Natural hair routine for growth

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My Fall/ Winter NATURAL HAIR ROUTINE for Fast Hair Growth!??| HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH for Type 4 Hair

255 581 views | 4 Nov. 2019

How I'm growing my type 4

How I'm growing my type 4 natural hair long and healthy during the fall/ winter months!


Aussie Moist - https://go.magik.ly/ml/rh7l/

Texture ID Styling Creme - https://go.magik.ly/ml/kq8k/

Creme of Nature - https://go.magik.ly/ml/rh7m/





INSTRUMENTALS? (provided by my mannnn!!!)


LINK: http://SoundCloud.com/skydivesociety



?INSTAGRAM➜ @halfricanbeaute

?TWITTER➜ @halfricanbeaute


F A Q:

Race: Half Nigerian + African American

Name: Isimeme (E-C-May-May) Edeko (E-Deck-Co)

Camera: Canon EOS T6i

Editing Software: iMovie

Curl Pattern: 4a/4b

Channel's Intro Song:



*FTC: This video is not sponsored. However, there are affiliate links associated within this video.

Tadyn Clark

Okay quick question: how do you keep your hair from smelling like mildew when you take the 2 buns out? idk if it's just me, but letting my wet hair sit in buns for days and letting it air dry, makes it have a funny smell when i take the buns out... please help!!!

jazzy chow

Thank you so much for recommending this product when I used it on this same style my family and friends and even just random people were saying my hair smells good ?

Naiya Lashae

I can't wait until my hair is as long as yours, soo beautiful. I love this video and definitely plan on trying the hair style since I'm a college student and barely have time to do my hair in the mornings! #beautegang


Why is your voice so adorable ?


My hair is not that long in the front so it's pretty hard for it to get put back.
Does anybody have some tips for mee?

Britney Andrews

I started doing this during quarantine because it is soooo simple, but I'm worried about potential breakage due to the tension, any suggestions yall??

Mimi's Craft

This is perfect because girl i am lazy af i am wearing twisted plaits right now.Put up in barret clips.It looks so cute?I do religiously wash every 6 ot 7 days and just plait it up or do a wash and go or wear it straight to change it up here and there.Again i am so lazy and always looking for easy low as heck low maintenance styles where the most work i do is oil my edges and maybe my scalp once out the week maybe twice if i am feeling up for it.Ya girl is lazy.I do what needs to be done for my body and tresses but that doesn't take away from the fact that ya girl is lazy??and when it comes
to natural hair i have learned less is more but pay attention to all of the details.

Lex baby

My hair is going into hibernation this winter ??. Probably nothing but head wraps and buns lol.

Opeoluwa Arabambi

Why deep condition before washing? Genuinely curious

Shantastic Life

Just subscribed!! i love how thick your hair is!!! I trying to grow my hair out as well speak so this quick winter style is just what i need

Jasmine Cumberbatch

Can you do an in-depth video on how you do your edges.

malou reginá

the people who disliked this are the white girls who thought natural meant that naturally straight

Jade Armanii

Can't wait till my hair grows that much!! It's growing a lot lately but can't wait until it grows more

Amari Andrews

Alright.. I just tried this tonight lol. I’ll let y’all know how it goes

Margarth Joseph

What is that by her eye?

KiKi Carr

You’re beautiful

D'Asia Fashion

Your hair is goals❤❤

Its Precious

Her edges are to laid jesusss

Onye' T.

Am i the only one who never notivmced that mole after so many years?


I feel so untalented knowing i cant do my edges not even once

Keonas NT

I just do braid outs and after like 3days in have it in a bun or updo. Love your video ?

Caramel Delight

Definitely going to be doing this the rest of winter ?

Brenda Nkhoma

Them dislikes must have bold heads and have been natural for yrs but nothing is happening!

Take it Ezae

im finna try this on my short-medium length 4c hair and see what happens. maybe I'll make a youtube video in case it comes out well ❤️

Golden Hydration

Oh Sis, I trust you about the products b/c you haven't led me astray yet! I'm definitely a loyal user of Texture ID products b/c of you!

