Long leg hair

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I have the longest legs! - Guinness World Records

1 263 012 views | 6 Oct. 2020

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Maci Currin, from Cedar Park, Texas, USA, is over a foot taller than her mother and now holds the Guinness World Records title for the longest legs (female).


At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it.

Here on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel we want to showcase incredible talent. If you're looking for videos featuring the world's tallest, shortest, fastest, longest, oldest and most incredible things on the planet, you're in the right place.


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Tarif Aurangzeb

I am 7’1” and 250 pounds and I am a Bengali-Canadian male, aged 22. My 4’10” mom says I look 6’11”. My 5’7.5” brother says I look 6’9”. I am actually saying my real height. But I grew very much during the pandemic.

Alex Guzman

Mommy long leg

funny gaming Pro

(im extremely sorry for making this comment really really sorry)

ameliah hannan

When im so small

Guinness World Records

For comparison: The average American male is 5 feet 9.3 inches (1.76 m).

Ashley _

My bf is 6’11 and I’m 5’9 ... I wonder how tall our kids will be lol. I lowkey hope our daughter gets my height but who knows

Mariana Santos

If it's the WORLD record, why the measurements are given in inches? Less than 10 countries use this crazy system.

Nathan Kodua Agyeman

imagine she wears high heals

John Randomstein

I'd like to know her height at each year of her life.

just a person that does stuff

slender woman

mark komperda

no dwarf will argue

Bill C. Muguai

She ain't got no trouble picking guavas from trees!

Song Yoon Min

BlackPink Lisa : I have the longest legs
This Tall Girl : Liar! Traitor! I'll sue you for stealing my record
Others : ?

arnold der minimuff

She's cool



dhol factory

She can do basketball hoop easily?? lamo

Steve Davis

ok, but what is man spreading ??

b m

wow she's beautiful. not in a sense like "let's pretend she's beautiful, to show how tolerant we are", but really beautiful

Ritez XY



Finally, someone who can cosplay bayonetta.

eggs Benedict

Daddy long legs now has a mommy long legs...

MB #_#

She is so pretty omg ?? i could definitely see her on fashion shows like Gucci.

Didac -BS-

wow Love it

Vance McCarthy

Amazing. The person with longest legs is not the tallest person in the world.

Owen Brzdek

I feel like I'm watching slenderman.

correction: Slenderwomen


What's the secret of her long legs?..?

Främ ling


Eh hi

Huh, something different.


When a girl is 5’10”

Mike Wang

Have Newton stand on her shoulders.

Gurnoor Singh Bath

She should have joined some sport like maybe body building


I hope she knows she could pull off the most badass Bayonetta cosplay that no one else could.

Brendan Shannon

I'm the tallest in my family at 6' 4" so she beat me by 6 inches

Roberto Baloloy

thanks for guinness book of world records.

Tamás Kormos

She is 212 cm and happy.

44 er

being tall is the best thing at concerts and festivals, i always see to the front


I feel so bad what if she got made fun of

Good Ninja

Code geass lookin diff here

Young Earth Creation

Might I recommend a kickboxing career?

Wally Franks

That's basically what makes her taller.


I have the same problem with clothes. I can NEVER find any pants that are long and tight enough. It is always tight enough but way to short or extremely baggy but long enough. If only people would make clothes for the tall, so I can wear normal clothes like everyone else. I also get bullied for my height and being very skinny

Johnny Coconut

She’s actually really beautiful with long legs

Jupiter’s Hangout

She’s 2 feet taller than me wow

Miguel Garcia

Maci is the most beautiful woman ? who has ever lived.

Frankie Sum

She’s a racist tho one time I was in her stream saying I’m proud of being asian and then she blocked me, can prove


she is cring


She’s be omega in taekwondo


She is cool.

Derek G

Slenderman daughter


Mom, my stickman is alive


Watch out Slender she’s coming for your rep


can we talk about how pretty she is-

Obi-Wan Kenobi

No offence but I can’t help unseeing that she looks like a cartoon


She should try cross country/track, her fast walking speed is probably better than half the people on my team all out sprinting.

