Makeup for 60 year olds

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Makeover On My Mom! Over 60! Mature Skin + Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial

231 096 views | 22 Jun. 2016

Mature skin, hooded eye

Mature skin, hooded eye makeup Tutorial on my mom! Over 60!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial on my mom! She will be 69 years old this weekend! I think she looks great. My mom doesn't wear makeup often(we are complete opposites when it comes to this!) but she loves to get dolled up on occasion. June 18th happened to be my parent's 49th wedding anniversary(yes, she got married young!) so I asked her if I could film us doing her makeup.

It takes a lot of courage for ANYONE to appear on camera with bare skin. I applaud my mom for not being afraid, and for showing that beauty can be found at ANY age!!!

As I mention in the intro, so many video's for "mature skin" focus on women like me, in their 40's. However, skin can change dramatically in the decades that follow, and I feel that videos on women 60+ are few and far between. I hope this video encourages those of you who are in that age group to try some new things, and that this inspires you to bring out your inner glam goddess!! All women are beautiful, regardless of age!!

Thank you for watching and please COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!!

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Please also check out my blog. www.risadoesmakeup.com


Products used:

Smashbox Pore Refining Primer


MAC Studo Fix Fluide NC40


Lorac Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow Primer


Perfekt Concealer "Luminous"


Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream


Ben Nye Luxury Powder "Banana"

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer


Anastasia Brow Gel


Anastasia "Modern Renaissance" palette


The Balm Meet Matte(Trimony)


Jay Manuel Beauty Cream Eyeliner


MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash


Manna Kadar C2 powder


Japonesque Velvet Touch blush in #3


Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight Celestial Powder


Jordana Honey Dip lip liner

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick "Naked"


Anastasia Beverly Hills gloss in "Undressed"


MAC Fix+ spray


candice german

Love how you did your mom's makeup .. you look so much like your mom ...

Kimberly Dunn

Risa...Your mom is just lovely! I really appreciate and enjoyed both looks on your mom!! Since I am blue-eyed with lighter hair—I tend to watch makeup tutorials that are more like my coloring! That’s how I started watching you many years ago! You did a fabulous job— I am thankful for all you do! Almost 100,000 subscribers!! Love ? to Both of You xoxo ? ??

laura sanderson

Same era here I guess . Baby oil & iodine ?

Cindy Diane

She looks fantastic!

Grace Cakes

Love!!!! ❤️ And your mom looks beautiful, I’m 48, time to learn some make-up tricks, I’m still doing the same routine I did in my 20’s, eventually that won’t work. LOL

Su Den


Joy Archer

Lovely ! from a 65 year old... we are still young !

Deborah Narendorf

She looks gorgeous!


Pretty!!!! Wonderful...
The only thing I would do is maybe sheer out the foundation down her neck.:)
Ok gotta ask, if I buy one neutral palette, what is your favorite with out fall out?


Your mom is beautiful.  Good job with makeup.

christina williams

Great job on your mom happy anniversary your mom looks so great

Ruperta Delgado

La dejastes toda parchosa ala pobre señors

Marisol Rosales

She got a nice neck, no wrinkles.

Kathryn Luddeke

Wow! She looks amazing!


Wow your mom is so pretty..... of course she gave you that too... love watching you...

Sandrea White

She looks amazing. I’m 67. Thank you for the tips.

Linda Schrunk

Love this ❤️❤️❤️



Cyndi Ziegler

Beautiful!!! I am 63 and so happy I found you per recommendation by Lisa J. I am a makeup junkie...have more oily skin!! Am waiting to get to a Mac or Nordstrom and try the foundations you recommend...I like and need full coverage!!!! Great tips!!!! Yaay! I am going to Vegas Monday, May 13, 2019 to Saturday...Yaay! Cloudy and cool today in Colorado!!!

Marie Kiely

She looks beautiful im 61 and cant get it right

Marian Smartt

Your momma is BEAUTIFUL! And you did such a wonderful job on her makeup! Xoxo

Lisa Richter

Great job on mom! She looks absolutely beautiful! ?I just turned 57 and been trying my darndest to get my more mature look going on! Thank you for this and again tell your mom she's beautiful!

Janice Mcgill

She looks beautiful. Well done

Evi Schoteldraaijer

This make up is simply amazing on your gorgeous mom! You totally nailed it and I will try this on my mom who has the similar skin tone!

carole clare

Your Mum looks beautiful. I love make up but nearing 60 it’s my eyes that I struggle with. My friend who is 70 has asked me to do a make over on her and she has hooded eyes and like your Mum doesn’t wear make up day to day so it’s been a great help watching you and the order you do each stage too. Thank you, keep your fingers crossed for me! ???

