Looks pale

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Quilting with Moxie: Easy Hourglass Design

784 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Beth demonstrates a

Beth demonstrates a beginner-friendly quilting design for hourglass blocks and shows a wishbone sashing design. Learn more about the Moxie here: https://handiquilter.com/moxie/

natacha careva


Andy Robertson



too expensive - I can buy a good used car for that price. Wish they were more affordable for us "Home Quilters". I love Handiquilter and own a Sweet Sixteen, which I absolutely love! But I just can't afford anything more.

Jo ann Green

Beautiful quilting moxie is a good quilting machine


Still not affordable enough

Looks pale

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12 757 495 views | 16 Jan. 2012

Eva Lee

I would have laughed my head off standing beside "I so pale" ??


Watch this in .25 for a near spiritual experience

Patrick Anderson

I will never get tired of this.


they're dating

Jason Allcreator

The blond couldn't hold it together, what a surprise...

Johnny Zombie & the Grindhouse Blues

The right one is a keeper!


she should have ended with "Hopefully the sun comes out cuz I need it"


Cathy is the cutest I have ever seen. Holy cow! Where is she now? She is a movie star!

xixixi xixixi



That was pretty funny. They mention Seattle, my area, then Texoma. We have Tacoma here, but no Texoma. Turns out it’s a little blip on the Oklahoma map. KTEN TV has a standard mix of news and weather (cute) people. Just like Seattle.


why does that station hire 12 year olds


"I SO PALE" says the robot, turns and reads news robotically. The other robot is malfunctioning in giggle mode.

Nastia Shaderova

Зачем я это смотрю, я же не знаю английский....


What's worse, the "I so pale" girl or the one that can't stop giggling?

The RA

If you're reading this,

you can read.

Logan’s World

Bruh I could never. I’d be too busy laughing my ass off



Wyatt Jensen

I cannot express how incredibly proud I am that this came from Oklahoma.

Celestine Hale

It's the professionalism for me! FLAWLESS recovery! <3


It'd be less awkward if she just laughed it off. We all saw it and it was too late so don't pretend like nothing happened.


I wish our local TV station let cute funny girls report the news. I might actually watch it.

An Atheist

It looks like Satan wrote the subtitles


You are sooo pretty..


casual mode => professional mode

Rhea Waterfall

I aim for her professionalism


your grammar is wrong, girl


Girl on the right reminds me of pam beesly

rochill pasaporte

The way she looks at her ?

maths enthusiast 2

I so fired


The blonde girl look to pale girl look like she have crush on her lol

Fentanyl Overdose

Needs moar POCs. Don't hire white people!


Producer: She's fired... she's promoted.

Yash Pal Goyal



"Calling for more snow, thankfully. That's not us!" 00:24

Danny Karbon

“Looks like Tuesday is the only cold day we’ll have to get through” me in Wisconsin um.................

Adam Scott

Gotta hand it to her, she handled it like a champ

Sorting Out My Clothes

She not even that pale, she look fine.

Sharine Phinisia

dying to see what happened after this shot. The blonde girl professionally keep her shoulders from shaking uncontrollably. what, 9 yrs ago??

constantinos schinas

you so hot.

Yash Pal Goyal

btw, what does i so pale means..... what pale is being referred to here?

Whitney Miller

"I so pale" girl is still so beautiful!
(Same as giggle girl there) ?

Happy Thoughts

Why did she randomly say that?

GJ kim

0:53 you can see the blonde's chest shaking violently. she is trying so hard to hold back from bursting into laughter

youtube account


chilli tizaacs

Is it just me or do they look really small

I Have A Plan. I Just Need Money.



I so pale

Colleague: Ey, remember what i told you. You aren't a Npc


I so pale.. Is that English?


I uhhhh... feel like i was left out of a very long running inside joke... ?

Dr_ Sykov

0:08 professional laughter .. Face gently smiling and the stomach is laughing

Mike Mike

I'm glad she wasn't Fucking Pale... ?


The blonde is so cute??

Ace Ito

the blonde girl looks like pam beasley from the office

Rodrigo Vaamonde

0:53 she's trying not to laugh but her chest is trembling ?