Gods Glory

Which Gel do you use, beautiful Hair

Maia Gaiia

It's crazy bc I be doing this ALL THE TIME! but instead of doing two big ponytails with twist, I do about 6 to have more define, stretched curls

Tierra Triplett

You’re hair is very beautiful ??

ItsMsTiffanyRe G

I use to do my hair like that hairstyles, I but I never mess with my edges. Now I thinking about do like that again

Ajayi O. Deborah

My hair is not long enough for this style??

Didby Dakwa

So do you not worry about being doing with your hair right out the shower? Personally when I do that, my hair itches really bad , but I can’t find another alternative . :/ somebody help

Lisa Pierce

Dang I wish I knew what winter season is like....but since I live in the sunshine state, I’ll never experience it unless I travel during the cold seasons....but even when it’s cold here, we still get so hot so for me there is no such thing as fall since we don’t experience fall and winter no snow ⛄️ just cold air.... fall /winter protective styles over here. Protective style is for me is me not wanting to do my hair for a period of time any seasons of the year. But I give love to my 4c ?????

Riana Grace

What styles can u do in the winter if u can cant wear winter hats

Nikki Becks

Great vlog...myself started using curling pudding instead of gel for ma buns as the gel make it too crispy


I love her! I never miss a video. I’m rocking with this hairstyle.


You’re so cute ?☺️

Ilese Rose

what kind of edge control do you use?

Aleah Joseph

That can definitely give u a cold ....make sure ur hair is dried under a dryer or something yall...that's way too much water to go to bed with .....cute but you're exposed to getting sick ....sounds like she woke up kinda nauseous

Star Mocha


Nadia B.

How do you maintain the blowout look at the end Isi?


Definitely going to get these products ?

PeachCobbler PowerPuff

Yes, I wore that kind of protective style for about 2 months and my hair retained length like crazy. I think it’s the stretch coils aspect.

Ashon C.

Constantly doing your edges can lead to them thinning after a while.


Ok CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE I have 4C hair and when I say 4C I mean 4Z!!!! ??? when I look up hair tutorials the girls have short 4C hair but it’s short and I have A LOT of hair and when I look for the girls with the long hair it’s 4A/4B

Lolita St.Clair

Halfrican you did a great job. Good luck on your flight and please have a blessed day.

silent aria

How do you manage your air oils from creating breakouts on your skin? Does anyone else have any tips? I’m having trouble knowing how to apply it!

Beria C Phiri

My favorite Youtuber??? girl your hair is bomb ?

Eden T

Check out my first video❤️

Riana Grace

That's why I quit on putting gel in my hair it's to much to take it out lol


This might be random...do you work out!? Ur shoulder and arm definition is ???


I wanna wear my hair out but it’s so short?. Ughh

Nxka C.

Love the style just have one question. Since you did it in the shower did your hair stay slightly wet throughout the week? I feel like my hair would never dry


I'm deep conditioning as we speak. I will moisturize, twist & put my wig on in the morning. This will be for most of the winter. I have that same curling pudding, it's nice to know it can act as a smoother. I think my hair is starting to be long enough for a bun style. I'll have to experiment with it.

Naturally Bubbly Me

That is perfect for me for the truckin life I'm in! Good lookin out!

Bosslady Wesley

Sis you are hilarious with that blow up on the scratching ?

Sky Willis

Can you do a video on winter protective hairstyles!

wongel tube

Love uuu

Popular Loner

How long have you been a natural for?????? your hair is so pretty

Jenny Oyster

“OOHHH....SHOOT” while scratching your hair is a MOODDD ??????.


Great video but the edges are too much for me ? but you do you gurl

Ilese Rose

hey beautiful! where'd ya get your rings from?

Amy Amu

I love how simple your makeup is!!!??

Art by Rizzo

Love your videos!!! Do you usually rinse the ebin out of your edges between slays? Or just keep putting it on top every time you do your baby hair?

Mai Jennasis

I must’ve been gone for way too long, my good sis got a new bathroom???


