Men's bath sponge

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ASMR Nurse Roleplay - Taking Care of You in Bed - Soup, Sponge bath, Steam, Sleep!

21 944 views | 4 Jan. 2021

This is your ASMR nurse

This is your ASMR nurse role play, taking care of you in bed. Your caring nurse is here to give you home remedies for recovering from your illness. Enjoy a hot, home made soup broth, sponge bath, relaxing steamer for your sinuses, face massage and more! Looking for more?

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Steamer - https://amzn.to/2L3rxSF

Essential oils - https://amzn.to/3rS8Odv

Scrubs - https://amzn.to/390B5WI

Light up tree [without flowers] - https://amzn.to/390B5WI

Wooden soup bowls - https://amzn.to/3rSfXuk

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Hi everyone!

My name is Dee and I created this channel for all things ASMR! Combining my passion for entertainment and ASMR relaxation, I created this space for other like-minded people who love ASMR relaxation and creative role plays. I was on the side lines for a long time watching ASMR and decided to jump in full force and share my love for the art with you :) You will find a variety of content from me, from roleplays, makeup, to cosplay, and some original characters too! I love being creative!

austin thompson

I love this video so much I can't to see what you have in store for the next video

Paulina Broda

This was just so beautiful, I wish that nurses really could give treatment like that but they’re too busy :(. However something strange happened to me, whilst you were giving the head massage with the oil, I all of a sudden start to have watery eyes as if I was smelling a mint product but there isn’t anything minty around me ?. Another great video!! Ans love the diffuser!! ❣️

Lee B

Your RPs are on a different level! They always look and sound amazing! Plus, you're always so natural in the roles you play. The props and amount of detail you put into these is so good! ?? You have such a naturally calming voice and vibe. ?

Btw, I apologise for my soup breath! ?

Дима Голубев

you can bathe me in bath with piece of soap

TheVoice ofTruth

Very nice voice! Are you a nursing/med student in real life? Not everyone buy a Littmann Classic steth, just to make asmr videos :)

Xavi Solis


Zacky Yabes

You are so good at ASMR! You are very talented! You’re my favorite ASMRtist ever! Keep up the good work you’re doing! Have a wonderful rest of your week! ?

Boomer Covers

If all of my favorite ASMRtists could publish on different days off the week that would be great lol. Thank you Dee for the new video! ❤️

Nik H

Looking forward to this Dee

Love, Sofia ASMR

This is the best personal attention ever! So sweet and tingly. Also, you're the best at face touching! There's something a little different about how you do it and I'm obsessed ?


why am I imagining being burned by the soup and then puking as the poor nurse runs away LOL ???

Impossible Albatross

Lovely, soothing and relaxing.

Abie Pratama

How long did it take to finish one production?

Bernardy Gouellet

Back at it again. Love it. Right on time. Just before going to bed. Love from Paris

Leoluca Randisi

I one time spent 5 days in a hospital with phnemonia and The flu and Lithium Poisoning and Kidney Failure. I wish the experience I went through was as relaxing as this! Thank you Dee for a very relaxing video!

Ruben Espinoza

I wish you were my personal nurse, your soo beautiful and hot..I just fell in love?????


You have the most beautiful voice so calming and relaxing ❤️ your videos always stand out ? the feeling of being treated or being cared of is a wonderful one and u made me feel so safe ❤️ thank u and Congrats on 5k ❤️?

LizzieLemon ASMR

i’m so glad i found your channel!! super relaxing, i am ready to drift off to dreamland ?☺️

Vinnie Vidivici

You have such a relaxing voice. Also, there is an elegance and charm about you. Thank you for the videos.

Al Krueger

You have the best bedside manner?


Another awesome video. Details and setting are on point. The soft motor and bubbling sounds did me in!


This makes me feel safe and cared for - thank you! ?

Owen Anderson

Your videos are amazing as always ❤ ❤❤

TingleStorm ASMR

I really love the comforting sound of your voice, along with your calming gaze ?

Shaun Park

Love it!!! So very relaxing and soothing.

U - Personal Training & Nutrition

Am I first here.... really? Wow!!

