Stringing hair

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292 275 views | 20 May. 2018

Please watch: "How To

Please watch: "How To Finger Waves On Short Hair"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRz3atYMGd0 --~--

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S N A P C H A T: Tondiephophi

T W I T T E R : Tondiephophi

I N S T A G R A M: Tondiephophi

Hi guys, here is a basic african threading method tutorial, i hope you enjoy this video and dont forget to like, share and subscribe


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Afri True polishing serum



How To | Crochet Half Up Half Down on Short Natural Hair - https://goo.gl/QWSpR7

Bantu Knots Hairstyle for Short Natural Hair - https://goo.gl/5SjfNq

Sleek Bun on Short Natural Hair - https://goo.gl/1H4pce

How To | Braidless Crochet High Puff on Short Natural Hair No Cornrows | Soft Dreads - https://goo.gl/WeSCmr

How To | Space Buns on Short Natural Hair - https://goo.gl/mth6Qr

Best Affordable Natural Lashes | Ardell Eyelashes Dupes | Aliexpress Eyelashes Haul - https://goo.gl/1T7Gcf

Order my Custom Handmade Wigs - [email protected]


All my videos - https://goo.gl/lH0ZrE

Makeup Videos - https://goo.gl/Rhyfb8

Hair Videos - https://goo.gl/1L3Mjs


Ringlight - Neewer

Camera - Canon T6i/750D

Lens - Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM, ‘Nifty Fifty’

Editing - Adobe Primere pro cc

I want to also say that I’m happy to have you apart of my family, you guys make me so happy! You encourage me everyday to do me and keep doing what I love,

Thank you

Stringing hair

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A REAL African Threading Tutorial

85 001 views | 20 Aug. 2019

Salon Name - Mama Joy Hair

Salon Name - Mama Joy Hair World

Location - Uselu Market by S&T Junction Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Phone Number: +234 08133660250

Sunni Dee

Where can I find the thread

Fidous Shamim

After this I will have to cut my hair . only one choice because none can untie this

Sheldon Martensen

Very helpful video,last month I order the best quality one from newigstyle..com

Kirene Vibes

My best hairstyle

S Minger

Where can I buy the thread in the US? How long do you wear yours?

Lady Violist

African pride❤


I absolutely love this style! Yes I would wear it!!! Good to see natural talent past from generation to generation???

Gee George

What is the name of the thread used?

abiba abubakari

pls were in gh can I dem to braid my hair

Lisa Paola

I saw this in Ghana alot

Chidinma Ebere

Omggg I love it so much???????I have thread in right now and I feel like taking it out just to put another threaded style in lol

Cassandra Russell

I remember wanting this style 2yrs ago❤❤❤❤❤. So much for Sister Locs?....


WAHOOO....this is fantastic...what a great talented ladies?????so beautiful handiwork???kudos nice nice


This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Where can I get this hair thread ??

genoveva munoh

Love that style. Always do my daughters hair just like that . The best. Thanks sis

Sylvia Stewart

How do you tie off the thread, it's not explained in the video

Apollo • 10 years ago

So beautiful! Is it painful though?

Trina Smith

very unique thank you love yourself

liyah tv

This was so interesting and informative to watch. Thanks so much for sharing!❤️

MiMi E.

I would it's so beautiful

Mitylene Bailey


Live Free

Ooh it looks so tight at the scalp. ?


Its neat but i would not wear it


Women be natural psalms 139.4

Jane Silva

Assim mostra muito o coro cabeludo acho lindo as trancinhas que deixa bem cheio.

Marie Poua

This is the type of hairstyle that I appreciate on others but can never do on my hair

jacquie lawrence-turner

This is stunning and I was so excited i asked my daughter if she could do this for my granddaughter. Shes stunning but this would be amazing. You are so right you are beautiful and talented.

Wanda Johnson

What is the thread called? Where can you purchase it?

oh-live lawson

i got mine done yesterday

La Kecia Neal

Nice, but she moved so fast couldn't really see how she did it.


Looks a little like dreads.

Naomi Grabowski

Beautiful! I would rock this!


Love it....looks beautiful but sleeping will be difficult...will definitely rock it

lady saori

i very like this kind of breads and if you can do its more i will be very happyyyyyyyyyy

Jae Bea Blessings

I've been trying to find a pick like the braider is using, without success? L♥️ving this hair style! ?

