Shea butter for feet

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L'Occitane Shea Butter Intensive Foot Balm with 25% Shea Butter and Allantoin for Dry to Very D...

21 views | 4 Oct. 2020



https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZPDCDJL?tag=ssa12-20 - L'Occitane Shea Butter Intensive Foot Balm with 25% Shea Butter and Allantoin for Dry to Very Dry Feet, Net Wt. 5.3 oz.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Intensive Foot Balm with 25% Shea Butter and Allantoin for Dry to Very Dry Feet, Net Wt. 5.3 oz.Its lime an overnight spa on your feet.

I love this product! It works better than any other foot cream I have used. I use a foot file 2 nights a week after my nighttime shower, put on a decent layer of this cream, put thick sock on and in the morning my feet are so smooth! They stay smooth too!

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 58 years. This, I have extremely dry skin. All of the products that I use from this line, hand cream, foot cream and body cream, are wonderfully moisturizing.

My only complaint...

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support.

Shea butter for feet

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Hand & Foot Whitening Amazing Formula

1 020 415 views | 31 May. 2018

Want to get smooth,

Want to get smooth, whiter, lustrous, wrinkle free hands, legs and feet? Then try this super whitening natural formula.

This amazing whitening formula will not only lighten your dark hands legs and feet but will also help fade away existing imperfections , wrinkles thus leaving your legs and hands noticeably fairer, silky, glowing and irresistible smooth.

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/snehasubhadarshini/

Link to some of the products used in this video

Good Vibes Coldpressed Olive Oil - https://goo.gl/mrK8Z3

Shea Butter - https://goo.gl/9zx5Q3

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remove large pores, open pores and blackheads


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Disclaimer: This video is only intended for the informational purpose.Any information associated with this video should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by beauty, diet and healthcare professionals.Readers are subjected to use this information at their own risk.This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this..

Madhu Garudkar

Can we use mustard oil instead of olive oil plz tell me na

Mehreen Shaik

Plzzshare the shelflife

judi Sajid

Rice floor or masoor ko dal ko face py b use kr sakty hy.

mega elsa

Mam can I use coconut oil instead of olive oil

Sophie's world

Shea butter is not Easily available every where

amna afzal

Can i use this scrub on my face in winter

tamanna rahman

can I skip alo vera gel


Guys use subminal this is best way to change your dna

Honey almas

?????? its just wow
I used this awesome scrub just now ?????

Margie A Carrell

Beautiful hands...you should do that on an older persons hand to see the difference

Esther Babalola

Thanks for shating ! Can we use natural Aleo-vera? What's the yellow thing called ? Thank youu.

Anu paul

Can we use coconut oil instead of olive oil


can i add lemon into it?

a banupriya

mam i didnt get red lentil instead of that what i have to use pls rep mam

Bashee Angel

Voice is not clear nd good?

Jyoti singh

How many days this remedie..to get result?


This idiot is using this shitty remedy on her very fair skin. Oooooh I'm soooooooooooo impressed by her results! Moron.

Amtul Wassy

Mam plz apply the reamide with a dark person

Vikas Mishra


mehak rana

Hello dear! which company aleo vera you have used???


Is there any substitute for butter ?

Nizar Femina Neha Faizan

My name is neha

Precious Mano

Can we use glycerin instead of olive oil...?

Rapiya Ramasamy

Insted of seah butter, vasline seahbutter and choco can use?

Poorni Gowda

Super voice

Blessy Biju

Any malayalies

Vikas Mishra


Fashion fever Forever

Hello friends plz visit my channel mai dresses video upload krti hu aap purchase bhi kr skte ho bahut hi unique aur latest collection milega plz subscribe my channel

Zehra Pasha

Who else is watching this in quarantine to look beautiful after reopening ???

Rina Rajbhar

Your hands are already fair in complexion.. So how could we see the difference...