David Parnell


GinaWhispers ASMR

wonderful video, I really needed this today ?

luk czajnik

nice relax, only I don't feel better

Geno Cuddy

This was magnificent, you, Lottie K ASMR and Love Sofia are my top three ASMRtists at current time, and I do not see this changing anytime soon. I have seen many nurse roleplays in my time, but I have never genuinely felt as loved and cared for than I did with this one. From your opening greeting, "Hello darling," to the massage towards the end, this video had me hypnotized. Your voice is simply sublime and, while I usually don't care for "Soft Spoken" videos, your voice is so mellow that you have proven to be the exception to my self imposed rule of avoiding them. Keep up the fantastic work, stay safe, be well, much love to you.

James Roscoe

They say it's a cliche to have a crush on your nurse but ... Yeah I think do ?

Infinite Half

Real nice


Tour Amazing ?

Gerald Cozy

Yaaaay! I finally picked the right thumb :) was filmin during premier :(

spiderman nono

Aww you an angel sent from above to bless us with great asmr content is perfect for relaxing


Yes, it seems that your attention to detail on these videos is a bit beyond others. It's truly appreciated. Yes, soup breath is real.

John Logan

Super tingly and relaxing with the nurse role play in bed. ??????‍⚕️
Thanks for taking care of me.??☺️

Sam Gillis

Perfect timing ☺️.. So looking forward to this.. ?❤️

Asmr Citizen

You look a lot like a friend of mine that passed away. Im glad I found your channel!


Lucky 689th viewer? Sleepy tingles?


I’ve been looking my entire life for a woman who would treat me like this when I’m sick. And this whole whole time, she’s been on YouTube. Thank you Dee ?. Happy New Years.


This is awesome!!!!! Thank you me dear

Loving Hypno ASMR

Thanks so much for the soup! I love when you do the facial massages! ❤️ So tingly!

Michael Kelley

Have a great night! ?

Shaun Thrilla

Much better now that I'm home with you taking care of me.


Another GreaT one... thanks for de-stressing me on a deadline

Audifan 181

So nice thanks, really relaxing ?? I like your whisper very much, it's super pleasant ?

Daniele Lombardi


Keith Scalise

You have such a tranquil calm voice, really helps ease the stresses of the day. Thank you

Terra Picture

Amazing and so comfortable - your appearance is so wonderful!

The Investment Foresight Bank

Dear The Healing Room ASMR,

Thank you for helping The Messiah and others battle anxiety and depression. It is greatly appreciated! Are you sick and tired of not knowing what investing (trust) is in actuality? Investing is the opposite of infesting and is a skill caused through synchronized intellect (objectivity) in not causing forward expansion by mirroring our debt causation off of time. There are only certain investment tools. Brain (balancing your understanding with The Messiah), computer (connecting to The Messiah), internet (connecting to The Messiah), language (tool of balance), time (obelisks, sundials), the stars/map (navigation), weigh scale (balancing global median input of plant life), measuring cup (balancing global median input of water), universal human suit (consolidation of clothing, head-wear, footwear, heating/cooling, furniture, housing, bedding). We have to ephemeralize all ideas, thoughts, concepts, tools and inventions. The objective of capitalism is to not cause forward expansion by having synchronized intellect in not causing it. The only valuable tools in the future are called will balancing tools. All transport, automation, banking and basically everything else is a divestment in 2021. Why? Because trust equates to not causing debt.

The Clean Addiction ASMR

So soothing!


If all nurses were like you, NO HOSPITAL WOULD EVER BE EMPTY ?

Selena Perry

Hi!! You were in my feed and I just love your voice and the steaming towel was epic, I havent seen anything like it. Thank you!


Talk about a personal care video, this is it. You are doing a fantastic job showing concern and care with encouraging words and your sweet personality. and your soothing approach. Your Nurse roleplay is very realistic and performed in a calm manner. The soup sounds healthy. I like the sound of the sponge bath and bottle tapping. The sound of the steam is unique and quite relaxing. I love your conversation and the super soft sound of your voice. Your voice has such a soothing quality. You are calm in front of the camera, and very photogenic. Your smile warms my heart. You show exceptional care. You would be a very good Nurse for real. Your videos are getting better. I really enjoyed this one. Also you included an appropriate verse for the video.

