Vitamins for shiny hair

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Hair Supplements to Grow Thick, Long, Shiny Hair

261 924 views | 28 Dec. 2014

These are the supplements

These are the supplements I've been taking during my 6 month hair growth challenge and I have noticed a big difference in my hair.

Nature made Hair, Skin, Nail pills: http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/nature-made-hair-skin-nails-with-2500-mcg-of-biotin%2c-softgels/ID=prod6208402-product

MSM Pills: http://www.amazon.com/NOW-Foods-MSM-1500mg-Tablets/dp/B000P0NZQQ/ref=pd_ys_sf_s_rp_a1_1_p?ie=UTF8&refRID=0FZC4VAZSM1Z2AC78XM9

MSM Information: http://africanhairaccel.com/msm-biotin-helps-black-hair-grow-longer-healthier/

A little of my Personal Life| Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PrettyGVlogs

Contact me:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: princessghee

Twitter: @princessghee

Blog: princessghee.blogspot.com

Hair: hairlista.com/profile/PrincessGhee

Tumblr: princessghee.tumblr.com

Important Videos:

My Black Hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek6SgN7eayw

Inversion Method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K1-ZdVGZ4E

How to start a Hair Journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMbvnJpqv0E

6Month Hair Growth Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQvj7v2lY2Y

Transitioning Journey w/Pictures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-77IrhZQSQ

2 Years Post Relaxer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY7gVEY5Uvs

Final Length check for 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeDLI78lJfE


I just watch this over and over because you are beautiful

Annabelle Baldwin

Thanks for sharing this have a question though. .. what did u use to color ur hair blonde

Wesley Hughes

Hiii everyoneee,, I've been suffering from hair loss since my late t e e n s when I was diagnosed with hashimotos. I've tried so many products over the years to try and thicken my hair without much success. I've tried everything from pills to shampoos and various brushes. Nothing has helped. I've been using Maxelder hair loss shampoo & argan oil for a while now and it's amazing how much it's helped My hair looks healthier and thicker,.... I' ve even started having new hair growth for the first time in 15 years. It's amazing! I never thought anything would help after all these years. If you have these issues strongly recommend w.....nyarganoil..c

Stefanny Jackie

lies thick long hair my foot having long thick hair is  in the genes

swag bieber

Should I buy the hair vitamin

Sierra Hicks

you can do a high dose of botin put take b-5 with it b-5 will clear your skin up the botin will lower your b-5 thats why you break out and not drinking 8 cups of water


hair style is the bomb bay!

Mark Shepherd

Hii people!
I have a receding hair p r oblem and I am so benefitted from dermo biotin shampoo as it is rich in biotin & vitamins that actually help in stimulating hair growth ,...I suggest this product to all

Debbie T. Queweah

Are those recommended for toddlers???

Sheba Sheiramoth

doesn't work for mpb caused by dht right?

Latoya Hall

What color is on your lips?

On the move

Girl Walgreens is high with their vitamins. 1 bottle is like 13 bucks.. You can go to Walmart for much cheaper.

hot chocalate

correction its probably 2,500.00 mg of Biotin not 25,000 mg,,I have taken biotin for over 30 years and have seen only up to 10,000 mg of biotin Thank u,no shade

Simply Natural

Girl I have been looking for msm for a min, I just subscribed

Emmanuel -

your hair relaxer?


she said 25 thousand mcg (25,000) but i see 2,500 :/

Daishanae Babers

Oh ok so just buy them vitamins and did it work for you

pmo civilian police

shes hot

Daishanae Babers

thanks so much! I have a question have you tried hair infinity

Sharmila Krishnamurthy

What shall I do? I have vitamin d deficiency


thank u so much for ur review it was very helpful thanks

Abu Salem

Would I gain weight from this? Please answer

Brittany Watkins

What lip gloss?


your hair is short tho

Atalia Smith

can a 17 year old girl take biotin 10,000 mcg


Thanks this was so helpful I'm gonna look it up cause I'm going through the same thing my hair is growing but its so slow

Robbin Pickron

Do you know if taking green tea supplements will help with hair shedding & hair thinning?

rasheeda mohammed

you talk too much instead of explaing


Love your growth. You inspire me.

Scott Hayden

I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you’re gorgeous.