Shannon Pincombe

I love how her colleague just has her own little giggle without going over the top. Also like how the 'reader' got to her job without any big display. Well done ladies.

Davud Kciku

I would have said a joke in the end, to make it look like a little intended commedy: Ohh, nice weather finally I can lose my paleness.

Shiki VII

I so pale has the same energy as Me so thorny


This really isn't getting old. After 9 years and seen it many times, I still find it so hilarious!!




Blonde is so cute. ?


"dont worry itll only get a few views"

Peter Zebot

'One of three inches of snow fell'.... Which inch fell?

Just Another Thing

Im so anxious with their lack of social distancing...

One Two

pale is pure

crispy treats

the lady in red is a sweet and beautiful.

Clutch Genes

Okay but the blonde on the left is a total "Pam" from the office lol. That lil elbow tap to let her know she goofed at 0:04 "you're on air!" ? so cute


"I so pale" proceeds to report on snow




Send for the man

I aM gOod fRoM beHinD

Legendary videos are less than a minute
This video : 0:59

Bee Walk34

These ladies are awesome ❤❤❤


I so professional


The rest of the week looks pale.

latvian girl

imma write here something so i can come back after 5 years and see this

Xavier Harding

I can only imagine the hot sweet love these two made down by the fire once the camera's turned off.

Hanna Georgia Del Rio

Tiktok brought me here

Eun Oh

people will never stop watching this clip. and this clip will never stop making people laugh


I so in love...

Lavanya Verma

I want someone who looks at me the way blonde haired girl looks at I so pale girl :')


It's past 12 o clock. Youtube telling me to go to sleep again

Ara Jung

Why is this something I would do, and my friend having to snap me baccc to reality XD

CJ Christopher

It's not surprising that she started talking about Seattle weather, haha.

Lord Stinson

Cathy's just losing her shit.


Cathy is in my top 10 most attractive women list.

rochill pasaporte

Corbett Corbett

The Sim Zone

She is robot. I am dead.

Junaid Inam

I would kill for the footage after they went off air.


no matter how many times this is on my recommendation i will always watch it


plot twist:

she knew they were live

Krishna Vijayan

Interviewer: Why are you pale?
Her: Who says I'm pale?
Interviewer: You are pale, You're a pale-genda

Red Chan • 69 years ago

The Snow: ? d o u b t

Pushkar Bhagat

I watch this everyday..

Yulia Adinda

the pink girl is just dying inside i cant-

Blue Collar Men Productions

Don’t worry YouTube won’t recommend this forever....

Joel Kennedy

Got this recommended thrice...tf


ah so brown

Mert sondas

they are like 8 y.o two best friends

si em

Her posture is concerning. Nonetheless, she rocked it!

constantinos schinas

pale beauty...

Adil Ali

Two reporters involved in a blooper are always adorable unless they are men.

Looks pale

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keaton in the kitchen: making a Pinterest minimalist cake! | Keaton Milburn

20 545 views | 9 Feb. 2021

In todays video im making

In todays video im making a Pinterest minimalist cake! this was such a mess but it turned out better than I thought in the end! I hope you guys are enjoying this new series! what do you want to see next?

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/KeatonMilburnSub

Check out my TopVideos! http://bit.ly/KeatonMilburnTopVideos

my social media:

Instagram: kkeeaattoonn

Twitter: KeatonMilburn

Tumblr: radicalltimes.tumblr.com

Spotify: keatonmilburnxo

#bakewithme #KeatonMilburn

thanks so much for visiting my channel & make sure to subscribe :)

WIML: closet clean out, new clothes & lots of working out! | Keaton Milburn


Keaton Milburn


Carolina Collina

I was answering to your questions as if you could listen me ??? but honestly, It’s not easy and I don’t hate the final result

Kendal Nadine

Im crying laughing this was amazing


ive never laughed harder at when you threw the icing??????

Alexandra Asimakopoulou

Awwww you did so good for the first time! ? the cake was so cute! Love these videos!!!

