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EYELASH PERM & LIFT ... Does it work?

119 952 views | 27 Aug. 2019


EYELASH PERM & LIFT ... Does it work?

Today, I'm perming and lifting my real eyelashes myself with a kit I purchased on Amazon. This kit has so many highly rated reviews and I thought to myself... what could go wrong?

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Products Used/Mentioned

Lash Kit

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ZrTXak

Silk Pads

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HvAlfj


Ulta: http://bit.ly/2OHItPO


Etsy: http://bit.ly/2ZqcMPf

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FTC: Not a sponsored video.

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Thank you so much for spending time with me and watching this video!



Hi, and welcome to my channel! I am a Beauty Addict and love to create how-to beauty tutorials for short hair and hairstyles, Fashion, and some dry humor parodies. I try to make my videos informative, creative and most importantly entertaining.

I love interacting with my viewers. Let's get to know each other.

Love, Milabu




Song: Mario Ayuda & Sven Schwarz feat. Skinner - Reeling [Concordia Recordings]



Emmalie Phillips

Hi Milabu, unfortunately I can not get this shipped to the UK, what product do you think would give the same results? Also same question to Milabu followers. If you have tried something similar please let me know as I would love to try this. Thank you and stay safe.


I have this kit and have done it a few times. To get your lashes to stick onto the pad easier you can curl your lashes first

Chandelle Ross

Really Beautiful, so getting this!!

C Tran

Her lashes look sooo gorgeous! They’re long and there and look so nice and delicate. So jealous ? mine don’t exist

Llama Cat

It lasts as long as your eyelash cycle is. The perm doesn’t go away, the lashes do.

suma wbs

Omg as if you read my mind I was looking to go to a lash salon to do this n u brought up this video love you lots xxx from uk

Mrs H.

I would literally DIE .... anything about/around my Eyes I’m freaking out, Mascara is the ONLY Thing I CAN use - no Eyeliner, no Eyeshadow, no fake Lashes .... my Eyes(Skin) are/is way to sensitive. But it worked really, really great for you & it looks so good ? uuuuhhhh I wish.

Fab Cavalcante

The pad don't stick with this glue... I've tried so many times. I gave up!

Alexis Tomaso

I would love to see an update!

Cali Bear

Ur not supposed to wet the lashes within 24 hours of perming them or they won’t last

Aurelie David

Whut whut?!
You're brave haha.
I just use my darn eyelash curler with the blowdryer.

Jenni Moreno

10:27 they both have mascara tho

Hello There

I just did this and it actually lightened my tinted lashes weirdly enough.


I gave that up. After several attempts I disposed of the set. My eyelashes did not stick to the pad. They are now in all directions and I'm not happy. Save your money and invest in professional work!!

A. Selby

Can you do an update video please ? I am VERY interested in this. I have long dark lashes, but no curl. When I where mascara people ask if my lashes are real. It would be nice to not fuss mascara when I want a lifted look.

nichole fader

After a lash lift you should wait 24 hours before using mascara

Anum Khan

Hey this kit perming n fixing solution have 3 months expiry so how we gonna use it again as lashes remains lifted for around 4 weeks.. It's only have 2 uses then??

Dee Widya

What's the update??? #milabu ???

Nadine l Garza


Re Fi

hey i have naturally curly lashes i wonder if this would straighten them out i hate my curly lashes with a passion.


Hi Milabu, I watch your videos and think you're a cool down to earth person. You're funny saying sorry for the yard work and we couldn't hear anything being done in the background so it feels completely out of context in a hilarious way. Hahahaha

Sue Thomas

Did you ever do a month after update?


Please test out do it yourself eyelash tint!!

olga oboroc

Privet Milana:) I do the same lift a lot and i think the rod you picked is a little big for your lashes try using a Medium one next time ,also you can’t put solution 1 and 2 all the way to the end of your lashes it might fry them , also you can’t wet them for 24hr and one more thing you can dye your lashes with refectocil black dye right before the last nourishing solution you will be surprised how long they will look without mascara . You can do both eyes in the same time when you’ll be more comfortable with the product. Also when your lashes will start to renew they will grow strait and tangle with your curled lashes i do find that a bit annoying.

Yana Deneka

Can you give us an update as to whether the lashes hold the curl for a month :)

Lisette Jacobs

where can you buy it? do you have a link

Katherine Kim

Can you please review magnetic eyelashes?

Hanna van Geel

If you wanted to have the dramatic lift, you should’ve gone with the size S. Because the L is a big size you eyelashes wont go around the curve all the way through so they won’t have that dramatic L-curl but have that C-curl.

