Southern tans

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1 560 views | 9 Jul. 2020




*** Contact: [email protected] or comment below with your phone number/email. ***

Looking for something with a sweet and funny personality with beautiful movements?!

Blue Pine Quarter Horses is offering Tans Zan Boomer for your consideration. 2018 (2 year old) AQHA gelding. Currently being trained for all around but excelling quickly at western pleasure. He will move forward into a nice flowing trot and sweeping canter for those looking to pursue english riding as well. “Boomer” has been taken to a show and placed in all classes (1st showmanship, 2nd western pleasure, 4th halter). Currently ridden in a snaffle but ready to level up soon. A natural at showmanship and trail. Has a slow smooth jog and will do a side pass easily. Very laid back and trustworthy. He’s definitely one that will be a “heart horse.” Has extensive groundwork training and is very consistent. Very smart and talented. Training will continue until sold, however price will go up if not sold soon. Stands to be clipped (ears, legs, nose, etc), saddled, or waiting. Sound and no health issues. UTD on coggins, wormer, farrier, etc. Located in Mohawk, TN 37810. PPE welcome at buyers expense. Please pm me for price as FB is getting strict on policies - thanks!

PLEASE… Serious inquiries only.

The Hickmans

How many hands? What is your asking price?



Tammy Porter

height/weight? estimated full height?

Southern tans

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Episode 55 with Ellen Sheffer

432 views | 23 Oct. 2019

Welcome to the happytans

Welcome to the happytans podcast!

Name: Ellen Sheffer

Business: Southern Soleil

Location: Greenville, NC

In this episode, Ellen Sheffer shares her amazing story of how she has built a brick and mortar business in the college town of Greenville, North Carolina. It took her years of hard work and dedication to get to where she is, and she isn't looking back!

While working nights as a crisis counselor, she quickly realized that this wasn't the job she wanted to have anymore, so she quit her job.  While in between jobs, she worked cleaning houses and apartments in the city of Greenville to make ends meet.  While watching TV one day she saw Fabiola Tujilo spray tanning, and thought...hey, I could do this!  She had previous experience in a salon while in college and actually already knew the art of spray tanning.  And with that, it all came together!

In this episode you will learn:

Hard work and dedication pay off!

The "dots" are much easier to connect looking back

How Ellen services and thrives in a college town

How Ellen was able to open a brick and mortar location

+ more!

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it with Ellen.  This was our first in-person interview and it can also be watched on YouTube.

krista morgan

Great video! Can we have a look at Ellen's Salon please? Is there a link that I can go too and have a look please!? I am watching from Australia! I am a Spray Tan Technician from South Australia and have been for over 13 years now. I am interested in opening a Salon here and would love some more insight into what salons look like over there... Thank you!! :)

Southern tans

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The Secret to Black and Tans -foolproof: Those Tastebud Guys try it again!

40 views | 10 Mar. 2020

We go back 1 year and try

We go back 1 year and try the Black and Tan drink again. Last year was a bit of a failure, this year is a bit different, amazing what some practice can do. Jump straight to the 12:00 min mark if you want to skip to the cliff note version. Please like, share, set your alarm, and of course, subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks.

You can call us Taste Buds or the Two Guys behind the counter, it doesn't matter to us. We are two guys from Missouri doing a Craft Beer Review and a Whiskey Review (or Whisky Review depending where you are from) with a drive to always Try Something New. We won't drive you crazy with snobby tasting notes that no one else will understand, just a general idea of what the beer or food tastes like. We want YOU to join us in trying exciting new things to open our minds, and pallets, to something different. So join Chris Horn and Lyal Strickland as we foray into some suds and grains and stumble all over ourselves trying to sound smarter than they really are.

Sam Hartwig

I want some of those glasses......................

Tony Tapia

New studio looks Cool!