Yaroslav Novikov

Nice and soft. Especially good massage. Many people doing that, but your really feel. Idea: how strong this steam device blowing? Try use it with some sound trigger objects( examples: papers, bells ) - place it above device and let them sounding :)

Moe Murda

There's something so attractive about you. Thank you for the relaxation.?


Asmr -Super relaxing i like video ⭐???

Jeroen vW

Very relaxing, I needed this. Thank you so much!

Alexander Lapp

There is some mystical healing properties that seem to radiate from you. In another time and place, people in need of healing would seek you out for your services. Today we just touch our fingers on the magic screen and there you are.

You are very relaxing to watch. Thank you.

big daddy mandigo buck

good stuff , wish ya the best

Алексей Вакуров

You're very good at what you're doing, go ahead.)

Nathan Duffy

I see all these ASMR videos all through my YouTube and I can be pretty picky lol. I like your videos, you're so pretty! You do a great job nurse!

Kenji De Groote

Wow, well you are very good at this I mean the way you talk it's so calm and sweet god I love it?and you look so special ?

John Hilton

Good evening lovely lady: Man, did I need this! I was working as a servant for this Cleopatra lady; is she ever demanding! You were giving the kind of care that I can only dream of! If you were my nurse, I would pretend I was sick for at least another month or two! Just wonderful! Have a great tomorrow ?

Jaylin Chatmon

Nurse has been added to the list.

Dirk Schmidt

So deeply relaxing, thank you doctor. A litte hint: The earpieces of the stethoscope have to face forward, towards your nose... Keep it up!

Felix C

missed spraying sounds a bit

Rubie Lafountaine

Wish it was just a bit louder.


Perfect timing and amazing video as always, such a calming voice and the sound of diffuser (I think it's correct writing, sorry English is not my first language??) is so loveeely! ❤️

Proof of Life

So incredibly pretty ?

Everette Moses

your eyes are kind

Denninski Trembinski



Absolutely gorgeous,I found you by accident and I love your ASMR Videos

Men's bath sponge

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How To Start Dreadlocks With A Towel

226 469 views | 16 Jul. 2019

how to start dreadlocks

how to start dreadlocks using a towel

Dread Sponge: https://amzn.to/2EZcT8Y

Crochet Needle: https://amzn.to/2IsVhTM

Dreadlock Products: https://www.greatlocs.com/dreadlock-products/


Great Music: http://bit.ly/2y7DWtE

SECOND CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/2whZTJm

TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2fogqkg

INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2vYpZgh

SNAPCHAT: gundolfin

Intro Song: http://bit.ly/2faNtv9


Camera: Canon Rebel T6i

Microphone: Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

Editing Software: Adobe Systems

Lens: 18-55mm Canon, 8mm Rokinon, 50mm Canon

Kamryn Williams

hey gunther

Cee Mar Q

Ray Allen Son.


Lil pump?

Joseph Mason

Do put something on your head at night?

MyNameIsJovi FC

My cousin got dreads from a towel too


Please answer this question how long does it take untill the dreadlocks are finished

Nazziwa prossy Prossy

The client is very handsome ?

Iam_ Windex

Can we just use a sponge brush instead of a towel? Will there be a difference? Is it better or worst?

Jeremy Bruce

alye who don’t like getting there head scratched tho

bando uchiha

Can u get dreadlocks with curly hair

Kyndrah Goshay

Thanks of for showing me because I'm starting mines soon ??

Dream Clique

What if we do more than 3minutes in one day ??

Red the fred_10

Can you do this with straight hair?

Mdu Hyx

That towel though ? nah B....

Patrik Jahson Jabay

Is it possible to short straight hair?