CatsBtrippin YT

If I was her I’d dress up as slender at Halloween time ??

Qonah Mobarak

Does that mean she’s taller than any he else?


pack it up gender bend slenderman

Sejal Y

I really envy her!

Mun Zil

0:57 i thought she was Brandi Love lol

Mowahib Olol

I just realised she should have been the girl from “ Tall girl”.


If she is kabbadi player she will get every points.

Manula Lokugalappaththi

A lot of tall people look so scary but she seems nice

Devin Winchester

She’s 6’10 I’m 6’6 she’s 4 inches taller


Complete the opposite of her sister

Aditi Ghadigaonkar

I hope she will live a long life with her long legs ?

Yanyan Jav

@Just Some Guy without a Mustache is here


bro he cant even fit a car i feel bad to her


a giant with baby face


"they tried to put me on the cover of vogue....but my legs were toooo long"

(Im sorry)


They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue...


Here I thought being 5’9 was tall.. I got picked on for being 5’9... I can’t imagine what she goes through.

Doctor Phantom

"They tried to put me on the cover of vogue"

Carly Hernandez

My sister knows her


As a 6’2” girl I get a lot of stares so I can’t imagine being her height. Tall girls need to be normalized more


Her height is not a gift. She should really get a head MRI done. She most likley has a tumor on the hypothalamus.

ahmed ayaan

I Have the world record for......?


Aye Mahmud

She’s pretty no matter what like she should work as a model wth.

Waste and Rubbish - my life

She is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. Gorgeous.


She's blessed with red hair and height. I'm super jealous.

Alex Guzman

The car part just get a truck there way bigger

alina ali

Imagine her going to the store and can reach the food that is in the top

b m

woahh her mom is freaking hot!!!

Almando Kraus

Wenn ein mädchen einfach Michael Jordan ist?


Did anyone notice the Maci is 6 foot 10 in tall.

DaDa Dong

Daddy Long Legs daughter.

CoolBoy Kamo

I wonder if she got Meghan knees ?

anas amir

join the NBA

Bella Jinks

Bro 5.7 tall too tf

Ivan Simonov

OMG ????

Sydney Luhnow

Me over here at 5.1 ???.

tdd d

damn, she's like alien in Avatar movie

Abhishek Kumar Pandey

I pray to god...plzzz increase my height too.......I am just 5.6feet

Clash with Dude

When you are smaller than her mom.


She got "bullied" for her tallness

Black people get "bullied" for being black (aka different)

But yet black people play the "race" card all the time like the bunch of snowflakes they are....

News-flash i was called names when i was in school from black people and i just brushed it off, because thats what a strong willed person is made from, if you get bullied you usually become stronger as a person and learn from those experiences. Without bullying we will all become cry babies

Nevaeh Hollaway

*Me thinking I'm tall*: UnU


It’s Gacha cookie

Woah I’m pre school she was tall she look like 3rd grade


Do I have a long username??


It's possible that a grandma has a height of more than 2 meters

Levi Acker

She should lift some weights and get strong


I thinked slenderman was male

Long leg hair

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Girls Problems with Long Legs and Short Legs / Short People vs Tall People Problems

1 615 808 views | 14 Oct. 2020


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10 Ways to Sneak Candies into Class!: https://youtu.be/HQDGCejzO_8?list=PLmBrxha-_rATRhhOBDwAmThWivvh2eVK7

Is it better to be high or low? In fact, any height has its pros and cons. Rather watch the funny problems of tall and short girls in our new video.