Pat Deneen

Agree with Denise below, it was a joy seeing an older woman having her makeup done. Older women do have special considerations & you nailed them!

Tonia Studstill

Your mama is very beautiful!

sherri carr

Very nice, Mom!!

Anne H

Love the time stamp! And the tutorial!

Mean While

Just WOW

Josette Gillam

Your mom is beautiful! I'm only 45 but I'm aging horribly no matter what I do so this tutorial means alot to me. Thank you so much

Alba Kambouris

What do you little circles

Watcher in the Woods

Very nice :)

Cynthia Mahoney

You look especially gorgeous in this video,Risa? And Mom looks fabulous(not 69!),great job!

June Larguinha

You did a great job, I was skeptical but you proved me wrong.



Luce Marchand

Very informative thank you and you mom looks great!

ms_minerva&hotmail.co.uk Bogan

Wow. Fabulous mum . What a great tutorial.

Lisa S From Ohio

My mom is 89 I love to do her makeup and she likes it too. Whenever we go to the doctors or store I go to her house early and do her makeup. I’m going to do a lot more now that I’ve watched you. Ha! Your mom looked beautiful.

Myrna Vitti

Wow awesome Risa. Your mom is beautiful?

Annia Maria

Beautiful thank you for the share!!

Farida Munawar

thank you so much for the make up who age 68.

Lynda Nga Nguyen


June Hutcheon

wow beautiful she is the same age as me and I will be doing this thank you

Prayer Warrior

Wow, your mom's eyes are like mine. She's looks so beautiful. Thank you and HER for doing this video. Her lips are just like mine too. I hardly have any top lip (or bottom either) at all, even less. Would you please show how to over line barely there older lips like this?, especially the top. (I don't think it would be good for daytime, it would look too fake, I agree with your mom's choice, But for an evening out I'd like to know). Thank you!

Diane Skahill

Great job she looks beautiful ??

Mary Costa

I just watched this and you’ve done an awesome job on your Mom and I’m happy that you didn’t make her look gaudy, she looks so beautiful! Thanks for all the great tips!

Rhonda S

Your mom is so pretty. I just turned 50 but often am thought to be in my early 30s. But I have to say everyday I feel like I'm going to suddenly wake up with wrinkles. Seeing how beautiful your mom is at almost 20 years older gives me hope. And you did a fabulous job.

Berta Diaz

We need to age gracefully, there is nothing wrong with that, and it is beautiful

laura sanderson

I’m a makeup lover at sixty one & my skins entirely different than it was at fifty eight ! Love your channel ???

Stacey Evans

Wow your mom looks gorgeous!

Linda Schrunk

This was so much fun to watch. I'm 60 and need all the help I can get!
This video reminded me of my mom ❤️❤️❤️????

Deborah Narendorf

She looks gorgeous!


At first I was doubtful but,Wow!, the finished look is fantastic! Your Mom is gorgeous!

marlene kerrmarlene

always wonder why you cant use the same primer on you eyes that was used on face

stephanie cockrell


Mary Eckerman

Absolutely beautiful. You can do my make up anytime!

Elizabethann Ferrario

Hi may I just say your mum looks very elegant !

cindy pruitt

Very pretty !

Sue Tridle

She looks so pretty !

Sandra Owen

Gorgeous mommy...thanks for sharing!

Nancy Bass

Thanks for doing your mom’s make up. I am 60 and have pretty good skin, but definitely need tips for more mature skin.

Stephanie Preston-Mullins

Such a great video, your MoM looks beautiful, you did a wonderful job on her ?makeup! Thank you both for the video, we appreciate it!! ❤???

Rosa Coria

Your mom was 69? Wow she looked young.. honestly she looked good with or without make..beautiful lady ❤️❤️

Wendy Manning

What a great tutorial! I’m 60 and have always been a make-up “collector,” but now I’m looking for ways to apply it without scaring small children ( lol ). One of the many things I took away from this video was blend blend blend. I’d love to see more tutorials for mature women, once a month maybe? By the way, your mom is really beautiful.


She looks gorgeous and does not look 69.

