Spray tans gone wrong

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35 962 views | 3 Jul. 2017

I am letting a MAGIC 8

I am letting a MAGIC 8 BALL decide my FATE for the entire WEEK....Its only DAY 1 and i have found myself in LA with a Spray Tan...This is going to be one crazy adventure!


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Laudu gang

yes early if dan reads comments he will like this comment



Emily Blenn



Hi ??

Super amaze Balls

Where u in a movie?


whu filmed this?

Ronan Smyth

Should you jump out the window ?
Should you get a tattoo ?
Should you rob a bank ?

Marvin Galindo

I wish I was at echo park because I live by their

Spaz Paz

Hahah I love you Dan ❤️

Yktv _ Troy

Yessss another series

erika howell

magic 8 ball, should Dan send me his orange fanny pack?

Isaac Dunaway

Wait wait WAIT A SECOND. Is the park he went to (Echo Lake Park) the same one Cow Chop went to for one of their CCTV podcast episodes? I'm pretty sure it is :O.

Dannie Darko

Do the YES MAN challenge!!! You can only say yes for a week or for a day whatever...

david mathews

Fruit and nuts are snacks.

iris grey

he's such a jerk to his poor gf lmao

Brian Wega

He didn’t ask it if he could sleep

Spaz Paz



By far the whitest thing you've ever done Dan

Potato Sheep

My school is in el segundo. Cool

Brandon B

I'm. Not a raptors fan, but no way in hell they win the finals. The west is insane. but anyway go sixers TTP ;)

Nikola Puzic

11:18 DAMN IT Dan!!! Ur supposed to ask the ball if you should go with the blue one!

Martin Scheuer Jr.

Just found your channel. Good stuff man! Love it! Thumbs up for sure


Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream - Good Choice!

Travis L. Desmadreson

Visit Mariela's taco on 3rd and Catalina (KoreaTown)

Stuntin With My Daughter

So this is how trump did it!!!

Monica hutchinson

This reminds me of spongebob and his conch ?

Carson Muller

You should have asked it if you could sleep


I was watching his other video and I was wondering why his hands were orange...now I know why

Ashley DeHart

@3:33 "love you" k bye LOL ???


Dan you must be rich lol butttt you out so much effort in these vids I love t man

Julian Fernandez

you know you are early when the quality is 360p

Obi-Wan Kenobi

well half of the time it sucks other half doesn't

Brittany Garber

"K Bye" ??

Simply Franky

I wanted him to come out looking like Ross from friends

Niss Cruz

Your girlfriend is great. Haha

Lincoln logs

Did u have problems bringing the 8 ball on the plane? Because of the liquid in it

Kim Schunselaar

Love it Dan!! ❤️

Anthony Zastoupil

You deserve more subs honestly



Irritation Gaming

This is spongebobs magic conch in real life

This Channel is a Joke

Dan, I don't know if you're reading this, but you're so amazing. The effort you pit into these videos shows just how much you really care (a lot)!! You are such an amazing person, and I absolutely LOVE to see a notification telling me that you've posted again, because I know how awesome it'll be! I live in Africa, so I'm usually late to watch anything, because of the time zone difference ? but your ideas never get old, and I'm glad to watch whenever I can!! Keep being AMAZING ?!!


1:05 the 8 ball was right the raptors got swept by the cavs ?

kristina rodriguez

I was just waiting for dan to drop the ball in the water and be stuck there because he won't have it to tell him what to do ?


8:15 - 8:18. When you see dat booty.

Luke Morgan

Kinda similar to this but you should do a week where you have to say yes to EVERYthing.

Zach Labuda

Dan spend to much money


you are the funniest YouTuber there is lol

Jah Bless

I love this

Jessica's Crazy Life

You do no, as the day goes by it will continue to get darker.. lol

cierra davis

karina got curved

Zane Albert

Hahahah the "love you" payback lol. Keep up the good work man.

Lizz Schettini

fuck off!!

killer queen Bites za dusto

Crispy dan

Grigori Grigorovich Rasputin

Roast my profile pic


Dan: wow I'm completely naked

Dan: I'm applying the cream

Listens closely

Hears slapping sound


Nelson Nelson


Kayla Hunt

love this series!!!!!!

This Channel is a Joke

Does Dan ever pin comments?




You should of ask, if you could go to sleep

cole osmond

i went to los angeles last week and saw you

Julian Fernandez


julia thornton

Very adventurous dan!

Ryan McShane


Lily J. Thomas

But the Eight ball said he could have breakfast, so why didn't he have breakfast for dinner. Duh.

Elias Ramos

worst mistake a man could make
Carina: love you
Dan: K bye "hangs up"

Julian Fernandez

One episode of icarly spencer did this

Daniel M

sup man from california!

i luvscheesecake

I've never clicked on a notification faster. #notificationsquad

Michael Vicente

@AndrewSchrock ... is this you?.... srry dan
luv u man
content so good
In da hood

Spray tans gone wrong

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Spray Tan Gone Wrong!!! LOL!!