Satveer Brar

Omg I loved this? I was feeling down and then I watched this video and I feel so much better now it was so funny to watch ahaha

Beatriz Pedroza

Girl you were being so hard on yourself! I think it turned out so cute

Mackenzie Human

girl l love you so much and I’m so proud of you for even trying! baking is really stress releasing for me but it can also become stress if i dont know what I’m doing before hand! I like to read the recipe a bunch of times, and watch as many videos as i can before :)

Emma Filson

this is my favorite video i have EVER seen


THE NERVOUS LAUGH AT 5:32 ????? so proud that you stuck with it and made adjustments along the way! Thats what creativity is all about?? 10/10 babe

Dhabyah Alzaabi


asia gardner

"first i need to set the oven to 750"
we're already doomed and it's only been 2 minutes...

Caroline Gruver

Wait I’m actually dead it looks exactly like Hagrid’s cake for Harry Potter ?? this was the cutest most fun video!!

Angela Altese

Wait but like that cake is cute ....... go off sis

Ashley Kirchner

Just watched the whole video and omg I’m DEAD can a cake channel pls react to this?????


wait you should’ve played the lazy town cooking song with the pink hair and everything ??

Kaitlyn Cusimano

why is this video so funny. I'm dying I'm laughing so hard.

Candela Escalante

Let me call my mum. A life moto ?

Leah Burnette

but it actually looks so yummy

Tara Stacy

“This is why people pay hundreds of dollars for a cake” ?? love u

Sarah and Kelly

The way you held that cake in the stand made me nervous ?

Magaly Rodriguez

Dude when I saw that you didn't even out the cakes in the beginning I literally was screaming at my screen. But I'm glad you were able to semi fix it later on

Abigail Perez

I never laughed so much ??? when she said it’s starting to look like a cake at 10:30 I lost it ? I love Keaton in the kitchen. ? A + for not throwing the whole cake away & actually finishing it up.

maria sousa

your skin looks soooo good, i wishhhhh

Katie Symmons

This had me peeing my pants???? you’re legit the funniest, keeps these up???

Salma Ruiz

omg I love this it was actually so funny! you tried girl! proud of you hahaha

Angela Altese

Wait but like the cake is cute ???? Go off sis

Kassi Vastakis

it looks so good miss girl if u don't stop being so hard on yo self I love it

Harleigh Stringer

i decided to make my own birthday cake for my birthday last year and i was STRESSED lol


It really wasn’t bad!!! My only concern is I didn’t see you put vanilla or anything in the buttercream

Savannah Smith

Really appreciate to go getter attitude that was overcompensating for the fact that you truly had no idea what you were doing

Joannah Lorrain Grace Perino

Woww I learned a lot.. ? love it

Emily Escobar

This is so good. I love this series

Emily McBride

I ran to the comments

Nanda Singh

Okay girl you know what the end result is not bad at all!!!!!! I’m personally terrible at making cakes and the fact that you powered through for all those hours and still came out with a cute cake is worth something!!!

Elle Pierce

this is so fucking funny lmaoo I felt like I was watching myself try to make a cake and cringing at it

Courtney h

i legit died laughing the entire video ?

morghann figueroa

i cant with this ???

Marry K.

Can someone here explain to me why people put their wine glasses in the cake? I saw this in an Insta reel but why do that when you could just cut a slice?


No taste test ???

Art Fits

there were so many ups and downs in this video i love it

Jordan Wright

i decorate cakes at a grocery store and this video gave me....anxiety lol

for a very first attempt its really not that bad! but the technique...................


Jaclyn Brueckman

Please never stop these videos??

Sarah Baxter

GIRL the way I put my hand over my mouth when you flipped the second layer upside down over the first layer (@ 10:22) and then it cut to YOU holding your hand over ur mouth!!! I CACKLED!!! i love ur videos sm lolololol!!

Maddie Mogee

do not ever stop making this series, i love it and relate to it af. plus it gives me mannnnny laughs❤️

Anna Hernandez

wait i think it turned out cute!! props to you for powering through ahah

Nati S Medina

Omg this was so funny, thank you for the laughs! Please keep doing keaton in the kitchen videos!


slapping the cake down is me every day

morghann figueroa

you with the mixer has me dead

Christina Xu

THIS WAS HILARIOUS AND all the baking struggles were SO RELATABLE

Chyanne Reyes

Hey girl love u!! Pls continue to have a different camera shot of the food itself so we can see the mixing and everything haha

maddie kate

Omg it’s not even as bad as you think!! ??