Royal Woman

Slow sown the intro so we could SEE all those beautiful styles,


Hmm. Her hair looks very damaged. I think that type of thread and the amount put on is too heavy for her very fine and fragile-look hair. Plus, at least one of the ladies are pulling so tight that the client has to be holding on to the root to prevent pain. And when it's done, you can see that her scalp is pulled tight. (!) All this is a recipe for breakage. Don't think if you do this with your fine hair you will automatically get "growth and all that good stuff". Just like with other protective styles (e.g. braid extensions) it will only work if you are smart about it, i.e. don't make it too fine, too tight, or too heavy, so that it doesn't backfire and break your hair off.

Rosalind Robinson

What kind of yarn are they using


i love it..id rock dat style as a crown..4 sure

Sally Ousley

Its flawless Beautiful???

priscillia a

ohhh u remember doing this in Nigeria (new benin market) when i was younger, this style protects and stretches the hair. this is my grandma go to style till this day.

Tracee Lewis-Alexander

very beautiful and unique. Yet this appears. to create damaged hair...

Vanessa J.

Very very beautiful ❤️

Valyn McNeil

When I was a little girl we had a friend from, Nigeria that would do this to my hair. Now I rock the locs. I do however wish I could do this for my new growth that just won't stay twisted without gels.

Joyce Kemunto

Where can I have this done.....someone give me location in kenya

Ola Adeoye

This would help your hair to grow like mad, l had this done every 2wks. And lf u had coarse hair ut will turn our soft and manageable.

Pélagie Mme ELLA

Hum! Qui porte encore ça en 2019?

Compton Hoodsta

This is so beautiful. I wish I could get that exact style.

Teisha Love


Kimberly Smith

I’m traveling to Nigeria soon. Is this salon in Lagos Nigeria

Krombopulos Pichael

I would rock the Bantu knots tbh ?

Cindy King

Beautiful style, I Love it

Leea Robinson

do you have to tight it at the end how do you keep it from coming down,

Marva Davis

So cute I like the style. I might try it. But looks painful. Black people around the world are so creative.

Vickie Dunn

I going to have to go get the stuff and do my hair

The Hair Braiding School

What is the name of the thread you use in this video pls


I remember this style from childhood...We called the hair raffia.



nnaturalheaven *

This is so Beautiful!! the women were very skilled and it was also very soothing to watch!! That's it.... I am incorporating African hair threading in my natural hair routine, hope its as therapeutic doing as it is observing and helps me retain length.?

Safiyya Abdullahi

i love the opening of the video

S Minger

Is there any way to buy this type of thread in the US?

Naomi Pancake

Dose it hurt

Betty Diggs

How long does the style lasts and do we have to go back t you to have it taken out.

Melanie Not Mel

I wonder how much this costs and how long it would last?
Also it looks too tight!

Victoria J

Wow that is beautiful

Lisa Eleanor



The style looks beautiful. Just the tension would be too much for me

Savage Queen

Hello what kind of string is that?

sunrise thompson

This is a change from braids, locs and dreads. I think different color thread would be nice also. Good work.

juah-teah davies

OMG so beautiful I would rock it!!!

Rachel Williams

That’s that song at the beginning???. I played the intro twice lol

Nounou Levine

I would most definitely do this? ❣️where can I get the thread?

India Miller


Carren Apolonio

They are moving too fast.


I grew up seeing my mom rock this hair style, would love to rock it

Sheila Allen

Very Pretty

Raven Irabor

where can i buy this thread online?

Nappy Scribe

What kind of thread are you using?


Thank you for sharing this beautiful work of Art l have just booked appointment with my African hairdresser to have my hair threaded can't wait thanks again

Sis Vic

Where/how can we find this kind of thread in the states?


This is so beautiful

Gen Louise

Oh wow that’s amazing ???????

Omg Giiirl

I think I would rock this, and there are so many ways to style these as well. She would look so elegant with a flowy purple silk tunic or caftan, and simple gold jewelry, and a diadem and some small hoops.

Nekayia Shantel

I’m shocked that this video wasn’t sped up

; The Tongue Of Angels

I have a question. When you use thin thread, like the type you'd sew with does it break/ tear the hair?


nice style



Tshepiso Mathaba-Duru


Otto Sean Christopher Mastuh OSCG 8845 Grimsley

Black is beautiful. :)

Dorsena Washington

I gew up in SC and my Grandmother use to do my hair like this after wash day when I was a little girl. I would like to revisit those styles. I would rovk it with pride. Lovely and job well done.