Brittany Dawson

I have a question, product in video is ICONSIGN brand but link brings me to VASSOUL brand. Why? Lol

Christina Padillo

Quick tip! Do not put the perming solution on the tips of your lashes! It will over process them and make them curl in too far! If you watch some professional lash lifting videos it is the same process but they tell you not to put any on the tips...

Amanda Parsen

Did it end up lasting?? I have the kit at my house right now but watching different videos on technique!

Ma Jose Robleto

I've done my eyelashes before, and if someone is planning to get it done by yourself., do NOT wear mascara. You got to wait at least 24 hrs to wear it or even wet them.

sofie skoog

For best results. Don’t wash/wet your eys for 2 days

Saad Muayad

Amazing review “just
subscribed” ❤
has it on sale! Its been amazing thank u again for

Genesis Null

? it smells like eehhhgs ?

G a l y

Just what I need ?


Do you leave the nourish on or take it off? Just tried this and love it but don’t know about the nourish.

nadine nixdorf

I'm doing lash perms on myself for 17 years now. Back then we had disposable sticky rolls ? I'm impressed how well she did it for her first time, although u have to admit it's way easier if u have long lashes like she does. One tip for u ladies: u can buy the chemical for 3€ or something of eBay or wherever, works exactly the Same


Thanks for the great tutorial! I bought it, I tried it, I love it!

Stephany Fabian

Hi, very interested in this, Can we get an Update? How long did it last, Did you see any reaction , fall out, etc?

Judi Goldfarb

Most interesting thing ever, never heard of these.

Eden Ruthenberg

they all different eyelash on people what don't always work

Ridona Carson

Just as pretty as you are

Sandy Carter

So disappointed. I could not get the lift pads to stay. I have loose skin on my lids so it might have been that but I tried 5 times and it would not stick.

Arica Brockelbank

You never did a follow up :(

Raechel Sykes

This was super hard to watch. Freaked me out

Jeza B

I can’t wait to see how long it lasts!

Ally Kat

Does anyone know if you can do this if you are already using Latisse?

Catherine Sun

hi!!! I just wanna say according to my experience I think after you do the eyelash lift you have to stay dry and clean for at least 8 hrs, otherwise it won't last a month, but maybe is my eyelash are pretty short and soft. I did it by myself and it actually last like 1.5 month which is awesome:)

Bar Hernan

Next week I'm going to get this done at a salon, but I'm impressed by the good results and the price difference!


I got mine done by the woman that does my microblading. I LOVE them, such a difference! But it's been able 5 weeks now and the eye that had heavier lid definitely needs another lift. I'm definitely going to buy this and do it myself. My last said it would last around 3 months! Maybe 2, but I'm getting this for the next time. Thanks so much!!♥️

Xclusiv Official

i ordered mine the day after watching this video, it should be here today (I'm always late on the bandwagon). excited to try this! The extra info in the comments is amazing about not getting them wet or wearing mascara for 24 hours, also to make sure the lashes lay perfect so they don't curl funny! Thanks to all the wonderful ladies and gents for so much positive energy here!

Nata Natly

Does anyone knows how long the solutions stay active for, since you open the bottles?


I did not finish the video and my Amazon order was made!!!! This is the best thing that I could see!! My eyelashes are like the cow's one!! Sooooo straight that is impossible to curve it. If this kit works on me I will jump of happiness!!!!


I just did it and it work! I really love it!

jhen ramos

Can you please try the lash serum


I’m going to try this! So sick of curling my lashes. I have to use waterproof mascara because my lashes fall with regular. I feel it damages my lashes because it’s hard to remove. Plus it would be nice not to use mascara sometimes.
I just bought it on eBay! $12
I just tried it today and it worked! I spent some time watching videos on how to do it. I came across bad stories. Lots of them. Scary. Please do research before trying! Do NOT over-process. Make sure you remove the perming solution well and apply enough fixing solution which stops the perming process and sets the hair in place. Try not to apply solutions to the tips of the lashes. It can be tricky if your lashes are not very long. The tips of the lashes are so fine the chemicals can burn them. So apply from roots to the middle. When done cleanse very well. If you mess up and some sections get too curly or funny you can fix them by brushing down with a spooly which has a tiny amount of the perming solution on it. Keep for only a minute or so and wash off well.


I have terrible allergies and can't wear mascara without my eyes itching terribly, so I got my lashes permed and tinted at a salon. It's anywhere from $60-100 around here and they didn't even look this good! Next time, I'll DIY.

Arin Rohrbach

Of course it smells like sulfur. It’s perm solution. That’s what it smells like. ? Clearly you weren’t a teen in the 80s. Ha ha.