Kamal Jeet Kaur Mahla

Mam coconut oil le le

Kinda SeXy

Can I apply this on my back? Because it is very dark than my entire body

Azeez Ulla

Instead of olives oil wecan use vitamins E

Qurat Ul Ain

You are British if not why you speak in english Urdu our national language use it

Aashna Khan

Excellent I'll definitely try this ? mam where are you from?

Rapiya Ramasamy

Instead of olive oil we use coconut oil?

Khadija. Laiwad

Who tried it

S. Tanveer

Hi, Can u plz tell me if we can use this Remedy on our underarms, bikini area and pubic area and area under breasts and face in short our full body? Since we all must have issues of dark spots and it will be u answering all of our queries thx

Naheed Khan

Thank you so much ❤️ is really really good ?


Stop asking for trying on dark complexion person. She knows it won't work... ?????

jocker Bgg


Huma Shahid

I never believed on this kind of remedies but By God this have worked for me.. I saw a change on my hands even after one application. Any one watching this video try this out on continuous basis because ut definitely works.. Thanks to you❤️?

kidco candy

Can we apply on face also??


New subsciber here... support mee too??

Bharati Naik


shafique ahmed

Dear sis plz shear new tips Mila how remove

Shiv priya Slohar

Face ke Liya effective ya nenhi

Santhi Santhi

Face whitening best night cream please

Puspo Chowdry

Alovera jel it is why. Or patanjali alovera Nahi tatka aloba. Konta. Plz mam replay me.


Hi ... I'm ur new subscriber..

Sabaimran Imran

Nice maam i will try n tell u

Anam Shakoor

Can we make powder of these ingridients after wetting?

Aashi Zorheb

Video starts at 1:00

Beauty By Zaini

To know all the palour tricks vist my chanal

Soia Pauulu

Can't tell the difference with you being so white already

Sushma Yadav

Mam is remedy ko Week me Kitni bar krna h plz reply mam

nausheen asif

Should rice be washed and dried before grinding into powder

Saloni Singh

Please keep your formula in your packet

lonely gacha

Hi sneha can we use for face?plz reply

Alem Lkr

Can I use fresh aloevera?
Plzz reply....

Anju Jadhav

Dear u r very beautiful...ur skin is God's gift

Khatoonbi Khatoonbi

I am 14 can I use

Vamsi Krishna

Why are you telling so much unwanted science? We don’t know the science u are telling is true

Teddy's pet's grooming with hanu anu

Need full whitening skin cream

Mina Biswas

It's a fake, she wants only for million like and trp her own youtube channel for money....

meerab ali

Khud k hath tu kaly hen

Meow Meow

Not aloe vera, Call it Alu veera gel ?
We are inspired by Like if u agree?

Coolest star

you are already very fair
take demo on normal complexion lady

Mi Mi

I like the recipe but I don't know why her voice repulses me


Nice video

راء الوادعي

Thank you for writing the ingredients in the video .. I love you so much and benefited a lot from your recipes .. Follow you from Yemen ???

Sushma Yadav

Mam iske jgh pr koi aur moisturizer hm use kr skte h plz reply mam

Mamta Nayak

Mam hindi me bhi baat kr Liya kro

Afaq Ahmad

Mam..If we use amul butter instead of Shea butter..than there is nothing bcoz..I don't have any unsalted butter..

Padma Tagore

Ur hands already fair how can see the difference. I'm not satisfied

Sharii Rajpoot

How beautifully you speak

Nimra Abdul Rasheed

Your hands are already beautiful. Do this on dull hands and show the results


Can we apply this remedy for face

Naaz Naaz

Please share the remedi on wrinkles undereye

nusrat beeharry

Can coconut oil or baby oil be used instead of butter???


Is there any substitute for olive oil ?



Meeta Sahay

Can I use this scrub on my face..plz reply

Hanna Ruhomally

Do a video on other hand bkz your is fair

kavya nainita

Can we replace olive oil??


can i use on my face

Alem Lkr

Can I use coconut oil in place of olive oil?
Plz reply...

Nilofer Khan

Ma'am you are already fair, please do a demo on wheatish or dark skin tone.