Traci Coolbroth

I just looked at the label and amount of vitamins in these pills......I get more from my multi-vitamin each day!!  This is a joke.  Hair La Vie is the best vitamin, I know it is expensive, but SO worth it.


protein grew hair and nails we knew peanut butter potatoes and fish all have protein inside it so try that before a drug all drugs have some side effects

Pak mode Germany

Salam l bnat libghat had l produits tsft lya whttsap 0635460098 et merci


what color and brand lipgloss are you wearing?


Your hair looks great like this!

King Dass

does it help thicken hair?

Tiffany valdez

Does it grow thicker hair?

Toya Butcher

Hey I just love the thickness of your hair on this video. I just newly subscribed and looking forward to getting that flat iron!!

Classic MG

Your hair is beautiful I love the purple and your skin looks gorgeous. Thanks for the video


Your hair looks so healthy and soft ugh I'm jealous!! I just chopped my hair off and this video helped a lot!

Morgan More

your pills rolled under your bed it's hiding behind future leg.

men sha

hi jasmine i love your video am in sierra leone.my hair is damage its relly low n i have lots of edfes out please help me to get the product

Atiyah Kirkland

is it safe to have that much copper in your body?

Jada Johnson

Do hairfinity make your hair grow? Please subscribe me anybody

Derryck Tarver

big ass hands bad tho hair looks good

kals S

Yes!! Make sure your hair vitamins has msm and biotin:) so u don't have to take 2 vitamins. I use hair skin nails at www.http://kalssendofabwraps.com under shop and then hair. 0 breakouts!! 0shedding❤️❤️❤️100%all natural so many herbal ingredients plus collagen for healthy skin. Happy healthy growing!


I want to ask you why didnt you consider B complex?


it also the food you eat western nation eat too much not fresh processed disgusting chemical based food even the once that have the label fresh. is not once it come from the big co-peration that give no fuck about the health of people.. sorry to say am African live in the uk and i use 30,000mcg a day i bought the 10,000mcg i take the three pill in a go for the past 2month and not one break out i also drink a glass cup of water.

Tyeishia Anderson

you are so beautiful!

David Zz

msm does not cause hair shad

Susan P

You shouldn't be taking more than 1200 mcg of Biotin a day. Too much can cause hair loss. I did some research on it.

Deirdre Gaskin

Good video. I admire your interest is researching so you know what you're talking about. Yes, Biotin is great for nails, especially, and hair. I've been taking it for a few years and my nails are MUCH STRONGER and able to grow long without breaking easily like before. MSM is excellent also for facilitating collagen production which helps to grow your hair and increase joint mobility. I need to pick it up soon. I would take it daily not only to grow my hair faster and longer but also for my joint issues.


Sjlfer 8,pink oil ,best hood chit

Debra Gainey


Chris Sartoretto

Great video, keep it up!

Sonya lewis

so are u still taking the pills?

Tasha Brown

I love the thickness of your hair..exactly how I want my hair to be but thin hair not so thick hair run is my family but I hope I can thicken it up I been taking hairfinity for a while now works great but I would like to add other supplements as well going to purchase msm


You look nice and love the fullness of the hair!. Can one still do their regular hair styles while taking them?. I mean what other things did you do to help you get the good results?.


How long did it take until you started to see the results?!

Mari Rodriguez

You look very beautiful ( I love the black hair on you and natural makeup! ) Thanks for sharing!* :))

gudo gudo

is biotin supplement causes facial hair please tell me

Guest Tablet

can I take biotin if I'm 15??

Amanda Meeks

How long did it take for your nails to grow out and how hard did they get actor they grew out long?

Apryl Masdeu

I use MSM for my back injury for aches n pains... No wonder my hair has been growing fast. ?

account closed

thank you , you are sweet .

Amanda Meeks

How long did it take for your nails to grow out and how hard did they get after they grow out long when you started taking nature made hair skin and nails?

Sonya lewis

so do it grow ur hair really fast


You look and sound like Terri J Vaughn....I'm taking GNC still having breakage/shedding issues, currently stretching, I've been on my hair journey since 2010, many set backs at many times so no overall great result :(

Andzej Kos

Good video. Thanks for your tips. I also recommended to try Grathaw Amazing Hair Expert - find it on google if you like.