Alex Hernandez

U are a weird guy u was supposed to free from already ? wth why u keep saying it lol

Ace Man


Kieran Brown

I like dreadlocks but I'm a white ginger kid


Bro its a head not glass

Too Turnt Taj

What if you have 6 in of 4c hair ? Can you start with the towel rub method

rozé the kidd


eskindr mulugeta

Thank you dude

Nooa Tiihonen

Does this Work on straight hair

Naskingg Toney04

The kid in the car kind of looks like me

Isoo_Godd 13

I have african hair and have hair that goes down to my mouth when I pull it and I've done freeform with towel and sponge for two days and I already got dreads

Robert Allen

How often do you suggest to retwist

Killa Byte

Thanks bro ?

Ben Perez

Does this work for straight hair


I didn't know Christiano Ronaldo decided to get dreadlocks

Mr. Facts

Amazing mate, didn't know you can start dreadlocks with a towel lol. Thanks for putting it in creative Commons ( :

Syahmi Mith

Fck clitbait


do i pick it after, or its no longer pick it.

eric palmer

Every vid I’ve seen says don’t wAsh your hair now I’m confused

James Morrison

Do you need gel to start or no product at all?


This is actually better for when your locs get to long for the sponge

Papa Godfrey Godfried Hamauka

Bro is it a wet or dry towel and can I possibly finish it in one day?

V J Madhu Dath

How to know your hair type?

jalaluddin ibnu hibban sou

8:42 that the only reason im here :)

ricocollins 219

Thumbnails be on catfish status

hanad aden

How long did it take

Gerren Hill

Did he say free 99??


Did you say free.99!!!

Roland Brown

What if you had straight hair but then permed it to curly how would you start the dreads?


can you reply really quick? how do I keep it for the night


How long you have to do this for

Speedy Gonzalez

Bro you look like Lil pump

Dami Janusiewicz



How do u wash ur hair if u trynna lock up ??

alex richardson

Where do you get here towels are these regular towels we use in the bath?


The best method is to use a regular brush or even ya fingers in a klaw shape and that’s because towel and sponge strips moisture these item literally soak up water now when using brush or finger the brush is faster day 1 result but your fingers over time like waving will give u better results as your hair grows longer or u can start off using a brush and when u hair gets longer switch to using ur finger key note use this method with wet wet hair or showering especially with longer hair so u can shape in the direction u want ya hair to flow and grow


So if I want true freeform dreds should I just not do any of this?


How long did this take


It's free.99


take a shot every time the kid blinked from 3:36 - 4:10


if i start off a day ago wanting my dreads to be skinny, can i change them to thicker locs during the process or do i gotta pick my hair out and start over?

xtra Shlimy

does it work with straight hair

Eli Booth

I rub in a tennis racket in a circular method, works like a charm.


That’s my cousin lmao


Tony Parker

prince boi

This actually worked and i have like less than 1 inch of hair. Thanks bro

Lupe Wilson

Can u do this with curly hair

King Gee

How long do it takes to lock up

NBA Highlights

It would've been easier with a sponge?

Prod. Hidden Lotus

Use a sock for straight hair. It really helps


Does this work with straight hair like 1a?


i tryd after combing out mine and my hair is sooo hevy that its on the side my head so i cant do it lol

Big lato

Looks nappy


lol how tho

Chef Steven Murry

Was the towel wet cuz imma start it now real tawk. I at 6 inches but looks 3 to 4 inches after it start to curl.


are you from kc gunther??


and its to long to use a ruberband

Trevaughan Hepburn

This helps

bamboo art

I don't see nothing

Ian Fuller

It works pretty good with straight hair too

Mercy Tshokwe

That young man stoned af

Matthew Ryder

Does this work for white people like me aye?


man was smooth with the "free 99"

Daniel Schulze

Why so many ads?


What if my hair one inch?

david mentesnot

Actually if u let it dread it dread so idk

YHWHFearing Guy

Unnecessary can't you do this with your fingers right?

Kelly Ward

What if your mixed and your hair ain’t the same texture what can I do my hair is more thinner


He got the default face


Do you have to do anything when you go to sleep or naa

Ma rlz

But does it work without African American hair??


Keep up great work I just started freeform dreads and they look weird but they will grow

big kid 25

just a tip and no offense but it will work better if you use sponge first then towel and I know this is probably made for people who dont have a sponge but great video Gunther

Antonio Lee

Its free99


Will it work on straight hair?