I mean you gotta lil G-Clef ?and everything up in dem baby hairs!?. Whole nother level


I tried this today because my hair has been really dry. Hopefully it works. x

JNaye Masters

I wanna do this but my hair would stay wet literally for a week if it were in those pigtails lol

Winjie Chery

Damn hair and edges for days

Mo Butter

Those edges! So artistic! We are so amazing! Now you can understand why white women made us hide our hair..

Mireille Bitangacha

Do y'all think this would work for medium length 4c hair? and by medium length I mean stretched medium length not no shrinkage medium length. lol

Kenya Small

The two scarves being a metaphor for the fusion of two cultures ✊?


Thank you for the video definitely need to start a winter wash routine in between wearing braids


Yes the perfect style! Thanks I’m going to try it!

Ermine Redd

This popped up at the right moment since it just started snowing


My daughter has hair like this, but a bit more loose 3b. The problem is her hair got too thick too long unmanageable. It’s in a ball. My hands got tired to do it. I noticed when she started eating those mushrooms I hear it got 10 times thicker and we did not want her here even more thicker oh well

Quanasia Lewis

Yas hunni love the video as always!!!!#Beautygang

wongel tube

1:30 and 1:39 got me on the floor??

MJ Sawyer

i’ma need to repurchase that creme of nature pudding

Nwakaego Nwoye

Looking pretty girl!

June K

Girl, when I do these type of hairstyles I just spritz some water on the hair, smooth it out with a brush, put a scarf on and once the hair is dry, your hair is brand new. No need for all that product, and I have VERY thick 4c hair so you can clearly try this out ?


Your hair is literally goals

Gabriella S-L

WAIT... Isi you got new piercings. How did I not notice this ?

زاد الشجون

Thank you so much for the easy way. I love from ?? sudan

Nia Watson

ok so i have a question if anyone can answer for fall/winter are protective styles better or should you just focus on moisturizing your hair more? i live in the mountains in colorado and my hair grows with protective styles but because the air is so thin when i go to detangle after i tend to lose a LOT of hair. the best way fo rme to retain length is to deep condition and do styles like twist outs every week, but will the cold change that or make it stay the same?

hayemi ye maryame leg Mekurya

Hi tnx fro Ethiopia


Love this routine I love doing this for my daughter hair too quick and easy


Now this I love......

Chellie Cellie

Thank you. It all makes sense now. Can’t wait to do my hair now

Alexus Raeee

Okay what edge control you use ????

krispy kola

Ikkkk sisssss did nottttttt slick her hair down with moisturizer ( I mean ima try it?) but goallllssss frrrrr because not my hair?


Do u do a hot oil treatment, if so can you please do a tutorial please?


Just tried this (transitioning hair) ?works great thanks!!

Leslito Garcia

Her hair is bomb man!!! I love you girl ❤️❤️

Shelly Francois



Texture ID is lifeeee❤️??

Valen Devereaux

I definitely appreciate the dedication. ?


So proud of you! On your way to a million followers!!!

Michelle Rodgers

Mini twists and knotless box braids are making winter a BREEZE. I do have to spray my scalp more with oil and use witch hazel wipes to clean my scalp more than I would when I do this in summer months...but I see the growth! :)

dorothy gauthier



I feel that with not using a satin scarf on my edges. I use this sweat rag that has the same material as a bandana, and it keeps my edges LAIDDDD! Also, I don’t have to wait as long for my edges to set.

Natural hair routine for growth

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How To | Easy Hair Regimen/Routine FOR ALL HAIR TYPES Relaxed and Natural Hair

442 472 views | 11 Jul. 2016

I hope this video is

I hope this video is helpful! I tried my best to keep it simple but detailed. You DO NOT have to use the products shown in this video but you can if you want to :). Products shown in this video, are EXAMPLES. Some i use and some i dont. Im currently away on vacation so i may not be able to answer all of your questions. Also please help each other out in the comment section. Thanks!