No Sleep

Risa I see this video is about 4 years old but I must tell you it's the best I've ever seen. Your Mother is absolutely Gorgeous and has the skin tones that we all longed for! I bet she got the best and darkest tan☺ among all of us, back in the day!
The best thing about her is her little smile that she often broke into while you and she were filming ?. We just know that she is a great mom and lovely woman??

wendy albrecht

You did such a fantastic job with your Mom! She looks gorgeous and years younger than 69! Congratulations to both your Mom and Dad!



Gloria Dorlich

? Beautiful ⚘


Your Mum looks lovely !

kathy drumm

Your mom is a doll. Lovely tutorial.

Tammy Henry

Your mom looks wonderful

Caterina Iona

Absolutely and utterly amazing job! Congratulations!

Jacey Lataire

Mom looks exquisite!!!

laura sanderson

I’m 62 & wear makeup every day ???

Glenda Jones

I really enjoyed seeing your make up tutorial for mature skin. Your mom looked so lovely! I am looking forward to seeing more videos.

Shelly Pfluger

Looks great. Personally I can't imagine putting that much product on my face.

L Meadows

Rita,.I love your lip color...what do you have on please?

Jo Gosa

Absolutely beautiful! Love her smile!

Terra V.

Very nice job!

Vianna M

Which 4 or 5 brushes do you recommend as a must have for SMALL eyes? Also, a very thin brush for lining the eyes at the base of the lashes (no wing or maybe just a mini one)..

vickie marshall

wow! simply stunning!!!

Zilverina P

Beautiful ???

PattyAnne Lee

I love this video and you, for including your mother in it. That just says so much to me about your heart! Her final look was amazing, she is gorgeous. I'm 60. My issues are my lashes and brows are so light. I had false eyelashes put on at a salon, the kind that go on your own lashes, paid a lot of money, and they don't curl, you aren't suppose to curl them, and they are short. Stylist said bigger ones are unhealthy for your lashes???? Going to get my brows died tomorrow, I don't like applying brow powder makeup, because it doesn't look natural. You have so many steps to your makeup in this set on your mom, I wouldn't go through all that, but I love her concealer and powders. I don't think I would like the feel of that much on my face. I thank you very much for sharing this. You are a doll!

Little Bunny Britches Nursery Tracy Torres

Is there any way to reduce the appearance of lines under the eyes. I am 45 and I’m having issues with using the translucent powder under my eyes. I hate the way it shows my lines under my eyes. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated

Berta Diaz

Your mom is beautiful

Berta Diaz

I can not believe how good she looks, her neck area ? no wrinkles

Tami Slate

Be mine

Kris Leonard

Mom looks great! Hope they had a great time!

Terri Ferro

Wow she is so beautiful. Her smile is wonderful. make-up looks incredible

Lynn Dimiceli



Love it.

Margaret Johnston

Large pores are the problem and I like good cover makeup.Tell your mam she looks good .THANKS FOR VIDEO.

Paula Cain

Great results

Pamela Williams

She was beautiful to begin with but wow you shaved off 20 years I swear could you come to my house and do my makeup for me everyday lol

Kathy W

Oh my gosh. You took her natural color and turned it orange and harsh. You can see the demarcation line on her neck. This wasn't even close to her natural shade. It seems like you just tried to match her dyed hair.

Terese Metz

You have gorgeous skin!  

Diedra Payne

You did a beautiful job on a gorgeous Mom! She does not look her age and wears makeup so well. You two were delightful! ???. Thank you...I miss ny lovely Mom.

Sandy Bowman

Wow Rosa your mum looked Iovely when she came on camera but the make-up you did made her look gorgeous. Great tips and blend, blend, blend. Thank you so much. Lots of love Sandy ??

Makeup for 60 year olds

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Very Simple Makeup GRWM/Over 60 Beauty

75 069 views | 8 Jan. 2019

I appreciate everyone

I appreciate everyone watching. It means so much to me.

#over60 #simplemakeup #GRWM

If I use an affiliate link, I will put a non-affiliate link underneath it. The reason for this is affiliate links can stay on your computer for 30 days, and if you buy other items, I could receive a commission from it. So if you don't clear your cookies, you might want to use the non-affiliate link.