Cinder Roxy

Definitely says 2,500 mcg, not 25,000. 25,000 would be waaay too much and I doubt they even sell it that high.

Stephanie Leigh

She's right do your own research. Go with what works for you.

Amanda Meeks

How long did it take for your nails to grow out and how hard did they get actor they grew out long?

Bronxs Spider

Talk way too much
Must learn to get to the point alot quicker


i have the nature's made hair skin and nails and i got a vitamin d supplement for free. bogo. i have been using them for a week now.


Omg your hair is giving me soo much life!!!!! New Subbie <3

upender negi

could you tell me about vitamin shoppe hair nail skim vitamin review?


would you recommend for African American guys that want to grow afro?


The purple looks nice.  Very good video and very interesting.

jen dee

2,500 hun not 25,000

Jody-Anne Samuels

Your hair looks very thick n healthy!


you talk to much. switched off after one minute. get to the point. :) just some advice


My hair is naturally thick like yours, so it takes FOREVER to grow. I think I'll be trying some of these out. I cut my hair really short in 2014 to repair my hair and it's been a slow and steady process.

Luna Azul

Jasmine!! Your gorgeous hair is making me want to cut my mid back hair ends again girl. I have 3c/4a natural hair and when straight, I cant get them to look like that!! Your hair looks so healthy, God bless❤️


Your hair looks great!  I'm doing some research as well on hair nutrition.  I am caucasion and older with greying patches and color my hair.  It's been fine and thin all my life so i don't know if I will see results with supplements or not, but it certainly can't hurt.  and I see you are a nursing student?  LPN?  RN?  You go girl!

Bobby Caldwell

The purple in your hair is THE BEST that I have ever seen. The subtlety is perfect. Thanks for reminding us on how important msm is.

Earl moss

Can you shake it ur hair is so beautiful

Tiffany P.

we have the same length I cut mine off this past summer... my hair growing without the vitamins but I started taking them simply because I miss my 22inch hair & so far its doing my nails justice

Truly September

You can do no wrong when it comes to styling your hair, its just so beautiful to me. Thank you for continuing and making your videos, I've been watching you since I was in high school. (: you're so beautiful.

ane snt

Your skin looks amazing!

s memon

witch one is best? biotin or msm?


Thank you for sharing this information with us.  I hope you don't mind that I've included a link to your video in the best of daily YouTube finds for my site http://bit.ly/1trwLmb.

cattails nice

Super gorgeous hair and skin

Lucinda Ellery Consultants

It is great to add these supplements to your diet for support. Don't forget that you need the right nutrition to prevent hair loss! Thank you for sharing.

Graycee Calloway


shahy khedr

like ur lip gloss a lot, which brand?


Your hair looks beautiful!!!


I see a lot of people on YT taking vits for hair growth and I notice that there is some confusion surrounding vitamins especially the B vitamins. For example I notice a lot of YT'ers take formulations such as Hairfinity and cheap multi's which are not the best formulations.
Personally I feel that hairfinsity is poorly formulated for the following reasons:
(1) Very expensive compared to comparable nutraceutical vitamin formulations. £20 a month is just ridiculous. You could get a great nutraceutical formulation for about the same price which is far better quality, better controls, and better balance of B vits.
(2) 100 iu of Vitamin D3 is so minuscule as to render it useless.
(3) 5mg only of B1. I would prefer to see at least 25-50 mg here.
(4) B2 is not in the active co-enyme form i.e. HF have used Riboflavin instead of the active form of B2 of Riboflavin-5-Phosphate (R5P).25-50 mg here.
(5) Minuscule amounts of B3 in HF. Would prefer to see upwards of 100 mg.
(6) Inactive form of B6 - Pyridoxine HCL instead of Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P). 50 mg here.
(7) Folic Acid instead of active Folate such as 5-mthf. 40% of certain ethnic populations cannot use Folic acid in their bodies due to genetic variances in their DNA. Folic acid is the cheap synthetic version of B9. Also there is only 200 mcg of this synthetic form. 400+ mcg here of the active form would be much better. Some people need more i.e. up to 7.5mg a day.
(8) 20 mcg of B12 is so minuscule as to render it pointless, especially when B12 is absorbed in very small amounts in the intestine i.e. only about 1%. This is why usually people take huge doses of B12 i.e. 5,000 mcg. Also if you are unlucky enough not to have enough intrinsic factor in your stomach then absorption is even more of an uphill struggle. The worst part is that they use Cyanocobalamin which is pointless and not absorbed by most people. Methylcobalamin is o much better or at the very least the Hydroxy form.
(9) The only good thing about this formulation is the amount of biotin i.e. it is not excessive at 2,500 mcg. Taking mega does is pointless because your body will just pee it out; you're putting extra stress on your liver; but most importantly the B vitamins work like a symphony that is why the correct ratios are so impt. Taking huge amounts of one B vitamin unless you have a medical condition is not a good idea as huge does of one will just imbalance the others.
(10) Not enough MSM - there should be at least 1,000 mg a day.