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Troom Troom Trick Russian: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7mJ7hE0gtkm0Q6ccdTO1SQ?sub_confirmation=1

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Doris Davis

I hate this video

Nithya Ramesh

Touch Read more to read my comment



Troom troom







Read more


Well I don’t have problems or cause I’m a child and I can’t go to the movie theatre and I don’t want to and stuff but I’m a child

Nataleia Samantha Liverpool


Kamal Hussain

Caroline:has an Idea
The person wit da ball: just throws the ball away
The rest of them:don’t care

esther vns86

I'm short but I could do everything

Am Cool

Im very short but
I can reach the sink
Even tho I’m 9 years old

Lillian Petergal

i have 1 isuee in my moms car

Kimberley Iliff



I’m short and 7 years old I can reach anythibg if I can’t my mom helps me :)

Samantha Aquines

######### Im am tall and short

mariak wk

I love youuuuuuu

Aizah Kazmi

I am like a stick but I am a way taller in my class I am 2 tallest I lost in my class (hieght) just 5 inches

Mandeep Kaur

No never

نجوم فطوم رياكشن


Becky Longley

Is it just me or is the one with the art museum
The painting look liked they made them

Rekha G.Nair

Thate shorty is so cutie??????

Devika Rajesh

Caroline is walking on her knees

Daisy Joseph

Good job, ha, ha, ha, ha ha.



Vania Meiliana



Actually I have a normal height so I can be notice and see the mirror

DanielRobert Cristea

im tall,i have 145 miters and im 8 and 11 months i have a class mate that is SO SHORT that in the big break last year we were playing the tower he was clibing me and i made him opsalocles and he has 123 miters and hes 7 and 2 months

Bronson Graves

I'm small but I'm still smart

Andy eyu

When I was 4 years old I wanted to see candy but I was too Low so my mum helped me


ok how tall is caroline ?

Gurnoor Saini

My. Dad is. Strong ?? but. He. Can’t. Lift. Me????

Keren Eyal

‏מה הבעיהז ‏תאמינו לי עבודה פשוט אם אם הילדה הזאת כל כך גבוה שלא טי לך אם הכאבים‏למדע קטנה עד שהיא כן מכינים

sebrin dawud

i am too short to even kiss my mom

barela Dante

Im so much better today but.

Rahisha Reddock

i can't reach stuf????

Seungdo Lee


Gaurika V

hey no stepping on books

Weibin Zheng

i Love you ??

Thomas Murphy

I am 6 and I can reach the counter

Maria Rincon



I'm the shortest but I'm just happy

Dalia Hammash

I have Long legs


I am tall so I have to stick my head out the window in the car ?

Cashmere Harris Bradley

I was secret because all my friends Justin

Tova Wilhelmsson

Im short and 4 years old

Tea Maddie

How many times have you done the tall vs short but then with a different title out of content? Ok do the netflix vs movies

Marlene Day



The video was amazing

Maryam Akko


Wrizley Shane Amadora

With sis.v.s withouth si. Challenge on 24 hours.please..

* Blossom Blooms*

I’m so short on of my teachers called me a 4 year old...

juanca martinez

ur vids make my day.

Anxrch Mxtrix

I had a lot of problems

Sri Hari

Very bad

The Bella Show & Toys

I am 7 Years old

Euphemia Hayes

I am sort the way I am even tho I’m 8 years old

The Bella Show & Toys

i Love you troom groom?????????????????????????

Janet Covert

I dont im six and I dont have those problems

neeta shah


naomi lian Abayon


Sri Hari

This is very good and bad

Chantelle Valentine

I like your video becouse the video is very funny

Linda Schulz

You know those books are not a blanket

sivaram pushpa


Roshan George

Reralin is so cute ?????

Risha Nana

I am a medium. Just right for me.

Milena Mejia


Jana Abualjebeen

No parking ????❤️❤️????

Nick Vargas

When I go to the music so I can use

Adrianna miller gacha

0:29 how is being short cheating??

Azariah Muhammad

Does any body remember Coraline The movie ?

shemar Besin


Halah Albudyni

I am tall and proud I can win a basketball game :3

Avni Kaur

My height is normal and l am good with my height

Maria Rincon



i love stumachs

Alexis Hernandez


Nataleia Samantha Liverpool

Sort haha lol

Ciaera Rayman

i am short and it suks

Emmy Oladuntoye


Lillian Petergal

i ame to tall but to short for the seat :0

Sherikay Pennycooke

I am too sharp I can't reach anything my cousin is tall and I'm jealous over here right something that I do she cannot do

Aubrey James

I'm tall and my problem is that I can't fit in my bed

Euphemia Hayes

I’m tall and I am just 8 years old

sharadha t

Because I am middle

chandu janni

I am too tall and I am related with this video


i am short and i can relate with this video

Sepehr King


Tova Wilhelmsson

Im liddel

jays renga

The small girl is just like a baby i always watch your video

lilly Kandra

I'm the short one??

