Loofah alternatives

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Starting Seeds in Loofah Sponge (Natural Alternative to Rockwool?)

580 views | 20 Jun. 2020

my journey to find a

my journey to find a natural alternatives to rockwool cubes to starting seeds for use in hydroponic and aquaponics system continues. This time I try using a loofah sponge! It has a solid structure and is absorbent and can easily be grown. But is this an ideal medium for germination of seeds?


The Hydro Equipment I use!!!


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Air stones: https://amzn.to/3czCmEz

2-inch net cups: https://amzn.to/2M96knm

Hidden Harvest Growlights: https://www.thehiddenharvestcompany.com/shop/hidden-harvest-micro-mole-36-watt-grow-panel

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Farmer G


TrollForge / TrollFarm

But what do you plant the 1st loofa seeds in? ;)

K's Korner

loofa is a vegetable, anyway, should break down and add to nutrients

Saad Makkouk

Hi, I am currently researching about hydroponics as I will create my own system as a school project but I need a type of seed that would germinate within 2-4 days. Do you by any chance know based on experience what type of seeds I could use to reach this goal. Thank You So Much!

Loofah alternatives

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The ECO Alternatives - Replace Plastic Loofah

141 views | 15 May. 2020

The Eco Alternatives

The Eco Alternatives series will list Eco-friendly products that are necessary in our day-to-day lives, these can replace the non-degradable, mass manufactured products that are harmful to the environment.

In the first of the series, alternatives for the plastic loofah is discussed.

You can get these loofahs and more sustainable eco-friendly products at:


The natural loofahs are made of vegetables belonging to the cucumber family. These loofahs are skin-friendly and degradable. Unlike their plastic counterparts.

Note: Care must be taken to wash and dry the natural loofahs after every use. Dry it under the sunlight whenever possible.

Loofah alternatives

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Plastic shower puff / sponge zero waste swap - Best Eco alternatives & why swap!!

106 views | 7 Jan. 2021

Every change matters when

Every change matters when it comes to lowering your waste so in this video Tania talks about all the important reasons ? why you should stop using those typical plastic shower puffs & some of the zero waste alternatives out there! ?


Shop for zero waste alternatives discussed ?:

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Resources ?, references & articles ?:

+ Plastic shower puffs hold bacteria


+ Plastic shower puffs release microfibers:



Tanis's website - TG Organica ?on Etsy:


+ Follow on instagram & Facebook @tgorganica


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Irina Josan?

great video! Thanks for sharing the alternatives for the shower puff, I'd try to convince my bf (I'm not using them) to stop using and getting something more sustainable instead!
btw, I'd be happy to support each other by subscribing to each other's channel, so if you are interested please let me know by replying to my comment :)


This was very helpful thank you! ☺️

Neisha Beisha

Super helpful, thanks girl???