342 462 views | 2 Apr. 2010

I looove beautiful bronzed

I looove beautiful bronzed skin! Which I don't have naturally. Darn. So I got my first Spray Tan. I didn't want it to look fake! But guess that's what I get for being so fair. Next time I will get medium and gradually get a darker color. LOL!!!

Access Free Gift ($59 value) here: www.expresseffects.com

April Morris -Creator of THINgloss

(Lip gloss intended to curb appetite)



People arent trained...it's unfortunate.

April Yvette

Thanks for watching!


You have a great personality April. Very bubbly. I'm about to go for my first spray tan in the coming weeks (for a vacation). I'm thinking I might just try it out before that to make sure it turns out ok. Gotcha..don't go for the deep colour. :)

Andreia Santos

hahahahha April :'D

April Yvette

Thanks Holly, at the time I had no idea that I was suppose to put the hair net behind my hairline. Plus, my hair is blond I was afraid to get any spray tanner on it for fear it might turn my hair dark in spots. But I finally got it all figured out for my next spray tan!

Hollie House

Honestly the colour is actually alright and after the first day the face calms down anyway as it is exposed to the elements. The reason you have that line round your face though is because you had a hair cap on way too far down. Never put these on yourself, always ask the technician and double check when she's done it, especially at the back.If possible about half an inch to an inch off the start of the hair so its not in the way.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with your tan. I'd go a few shades darker.


Okay no problem, For a long lasting dark tan on males what do you think is the best way to go?(towelettes,mousse,spray tan... etc)

Chelsea Allen

Just to give you a tip. The next time you get a spray tan you have to leave it on for 8 hours and after 8 hours you are then allowed to bath/shower and it will clear some of the tan off. If you leave it on for longer than 8 hours the darker you will go

April Yvette

Thank you, Mirabai! Thanks for watching.


Ur suppose to shower after u tan to wash the extra spray off

Cookie Monster

At least you have a sense of humor and could laugh at yourself when this happened.

Brittney Mae

i think it looked pretty good! youre too funny?

Anna J

You are hilarious! I love your laugh, your accent (southern?), you attitude, everything! And you're gorgeous!


what a delightful personality ! I bet you brighten up the day of everybody around you !


you put ur hair net on wrong, you need to put your hair net behind ur hairline and not cover ur hair

betis betis

i dont know ..but for me it is ok :)

April Yvette

Thanks Bree! I had a light shining on me to film the video and it made my tan look lighter than it actually was. But it's all good. It started to fade after 3 days or so.

April Yvette

Thanks. I really liked my tan after I got use to it. It looked fake around my hairline and elbows, toes and knees. That's what I didn't like. But it faded.



April Yvette

I added some makeup later that day. It helped to smooth out the color.

April Yvette

thank you! i got another spray tan and i chose medium. ot turned out great. i like a deeper tan color bit o learned to add it gradually and apply lotion to my feet, hands, ankles and knees. before the spray tan. it prevents those areas from being too dark.

Mary Haward

Put makeup on your face


You look fine imo lol

EX 0

Thank god im naturally tan??????


It doesn't look that dark to me, it just looks uneven. 

April Yvette

Thank you. I seem to look at most things in my life from a positive perspective anyway. My feet and hands were soooo dark. But after 3 days the tan started to fade a little. But now I know what to do for my next spray tan. Thanks for watching!


I keep coming back to this video, hearing you laugh just cracks me up. I also love how you make this 'disaster' into a funny experience instead of being dramatic about it.

Susan Cristalee

Hahahahaha! Love this video!! :)


So positive. I would be pissed!

Julia Pearce

OMG you just made my day!!! This is sooooooooo funny. I am going for my first tan tomorrow - will definitely not go with dark! bahahahaha


I wuldnt call that dark

April Yvette

yes, im exciyed about my tan. just got too dark around my feet and hands.

Chassity Hudgins

This was too cute!
I'm fair skinned & I always get a little nervous spray tanning. You're a doll about it.
5 years later and you're still getting comments on it! LOL

Nicole J

It is good to laugh so u can make things funnier your so cool


thanks for uploading....the video really made my day. could have happened to me too lol...

Lindsay Hill

I just got a spray tan from a booth got a golden bronze and I am fair skinned hope mine turnd out ok when I wssh it of tomorrow or I will die

Julia Pearce

Not laughing at you btw! I think it looks fine. I just think your video was so great.

Nazish Cipriano

At least you have a humour.

Marie Pierre

Hilarious... you are 2 cute!

Alana Sparks

Omg just happened to me today...last night first time ever spray tan and the girl gives me double bronze...nooooo!!!! I've been laughing.....and trying not to cry...lesson learned ???

Lucas Lounsbury

The sun can tan you. stand outside for an hour or so once n a while etc im sure if you google how to tan outside you wont have to paint yourself orange and its will look alot better 

Gladys Allen

Looks ok to me


I love your attitude! Next time leave your ears and hairline out of the cap though.

Becky M


Nicole Ferguson

I love this so much I watch it all the time aha ur so funny ?