How long does it take for small dreads

Deez Nuts

Early J Cole be like


I use sponge couse bruh the towel just press my hear down

fan de topa

can i use a cotton towel ?

Penis Gang

Do You still live in KC


i did this with straight hair i now have nappy hair what do i do like i know if i wash it itll be straight again but what if i put like cantu in it


Is the towel wet ?

Sethu Mntungwa

My mom started her dreads like this. It’s quite nice

kayd vlogs

Can you use this method even if you have silky or smooth hair, if not waist can you do

HailePaTi Jaudenes

Yo in your Page,the white guy with locks kill me??‍♂️???


im trying this and it works great but you cant do it too long everyday id suggest 5-10 mins in the morning every other day like, do it one day and skip a day and then do it the next , i did it every day morning and night for a total of 20-30 mins for around 2 weeks and it started thinning which is bad

Men's bath sponge

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Men enjoy bathing at ancient Damascus hammam - 2014

1 272 954 views | 3 Aug. 2015

Syrian men have for

Syrian men have for centuries been bathing in traditional hammams, or bathhouses.

The tradition continues in Damascus today - and provides a brief escape from the turmoil of a country in civil war.


Here in the Al-Malik al-Zahir bathhouse in the old city of Damascus, the timeless tradition of public bathing continues.

It is hard to imagine the conflict raging elsewhere in Syria, when here all is tranquillity.

The sound of splashing water, the patter of wooden clogs, men's quiet conversation.

The hammam is a tradition that goes back centuries and still follows the same routine.

Bathers change out of their clothes, wrap a cloth round their waist and put on a pair of wooden clogs, or "kabkabs".

Attendants hand each bather a bowl containing soap and a sponge.

Bathers then shower before progressing into the inner steam room.

The owner and manager Bassam Kabab says the Al-Malik al-Zahir hammam is more than a thousand years old.

"Al-Malik al-Zahir bathhouse is considered the oldest Hammam in Syria and it might be the oldest in the world," he says. "What I am sure of hundred percent is that it is the oldest in Syria. It was built in 985 A.D. which means it is 1,029 years old."

Once in the steam room, some bathers choose to have an attendant give them an invigorating exfoliating back rub, or a relaxing massage.

At the end, swaddled in fresh robes to dry off, bathers relax with a hot mint tea and a hookah pipe, known an argilah, a water pipe used for smoking flavoured tobacco.

Although the hammam still attracts locals, tourists no longer visit due to the Syrian conflict.

"There are two kinds of customers of the bathhouse: locals and tourists. Nowadays only locals visit the Hammam because tourism is not like in the old days. In winter, locals used to come to the Hammam, while in the spring and summer most of our customers used to be tourists, both Arabs and foreigners," Kabab says.

The Romans introduced public bath houses to Syria when the land was part of the Roman Empire and the tradition has remained popular ever since.

The hammam became an important place for the local community and there used to be hundreds in Damascus alone.

But as modern bathrooms in Syrian homes replace public bathing, the popularity of hammams is waning and there are now fewer than 20 left in the capital, according to research by travel writer Richard Boggs.

The Al-Malik al-Zahir hammam still attracts loyal customers, however:

"I have been coming to the bathhouse my whole life. I have done it for the last 30 or 40 years. It is bliss for me. When I have pain in my feet or back, I come here to get refreshed. I love coming to the bathhouse," says one regular, Khalil.

Although the bathhouse is a tranquil haven, it is still affected by the turmoil of Syria's civil war, which has killed more than 190,000 people and left much of the country in ruins.

"We have problems with the water and electricity, even with the fuel. But we are managing to solve this problem and run the bathhouse," says Kabab.

Although the Syrian capital has been heavily protected by Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces, rebel mortar attacks on government-controlled areas have become daily occurrences.

For his customers, however, Kabab's hammam can provide some respite from the world outside.

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/you...

Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

patoche renaud

humm ça doit être bien pour faire du touche pipi !!!!

John Williams

Hello , I'm from California 40 yrs old single gay,, are you?????.