Gudiya Bajaj

Ur so amizinng ilikeurallvideomadam godblessuji

Then mozhi Manimaran

Is it gram flour

about life of stars

It really works. I also use ۔

Shvarikris Ms

Can we use on face?

Vikas Mishra


b.f m

great video . is it suitable for face ? can i use it daily?

Bjørn Shewar

Is it ok to use this scrub on your face?

Kashaf Kanwal

Can we use coconut oil In place of olive oil

Larry Bekoe

Please can I use It to whiten my body

Sureka Sahye

Thank u so much for this video

Javed Khan

Aapke haath bahut pyare hai ?????????

Shea butter for feet

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43 442 views | 10 Oct. 2017


HEY SOSA SQUAD, So a subscriber requested that I do a foot care routine and I kept my word and recorded this simple routine. Hopefully you'll find this video to be helpful.




4 in 1 Foot Care


Dove Soap

African Shea Butter




If you have any ideas or questions email me:

[email protected] (yes, one "e" on sammie)


Instagram: __sammieesosa

Twitter: @sammieesosa__

Snapchat: samantha0051



The voice says I'm almost out of minutes

Girl, i love your accent

Satirical / Sartorial

Honeyyyy, this ain't for me but I listened with intention at the business and successful part! Great reading, thank you. 11:11

Saify Uddin

Beatiful feets..

Seton Grear

how many times do you do this a week??


I am going to try this tonight. I have plenty of Dove soap and my feet are overdue for a pedicure. thank you for sharing!

Ezel Grier

Best footjob ever

Reigning Womban

Pretty feet! Real talk video! Subbed and notification gang because you are too real, okay? Yes, okay! And no, no one wants their feet to smell like bunky butt!! ???

Kayla Lopez

Loved it

I'ts me

I had to go see a podiatrist for a ingrown toenail and that podiatrist told me the metal part that look like a cheese grater is not good to use on your feet

The Greatest

Pretty ass feet

Jasmine Karl

Uggg I loved that little rascals reference almost as much as I love all your vids!

Black Megatron

lets date lol

kendra janaee

Lupus herpes strep in area besides throat

Diet eat healthy

Not soul food

Kimberly Jones

Man some of these foot lovers in your comments need to drop you some coints. ????


I think shea butter stinks too ?

Lakesha Pitts

I love that you are completely yourself! This video is amazing?


I have the same exact thing

Mammy Belle

How do you not slip in the shower!!

Melissa Robinson

Can you do an interview grwm type video, like what to wear and how to know what questions to ask? idk, something like that...oh and also thanks so much for being real in your videos!! it’s really rare on youtube nowadays :)

Nicholas Hanley

Lol keep ya feet up and take care of yo self

Tyla Riviere

??????? Girl! Im only a minute in and cracking up

Johnson ozzie

Do a painting toes video after you get out the shower your feet are awesome ???

Julie Ramos

Thanks for sharing love your feet ?

Itz Mais


nich v

Where do you buy just plain shea butter?

Jennifer Lopez

Yes girl! We love a clean foot Goddess!

Jenny Oyster

“Bunkyyy butt...” I cannot, omg, lol ???????????. But your feet are so beautiful, girl. In Iove ❤️❤️✨✨.

My love Ghjkk

Nice feet ????????❤️❤️

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its getting closer

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The alfalfa note sent me ? & never have I ever heard of musty toes LOL!

Evelyn Dovale

I loved this video. Thank you so much. Also, you are so real, luv it????????

Brianna Sykes

Hello where did yu get your Shea butter?

G Lopez

You got nice feet Sammie

Casto Jeannys

Lol your foot is clean already


Daddy love how those feet look!!!!! ?


i appreciate how straight and to-the-point this video is! JUST what a came for, nothing more, nothing less. ❤️


Cute toes ?

Win With Keshia

Great thank you ☺️ I have all of this already in my house


Great video

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Footjobs are great

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Syntax Error

Next time you just hold the camera and let me do that for you. So pretty.