Basically at best this is a very substandard cheap vitamin for the money. You could probably pick up something comparable for $5 elsewhere. HF are basically selling people very expensive Biotin.

My advice buy the following:
(1) Good nutraceutical multi with active forms of B vitamins, A, D3, K2, E (d-Alpha), and minerals (i.e. selenium, zinc)
(2) Good nutraceutical B Complex with active forms of B vitamins
(3) d-Biotin (1,000 - 5,000 iu day MAX)
(4) Solgar Hair Skin & nails (contains MSM, amino acids and silica)
(5) Magnesium i.e. Natural calm is cheap and effective
(6) Good old bone broth i.e. boil up all your old bones and drink a cup each day for good old gelatine and collagen which not only build your hair but also your skin and keep you looking young.
(7) Lots of good quality protein and vegetables in your diet.


I know this is a long time ago, but what lip color is that?!


its 2.500 NOT 25.000 :)

Daishanae Babers

how many times do you take hair and skin nail vitamins

Vitamins for shiny hair

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18 Foods That Will Give You Luscious Shiny Hair

25 086 views | 16 Sep. 2020

From spinach, chia seeds,

From spinach, chia seeds, carrots, fish to Almonds and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

Other videos recommended for you:

WATCH ?: 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UleSfpvw-34&list=PL_fl96m7OLQWTg82q3ImUs2xVqdBNsjwL&index=121

WATCH ?: Argan Oil Can Do This To Your Hair And Body - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me9f3RMyJA8&list=PL_fl96m7OLQWTg82q3ImUs2xVqdBNsjwL&index=256

#FoodForHairGrowth #ShinyHair #Bestie

Sources: https://pastebin.com/WHKdicme


Intro - 0:00

1. Avocado - 00:44

2. Eggs - 01:17

3. Figs - 01:59

4. Cashew Nuts - 02:22

5. Chia Seeds - 02:40

6. Sweet Potatoes - 03:09

7. Spinach - 03:46

8. Carrots - 04:40

9. Cucumber - 05:05

10. Legumes - 05:49

11. Fish - 06:14

12. Pumpkin seeds - 06:52

13. Seaweed - 07:17

14. Radishes - 07:37

15. Almonds - 08:19

16. Lemon - 08:45

17. Whole Grains - 09:18

18. Onions - 09:44





1. Avocado: Avocados are packed with monounsaturated fats, fatty acids and vitamin E, all of which can help promote nourished, shiny and strong hair. This healthy fruit is also surprisingly high in protein and rich in B vitamins. To keep your hair smooth and shiny, make avocados a part of your hair care routine as well as your regular diet by mashing one up and applying directly to your hair as a moisturising, nourishing treatment.

2. Eggs: Egg yolks are rich in fats and protein, meaning they contain naturally moisturizing properties. Egg whites remove unwanted oil and greasy buildup thanks to bacteria-eating enzymes giving your hair extra shine. They are also full of biotin, a B vitamin that promotes hair growth and overall scalp health. A deficiency of biotin can cause brittle hair.

3. Figs: Figs are a very nutrient rich food that can help reduce hair fall and promote healthy hair growth. If you have damaged and weak hair, you should have figs regularly. Further figs also help you get shiny and smooth hair texture by improving blood circulation. You can add figs to baked dishes, have it as preserves or by itself as dry fruit.

4. Cashew Nuts: Linoleic and oleic acids are key to silky-smooth hair. Cashew Nuts are a great source of these two acids that enhance your hair’s texture and add luster to it. Not just that, cashew nuts are also loaded with Copper which has been known to enhance your hair growth.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.