Ansari Ali

ماشااللہ ۔۔
حلو حمام-
اھلا یا سوریہ،
لا حروب یا اہل ایمان مسلمین -
اللہ امن و حفاظہ اہل مسلیمین -
انا ھندی لیکن انا حب اسلام و
بلاد سوریہ - فی امان اللہ -
- ( الھند ، ساکن الکویت )

Imad Lewizi

صراحة مافي احسن من حمام مغربي يتربع على عرش

aydın oğlu

الحمام مرتع الشواذ الاول

H. Romeu Pinto

Who has had sex in one of these Turkish saunas?

Aairon Parker

Very relaxing

Sandris Lazdins


fantastic man

i missed this place when everything is still ok in Syria. I hate some of my syrian colleagues but I love most of them bcoz of their situation now. but i hope some of these arrogant syrian have to show goodness to their country men

Thomas O'Donnell

Such a civilized experience.

Stop hair fall soon

So ancient

Tamara Santee

I wish that this were captioned / subtitled in English.

Onder Mirza

I was here many times, MAGICAL

سماع وطنش كول وفنش

يخرب بيتن كلن بيطقو براغي لبعض وكان صاحبي ابوزكريا عوده من معضمية القلمون

yellow driver 602

To bad none are gay. Because if they were they would tell and that person would be stoned to death. So I know I would not come out alive. Lolol

Eduardo Viajero

its the video doesnt feature a PERKY sexually repressed WHITE foreigner.

Shams Qasr

Seems like a great experience of the senses... I wanna go!!


Syria has some of the most beautiful masculine young men in the world. Too bad about the deranged religion.

عبدالمجيد صاري

I am Algerian, when the war ends, I will go to my lovely Damascus to bathe there and certainly to have some good Syrian Dick in me coz I have got insatiable deep asshole which could take huge dicks... Are Syrian dicks really big? Who knows?

Jason Smith

Do you know how much a spa like this in the US would cost?

قناه عبدالرحمن المميزه


Chris h.

Oh good - they get all clean, and the first thing they do is smoke those nasty water pipes and get all dirty again.

Work harder for your Dreamz

So hot woww ??


Now I see why they call them BATH HOUSES in America... We have plenty... Just not as Fancy. Have Fun Boys. ?

Bebe B

But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”
And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. 17


Way better than a shower. These men are in tune w their bodies.

Kateryna Stepanova

Hope, all the people in this video are doing well. Hope, they are in the safe place with their loved ones. Hope, it will be peace over the Siriyan land.

nyc nyc

This is a gay bathroom.


I got one of these in Turkey I loved the experience it was great

al Dallika

Another two wonderful video about Damascus
MY TRIP TO SYRIA 2019 ?? رحلتي إلى سوريا / دمشق ٢٠١٩ | Andrawos Bassous

MY TRIP TO SYRIA 2018 ?? رحلتي إلى سوريا / دمشق ٢٠١٨ | Andrawos Bassous


والله توحشت حمام مغربي ديال حومتنا


Handsome Arab men!

nord kristal

Damascus city like

حسين البدر

رحت لحمام اجديد بالحمديه شبعت نيج

افلام الاكشن والاثارة Action and thriller movies

انا خبير مصاج لفرصة عمل اتصل . 212620244414


I want to go there...

Arthuro Sinno

ai eu quero ir la pra trabalhar para segurar a toalhaaa rss cada árabe lindo

Eric Alvarez

Seems pretty gay for them being so homophobic

Roger X

Lo más sucio no se lo lavan

Stone W

For those of you who don't speak Arabic I'll translate for you. "What happens in the steam room stays, stays in the steam room! You say anything and we'll cut your head off and parade it down the streets! You understand? Thought you did. Sh... Now, my brother, welcome! Come on in. (*wink)"

Jorge Jorge

They are so repressive that take a shower wearing a sheet..jajajaj

Gary Flowers

Yes, foreign men are blessed with facial hair and hairy chest!

Chris Gardiner

Love to go here to bathe. Refreshing.

