Wash in wash out hair die

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Washing Out the Temporary Hair Color Wax!! Did it Ruin My Natural Hair?!?|Mona B.

7 058 views | 15 Apr. 2019


MY VLOG/LIFESTYLE CHANNEL: https: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM9tasYBK4PIFpqcqg8kgvA


Hey MB Crew!! In this video I wanted to show you all how the temporary hair color wax washed out!! I hope you all enjoyed thanks for watching!!!

-Mona B.

First Video on the Temporary Hair Dye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9x77_2erVw&t=35s

Glam Wax

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Website: https://magicmiraclehair.com/

Suave Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3FoaQIA9zQ

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My Natural Hair Journey

Transition for 9 months.

First big chopped April 2011.

I got a tapered haircut June 2014.

I got a mohawk haircut (shaved sides) July 2014.

Started growing out hair September 2014.

I got another tapered twa haircut December 2014.

Second big chop March 2015.

Shaved Sides again July 2016.

Third big chop January 2017.

Fourth big chop August 2018.

Bleached & Colored my natural hair September 2018.


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Nadine Modé

Great to know that this paint is no harm to your hair. How your hair felt before you wash it. Was it dry? Would you try it again and leave it longer and moisturize your hair in between ? Did you enjoy this experience and recommend it? Thank you for this Monday videoooooooooooo?

Kim May

So it's not damaging nice thanks for sharing that with us

Léticia Alexisss

Thanks boo ☺???

Colbie Shepherd

Hii I was just wondering what brand you used? Xx

Fandom Parody Cosplay Productions (F.P.C.P)

Does it work over permanent color dyed hair?

Kim May

Yay video on a Monday morning?

Starrie Knight & The Android Clones

Question for you: I was planning on doing blue braids on my natural hair and was thinking of putting this type of wax in so it matches with the braid hair a little better or has a cool effect. Do you think it would work? To be honest, I probably wouldn’t wash my hair during the 4 weeks I have them in.
I’m just looking for the perspective of someone with a similar hair texture before I do something too crazy ?
Blessings to you and your loved ones!

Jus Blood

Omg thank you so much

Wash in wash out hair die

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What Is Wash In Wash Out Hair Dye

8 363 views | 27 Sep. 2016

Rose 10


Wash in wash out hair die

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Superdrugs Colour Effects Semi permenant Colour Copper Review FULL HD

21 521 views | 24 Sep. 2014


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Miss_blue_eye

Blog: https://www.blogger.com/profile/10478179283494050784

Superdrug: http://www.superdrug.com/

Beaut Guru456

I have black hair what colour would the result be!?

Ella Rose

I had the red one on my light brown hair and it is a really nice colour so I did it again and left it for longer as it isn't a bleaching dye I left to on and it give me a dark brown /shiny red

Lucy Friend

What did it look like on your hair x

Poppy Dunbar-jones

Do you recommend doing it on dry or wet hair

Chlo e

What would the result in blonde be?

Zonera Rehman

I love the fact your videos are so thorough ??

Rosa Dixon

How long does the colour last for ?

Eira Hasi

Such a shame you didnt show us how it looks