So cool! Yes, please let us know how the month goes... also if you think you could possibly do two eyes at a time?

Bethany Trené

That’s what Hair perms smell like!

Evelyn Encarnación

Oh wow, did not know this existed. I most certainly will buy and try myself. I have the same problem with lashes sticking forward instead of upwards so I sure and intrested in seeing my final results. I just love a great long lash.

Catherine M

Any update?????

Helen Victoria

So happy for you gorgeous gal....those lashes look great ??


You remind me of Roger Federer

Allison Banner

I ordered the kit for myself because of your video. I am excited to try it. Can you make another video following up on the condition of your eyelashes after a month? Thx! :)

Lama Ibrahim

Could you give us an update ?did you got any allergic reaction?


I just spent 30 minutes trying to get the pad to stick to my eye and tried that lash glue and a duo one and still the sides kept coming up and then my lashes wouldn’t stick to it at all ? so disappointed, it looked great on you

Zaira Quintana

Any update yet?

Florine -

Pls update us :-D

crystal E

I could see this going terribly wrong with somebody getting glue in thier eyes or something.

Bella Zimtblume


Chelsea Laine

How are they doing now? I would love to know!!

Rena Ariel

Omg no eye makeup for 24 hours!!!!! Love your results!!! I got mine done about 6 weeks ago and I loved too!!!

SleepBetter Now

Did these last? And long term pros and cons? Worth it? Etc?

Haley Crawford

I had a difficult time getting the pads to stick to my eyelids (they stuck in the middle but not the outside or inside). About 2 weeks after I got the product, I got a card in the mail offering a gift card in exchange for a 5 star review. It made me wonder how many of those 5 star reviews were essentially bought.


Biggest thing for any lash lift, DO NOT use waterproof mascara! There is a chemical in the waterproof mascaras that deactivates the perm solution!

Mars and Crew

Lol your eye looks kinda crazy when you look at the camera with the plastic thing.

But wow such good results.

Türkizkék Tenger

Szia Milabu?! Klasszak a videóid?!

Vera Ricoy Belloc

Wait a full 24 hrs without getting them wet, and wear goggles when taking a shower. Some people, like me, might need a longer setting period... Mine are straight, thick and tend to grow downwards! The latex in the glue, sometimes makes my eyes water, but it's worth it!

Veronica Johnston

Hey! I ordered mine a few days ago! Excited to see how they turn out!
Did it last up to 1 month?

Stacey Millward

no do not apply the silicon pad further away from the lash line the closer to the lash line is better you need to get you lashes glued from root to tip so you can get the lifting solution close to your roots (obviously not touching the lash line though). and make sure your lashes are glued straight and up, the solution will set them in the position they are glued in.

thetiniest fury

Thank you for this video. I just did it, and it's SO worth it. I had debated getting them done professionally, but im a gal on a budget and a do it yourself when possible kinda girl and the results were great! Going to try with a lash tint next time. Definitely be gentle while applying. But it was an easy process overall. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be

Jeanne Robert

Nope, nope, nope, I will not be doing this. I WILL, however, watch you do it. Thanks for taking one for the team.


I love perming my eyelashes! If you also add a tint after it’s just another level of fabulous!

Stephanie Muskee

heyy zit er lijm bij dit pakketje of moet je het los kopen?

Patti Pesce

Please do a one month check in! This looks amazing but does it last???

Terri Fromm

You are very brave. I don't think I can do this.


If it really lasts a month, it'll end up in my shopping cart immediately :D. Would be happy about an update~.
And may I note that this is the first product that is actually cheaper in Germany. Is up to 15€(16$). Normally I have to pay more for suggested products from American Youtubers, as a European xD.

Ashley Bensing

You should make a makeup tutorial now with your new big lashes! Love your channel!

Ally Kat

Love you but that music is annoying. Can you go back to your usual cutesy music? ? Also didn’t hear any lawn noise, and I despise the slightest bit of yard noise! xoxo

Sara Miller

As a licensed esthetician, you should have opted for the “S” pads since they’re the tightest curl. “L” stands for large which is the loosest curl. You need to be sure the lashes are flat against the rod so that the perm penetrates evenly and your lashes are permed in that position. This takes me about 45 min to do on a client.

Wendy Siale

Wooow you literally like.. did your second eye twice! I thought you had to wait a few weeks before doing it again-to avoid burning your lashes off or something lol! So thats great to know! Now i know i can just do it again straight awwy if im not satisfied with the curl result

Nikki Lloyd

I have never seen a perm kit for lashes, thank you for donating your lashes♡
My lashes are long, but have no curl, so this looks like yet another Milabu beauty trail I'm going to take a walk down.
Thank you!