Trish McEvoy Brow Pencil:

Affiliate: https://go.magik.ly/ml/8llz/

Non Affiliate: https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/trish-mcevoy-precision-brow-shaper/2956279

Lorac Palette:

Affiliate: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jeos/

Non Affiliate: https://www.ulta.com/pro-palette?productId=xlsImpprod4500053

Kat Von D Shade & Light Brush:

Affiliate: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jeoy/

Non Affiliate: https://www.sephora.com/product/shade-light-eye-contour-brush-P395371

Sigma E45 Brush:

Affiliate: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jep3/

Non Affiliate: https://www.sigmabeauty.com/e45-small-tapered-blending.html#

I also used Benefit Rockateur Blush, Mac Spice lip liner, and Buxom Poison Nectar lipstick.

Nisha's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXzy6zjssCE

Instagram: http://instagram.com/msmelissa55/

My Amazon Page: These are all the things I order from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/shop/melissa55?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp

Email: [email protected]

FABULOUS WOMEN ON YOUTUBE" (women over 45) PLEASE CLICK HERE.. http://ohcarolshow.blogspot.com/

Elle is for Living's list: Mature Women of YouTube: http://maturewomenofyoutube.blogspot.... 100+ Fabulous Women of 45+!

"Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)"


Too much talking at the beginning lost me...wish you could have just got to the subject. ?

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink

Very helpful video!!!Doing our spare eyebrows in our age.not that easy!!Loved your eye tutorial too!I have been told that shimmer on your eyelids are No No!You`re looked great with it!!!. But you are a natural beauty..wow.I am following Nisha :SugerPuffAndFluff too..she is amazing and so are you!!Much love from an 66 years old lady from Norway!


I don't like lower lid eyeliner on mature women like me----I think it ages us.

Angelika Schaefer

no professional

Lynne Hunt

Beautiful! Great video. Thank you Melissa ?Lynne Hunt


You are incredibly gorgeous, and I love learning make-up tips from women over 50. You remind me of my beautiful, lovely mama ?✨

Jaz Goddess

I’m pretty sure I have no business being here at 26 ??? but I love your personality and style . So funny how your style is so close to mine . I’ve learned so much so far . Please continue to put out great content

valerieann cummings

teeth talk about your teeth are they capped false or your just lucky


Thank you! AlwYs love your GRWMs!

Barbra Luce

one of Youtube's most beautiful and personable women. Your look today looks so natural and pretty.

Cindy P

I love that you have that same coloring as me where shadows don't show up as much as they do on other people (and certain colors not at all). And that's why we can use a dark neutral and have it show up as a cool toned gray/taupe. Don't know if you've ever noticed that but I have because I just can't wear the same as most people. Thanks for sharing, I'd love to know what color she's using on your hair and if you're having highlights done over the solid color? xo

Esoteric Fitness

Hello Melissa ?️?‍?


Every Millennial: “What’s a record?” ???

Ale Freedom

The Real wonder woman

Living Truth




Anna Hanu

Come on ladies. How many "palettes" do we need .

Merysmile Teofila

ciao Melissa, remember me Barbara Streisand, I love, by, thanks

Veronica M.

Very beautiful. And you looks young!!


Your gorgeous

S. Hoover

Thank you so much for keeping it simple! As I get older I dont want to use a ton of makeup and complicated techniques.

نجاة حمص


78 pink

I always enjoy you and find you so inspiring.

I have lost track of myself over the years... and am now trying to find my way back to myself. :)

Margot Tik

What a beauty ! I would like to look like you , and i'm just 33 . Hello from France !


Do you have thick hair or wear contacts


You sound like Texas!

Wendy Dewar Hughes

People who use contour are aiming for the face contours that you have naturally.


What brand face wash and skin type you have what face scrub you use and how often do you toner for your face what moisturizer you use

Dana Lynn Olds

EXCELLENT! Thanks for sharing.

Let It Roll

What do you do for the skin on your hands and arms? Your hands look so young. I don't see any blue veins showing through the skin. That seemed to creep up on me so fast and look much older than my face. Odd. Any tips? Thank you! ?


You are beautiful with or without makeup.....

Luiz Ferreira

Bella.....always.........monica from Florida...

Dinah Khollman

Beautiful!!Thank You??

S. A

You are so beautiful.... your bone structure, skin, your thin, and your elegant... this woman is the whole package... I wish to be as equally beautiful as I will get your age after 40 years....


Hi Melissa! I LOVE the simple explanation of the eyeshadow placement! I think some You Tubers forget some of us are waaay behind you guys on the make up techniques. I just need step by step lessons!
God bless???

Cyndy Fisher

Beautiful! Us Southern ladies have to keep it real! Lol!