Hayley Paolella

HAHAH the slap sound of the cake im dying

Hanaan Younus

I literally almost peed myself watching this video. lmaooo i’m screaming

Chioma Anyanti

LMAOOO this entire video sent me????? quality content

Taylor Dunlavy

I am just seeing that you and james charles both posted cake baking videos today haha! Obvi clicked on yours first!!

Keli Dan

At first I was like ??? I can't see what you're mixing at this camera angle, then I was looking at your skin like "no wait I like this angle drop ur skincare routine" lmao

trisha silveira

im so happy she went back and cut them evenly i was like keaton that looks like a hamburger ????

Jazmin N Walle

This was so freaking funny ?❤️

Jackie Gannon

your next cake attempt will go smoother and hey not bad at all actually i'm sure it taste wonderful & your very entertaining ;D

Alissa Yenglin

The comments have me laughing even harder ? I honestly I’ve seen worse, it was a good first try.

Kate Schwindt

Max and ruby vibes I love it so much??

The Mad Crafter

It’s really not that bad hun so give urself a break. Next time you try just use shorter round cake pans. Add a layer of icing in the middle and you can actually just use a butter knife to do the sides, middle, and top. Let the icing rest in the fridge on the cake before decorating. I’m proud of u.

Stephanie Mitchell

the look on your face when the icing fell out HAHAHA IM DYING


wait your hair is gorgeous

Sarah Barela

I love the pink hair!!

The SchaeWay

At what age do we stop calling our parents for help....imma have a whole teenager one day and still be calling by mom for help ??

nicole castro


Maddy Price

Sis was really about to take the e off with scissors ☠️☠️

jordan queal



hahahhaha "woah there buddy" im dying at the butter mixer part

Ruth Dankwah

?????? one of the best laughs I’ve had all day watching this vid. Thanks Keaton

Ashley Kirchner

“Set the oven to 750”



I hope you’re not making mean jokes about your skill level because of all the mean comments last time ? fuck them girly no one cares about them lol 2021 is not the year to be self conscious about silly stuff

Julia Kammerer

This truly made my day

Elif Ozturk

ong best series EVERR!!!

Anna Morales

lookin like the max and ruby cake

Arielle Eaton

LMAO dying, her getting so pissed is me baking a cake every time. “I’m really proud of myself for pulling my mental health together and not crying while baking a cake.” ?????

Courtney Orr

I seriously love these videos so much!?

Emily Larson

Hahaha love this!! So realistic too ? you should show us you trying to food after!

Viviana G

Harry Potter’s cake ? thank you I loved this

Kayla Lee

This was seriously entertaining and I loved it lol <3 Tbh I love these kinds of videos from you! I think you maybe should try try red velvet cupcakes with pink strawberry frosting in regards to Valentine's Day coming up!!! <3

Laura N

This video was so fun to watch!! You are soo brave!!!! And yeah baking is not that easy ???

Candela Escalante

I love your videos ❤


This was hilarious! ? The sound of the cake flipping over the counter oh my god

Keaton Milburn

for a good laugh please look at the live chat ??

Brandon Dawkins

Going to start my own cooking channel making your recipes, but better.

Carolina Mendes

Girl, are you kidding me??? I honestly think this cake came out so cute, I could never get even close to how it looks

Naomi Ionce

these videos are killing me! i love them?

asia gardner

puts second layer on and it looks like a literal Krabby Patty

neha singh

You should show the stuff you are mixing too... The actual cake batter


When you went to take the e off and grabbed the scissors I screamed?

Sarah Meg

it's the throwing the sprinkles at the cake for me. "beautiful ?" ????????

Maria Damas

the energy in this vídeo is soo good i think im gonna watch it again

Helena G. Herruzo


Megan Melon

i’ve never been this early ?? i’ve been watching you for so long girl ily you’ve grown so much and you’re so beautiful ?

Jordyn Polzin

“You guys aren’t eating it. Sooo get over it” ???

Simone Perque

Me a vegan watching the egg part???

Julia Bella

"cause thats what i see cake people do" KEATON I CANT W U

Jaela Schupsky

I actually laughed so hard at this video! Thanks Keaton this was awesome

Kylee Moreno

Please do a redemption video, you deserve it