Sign up with Uber and get your first ride free! Use my code: Shaniqueb81ue

My Online Store- https://journey2wl.bigcartel.com

My Shea Butter Mix - http://goo.gl/SyfcOh

Products Shown: Most Important Items are ( * )




Creme of Nature Straight from Eden leave in conditioner - http://go.magik.ly/ml/ixc/



Cantu Curling Cream- http://go.magik.ly/r/journeytowaistlength/1b032/

Deep Conditioner


Eco Style Gel - http://go.magik.ly/ml/7vf/

My wash day routine


Low Porosity Do's and Don'ts- https://youtu.be/r7T5KQiMxa0

3 Porosity Test- https://youtu.be/TwhoTMEF1KU

My Vlog Channel- https://goo.gl/pSGHKS

MY BIG CHOP- https://youtu.be/BBves5kmzLA

How To Blow Dry Natural Hair- https://youtu.be/QOTM14dPEtw

My Skincare Routine- https://youtu.be/6EqLpZ_SkMM

Facial Cleansing Spin Brush- http://vpwow.com/sb4spin1

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Also comes with 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Faster Hair Growth

Shampoo Massage Brush- http://vpwow.com/sb4hair1

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Business Inquiries and Hair Help

Email Me: [email protected]

Hair Length Check Shirts


How I Make My Leave-in/Moisturizer




Hair Type- 4a,4b, 4c

Last Relaxer Aug 30th 2013

Big Chop Date: Aug 2015

Camera: Canon Rebel T3I (original lens)http://go.magik.ly/ml/oak/

and canon 50mm len - http://go.magik.ly/ml/oai/

Editing Software: Imovie

Lighting: Artificial bedroom lights (60w daylight bulbs)


❤My Hair Regimen


❤How To Get Thicker Hair!!


❤How To Grow Hair Fast!


❤Add Me On Facebook





Journey- @_journeytowaistlength

❤ Snapchat-





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Kaitlyn cakes

I have that Argan oil leave in treatment or something like that.... where you shampoo then after you wash it out you make sure your hair is damp then put it in and leave it in for 5 mins or less... then wash it out and it makes your hair soft and all. For me, I believe it makes my hair feel oily idk...

Debora Kamitanji

Wow thank you for this introduction video. I’ve watched a lot of natural hair videoes, but no One has explained the basics this good and simple. Thank you !


Can I just ask.. How often should I condition my hair? And what should I do for styling on the days that I don't wash or condition my hair?

Tayler Stephens

Hi! Is that creme of nature shampoo a clarifying shampoo?

Carol Edwards

very informative...newbie..

Delight kwenah

Thanks a lot, I ready needed this

Society's Victim

Damnit, this was made when Shea Moisture was still the shit and wasn't washed out just so white people can use it.


This was a great video girl. From start to finish super informative, LOVE IT ?

Stephanie Martinez

I get confuse on what products to use everytime I watch your videos, you use different products all the time... I'm trying to start a natural hair journey but idk what products to use.

B a i

Before I restart my hair journey. Ik for a fact that I’m low porosity and Ik some of Shea Moisture products have protein like hydrolyzed silk/silk protein. Is it fine for me to use anything of that nature daily and ignore a monthly protein treatment or will it be bad for my hair? Because I definitely don’t want my hair to be overloaded on protein.

Keandra Ferguson

Loves this video...really helpful

Abia Aneel

If I don't use shampoo after 2 days, my hair gets oily ?

Beverly Smith

why do you use low porosity condition?

Joshi'Yonna Hayes

I'm so confused on my porosity bc I have fine and some coarse hair. I can use the Eco styler olive oil gel. My hair gets damp easily when I get into the shower from the steam. My hair takes a while to dry. I try to use shirts or even sometimes a towel and yet I get frizz. I also recently big chop about a month ago but yet when I wash my hair and wrap it into a towel (sometimes) or even a shirt it just a frizzy mess until I apply products is that normal?? B/c usually I see people after their hair has been washed slightly defined and no where near as frizzy as mine is even though ik everyone hair is different I feel like I'm the only one?. I have of 3b on the sides near my ear which is really fine hair. 3c in front to middle of hair which is fine thick hair. 4a at the lower center (cause I have no back I have an undercut ??) can someone explain ????.

Mico Playz

what type of curl pattern do you have? 4c? my daughter's hair is quite coarse and im wanting to try things you recommend

Octavia Barrett

Thank you for this video!! I just found out that I have low pro hair and I just subscribed to your channel. Thank you sooo much!! I will get all the products you recommend. Your hair looks amazing!!