Ela flower

Me to

Mangaleswari Santhosh Kumar

this new girl is super

Nathalie Sjöberg

Yeah, I cant reach to my pen?

Zineb Layachi

Ana tawila

Ellen brenes

I'm pretty short im 9

Doris Davis

It is ok

barela Dante

I like big

Alefiyah Motiwala

Nice video

V Sai Smarani

im short and my sis is tall

Angel Plays

You do the best shows

Team Mate Company Ltd.

I’m 9 and somtimes i cant reach the counter

Fatima Moledina

i am only 8 and i am so tall and i have so many porplbes

Abdul Riyaz


Long leg hair

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Cute Hairstyles For Long Leg Hair

5 654 views | 23 May. 2020

today i show you some cute

today i show you some cute hair styles for long leg hair lol someone had to do it, and it was going to be me!!! lets start styling our leg hair yall.

social media:

instagram: amyzoverby https://www.instagram.com/amyzoverby/?hl=en

twitter: amyzoverby https://twitter.com/amyzoverby?lang=en

tiktok: missamyoverby

business email: [email protected]

love you all so much!!!!!

Corey S

girl you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miranda Locke

Dude, I love you

Flight in June

u nasty bitch

Erin Gorman

I saw the thumb nail and thought to myself "no she didn't" and she did.. ?

ulva aldith

I need to do this !!!!


Her leg hair said INCHES

Jenni Echeverria

Never fail to make me smile

Amanda May

"Because I'm not confined by one holiday"



Tech Addictors

OMG ??? your legs looks so creepy in such long hair ?? girl should have beautiful hair free legs

t k

sad that just shaved my legs before watching this ?✊

Lucy Diamond

See now this is the kind of girl I would wife up if I was a guy. Endless fun. Are you an Aquarius?


I was just wondering that about lifeguards a few days ago!!

lauren Michelle

This is parallel universe Amy. ?

Peachy Hoseok

Bruh I just shaved my legs?

Harry Bailey

Concerned but not surprised ???

Adija Angel

The lifeguards at my Pool are snacks


laying your leg hair like edges ? period

Mo Gege

soon as i saw the notif i went like amy what have u done this time

Jeliza Rose

ok, i haven't watched all the way....but girl, where's your GEL at!?

Aubie Rose

Pools are human soup seasoned with chlorine. Yum.


love the ponytails! so cute❤️ you rock the look queen, also: 7:12 ??? go off! :o

Liv Bellow

she served so hard Serena Williams is QUAKING


Not saying theres anything wrong about leg hair on anyone , but itll never be attractive and "styling" it just looks wierd

Ashley Carneiro

You should dye your leg hair

Aiyana A

I’m sorry there is 0 likes but I’m going to dislike this so I can be number 1


tbh you’re one of the most underrated people on the internet

Liv Bellow

Please bleach and colour your leg hair I did it with my pits and pubes once but hunnnnnyyyyy it burnt

Marta Dinis

brad mondo is shook


They look like buttholes but in a good way

Megan Windsor

In no way do I mean this in a bad way AT ALL but Why do u make me think ur secretly Jason Segals little sister or something? Don't mind me, I'm of the special variety of humans..
Edit: AND P.S.- Ur leg hair-doo looks like tiny fireworks..jus sayin

Anička Dohnalová

Fookin Queen period.

Eva Suriani

love you


Watch her turn them into eyelash extensions


I love these weird videos! They're honestly really interesting

Marin D



I literally knew you would end up doing this. Like i felt it


your leg's ponytails be looking like an ass hole with hemorrhoid

Hannah Jaco

YES YOU SANG ALL TIME LOW BY JON BELLION!!! I love him and I love you!!

Angelina Rodriguez

Okay but why can I visualize models walking down a runway with their leg hair twirled and gelled the way edges are???