Mary D

Major orbs 7:35ish and at the end after she turns her head and says have a "wonderful week or New Year.. WOW!!!! someone on the other side really loves her :) !!!! The video was really helpful and you are so pretty! Thank you

Rebecca Hanson

You sound like your from my neck of the woods here in Tennessee. You look very very good for your age. you cant be over 40.

Darnelle Lawshe

Beautiful! It's a simple, natural look. You remind me of the actress Bo Derek. So pretty! Thanks for sharing.?

Kim McMahon

Love your foundation. What brand do you use? Very pretty

Sandra Perkins

That is a beautiful look. You look amazing x

Debbie Rushing

She's already beautiful without make-up!

Daphne's Beauty

Hi Melissa! i enjoyed this so much! You created a beautiful look. I love organising and sorting and when you get started, it's hard to stop! Lol! Have a wonderful day. Much love, xoxo Daphne <3

Carla Semancik

Hi Melissa! Can you please tell us the name of the foundation.. primer and concealer you used also? Thank you!


You are so beautiful without or with make up <3

Cyndy Fisher

I really need help with sagging skin above eye.


You are so beat! I look forward to more videos soon!

Susan Cassar

Such a fake

Candie Chatman

Beautiful you got a beautiful smile love your enthusiasm about makeup me to ??

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink

How do you keep your young look?????????????????????Your skin are beutiful!and I loved yor hair!No extension??!!I hate botox and plastic operations..but I did Loved this video........lots of hugs from only me..66years old..


Hi Melissa, Can you please direct me to the website you bought the inexpensive pencil skirts you were raving about in a former video? I need to purchase a few for work. Thank you so much!

Kat c

Beautiful lady please tell what kind of moisturizer you use your face is just Flawless beautiful

Konstantina V.


Tessa Robinson

Love your videos! could you please tell me what colour blonde your hair is?

Cathy Whiting

I was curious to watch this, but a few minutes in I can't handle the incessant talking

Suzanne Rochester

I am now 69 is it too late for me

Marlene Calderon

I just come here to see how beautiful Melissa have become

Neecy Watson

New subbie. You are so pretty. You don’t look like you’re that age stated. Wow!!!! Direct my 66 self to the “fountain of youth” you found. Looking forward to viewing your videos.?

All That Beauty With Lori

Hi Melissa, I have some of my palettes in a box as like you do, but now as many, as I have, I might have to change that. I need to pull out my Lorac Pro original too, I haven't used it for a long time now. Thank you for sharing, and you did a beautiful look, I enjoyed spending time with you. xoxo <3

Hanella TV

Very nice:)


Glad I found your channel. I’m headed on the right direction when it comes to aging.

Suzi Hazlove

Oh nooooo. That skin was what I wanted to see... foundation , primer, glow????


What color blonde are you and what brand


Your voice personality and looks your so sweet God keep you for how wonderful you are to people and such


You look SO BEAUTIFUL with green and this make-up!

Nanna Patty

Thank you and your so beautiful.

Kathy Brentlinger

Thank you


7:38 what was that ?

Delka DAB

I just found you. Your so pretty. You don't look your age at all. You showed us a simple and classy look, I appreciate that so much. I am subscribing to your channel.

Carolyn LaPota

Loved your video. Very helpful. First time I have watched you. I would love to know what foundation you have on and if you used a powder. You look glowing. Also do you use a eye primer or face primer? As a 71 year young active woman I like to look put together but casual. Also my husband and son are getting professional pictures made in two weeks, so started looking at videos for help. I have liked your video the best ?

Donna Woodward

You look amazing in that top you are wearing, the color and turtleneck, my goodness. How you can look even more beautiful than when you wear your off the shoulder tops is incredible.

Lisa M

Ok honestly, I can't tell if you look more beautiful with your makeup on or off! Thanks for sharing, I haven't been by here in awhile, glad your are still here! ?

Rylee Isabella

Just found you few days ago and I had to subscribe you because who doesn’t!
You are skin is incredible but I like your kind and honest personality as much as your beautiful face:) and I like your cute southern accents. I have a same palette but I haven’t used for almost a year. I just got tired of the way I use so this look gives me more variety and would like to try it. Your skin care inspires me to start taking care of my skin more seriously. I’m 43 and after 40 I noticed my skin start sagging and looks dull. Thank you!

Women 65 and Over

Do u use Juviderm or Restalyne between your brows?