Amazon doesn't seap to Greece. I have straight lashes.

Lanie Vaughan

As a lash artist. Please don’t do this yourself. You have now 100% over processed your second eye. A lash lift when done correctly should last from 6 weeks to 3 months. You should never apply the lift solution more then 3/4 of your lashes as you can fry the end of the lashes.

You should never apply mascara or get them wet within 24 hours of getting a lift done..

Shannon Wuke

I had my eyelashes done. I have long eyelashes but they arent very thick so there wasnt much difference :(

nathalene rynjah

In this kit.. How many people can we use it?

Amanda Neville

You should tint as well - not supposed to get them wet for 48hrs and mascara wont help the longevity.

Sara MG Reads

You are very brave to put that stuff near your eyeball

Perm reviews

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Permanent Extensions ~ Review ~ and Hair secrets!

33 892 views | 13 Aug. 2018

FAQ's, Haircare, Advice

FAQ's, Haircare, Advice and Extensions review!

Plus random questions from you guys hahah

Subscribe to my channel - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=peachyteaful

Where I get my hair done: https://www.loxyshairboutique.co.nz/

Kevin Murphy Shampoo: https://www.loxys.co.nz/collections/shampoo/products/kevin-murphy-hydrate-me-wash

Kevin Murphy Conditioner: https://www.loxys.co.nz/collections/conditioner/products/kevin-murphy-hydrate-me-rinse

KMS Shampoo: https://www.haircare.co.nz/products/kms-moist-repair-shampoo?variant=10337737539

Purple Shampoo: https://shop.rodneywayne.co.nz/products/fudge-clean-blonde-violet-toning-shampoo-300ml

Goldwell Hair Mask: https://www.vivosalon.co.nz/shop/product/kerasilk-reconstruct-intensive-mask

Goldwell Split Ends Serum: https://buy.cosmeticsnow.nz/iteminfo/goldwell-kerasilk-reconstruct-split-ends-recovery-concentrate-28ml?ad_type=&target_id=&ad_id=284732812470

Goldwell Hairspray: https://www.beautyexpert.com/goldwell-stylesign-magic-finish-hair-spray-300ml/11522640.html?affil=thggpsad&switchcurrency=NZD&shippingcountry=NZ&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgM600sLf3AIVAq6WCh2mMgcuEAQYASABEgJhqPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CMKlqt3C39wCFUZ4iwodQCcMjA

Tangle Teezer: https://nz.carethy.net/hair-care/tangle-teezer/the-original-hairbrush-136865?r=5060173370008&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9a3eg8Pf3AIVjKuWCh36SAThEAQYAyABEgKV8fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Batiste Dry Shampoo: https://shop.countdown.co.nz/shop/productdetails?stockcode=745783&name=batiste-dry-shampoo-blush

'Chanel' Etsy Phone Case: I couldn't for the life of me find the same one, but this one is similar! https://www.etsy.com/nz/listing/633393843/samsung-s9-plus-case-iphone-x-case?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=chanel%20phone%20case&ref=sr_gallery-1-4&organic_search_click=1

'SALLY' Lip Liner! - https://www.xobeautyshop.com/products/smooth-on-lip-pencil-sally

Pre-loved Designer goods (authentic + trustworthy!) - The Real Real Au: http://fbuy.me/iiBMj

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NZ Makeup w. fast delivery: http://www.makeup.co.nz/stock



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Vivien Lynch

do you regret cutting your hair short?

Kate Stokes

Could you recommend a good curl/scrunch cream?

Leigh Anderson

Your hair is always so pretty, I swear you can pull off any color!

Raewyn Thompson

Where did you get them done


I paid 500 to have mine done this way. Took care of them the way they told me, your could see them down and up, so the placement was off and they all just fell out 3 days later and the few that were left i had to remove myself. I have a lot of hair but its fine. So make sure your stylist really knows hair types and recommends something good for your hair and actually knows how to put them in properly and where to place them, and depending on hair type knows how to care properly for them. Best bet clip ins

Mrs Green

You can come to maiden hair now in new Plymouth ???

Georgia Jackson

Have you ever tried the Loxy clip in extensions? Thinking I might give them a whirl but never actually bought hair extensions before! Xx

Hannah Katy

Your hair looks amazing ! , I was wondering what kind of hair curler you use to curl your hair?. I have very thick, long hair too and it takes me so long to curl it but ends up falling out pretty much straight away <3


Did she broke up with her boyfriend she in different place?