Okay guys I need some help and suggestions. I’m white and have very curly natural hair. I don’t believe we have the same texture. Does anyone know any youtubers I can watch that might have my hair? I have VERY curly hair. Just not the same texture as this and I really want the best for my hair

Gan Idan

Good info.

Kimberly Frost Barry

I agree with everything you said! Very informative.

Karyna M

This was soo informative and helpful! Thank you so much. Exactly what I needed right now!


My hair goes dry after an hour


I'm working with my 11 yo who wants to become natural. I appreciate your recognition of younger subscribers.

Nomathamsanqa S

Do you use the LOC and LCO method daily or weekly?

Blessed Forever

Thank you ?

Chris Maruma

Creme of nature with Argan oil contains mineral oils and I hear those are bad

a.nnyyaaa a

What are regimens ?

Rashaun Phillips

I will first saturate my curly hair with water and I will smooth it in with my fingers and then I will finger detangle my curly hair and then I apply it conditioner called Tresemme Botanicals nourish and replenish coconut milk and aloe vera and I will go in and detangle with my Felicia Leatherwood detangler brush and I will start at the ends and work my way up to the root and that detangling brush glide through my curly hair

Sabreena Downer

Hmmm beautiful hair..... I just want to know how did u start transitioning what we're your methods

Nahdyyah Barnett

Before you go to sleep wrap your hair in Saran Wrap then put a scarf over it .

Paula Lynn

dip you do a big chop?
plz help me
I want to trans without big chop

That Jamerican Kidd

Short and sweet like that

Janna Wright

Great video. Thank you! ?

Emediong Bassey

Thank you for this

Klarissa Pursley

I need help to finding the right products for my hair it’s very thin in the crown area on my head

Loves of JBNeet

I too have low porosity hair and the LCO method is definitely best and I steam it in my hair then style. Usually a protective style. great video TFS

Kyla Fuller

Is she butter considered an oil??

Lassie Lps

I personally don't like the eco for slicking back my hair it makes it hard and crunchy and it makes a pocket hole where I can slide my hand under it


Втираешь дичь

The Millenial Educator

This was very informative. Thank you ! I'm a beginner, this helps a lot!

Taina Campbell

This video was amazing

Nicole Aliyah

how often should you put leave in conditioner on your hair?


Wonderful video

Coralie Ewitson

I think you're the first Youtuber I really like ! Thanks for sharing :)


I love the updo you had in this video. Could you please do a video on how u did it

Adrian Elliott

can you do the LCO method everyday?

strawberry Locs

Hi that wide tooth comb you showed the pink one where can I find one please

Katrina Mosley

Very detail and simple this is a wonderful video....

lovely me

Amazing video do u have to wash out deep conditioner

Allan Nekesa

pls help me with methods on how to start keeping my natural hair

Veronica Owusu

will it do any harm to my relaxed hair if I pply natural hair care products?

Breana Glosson

I'm a 2 year natural hair journey newbie. I'm not going to lie I big chopped my hair 2x in 2 years ? ? ik I can get my hair how I want it to be but I get lazy and I forget to keep my hair hydrated and moisturized so I have a big problem with dryness but when I wash my hair or condition my hair my curls are so pretty. I've been using wild growth oil and I'm slowly growing out the twa phase ?? ik but watching your video it helped me slot

Monica Thomas

so this is the shampoo you use now and what's your clarifying shampoo

Jasmine Padgett

Of all the Youtubers, my hair likes the exact same products your hair does. One time I bought a product for wash day but noticed you already had a product review video on it and didn't like it at all. I took that product right back to Ulta unused, lol.

Yaliza Rogers

gurrrll that camera qualiiitttyyyy <3

Charity Kariuki

this was so helpful thanks

Tima Sheriff

im kind having hard time....so please is it any other way?

Geraldine Molineros

I really like Pro Naturals ?