Onder Mirza

Wonderfull hammam in the most magical city in the world. I wish you to get out of war!
I miss this hamam, I miss Kasium, I miss Damascus soooo much.

Fuad foad

Only Allah know what’s going in such bath ?‍♂️??

Mathume Mariri

is. nice

Christopher Canale

Wow I love this wonderful,

saif q

Is it ok in islam ?

Tracy Isaac



1:58 i like herman???

nord kristal

hamam like

didier lamboley

Comment ça doit faire du bien ....

kenny kouches

I don't know why they have these in Argentina, but it was absolutely one of the highlights of my travels to South America. When he finished, i told him let's start over again and it only 4 USD! Best 8 bucks I ever spent!!

Jay Double Gee

(Wink wink)

Nibig Life

I like guy handsome ☺??

Nyoman Prawiro

I pray for Syrian People
May they have recovery & peace as soon as possible
GBU Syrian People
With love from Jakarta Inonesia

Jose García carrasco

I love man árabe my Whatsapp 0034617762964

Ricardo Gonzalez Trujillo

Ese lugar me gustaría visitar para que me hagan masajes, me quitarían este estrés uffff



Dimitri Haddad

1032 years old really interesting


3:57, what the hell was that!?!?! AMAZING

xymena klucznik



The hammam will survive !

HighMax Dezboru

What do they wear at 1:20 ?

Imraz Bashir

I have been there enjoyed alot

Samara Hanin

احلا حمام والله حمام سوريا

happy traveller

We hope that the hamam survived the war in Syria


I am Syrian but never tried this Hammam..
I will soon, it cost 2 to 4 $

John Williams

Hello ,, I'm from California 40 yrs old single gay,, are you?????,,.

Jalila Serraji


سماع وطنش كول وفنش

حمام الملك الظاهر بيبرس شتغلت فيه علدور ابوالحكم ابوفهد وابوعلي الباشا عام 1996

Ricardo Gonzalez Trujillo

No sé qué ritual sea, pero se ve muy agradable el baño, los masajes y los cambios de temperatura

Afizan Weston

Stupid cultures Syiah

Blooming Human

Is this gay hammam?

sam brimo

ohhh are those men doing orgy sex?
what is huge sauna for ?
i hope they are using condoms

Friendly Creature

Hamam = is The Arabic word for Bathroom

Sports Algerien

ليش الفوطه ما في أحلى من إنه الواحد يتحمم من غير لبس

Camp Ari

I find hammans very homo erotic

Mestizo Un solo

I looks like a good place to be a man, and get a great bath and get muscule work out, but that wont work in west

Rawad Rabbat

يخرب بيت جمالو حبيتو الشب ابو الاحمر

Celso Principal

I have a Project of a Sauna. I own a place to build in São Paulo city / Brazil. Interested contact my youtube or my Facebook '' Valdir Nardino '' Thank you.

Julian Solis

El peludo me calento la hormona

Rahmat Sastro

Woow i like it

keltin quesnel

Its a bath house ! Massage with happy endings :)

Elias Makeup


michael caputo

This looks great I'd love to go


What it must be like to be filthy rich and have a huge steam bath room in your castle.

dala bula



I've often wondered why the USA doesn't have places like this


what I personally find "prudish" here in these muslim baths is that they're not naked not even when they have a shower together, that means there is a form of malice and suspicion one towards the other...in various European countries, fortunately, like Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the very northern part of Italy (not to mention Finland orsome others) in saunas etc at least men feel at ease with their own naked bodies in the presence of other men, exactly as it should be, and that's nothing to do with sex or something related to sex


I think is better be naked.. ?

Banseng Stma

nothing to show fuck uppppp

نواف المالكي

الحين مافي بيوتهم حمام يتروشون فيه؟ ؟ ؟ ولا

nord kristal

Chacozi like

mohamed amine kammas

رائع ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Adrian Aden

Mm Mm hood more pls

aziz khan

Why don't they wash their scrotum and anal?

John Future

Hey there I'm from California 34 yrs old single gay are you???

قوانين العقارات

we have this public bathroom in morocco allsso in every town we have

Arnold Stollar

The Koran forbids homosexual contact.