Severe chest acne

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Squeezing Acne | Treat chest acne very well

229 views | 14 Jan. 2021

Hello everyone! Today, I

Hello everyone! Today, I will introduce to share videos of acne treatment at spa (blackheads, hidden acne, inflammatory acne, warts, whiteheads, pustules, cysts, milia, milia, acne ...) . If it feels good, please SUBSCRIBE to watch the following videos.

Blackheads during puberty, when you start puberty, your skin appears many hidden pimples, blackheads, these pimples need medical standard cleaning. then your skin will be limited to problems such as large pores, dark scars, basketball scars. If you handle it the wrong way or squeeze it at home without getting it clean. Your acne will be inflamed into pimples, pimples, ... these pimples will cause pain and discomfort for the skin. As a result, the skin is scarred.

Thank you for watching my video!

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