Loz M

What made you stop doing regular make up and beauty videos and has it affected you as a brand? i.e in terms of followers and YouTube views

Jamie Wells

That color you’re wearing goes so nicely with your eyes and hair. Very pretty!

Vivien Lynch

I'm​ so early

La Morenita_92 JD

Lovely wich brand is this?

Tiffany Clendenning

what length are they

Ashleigh Gardner


Alec Matthew Granados

I feel like every one is getting some kind of high-lights or frosting or extensions. I'm thinking of dying my hair in stripes so I'll have light and dark stripes.

Faith Kim

Do they color/bleach your hair after they put the hair extensions in? Or is color done separately and then the extension applied to your hair after it’s been colored?


Are you taller than dani mansutti? She said she's 5'10'' too.

Kelly Foster

How do i wash ur hair

Tuesday Hager

Do you use any drugstore type shampoos and conditioners? If so, which ones? I just discovered the OGX Moroccan argon oil (its in the light blue bottle) last month and Im obsessed with it!

ile rose

Loxxy have done a super job of keeping your extensions looking fantastic! Absolutely love it xx also can't wait for the accutane update!
Love ya loads ??

Abby Gibson

Yasss queen ?


When you get your hair cut do you get any weight taken out? That's something that could help with hair feeling frizzy. Coming from a fellow hairdresser x

Ashleigh Gardner

Can you sleep with the hair extensions in


Your hair looks great. My hair is to my butt. Sometimes I think about adding some extensions to be able to layer and add volume and body...so tempting

Hayley Legg

Love you ! I follow you on everything ! @legghayley9

Brenda Chin

Your hair looks gorgeous Sally. Now random question, where did you get your desk from in the background? ❤️


When everything about her is fake.


Your hair looks awesome! So natural

Shali Cordonnier

Do you have a hard time brushing your hair with the beads?

Hope’n your Eyes Noneyah

Hi where did you get the hair?? It’s so beautiful! I always have bad luck with the hair I buy ?

Rebecca S

Really liked this video but one little complaint, the music in the background kind of bugged me ??

Jessica Kennard

Do u regret cutting your hair off ?

Dani Karol

The iconic shampoo shop?! Lol I want a shampoo shop in my town???


Do you not get a hair cut while they're in or do they trim your hair when they move the beads?


Do you prefer the beads over the tapes? I currently have tapes but I've been curious about switching over to the beads.

Perm reviews

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102 634 views | 10 Nov. 2020

Start to finish relaxer

Start to finish relaxer retouch day using the full Mizani Butter Blend relaxer line! Full walkthrough and first impressions of this 8 product line up! The products I used are listed below in order! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

*I found most of my mizani products at cosmoprof*

**if you don't have a cosmoprof or saloncentric card, a lot of mizani products can be found at your local beauty supply**

1. Mizani Honey Shield Pre-Protective Treatment

2. Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer for fine and color treated hair

3. Mizani Butter Blend Balancing Hair Bath

4. Mizani Butter Blend PerPhecting Creme Normalizing Conditioner

5. Mizani Strength Fusion Salvage Shot

6. Mizani Strength Fusion Recover Mask

7. Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave In Spray

8. Mizani 25 Miracle Nourishing Hair Oil


AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/shop/tierrajbeauty

MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/tt3tv-family-apparel


FAMILY VLOGS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrV4VZJU2MmlsMcToF9UCwQ

KIDS CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEgZkivi_cFkj9k5Iw8eyKw







INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thetierraj/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/thetierraj

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tierrajbeauty/




Camera: Canon EOS M50

Editor: Final Cut Pro X


Email ➡️ [email protected]


Steffy Bennefield

Even though I'm natural and have loc hair I enjoy watching your growth and progress

Tori Uptown

damn, your Siri sound tiyaaadddd of you. stop screaming at her ??

Cindy Divine

? ? ? I’m weak!!! Siri, I said.. OMG!! I’m on the floor.. I slid off my chair when you said that. You sound like me when I go in on Siri.. cept I use some colorful words!! Love your video too

April McCoppin

The reason your hair isn't bone straight is bc you're putting something with a water base in it. That's why it burn your scalp also,just try to put a base on first then relax your hair.

Brandi Rogers

Time stamp 10:52 "...I can dance dance dance dance dance dance dance all night..." Lol I could not help but finished the "Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus G" lol ?? I love your personality and we have a lot in common too after looking at your "Tipsy talks with T" I knew it was a reason I vibed with your videos.

T.P. Anderson

Love it!!!!

Shawna Jones

"Establish your heart for the coming of the Lord draws near" - James 5:8 God loves you?