Sevan 405

We need someone with thick leg hair to do this lol omg this is so funny


i can’t wait to try this next time i go grocery shopping and make the locals jealous ?

The Jones Family

Amy is iconic


A flex


omg that jacket is SO COOL

Boop Snoot

Please make this a series!

Hannah Jaco

I was gonna shave my legs but why would I do that when I can make BEAUTIFUL HAIRSTYLES WITH IT

(jk I was never gonna shave my legs)


The YouTube blessed me and recommended your videos to me recently and I fell down a hole. I haven't watched all the videos yet which is baffling because i feel I've been watching non-stop.... I want to have watched them all and to have experienced the joy but the idea of running out of videos is Devastating. Anyway, you're outfit was everything. Your leg hair: amazing. Style goddess. I'm so appreciative you exist. You're the best. Thank You

tired rat

ppl without leg hair are stupid and they are not funny and really boring

Jaime Reynolds

Damnit....after about 4 months, I finally shaved my legs. I could have made them beautiful ? ?

Na Na Naa

I watched the Try Guys hair cut video right before this. This was way better ?. A true legend.

nikolas c

im 17 and i cant swim but id rather drown than have a prepubescent 14 year old boy save me from dying like dude wtf ur right it SHOULD be a hard job to get

Sevan 405

Water parks are nasty . Ive not been since i was a kid and ill never go to another one. Or a public pool . Not for me lol

The Noobest Girl

You have such chaotic energy

Erin Sawyer



Omg so innovative so amazing

Michaela Masters

I haven't been able to find any solid connections yet but Amy you are so much like the brittany broski kombucha girl ARE YOU SISTERS

Angelica Ruiz

lowkey i think for like a runway look leghair styled with gel would be kinda dope

Kayla Brown

okay but like next are you gonna dye it? because I'm low key curious how dyed leg hair would look.


Your mind it amazes me sometimes.


“you can steal anything you want” lol once i stole a painting that i liked in the denny’s bathroom while intoxicated ?


Ahahahahahah hahahahaha hahahahaha youtube was playing and went back to my home page hahahahaha and Amy was there and my mom just clicked it without reading title or anything hahahahaha haha and we just all together watched this video hahahahaha what the hell

Kayleigh Melite

Should we expect a part 2 featuring armpit hair? LOL I'll honestly watch anything you post

laly .

I’m late ?


Can we get a video on peoples reactions? BTW ilysm Amy

Laura C

BIiiiiiittttch I was a big fan before but the fact you know Jon Bellion I stan

Jake R

I steal stuff from people at school if they drop a sharpie it's mine now bitch

420,000 Subscribers challenge

Yo I got a question, seriously ?? "ig" "bobby_t_31"

Milca Saucedo

amy cant wait till u blow up and your gonna be like?✌?

Amanda May

I am so thankful I haven't shaved my legs for months so I can try these

Meagan Money

Omg I love this! I can't stop watching your videos!!! Hey what is your name on Reddit?

Selena Hidalgo

I love this weird content omfg ??

t k

girl the amount of nosebleeds i’ve had in waterparks pools/slides and everyone’s pee is bound to give someone something ??

Tkay Tk

Why is this 11 mins long? Lol




you can steal anything if... you want to

Jeliza Rose

"everyone's peeing....including me" lmao!!


so original ??❤️ there's a reason why this was never done before ??❤️

Vince 7272

Amy PleEAsE put tape in extensions in your leg hair ?

jaden jeong the disappointment

what an inspiring lady... ?????

Nadia Essad

ok but... we need leg hair dye

bruna simpatica

amy when i think i cant love you more, you post a new video....

James Drowx

If you don’t respond to this ,that means your hair is bad trained.If you’re seeking for manager or YTB friend this is my application.I do have rich background .Im famous .nice ,Raw vegan ,Well trained retriever with papers .I do YouTube and paparazzi kind of stuff.I think your funny but you never reply neither tiktok nor YouTube.Do I have to push my limits.? Aim high? Send envelope?Hope this comment does not end in the spam section.Sending love JAmes ...your subscriber and loyal fan. P.S. be my friend PLZ