It is beautiful! Make sure she gets her scalp moisturized really well.

SheRemainsQueen God's Own Daughter

Where can I get these combs? The wooden combs

Kelsia Luemba

Just watching the beginning of the video with the montage of black women with threaded hairstyles made me smile very hard. It’s so interesting to see some of my background history and hairstyles!

Killua Zoldyck

I love this!!!

Love Arm

My God ,l love this

sissy ose

Beautiful but your hair has chemical damage


Hi dolls, where do i get this done, here in London? Does anyone know? Thanks

Esther Manuel-Oni

I used to get this done as a little girl back then. I used to hate it but it was so good for my hair. I kinda wish I could get it done again

runy louise

Très joliii. Merci

Karen Weathersby

Is this like or everyday hairstyle or for special occasion, traditions? Very beautiful and thank you for the video

Stringing hair

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✄ Traditional Turkish Facial Hair Threading

466 642 views | 14 Nov. 2012

This video shows an old

This video shows an old Turkish way to thread out facial hair where we use our teeth as well as fingers to hold the thread.

Music attribution: Ibn Al-Noor, Kevin McLeod, royalty-free tracks, incompetech.org

kittrainbow 7


John Junior

Very good, I have wanted to know how they do this. Thanks.


That's just the way we do it in Turkey, I know other people only use their fingers, it's only a matter of choice. I prefer strong cotton thread.


Great instructional video. Thank you!

Bhupendra Chaturvedi

can I do plucking instead of threading??... please tell me

Sol Almirón

Hi. Excelent instructional, congratulation from Paraguay! i really like it. Thanks 4 show it. you teach me now. i'll try all the time. im learning.


I have a question, can you do threading instead of shaving?! I'm tired of shaving and I was wondering if you could thread the whole face, lip, chin, neck, face sides and jaw line? Thank you

GO22 2IT

i will be coming to istanbul this oct. where exactley are u located?


"Ibn Al-Noor" by Kevin McLeod.

Amar Telghamti

i used before but no consequence , can u help me with other idea because i have a lot of hair in my face pleaze




Hey, is there any other tips you can give ? I get my cheeks done as well expect I always go red after and break out.


hey, could you tell me the name of the music please ? thanks !

Saad Ahmed

does it has side effects ?


excellent technical!


I don't understand how the thread can cut hair. It's not even sharp!


It doesn't cut, it pulls it out. Cheers.


Thanks for the comment!

كرار الاسدي


كرار الاسدي

ناسي عمري

Thanks man a lot


Türkmüsün gardaș ?

استغفر الله العظيم

سبحان الله وبحمده
سبحان الله العظيم


it can????


Can you recommend any places in London for this!?Thanks

Jone Nascimento

You could use your voice to explain too. It is very hard to see if you are doing a knot or just twisting the thread.


It is not chinese traditional?


thx so much


Yes sir, that's the way we do it.


This is phenomenal. How many hairs does one acquire per stroke?

Dragon Ninefox

does it remove comedos?


Yes, you can, but I wouldn't recommend it. The hair is different on the cheeks from the ones in your beard. It will hurt badly and may cause future skin problems. If you really want to get rid of the beard, try laser treatment.

Batsen Belfry

After watching you closely, I finally see how threading works. You're actually extracting the hairs with the spiraling thread. Okay! ???


We are in Dublin city centre, Ireland.

Anil Hirwe

nice video


it pulls the hair out


Ali.........YOU THE MAN! Great video. This is one of the more fascinating parts of my visits to my Turkish barber over here in Germany. I'm learning alot from your videos, especially this one. Gracias amigo!

TheyaNewStil Theya

grazie sei molto bravo come barbier e di piu grazie a te ho imparato come si lavora con filo quando serve di movere íl pelli di la facia
complimente e molto rispeto

Depilacion Masculina Bs As Estética & Bodywork

excelent instructional video, congratulations from argentina

Jacqueline Escobar

Awesome tutorial

Anna Susanna

Muy buen video y muy profesiona !!! l gracias por compartir....saludos desde Mexico


Hi man, no, not really, mostly only the cheeks and sometimes eyebrows on request.