Rebecca Powell

Ok they reason why your scalp burned with that shot because you vigorously scrubbed your scalp which you're NOT supposed to after a chemical service. You turned out nice though. I like how you want to take vare of your hair. Keep up the good work.

Africa Journey

That relaxer took my hair out bad and made me go natural again and I never looked back, thank god because now its longer than its ever been in my life but yours came out fabulous.


You are so gorgeousss!?


Our hair is an investment???

Demetria Young

Re watching since it popped up. It's a hard day I needed to laugh!! You and siri ?? I forgot about that part.

Sharon Z

You got strong curls at the back. You hair is strong period!

Shonny Melody

Hi! I love your videos as you’ve undergone and are going through a very relatable hair journey.

Whether natural, tex-laxed or fullyrelaxed,
**a quick piece of advice due to experience:
I personally cut and altered my hair and hair texture due to someone that couldn’t stand to see my natural hair.

However, if it is solely YOUR decision to
be relaxed, you seem like a very lively and amazing person on the inside, which would match perfectly with your external self.

Great vids. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work!!

Ps. My hair and scalp are seemingly also rather resistant yet sensitive to the chemicals in several relaxers that I’ve tried. I have to wait 3 to 6 weeks in between relaxers to go over the same sections of hair again to receive somewhat satisfactory results. It may be a 4c hair kind of thing. Lol Smh

Tierra J

Ok ya'll know I'm queen of LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES! lol. I definitely missed a WHOLE key product in their line which was the butter base scalp protector. You can definitely just use vaseline or grease for scalp protection as well but I clearly missed that and thought the honey shield was an all around hair and scalp protector. WRONG!!! That is for the PREVIOUSLY RELAXED HAIR ONLY! I know I can laugh at my pain but scalp burns suckkkkk. Please if you choose to self relax at home take your time and do your research about each product.

I don't think I gave a in depth review in this video but overall, I will not be using the butter blend relaxer for fine and color treated hair anymore. It's not meant to process your hair completely straight instead it relaxes mildly and leaves behind texture. I will try the normal/medium strength relaxer next time and bust out my good ole VASELINE for my scalp and hairline.

As far as the whole line I actually loveddddd mizani products! My fav was the recover mask! ? After relaxing, the products made my hair super soft, shiny and healthy! I will definitely continue using Mizani for my relaxer days! After not having a relaxer for yearssss I'm still learning what works for me so I hope ya'll are enjoying the journey! Let's learn together! ??‍♀️✨

*stay tuned for my relaxed hair updateeee*

#RelaxedHairSeries #TierraJ #MizaniButterBlend

Kiki K Darling

I didn't get the conditioner first either until it was explained to me that the scales of the hair is open so it makes sense to fill it in with conditioner first, then lock it in with the neutralizer if that makes sense. Although I love the Mizani aftercare, I use Silk Elements Relaxer (Sally's). It gives she the bone straight I love. I don't need to see no texture and it DON'T BURN! ???

Kleiner König

You activated my homepod everytime you said „hey siri“ and also she set a timer for 20 minutes lmao ?


Beautiful ❤️

Henrii B

hahaha - Siri be like, "You didn't say 'please' the first time ho" lol.


Great Video!

None Ya Damn Business.

Siri said Miss Thing you gone come correct today?

Semaj Tip

Any tips on how I can keep my naturally bleached hair moisturized

Madison Pettway

Your hair was perfect even at the blow dry stage. Wow.


Hey girl hey! I'm a Licensed Cosmologist, if your gonna stick with Miami I'd use there sensitive scalp relaxer, works way better, other wise My Fav relaxer is the Affirm sensitive relaxer! Waaaaaaaay BETTER!!!!

Sky Not Fancy

Siri be trying it ?

Rici Sutherland

Officially rejoined the relaxed gang last week. I have 4 kids and it really is less stressful worrying about my hair when its relaxed for this short period.

Je'Tarika Mitchell

I believe your supposed to let this relaxer set for 45 minutes

Zoria O'Gilvie

I used to use that mizani relaxer on my hair and no matter how long I kept it on my hair it would not process at all.... I looked as if I was still natural ??. I had to change my relaxer to affirm to get it properly processed. And even when I based my scalp with grease when using the mizani relaxer it still burned!

David Abigail

I loved the outcome


Tierra can you please tell me what app do you use to do your thumbnails???????

Cindy Divine

? 20-11 hours, gurl you funny


Looks fantastic on your hair I like the product too want to use but this is my first time so do we need all these products or the relaxer, base scalp protector, shampoo and Perphecting cream is enough ?? I mean do we need the salvage shot and the other stuff ? Please let me know cuz my first time and I'm gonna do it by myself without a stylist so need advice. Thank you ❤️

LB One Love

The conditioner first has been designed to restore the phone balance and normalicy back to your hair. I think you should follow the steps properly to achieve the true result!