Veronica Posteraro


Toni MarCo

Oh sweet Melissa!! What a beauty you are! My forever name twin? xo! Toni


So beautiful! Xxxxxxx

Susan Cassar



You're in your 60's? You look great! You can pass for 40 plus.

Nico Eeek.

Wow you are stunning!!! Happy to have found your channel .Can you tell us where your jewellery is from? ( Sorry if you already have, bout to binge on your videos )

Linda Pesnell

❤️ Thank You ❤️

Cammie Rountree

Melissa, PLEASE share where you got your earrings from. I love em!!! ? ?

Eliza101 101

When you started you had

How about starting with 'nothing' on your face ?

The Summerland

beautiful lady and lovely personality, warm and shining,,,I prefer to use cruelty-free..I was a makeup artist in film for years and prefer to not support companies that test on animals

Gabrielle olorunda

My God you need nothing. You are Beautiful. XX

Suzi Hazlove

Can you make a video. About thinking hair and what you did.
And how you got that color.

Ja Mo

Very pretty. Thank you

Sher Jack

You look stunning ?

Kat c

Beautiful just beautiful you are can you please come to my house I need to declutter


Love this video!  So pretty!  Thank you for sharing! New subscriber!

Lisa Kelly

Color, brand of lipliner and lipstick pretty please.

MaryAnn Kass

You are the cutest! I just love your personality. I am 43 and taking notes!!!!!! You look like you are in your 40’s! Stunning! ?

Ming Yager

Please tell us how you have such fabulous teeth and how you get them to shine so!

Jennifer S

Love the turtleneck Melissa! Very pretty on you.

Lynn Fishman RN

Hey Melissa great to see you here.

Monika Engel

You soo pretty and remind me actor Catherine Oxenberg.

Age Well for Life

You are so beautiful. I tell so many people about you and your channel because they need to see you to believe.

Donna Bowman

I'm relatively new, but just loving you. Can you tell me what strength Rentin a you use? I'm sure you've said, but I'm TRYING to catch up with ya...


Soooo pretty?

Dolores Moore

Omg you are so gorgeous!

Makeup for 60 year olds

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Foundation Demo/After 60 Beauty

200 248 views | 2 Feb. 2017

I appreciate everyone

I appreciate everyone watching. It means so much to me.

thelala0825's LM foundation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpPH83ZUthQ&t=733s

These are not affiliate links. I paid for all products myself. Be sure to use your Ebates to receive money back on your shopping:


Foundation: http://www.sephora.com/silk-creme-oil-free-photo-edition-foundation-P136022?skuId=1677632&icid2=products%20grid%3Ap136022

Shape Tape concealer: http://tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-shape-tape-contour-concealer

Paint Pot in Painterly: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13840/1573/products/makeup/eyes/shadow/pro-longwear-paint-pot#/shade/Painterly

Tarteist Pro Palette: http://www.sephora.com/tarteist-pro-amazonian-clay-palette-P413177?skuId=1876549&icid2=products%20grid:p413177

Rockateur Blush: http://www.sephora.com/rockateur-box-o-powder-blush-P379987?keyword=Rockateur&skuId=1539253&_requestid=611831

Mac lipliner in Spice: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13852/340/products/makeup/lips/lip-pencil/lip-pencil#/shade/Spice

Tom Ford lipstick in Spanish Pink: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/tom-ford-lip-color/3221871

Instagram: http://instagram.com/msmelissa55/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010272368507

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MelissaFifty5

Snap Chat: msmelissa55

email: [email protected]

"Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)"


Please watch: "Sunday Family Vlog/Over 60 Life & Beauty"



Susie Welchman

Mellissa you have the most beautiful eyes even without makeup and your skins is so aglow without all the makeup you are so beautiful ?

CLARA3952 koss

pretty tops

M Sherazi

I know this isnt a new video, but Melissa you look like a fashion model. You are obviously photogenic and your physique! ?

Surgicaltoolbox RN Health Beauty

You routine is so simple and natural yet gorgeous

Claudia Scott

Hi Melissa, great tutorial. Question why did you not use the same concealer for your upper eye (brow area).

Stella Normandy

Wow, u r beautiful and u r shining. U have a glow that is obviously natural from within... I don't know how to describe it but am sure it's clear to everyone watching this video. God bless you

terri pardo

Who puts on make up with big earrings on? And you moved around shaking constantly no thanks

Surgicaltoolbox RN Health Beauty

Tell me what rollers you used I would love to know the hair routine. Are they hot?