Subscribe to Bestie : https://goo.gl/tUqro6


Our Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bestieinc/


Medical Disclaimer: https://pastebin.com/xLmigD6i

Alanis Marquez


Itsarashikaba Haku

This is the best video about hair nutrition I have ever seen really well organised and also says how to use it and what vitamins are in and benefits???

Cherisma Hoffman

Did I miss part about Thinning hair?

One Injector MLBB

Literally 1 % people who are reading...May you parents live happily healthy for more then ? years?❤️?❤️??

Shiny vijayan


Justine Brima



Thanks! I have been curious about this.

sakshi arora

Thank u bestie


as very interesting as all this is, iam the type of person that shaves my head ever so often. however, i've learned that quite a few of these foods will be good for my sclap,...so win win.

Cathy Palma


Gloria Adoko


Gem's life vlog

Yea,,,true ....

2029 Isabella Wilson

Even if I have school I don’t care

Akonor Samuel


Alanis Marquez

wooooow but how is this posible ???

Kajol Khan

I want video on ideal height according to weight and age. Please

Rj Emerson

I don't have a favorite avocado dish.

Adoracion Francisco Perez

Thanks be to God❤

Sujit kumar Gangwal

Please make video why most of men having white hair in there mid 20es.

vinay rock

Your for India bro tell me bro

Xrual gaming

Fourth to veiw

Good Timing

I did not know lemon has such a good benefits for hair also. Thank you

Rj Emerson

Mainly because I don't like avocados.

m shabir


Muaaz Khan

It's been I year I subscribe

Aditya Nastik

I love this channel .... from India


Be honest who's been watching "Bestie" "for more than a year"??️

(???? ?? ???? ???)?


Be honest who's been a TRUE fan of "Bestie" "for more than a year"??️

(ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)?

Onara Sesari

Overview :
1. Avocado
2. Eggs
3. Figs
4. Cashew nuts
5. Chia seeds
6. Sweet potatoes
7. Spinach
8. Carrots
9. Cucumber
10. Legumes
11. Fish
12. Pumpkin seeds
13. Seaweed
14. Radishes
15. Almonds
16. Lemon
17. Whole grains
18. Onions

chai wong

healthy diet in short.

Adnan Cheema

I use oil but I think this is better?

Rj Emerson

So what food can give you luscious guy hair.

Lena Maner


Curtistine Miller

18 Foods that Hive you Healthy Shiny Hair;;??,??,Figs,Cashew Nuts,Chia Seeds,Sweet Potatoes,Spinach,??,??,Legumes,??,Pumpkin Seeds,Sea weed,Radishes,Almonds,??,Whole Grains, ??,,,


How much money do you spend on hair products every month? Would you rather try a healthy diet for shiny hair instead? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ?


WATCH ?: 13 Proven Ways To Get Thicker Hair In 30 Days - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3-4G3VZ8ac&list=PL_fl96m7OLQUyPsaETEHQphmlyiC1yrOZ&index=3

Vidyeshwar Prasad

Valuable information n implementable too !

Vishal Raj

Such a quality video??

2029 Isabella Wilson

I spend every day looking for them I can never get my hair to look good

Rona Gallardo

Avocado works best for me but in moderation because it will make you gain weight. My friends noticed my shiny dark hair.

worship shekinah

Best avocado dish is 100% guacamole

Tiera Baz

Thanks a lot for the great video and for the advice, information and tips

Vitamins for shiny hair

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37 812 views | 9 Jan. 2020





TIGI AFTER PARTY - http://tidd.ly/b5a73301

BUMBLE & BUMBLE PREP - http://tidd.ly/929b2cc1

MOROCCAN OIL TREATMENT LIGHT - http://tidd.ly/d8336633





Follow Me:

* Twitter * https://twitter.com/nadinebaggott * Instagram * https://www.instagram.com/nadinebaggott/ * Facebook * https://www.facebook.com/NadineBaggot... AND don't forget I try to answer every question personally on Instagram, so find me there so we can share the information and advice Website: http://www.nadinebaggott.com •

Please note that this contains affiliate links - this means that I receive a small percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through that link, it does not affect the price of the product to you, it simply means I can continue making these videos. If you find the products cheaper anywhere else please buy them there and also tell my followers in the comments below, so that everyone can save money.