Anissa Thomas

Thank you for the video. It was tremendously helpful. I think I'm going to try doing my hair myself

Shonda Wallace

Love this. I’m definitely going to try this line of products. I’m done with this natural ish!

Danyell Thomas

Im gonna just say it why do the majority of these hairdressers especially on YouTube not know how to take care of their own hair it took you forever to get your hair to grow now you're messing it up again what in the heck is going on? This is not how you put a relaxer in you certainly should not need to use a flat iron. you don't even need a relaxer you know how to straighten hair so what happened to that you really don't even need to straighten your hair you don't have to have any heat or anything in your hair at all this is why I do not let hairdressers fool with my hair anymore if they can't do their own hair they certainly can't do yours.

Tiffani Spinks

Babyyy! I'm screaming!???? Siri wasn't gone respond to you unless you spoke nicely! This made my day! Love ya T?


You doing something right because that hair is growing


I’ve been using the same relaxer by Mizani and I HATE the burn!!! Have you ever used the Design Essentials Honey Nectar relaxer? I’m trying to do research on this DE relaxer before purchasing.

Natacha DeAlvez

I smelt that miracle stuff through my phone ????


So I looked at the ingredient list for the Salvage Shots and one of the main ingredients is lactic acid..It's a chemical exfoliator that you can use for your face but I'm surprised that it can be used for scalps too. When I use it on my face it creates that tingly/even burning sensation. The more you know!!


That was a really smart idea to twist your hair in sections. Never seen that before. I love it.


Literally crying because I am soooo jealous of your hair. I have been a subscriber since your early days back in da day, day one. I like watching your videos. THE BEST on YouTube & I wish you were my hairstyler (yes Ik u retired). IDK wt heck I am doing so now I don't even try...but I would like to ask (wiping tears) do u have ANY suggestions or advice to help jumpstart some motivation in me to get my natural hair growing back to this length & healthy again....great job on this video as usual. Soooo pretty. Thanks...

Lizay Skyy

I was so tempted to get a relaxer but you changed my mind. Thank you for this, I will be looking into mizani.

Chelsea Roberson

I still love the way it came out though your hair looks really healthy ♥️

Wendy Wandick

You are so funny I love watching your videos and I'm glad to see you smiling ??????

Original G

You're hair is not under processed. This way it's still strong but easy to blow out or flat iron. The point is not to get it stick straight. That is over processed. To many bonds broken. Hair is weak and breakable. Point is to "relax" hair to make it manageable. This way you have less breakage and promotes length.

Ericka Clark

from what I saw you took to big of sections and it’s not full saturation


Is it just me or did anybody else see Al’s face when Tierra said “HEY SIRI”!? ???

nf094e R E N É E

I love how you shouted out the relaxer method from Hairlicious. ?? ??

Classic Media

I could never just watching this brought me back to that burn

Mich Mu

Not Siri with the attitude replying with "Mhmm" ?? I love these vids even though I'm natural , makes me wish I could run a comb through my 4c hair but oh well?

FeeFee 86

Try Soft&Beautiful botanicals sensitive scalp relaxer coarse it really straightens without burning❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

P Hunt

Thank u for sharing your hair journey! ❤❤❤ your videos!

Letrice Allia

I have locs and I’m watching this video lol. I almost forgot the whole process of relaxing hair btw your hair looks great.

C Boyd

Rubbing some fresh aloe on your scalp may help with the chemical burns.

Theresa Thomas

?? Hey Siri!!!. I feel yo pain.

Pretty Jackson

I had a flash back when that scalp was burning

Jocelin Hamilton

WOW,I like your video, I buy the same product from newigstyle..com four days ago, shipped by Fedex,wonderful quality !!!!!

Mari Zerpa

Muy maltratado ese pelo, y mucho químico, para nada me gustó

Star Merkson

This seems like a lot more work..a lot of work.


I grease my scalp with blue magic the night before and it works like a charm!! And olive oil relaxer gives me the bone straight look if that’s what your looking for.

Ny'Ree Butler

LMAO Siri said talk to me nice or don't talk to me twice.

MsPittman 26

Didn’t know you had a hair channel.. Well I’m here too lol

Niyah Mansfield

Use vaseline next time instead of that honey hair proctor stuff


Please help me I use ORS and my hair looks long and healthy but it sheds sooooo much. Do you recommend this line for girls like me without professional experience relaxing at home? I read that lye is bad as well as calcium hydroxide and that’s why my hair is shedding because the neutralizer that’s comes with box relaxer isn’t good enough.