Violet ss

omg I love you! This was so informative! I FEEL like I just got laced up on the natural hair game! lol . I am literally taking notes, because, I have watched several YouTube Videos, I had no idea what hair porosity, or no one explained their regimen! we have the same hair type, and I recently did the big chop, I think Im hip to how Im supposed to do this now, thank you so much!!!!!??


thank u

Flaminhot Tea

whats the intro song

Li_Li_ Gang

My hair is short but ima buy shea moisterizer and ima make my own growth oil so my hair can grow long to my waist

Laila Jabbar

So glad I came across this video thanks so much

Leticia Munoz

I work a construction job and it is very messing. everyday I have dirt in my hair when I get off. my climate is hot as he'll and dry, I'm from Houston, so that's my weather. what I need to know is what can I use to wash my hair daily, my hair and medium thick and curly.... need help. I'm a natural chic and in need of help to keep my hair healthy!!!

ophelia b.

my scalp is oily but my hair is dry and I have 4c hair . Any moisturizer suggestions¿

Quishanta Cary

First let me say, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ?! I have a question, I have a 7yr old lil girl and she has a nice grade of Real thick kinda almost shoulder lenght hair, but I would like to grow it at least waist lenght. I dnt knw many styles n I try my best at keeping it up. I'd like to knw (and some advice) on how 2 get my lil girl's hair waist lenght?? If you havs Any Advice, I'm ALL ears, I jesed Really Need some HELP. Thank You ☺!

Yayo Host

Where did you get your bonnet? I've seen several other YouTubers with it and I want it, thx

Quin Cobb

I don't shampoo or conditioner everyday, but when I wake up, my head looks wild so I put water on my head and use a moisturizer and oil. I was wondering does adding water to my head everyday hurt it? Should I be looking into multiple day hairstyles?

iiiamnataliee _

She looks like she could be coco Jones sister

Lydia Q

Were all the oils you listed for low porosity hair? Cuzzz thats what i got! Also, what protein treatments do you recommend and how often? And should we do a protein treatment and deep conditioner the same day?

Vanessa Mofor

Thank u Shanique, these tips are so helpful. I'm still new to this natural hair stuff and it's hard

Filhada Elsa

You look nice with your natural hair

Mayen E.

Is it okay to use a creamy conditioner as cream in the LCO

Queen Red

Has anyone tried Herbal Essences smooth collection? If so would you recommend it? (I'm transitioning with 4b/4c hair type if that helps)

London Ellis

she looks just like that girl from let it shine on disney

Jadyn Barner

I know this is old but this is like the only one that really helped me

I'm Different

Do you feel condition every week?

Karen Payne

My daughter has natural but very dry hair. Have tried everything and nothing seems to work. What can you suggested for as for preventing dryness and breakage?

Jesyca Thomas

The LOC method works great when you need a lot of moisture when you use it in a LOCO form. This form works only when your first oil is a moisturizing and not sealing oil such as coconut oil and your last oil is a sealing oil such as olive or black castor oil.


You explained this so perfect for me lol I've never watched a video so understanding. Thank you ❤️

Didier Bizimana

Really a pleasure to follow you and you explained it so simple and well that it encourages to get it done right.

Mrs. Nata

It was very helpful, great video.

Marvel Gang

could this hair care regimen also be applied to a man? thank you!

danii rose

You are cute. Which lotion you applied on your skin

Soft Lips

Am I supposed to rinse out unrefined coconut oil after applying it? Btw love your videos!!

Paul Williams

Beautiful in every aspect of the word Miss Lady


I finally tried that megrowth deep conditioner and my hair loves it. Thank you for the tip! Youve helped me learn so much about my hair. And its flourishing. Im excited to see what it'll look like this time next year since Im finally doing all the right things.

Sarah Ramirez

Nice, the only shampoo that I can actually detangle my hair with it it's that one!

Naturally Josy

Very informative and detailed video.
I love your channel and hair of course.

nehemiah Wingfield

can you put leave in conditioner ever day


I have a natural hair routine but my hair feels so weird when it’s wet

Natural Hairbalist

the shea moisture manuka honey is....AMAZING

NewAge Citizen

Don't use cantu products they test on animals and little do they know there is a supernatural power greater than all of us and each and every employee who knew about this and kept promoting this product will get theirs

There are much more gentle and even better brands out there like Shea moisture who make their products just for ethnic individuals

the Universe

kaykay A.

what if your hair is short and you can't put it in a ponytail or bun?