I have the Tigi After Party and now I know how to use it properly. Thank you Nadine.

Cindy Myas

My hair is short and fine but I love sassy styles, what would he recommend for that?

Ann Farr

Most enjoyable and what a lovely man. What about body (in one's hair, Nadine!)? Fine, slightly fluffy, extra mature pixie cut hair -- always flat.


Sooooo handsome. That beard. I have a silver beard myself but that dark beard is equally fabulous.


Curly hair products pleaseeeeeee ?❤️❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️❤️

Margie Louise

Can you have him back on to do a round brush blowout???

full of hope 69

Great vid as ever Nadine! May I say, your hair (in my not so humble opinion!) looked the BEST I've ever seen it in 'The Beauty Hags 2020 Resolutions' . Not sure what you did (or didn't) do - but that was fabulous cool girl hair. Happy New Year to you and thank you xxx

Joanne Muldoon

This was interesting but I was really curious to hear his thoughts on cult products like Olaplex and Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer ?‍♀️

Holly Grycuk

Love this - more from Paul please

Mich A

Love this guy. What a darling!

amanda 808

Great video and he seems like such a down to earth kind of guy, love that! What does he think about WOW? Hear good reviews but not sure if it's just hype or if it's actually a good product. Thanks!

J_ Stuchbury

EPIC!!! My favorite and most informative hair care video to date!! Can you get him to sort out Jo's hair (drunk Jo would be better) in a beauty hags video? No editing necessary we'd love to just watch the three of you hanging out?


Please do a curly hair advice video - I love a mouse too

Hannah Evans

Paul Jones is such a great guy! So knowledgeable and down to earth considering he mixes with alot of celebs! The fact he originates from the West Midlands (like myself) has alot to do with that I am sure! X

Angelina Drobina

Oh he is just ADORABLE ???

Kim thom

Really enjoyable listening to yourself and Paul. Always like learning (even at 60!). I fall into the curly hair that used to be lovely and thick but now thin on top so the sides and back stick out more on nearly shoulder length hair. I go for as natural products as I can and hate sticky tacky hair. I don't use any heat on my hair and just wet it down daily to get a bit of shape to it. Retrying a Wow product, Dream Coat for Curly Hair today, early days to comment how it's going to feel in a couple of days though!

Lidia Frum

For years I was shy and had a complex with my thick wavy hair..seeing celebs like Kate Moss with perfect fine hair...now I thank the Universe and I am deeply grateful for having thick hair ..the best gift from Mother Nature

Love my family

Thank you for this just got that tigi after party from B&M for £6:99 I couldn't believe my eyes

melanie silva

Loved this video!!! Have him.come ofyen! So hard to find someone that loves curls and understamds them!

Samantha Page

Really enjoyed that thankyou. One thing I’m still not sure about is using 2 products at a time, say oil and b&b prep without my hair getting greasy?

Daniela Lutea


Dimana Dervisheva

Greeat video! I would love to see Paul again on your channel ?
I have a question - what would be a good treatment for thick wavy hair that's growing on a greasy scalp and has somewhat dry ends?
I also love the Moroccan oil light treatment (although I have thick and dark hair) and I also love their texurising spray! Its goodrgeous for that 'no effort' look. I just spray it and run my fingers through my hair and I'm done. Xx

paula hardy

Hi! What were the other products on your desk that Paul didn’t review? I was hoping he would tell us what mouse he uses x

Uma Contreras

He is so cute!

Cristina Risso

MOROCCAN OIL TREATMENT LIGHT rocks soosososo bad if you have fine hair; together with the Davines OI oil :)

Sheilagh Hall

Nadine would Paul be interested in doing a session on products for short fine hair especially for us older people who are trying to stay cool. What mousse would he recommend for fine hair especially x

jojewel A

I love glossy undone look hair

Alanca Abyssal

These videos are very helpful; thank you both :)

tracy bownes

loved this video, please tell me what pauls reccommends shampoo and conditioner for thick wavy frizzy hair is ? thanks

Cindy Myas

love him, sop cute, love your hair. I too have fine damaged hair.