Señora Gonzalez

Omg I’m always shocked by how beautiful your are. You look like your 45 years old. Cute tops


Waww !! You are so beautiful and young !!✋✋

Vickey Cook

What is the name of your hot rollers. Also where do I get them. Thanks for sharing. I just love you and your beautiful self.

Gloria Golemboski

Would you tell us if you've had shots or fillers. Great skin.

Debbie Debbie

Omg you are beautiful with or without your makeup and your skin is incredible.

Joni Bernard

You are so sweet, just a delight to watch, Thank YOU! :)

Jade Stan


Claudia Cortezano

You are so beautiful !! Thx for your tips .

Debra Irvin

I love your natural look... beautiful!


have you done a teeth care and dental procedures video? are you wearing prosthetics?


Your over 60? You look very good ?

Bonnie Brazda

You look gorgeous!! Where are your rollers from?

Rachelle Capra

You are so beautiful! I'm blown away that you are in your 60's!!


have you had any fillers

Sue Silva

You even look gorgeous WITHOUT makeup!!!

The Summerland

beautiful lady and such a warm personality, I wish you were my sister or best friend

Cherry Amore

Super cute...stunning in all 3 outfits!


link to shop poppy creek does not work.


What shade of shape tape concealer are you using? Thank in advance ?

Phyliss Wood

Hi Melissa.I like very your videos,and especially the tutorials. You are so sweet,and beautiful,and have the sweetest personality. You are so thin .I am 62 ,and have respiratory problems so I can't so aerobics or such exercises ,but try to walk when weather permits,and feeling well. I would love to know what your daily diet consist of,and if you do suppliments as well.Look forward to more of your videos..Hope you are enjoying the weekend..

colleen frantz

Good morning beaUUUtiful! I am 53 and feel I look better now than when I was younger. You are VERY inspiring and I love how you embrace being feminine!
I am wondering where you bought the green off the shoulder shirt that you are wearing in this video. I am loving the off the shoulder style right now. I am small busted, but heavy..I hate how bra straps are starting to dig into my shoulders. Which bras have you found to work, lift and stay in place.
Thank you so much! Bless you for all that you do. I feel SO blessed, like you are a personal shopper and adviser. <3

Brett Nine

Really lovely makeup. Understated and so fresh and young. Thank you.

Kim Feeney

You are gorgeous. What light do you use to light up your face? :) I ask because I am an actress and I find it hard to find the right lighting for my self tape auditions. Thank you :)

kimberly adams

Your beauty and exuberance have taken away all my fears of aging. You're actually hot.

Laura Allison

You CANNOT be 60 years old!!! ?

Annette Jones

I loved this. I turn 60 in a few months. Have you ever tried fillers or botox? Email me at [email protected]gmail.com if you don't want to respond here. You look amazing, and I loved this tutorial and I subscribed.

Morgane B

Please do a hair tutorial! It’s fabulous ?

beverly cranford

what can of brush did you use?

Kim Oliver

You are super sweet


Love the way your watch band matches your earrings!


Beautiful!! Thx

tiya trisha

I am in my early 20's I still don't know how to carry myself as feminine as you are Aunt melisa55. ...love your style ..and elegance


How are you in your 60s?! You are rocking it, gorgeous! New subbie here. I’m 37 and going to follow your beauty advice NOW ??

Alisha Soueidi

You have such a kind disposition! You look great?

Annabelle Lee

The black top looks really cute on you. I love also love your makeup and skin tips!

Le' Jones

So glad to hear someone else say they dont use primer or setting powder..i am only 51 but i just cant use either tried them all but feel they age me!

Blake Lyndley

Enjoyed your video.You seem like a sweet person.

Mama Sharita

Genetically speaking. You my dear are blessed. So beautiful❤


There is no way you are over 60! No way! You look like in you early 40's : face AND body

Usa Puthawong

You look amazing

Margaret Dell

Gorgeous....You are an inspiration to me.

Steven Goutzioulis

Doesn’t she look fantastic for her age...!
She was also ‘born in 1955’...!


have you done a house tour yet?

Caroline Anne

Looking fab and all with no facelift, botox etc ...Amazing !!!?

Rhonda Rose

I thought over 60 we are suppose to go lighter on bottom eyeliner

Kasia Kudera

You so beatyfull❤️❤️

Lauren Roma

You are stunning without makeup...I am so SO jealous! In a nice way!

