have been an esthetician for 29 years and I am constantly learning. I am having difficulty with the acrylic leaving big bumps. It takes me forever to take them down. I know practicing, but any tips from any of you would be fabulous. Also , I would love to see more 3D nail art designs besides flowers. You are fantastic. I am so glad I found your site. Love from ??

Rose Alvarez


Matthew Holmes

Look nice


So beautiful

Rylina S

I could watch these tutorials for HOURS


what glue do you use

yvonne banegas

Wow can't believe her bling stay on for 3 weeks where can I buy zulay!!

Danyta Townsend


Evelyn Archibald

? to your model for being able to manage her XXL nails. She definitely has the fingers to rock her nails. Love the length and design.

Rocio Madrigal

Wow They are very beautiful I love I congratulate you for your beautiful work and for sharing beautiful ????

Sylver Bene

Where do you get your bling from?


what do you do with the bling after removal?

Purple Fox

Beautiful set. You do such a wonderful job and you really put your all into it girl, you can tell you love what you do! I love your channel because you speak very clearly and keep my attention, I do learn from you. I'm no professional like you but I do enjoy working on nails. Peace and love. God bless


baby them crystals were here to STAY! ?

Angelica Ruiz Lomeli

Love your work. How long does it take you to do a fill on that length?

Mz Diedra B

I have issues when applying polish to the nail and lose the shape of the nail. I try to wipe the sides but to me it looks bulky still

Cecy Isela

Anyone know what that little rock/mat thing for the gel polish to be placed on is called? trying to get one too!

Shantece Talley

What's your location

Taty's Nails

What primer do you used?

Kaylisa Young

I think these teaching video help us alot

Deasia Simmons


Bla _Ze

Love them and I learn so much.

Kasual Kylie

I love seeing the previous set done and how it looks after a couple of weeks.

I'm curious if you charge the same amount for a infill with extreme long nails like these to the clients that only have short nails?


Too long for me but I love the shape and nail art

Theresa Grob

I broak my real nail yesterdays ouch my middle fingures oh boy

Brianna Burgess

Do u have to use a extra coarse or will coarse work as well ?

Eneva Nail Art

I like the green !!!!

lyric patrick

Cute I love these I’m getting ideas for my birthday nails

Jacob Suka

I absolutely love long nails

iks gamingtv

luv the nails nat

c. johnson



Wow can’t believe all her bling stayed on after 3wks gotta try Zulay’s ??

Rayna Duenas

Love the pop of color on the nude background ??


That blinged out edge is gorgeous :D


This design that bling and burgundy gel polish instead of the green, ??

Blossom Jaz

The code for nail supply glamour doesn’t work ):


What kind of tips do you use??!!!