What a lovely man. And such good info! Thank you ❤

Jilleann Truong

Can you do a video on drugstore products you will buy.

Jennifer Decker

I saw the thumb nail and croaked!!! I’ve been using Bed Head After Party for over 10 years! For that several years I’ve added a drop of the Moroccan Oil with the After Party on my wet hair. I was asked what I used by a coworker just a week ago. I just saw this video and freaked out when I saw this thumbnail!!!!!

Janelle Fowler

This was a fab video
He’s so informative
Pls have him visit again soon xx

Sharon Lee

Help!!! I've always had thick shiny very straight hair until I had my gastric bypass in March. Now I loosing hair, it's frizzy n dull. My hair was the only thing I liked bout myself but now ???. Any product suggestions pleeeeeeaaaase

Elaine Southwell

Bring back Paul, loved his attitude and information. I literally have your hair Nadine, the wavy underneath hair, so hard to get to and straighten ?


Another amazing guest! Please have him as soon as possible!

Parmi Mandra

Is the Moroccan oil hydrating cream similar to the Aveda damage remedy daily hair repair (also a cream can be used wet/dry)

Emilie Bouchard

Would love love love to watch a video about the science behind hair products and myths with those. Love your channel for the same with skincare. Having had curly hair (it’s now more wavy after pregnancy..) there is just soooo much information out there about silicones, proteins etc that it just gets way too overwhelming

Susan Reynard

Loved this episode! So helpful! Looking forward to fighting the frizz.

Lisa Lou

Love to see him do your hair or one of your readers!! I would love to know what product is good for flyaway hair, I have it big time at the moment & don’t know what to use to tame it ?

Pugs &Kisses

Paul - could you do a demo of how you use that MO hydrating cream on girls with naturally wavy/curly hair but that is fine and thinner? I would loooove to see how you handle our unique quirks!

Yiann SC

Curly hair god!!!! I’m buying that Moroccan oil next! I need huge amounts of nourishment as my scalp is quite oily at the moment but with dry-ish ends. Thank you for sharing and bringing Paul back! ??

Fozia Mahmood Ali

Dandruff on guys with very sensitive skin - what really works?

Suzanne Scrivener

I tried after party made my hair feel dry

Claire Hawkes

The tigi AP you can actually pick up in B&M sometimes

Karen Hepple

Yes come back. I've noted all those products down. I will be Rapunzel :) xx

Carolyn Knierim

Sooo much fun! And informative. He and Jo need to laugh together so we can compare!


When did nadine get so fking annoying

Julia Pearson

Paul has the best laugh!

Karen Beattie

Anyone else remember when Aldi sold this very brand of Moroccan oil for £3.99!

Julie Hutchison

Nadines face when he said it smells great hahaaaaahahaaaaaa

halfa mo

He's soooo good!

Kim B

That was fantastic thank you. If you could get Paul back to do his take on unruly Grey hair. I had such lovely hair & turning grey doesn’t bother me, what drives me nuts is the texture. I do colour my hair not brave enough to grow it out yet. That would be a god send thx ?❤️??

Nicole Dargin

Hi Nadine, I have incredibly thick & a lot of it hair. My head resembles a mushroom. I am very petite so as you can imagine not a great look. Please ask Paul if I should apply these products closer to the roots? Kindest regards x

Ashley Goosman

Thank you for the great vid. I am always struggling to find hair products that work & it always seems to come back to Moroccan Oil! Recently though, I have great luck with Garnier Whole Blends Miracle Nectar 10 in 1 leave in serum. Last, I love your Henley in this vid. Can you share where you got it? Happy New Year!


go with the texture Nadine!! Would love to c your hair wavy!! xoJoanxo

Sofs S

Nadine's frazzled central part ...??? please do frizzy hair at some point. .. in the meanwhile off to golliw Mr Paul Jones on insta!

Chloe Seabourne

If i use oil on my hair i get breakouts on my face for some reason and i use thr smallest amount on wet hair.

Cass C

Love this guy...have to have him back :-)

Angela Jane Lomax

Nice ❤?????

Petya Zlateva

Great and useful video. Thanks

Sofs S

Such a lovely person... so knowledgeable n friendly n just nice ... enjoyed listening to all the tips!!!