When she said”Hey Siri”...Siri popped up on my phone ?

Ms. T

great job!!


New subscriber here. You are so funny girl! Literally laughing the whole time. Why am I just discovering you ????? it came out great


I love watching other relaxed (or any other chemical process like keratin) girls straighten their hair ?. The ease of it is so calming.

Rachel Bryant

Your hair looks great. I used Mizani butter blend for a while, but after 2 years I noticed my hair was getting thin and damaged. I switched to Affirm Fiber guard and I love it! It doesn’t make your hair bone straight but I like a little texture.


Man this video had me rolling laughing with all the commentary you gave. ???I want to try the butter blends on my next relaxer day to leave in more texture. Been natural and wanting to go back again to give relaxed hair another go. Love your hair series .?

Josiane Vitorino

Sou brasileira amo seus vídeos

Kerri Cherri

Vaseline for scalp and hairline protection is amazing. Oil spray is really good too to spray on specific points within the process that start to burn. I LOVE your technique!!

Shanee H

Siri said watch ya tone with me?

CHUN LI _100

first time she said hey siri ,, my siri popped up ?

Nique OnFleek

I love your videos I have been natural for like 6 years now and its such a struggle soooo Im strongly considering relaxing it now


Thank u for showing your imperfections. Lot of these ppl on here just be LYING and FAKING. Also thanks for spending your own money girl. I love butter blend but I like aphoogee for hair care

Monique M

What brush are you using (the purple one)?

Neo Mahlangu

I'm natural ,I have no intention to relax my hair but here I am watching this video ??

Ann-Marie West

I used Mazzini when I was relaxed, and I looooovvvvveeee it. Love it!!!!!


I swear by Phytospecific relaxer, never burns when I texlax. Like it so much that you would think that I work for them :-D On the pricey side, but if you can look into it.

Diamond Pearl

They made the conditioner for you to use before the neutralizing shampoo because they want you to add the nutrients into the hair while the cuticle is open from the chemical. After the neutralizing shampoo sits for 5 mins it closes the cuticle forcing u to sit under the dryer to open the cuticle again. I have been doing that for years

Ms. T

I love that method. I seen her do it, her sister was helping her.


You're hair looks beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good experience with Mizani when I was younger. My older cousin, who was a professional stylist, burned me from ear to ear with that relaxer.


So much fun watching! Your hair looks beautiful!


Definitely going back to relaxed hair. Trying to comb and throw my texlaxed hair into a bun feels like chore. And I'm not with the shits, I'm lazy ok ?

Earthful Uma

great video

Sarrah F

Not YouTube flooding my feed with relaxer videos..should I? ?


I think your hair would be much healthier if you stopped perming it you don’t need that

Dark Valkyria

I’ve been seeing a lot of relaxer related videos in my recommendations lately maybe it’s time I relax my hair.


ALL SAVAGE I mean SALVAGE shots are SCRONG BOO!!! I LOVE your channel Sis!!!


Looks great! Just watched your texlax video from last year. Your hair has grown so much!! TFS?

Sharina Davis


Natural sunshine

Hey rember not to over process your hair. You not supposed to get it bone straight ..lol it’s better to under process then over process.


Hey Tierra, Hope you & Mr. T and the kids are ok

Marneen Carter

You may have better luck with products produced by Folk that look like you!? Mizani is a company owned and operated by White men??

What could they possibly know about what your hair needs? There are so many products nowadays, produced by US. I just don’t understand why every Black YT’er doesn’t use products produced by Black-owned Companies?

I love you to death Tierra, and I been watching you for awhile. But when I see ppl I support continually pouring money ($200 worth into an already established entity rather than OUR businesses) that makes me sad.

In order for Black People to gain economic ground in this Country, we must be deliberate in our financial support for each other!!! HugZ Boo!


Tried butter blend mild relaxer earlier this week, just off of a whim, for first time. So far I love it. My hair is not as thick and I am color treated so this strength was perfect. My hair was soooooo soft and moist after relaxer, and strong. I'm 40+ years old and for first time I'm able to get my hair at bra strap length, aiming for waist length. I'm always looking for products that help me maintain my length.


Try the Naked brand for relaxers. It is not harsh on the scalp


Absolutely love your videos! Mizani is a really good relaxer. I like to use aphogee green tea on length & base my scalp/length with chi silk infusion or GVP silk remedy + pre sectioned twists, and it works great! If anyone is looking to research this: google “science of preventing damage by relaxers using silk LHCF” : or