Toni MarCo

Just gorgeous sweet lady!!xo! ?Toni

Rhonda Rose

you are over 60 ????


you look absolutely stunning!!!!! 40 years old

Sarah Connor

She's 60!!!! No way!! Really...you are gorgeous!

Jennifer Janes

Melissa, you look wonderful.

lisa pagliei

I'd think you've been approached, if not begged, to do commercials for a makeup line. You're a knock out and statuesque and curvy. You really should be on camera!

Mrs Z

You are STUNNING and truly look about 30 years younger than your actual age ! Wonder Woman ?

Marlene Calderon

Melissa is a true model

Kathleen Montiel

You are so sweet. You look beautiful!!

Sheila Richardson

Hey sugar you are so beautiful. Can I ask your age...

Suzy Keleher

Thank you! I lost track of you for a bit... glad to find you again! Love the clothes and your makeup ... it lets you shine!

cynthia Hicks

Just found your channel- LOVE LOVE IT!!! Guuuuurl- you give me hope- I'm 60 and just started doing my hair and wearing make-up. Makes me enjoy my life MORE. Thank-you so much.

Shanda Medlin


Rosa M Raymat

Hello how often do you change your makeup


Just wondering where u got ur curling clips from pls? Looked everywhere n can't find em @melissa55


beautiful lady! Wow good for you.

terri pardo

When you look down all the time we see your roots and it’s not a good view

Natalya Mishin

What have you been doing on your neck? It looks amazing!


Please tell us....are you on HRT ? X

ashna manoj

Are you sure you are 61??bcz u look no more than 38 to me!!?

Jade Michaels

Hi Melissa , You have gorgeous skin!! My problem is the texture of my skin, not really wrinkles. When I apply makeup it makes it look worse. Cakey and lines stand out more. Is that because of the quality foundation I'm using? Your skins texture is so smooth. Any pointers on How I can achieve that? Ty in advance?

Diane Miller

You are just beautiful! I am interested in the brush you put your makeup on with. Any certain brand or do they all work the same?

Janet McDonaldhalter

I'm really enjoying watching your channel. We have a lot in common it seems I'm 61 wish I was wrinkle free tho ha ha. Love how ya just talk about everything kinda like having coffee with a friend. I'll see ya tomorrow take care. Oh yes I love the new tops I'm a thrifter but one day I'm gonna be getting my social security check and I'm gonna splurge a bit

John Sorley

I'm 60 and her and I are compatible in looks.


You're beautiful

Karma The Giant

You have no wrinkles! You look amazing! Love your personality.

Ramyaadhin K

Gorgeous you look like 20 ❣️


Hi Melissa, have you tried any silicone- free drugstore primers or poor fillers? I am trying to search for silicone free pore fillers and I’m not having any luck!
so I wanted to get your feedback and see if you tried some?

Rhonda Rose

HOW are you working on youour neck more can you give some tips and did it hekp???

Ahnne H

You are STUNNING. Love your channel. :)

Denny Smith

I don't like to use primer either.

Autism IS

GORGE GURL!!! I am in my 40's soon to be 50....EEEEEK! I am in DISBELIEF About that.....You are absolutely STUNNING! I am starting my channel "Boldly Being Me" Life after 45!! I hope I can get you to subscribe? But either way I loooove your Channel and videos, love your accent ( I am from Jacksonville Florida, so southern accents are the Norm here;-)) You do You and We are Loving it! ;-))


Wow! What a difference the foundation made!


How old are you? No way! You are gorgeous!

Guylaine Vincent

What is this brand ? The one of your fondation, never heard of that. It looks great, like the natural glow in it . Thanks

Marla Barton

Love those tops! That’s my style too!

Robert Golden

Hi! Can you please tell me the brand of your hot rollers and where you got them? Thanks!

chipchoc 00

Love your tops!

Ms. Carlson

I am in my fifties but I feel as if I am 21 yrs, old

Samantha Theriot

I'm straight but I'm just mesmerized by you....so beautiful and joyful !!!!

Kim Kelso

Hi Melissa..In one of your video's you modeled the cutest three new tops. What was the name of the company? Thank you!

Surgicaltoolbox RN Health Beauty


Renee Blazeski

Hi Melissa...just found your channel and subscribed. Loved the clothes!! Can you tell me about the hair curlers and where you got them? I have long hair. Looks like something I could use. Will be watching more.. :) I'm also looking for a good foundation, your video was very helpful! That's what I was looking for when I found you :)


Girl, what do you eat? That's what I want to know. You look fab.


You're so delightful!