Thank you Paul...and Nadine! I got a bottle of Moroccan Oil spray in an advent calendar this year and I love it. Having now watched this I think I need more ?
We all know by now that Nadine chips in as her guests are talking...does someone always need to bring it up?? x

Villa Bleu

So the Moroccan oil is the leave in conditioner?

kealey windle

Brilliant loved this so much ?

Kay Lives Life

Can he come back for more hair chat! Love learning about hair products

Sheilagh Hall

Nadine would Paul be interested in doing a session on products for short fine hair especially for us older people who are trying to stay cool. What mousse would he recommend for fine hair especially x

J Jadot

Absolutely sublime video Nadine ?✨?


I have short pixie cut fine hair but lots of it. It’s white. What pomade or other products would be best. I’m in my 50s. My scalp does get itchy.

Beth Parks

Such a helpful video!!!!!!!!

Wilfried rassel


Deniz H

Paul is so lovely!!

Jill Morris

It smells delightful... lol Nadine, your face ❤️?

Margie Louise

Loved this video! Thank you for having him on.

Lynn Downey

I am such a long time fan of your channel Nadine and I absolutely love the beauty hags but I must say this is one of my absolute faves. What a charming, kind, incredibly knowledgeable, seemingly humble artist. Just love it. I also have been using after party and moroccan oil products for years as I also have bleached and processed hair. Beautiful products for exactly what they were described for doing. Thanks so much, just lovely. Peace and love xo

meesa magill

Paul you have such a great laugh

Chloe Turner

What perfect timing! Thank you so much for this! Just what i need so thank you!! Xx

Margaret Kelly

Tigi After Party Cream (sex toy) on offer on Just My Look - until Sunday midnight - less than half-price £7.30 (further discount when 2 purchased)!

Carol Wang

Omg... I have had the BB prep sitting around for the longest time and had NO idea how to use it. Thank you for the education! Paul is delightful. Thanks for the helpful content!!

Lisa Dwyer

Would love a video on how to do super slicked back hair. What products work best? ???

Simples Meerkat

Is it more cost effective to buy the Moroccan oil serum for when hair is dried than to buy the shampoo?

Michelle J

Great guest and some really good product recommendations which I will check out. I really struggle with hair...mine is fine and not much of it whereas my 15 year old daughter has the most gorgeous bum length fine but a lot of it curly hair! We have bought lots of products but don’t really know how to use them to make the best of our hair.


I use the Moroccan Oil Treatment and love it.

Minoo Verdi

I just bought the Bumble and Bumble prep primer. Not cheap and then noticed there is a code for 20% off.

Elena Williams

Cool! Thanks!!!

meesa magill

I have a question....how can I make a style last? I have fine hair but if I straighten or wave it, it wont last long at all. Few hours maximum if im lucky. What products can I use or where am I going wrong?

str c

What a really nice guy!I love him!thanks for hair care videos

Lisa McCormack

The ingredients on Moroccan oil do not seem great at all to be honest :/ ?? Anyone

Avva Fortis

Much needed guest. Thanks Nadine.

Mr Chips

Paul Jones sounds like he’s from the midlands like meeee ?????? Googling him now...

Karleen Bergkotte

Best product for a greasy scalp?

meesa magill

Hes fab. Can u also get Ian Sallis back. He was lovely

Linda Mellor

Definitely following him, could listen to him laughing all day ?

Samantha Gerrard

What a thoroughly lovely, humble talented man! Agree with the below comment about reparative hair products like Olaplex?!


As Paul likes curly hair, please can he come back on & talk about the best products for curly/wavy hair & how to keep it frizz free. Thanks! Emma x

Nancy Vasquez

Awesome video. I would love information/help with my silver hair. Thank you!

Ronni Adam

Hi Nadine
You never mention Olaplex?

Kate Rose

Bit surprised at the enthusiasm for Moroccan Oil, if you look at the ingredients list it is mostly silicones and the actual amount of Argan oil, which is meant to nourish your hair, is apparently less than 5%. Why not just get a bottle of pure Argan from The Ordinary for about a fiver, I wonder?

Helen Garrett

Hi any chance Paul can help with some advice? I have fine, oily hair but I'm currently having massive problems with a dry, itchy, scabby scalp. Any recommendations for shampoo and conditioner that won't break the bank but will help? Xx