Emma H

That's normal, you have to wash it off and you will be lighter

Mary Haward

Or dye your hair


omg I can`t stop laughing.....

April Yvette

I do recommend a spray tan. It seems to last the longest. I like Clinique tanning lotion. And I heard Tan Towel (towelettes) on HSN was really great.

April Yvette

Thank you Misshollybrooke. I try to look at life from all perspectives and with a positive attitude. :-)

April Yvette

That is so nice of you. Thanks. I try to always be positive.

April Yvette

caska4, I had a spot light shining on me really close when I filmed the video. So that made me look lighter than the tan actually appeared on camera. But I got use to the color after the first day. I really liked it. My hands and feet were a little dark but it faded after a few days.

Katrina Dougherty

Hahaha you're so funny!?this made my day

April Yvette

Good to know. Thanks Chelsea.

April Yvette

thank you!!


lol, I'm sure you know now, don't go dark tan on the face. The body fine, because it turns out medium anyway but face always takes a bit easier. She's certainly focussed on your nose, I must say ;) And go to a spray tanner that know's what they're doing.

melissa norman

Lol ♥️


You aren't even that dark

betis betis

u are very positive person so..:) Be happy like u r ! :))

Zuzanna Kalek

It looks fine


you're like 1/4 of how dark i want to be

Heather Jeter

the color is fine, but next time expose your hairline so you will get better coverage on your face. 2nd if you want to take the color off, you scrub with baking soda and it will take it off very easily. I love spray tans

Mary M. Revis

You really don't look that dark..just a little "over sunkissed". As if you were about to stay in the sun a bit too close to getting burned. It's not as bad as it seems. You are used to seeing yourself very light, so the darker shade is a shock. I just got my very first sunless tan. I have natural color in my skin from being Native American, however in the winter I tend to pale out a bit. I didn't get any sun this summer season due to work, so I tried the sunless tan. I'll see the results soon.

April Yvette

Thank you! I really like my tan now!

April Yvette

thank you!

Tsunami Lan

I'm going w/Endless Glow. But I like your tan & love your bubbly personality.

Julia Baugher

You still look cute, haha!!


You have such a great attitude about the situation!! I love it


such a hoot... lol. im experiencing the same now and hiding under my bed. hehe. x

Lonely Sith

OMG you poor thing my heart goes out to you babe !!! first world problems LOL


those are the whitest teeth I've ever seen in my life holy fuck


Some people would be crying. It's so nice to see your just laughing it off. You look stunning xxxx ?

Stephanie Radke

it doesn't look that bad. You a just look like you got tan. This was such a stupid and negative video. You think you'd have enough confidence to not freak out about going to a concert (likely dark lighting) with a deep tan.

April Yvette

Thanks Nicole!


hahahaha you're hilarious

April Yvette

Thanks Lola, My hands and feet were really dark and kind of streaked. So that's really what I thought was too dark on my tan. Plus, I had a light shining on my face to film the video. So it made my tan look lighter. But it's all good. My tan started to fade after 3 days.

April Yvette


April Yvette

Thanks Hollie.

Christa K

you are funny!


you look gorgeous


haha omg


just fwi for next time lemon juice and suger helps get it off


if you just blend it a little more it will look amazing

Anita Burgos Sanchez

You have a great sense of humor, considering what happened. Well at least your teeth look whiter. I never trust tanning salons and I don't trust myself enough to tan myself. Lol

April Yvette

Beth, Thanks for the tip! I'll try that next time.


..did you use a booth? This is why I never recommend a booth..to anyone. There’s no way to make sure it tans every part of the body evenly, and you don’t know what kind of solution is in it. What is deep? “Deep” is probably
just their word for a dark shade of one of a million different types of solutions. When you have a professional do it, and they assess your skin, they determine what would look best based on your UNDERTONES, this would never happen, and use a proper base appropriately. If this was a person that did it then they don’t know what they are doing. ?


you're so 2 cute!!!!!!!

Yasmin Bahaoui

remember she was just a teenager.?

Cassidy Paige

is it just me or did you guys notice her line by her hair line.. now thats a spray tan gone wrong. lol


Stupid girl at the saloon

Nicola Douglas

Iv seen worse! but if you have to go out after a tan disaster,just use a very light foundation and blend it in to take the darkness off,so make sure you buy a light foundation the next time you makeup shop for times like this lol.

Zoom Tan

Hey April,

I feel like we have met in person.

Did you/do you happen to tan with us at Zoom Tan?

April Yvette

Thanks! I love beautiful dark skin tones. Which I don't have. But I like it now. I got use to it and my hands and feet aren't so rusty looking any more.

Bree Fields

U dont look that bad

Mirabai Meloy

I love your sense of humor and how you don't take yourself too seriously! You seem so fun!

Joseph Caie

LOL that's funny ...... it would've been cool to grow up with you ... you seem to be a very happy joyful person that could light up anyone

king troy

Wasnt bad


Beautiful as always.

April Yvette

Thanks for laughing with me Andreia. I just wanted to look "natural" but it looked splotchy and way too dark in certain spots. But now it's all better.

Spray tans gone wrong

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