Thanks of making this video. I've been trying to find a video that actually breaks it down ugh. I have just gone natural, thought I was messing up my hair. Now I know I'm doing the right thing whew.


Which camera do you use


Ima wash my hair every Monday in the week so it can be clean and have enough time to be left alone

Pegasus 1

love your channel?

Bubbles Pleasant

It’s been a minute since I been on your channel. And your hair still looking great


Thank you sister for taking the time to create this video, I really appreciate it. I just did the big chop from having sisterlocks for 8yrs. Your video gave me a basis to start with. Blessings


So do you use the Lco method everyday ?? To keep your hair moisturized everyday??

Natural hair routine for growth

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84 190 views | 11 Nov. 2020



Wa going on guys?! In this video I'll be sharing my weekly natural Hair Routine for growth, moisture and length retention.


NEW Natural Hair Routine+ WEEK in my hair for work- #4




HOW I'll Retain Length For Longer Natural Hair


DAY 31 Hair!? ?| MONTH In My Natural Hair| October 2018!!







INSTAGRAM: @Razorempress and @Empressfit

FACEBOOK: Razorempress


Raynecia Simmons/krs

P.O Box 1768

Cruz Bay, St.John

VI 00831


BUSINESS Email: [email protected]

FTC: Not Sponsored


Omfg wash day would take me at least 4 hours

Shawna Jones

You look really pretty with all your different hairstyles!

Dee Dwayne

It's your girl Razo BBBRRŔRRTTT...!!!

Tammy Grant

Gorgeous...all I can say?

Hazel Hawk

I detangle the same way! Heaven!


Am I the only one whose twists get matted and start locking within like 4-5 days???

Samantha Saint

Did anyone else notice that the jar of moisturizer was from Alikay Naturals Lemongrass line?

Heather Brown

whats your hair type? are you 4b? if so, i think when my hair reahes your length this is how itll be....glad to habe found you!!

Láveeta Hernandez

You're definitely West Indian by the name, intro and accent!!?

Beverley Childs

Love it!!! Your hair looks amazing!!! I can always watch your videos from beginning to end, thank you for being you; real and authentic. ??✊??


too bad my hair is thin =( its got length, its just thin


Love your wash day routine.

Bre Rose

I thought it was just me ?? i sweat from my scalp and under arms

Jeressa Jeremy

Beautiful ?
My hair sweats a lot too
N my hair is fine
By day 3 or 4 my hair comes wassy ( stale for the non caribbean peeps lol) and it's time to style again

Miss Nolver

Thanks for sharing your routine. Your hair looks nice ???

Shondra Renae

Where are the products luv?

The awesome person Chuney

It’s a lot of work but I do the same thing after washing. I just have to figure out how to keep it moisturized all week while in a protective style ?

rere nomad

you need more water pressure. its probably not possible cause cities , towns and countries had an order to save water but you can go to the store and get a diverter to make your shower pressure more for those shampoo days.

Jo Henry

Get every drop out dat container. Gal yu hair look nice


I don’t know what it is but I love these natural hair routines ❤️❤️


Hi ...Beautiful hair!
does it shrink much?? even in the shower, I did not see a lot of shrinkage. that's strange. How?? its lovely anyhow!


Gorgeous ya sis we get every penny out of them jars these products be expensive ?

Rochel Johnson

You and your curls are gorgeous. I wish I had your beauty and hair. Queen status.

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God is good!

girl where are you from?? ??

Chanay Fayese

what hair type is this?

Lee Walker

your hair texture is exactlyyyy like mine. definitely subscribed really quickly because i love to see a woman with this texture with length

Angela Handy

So Beautiful!

Manisha Ande

How do you film w/o getting water on the floor?

; The Tongue Of Angels

I love when you laugh??

Tylisa Hampton

Your hair is beautiful❤

Hevin Amber


Strawberry Curlz

Currently deployed but I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time...just wanted to thank you for being so transparent in your hair are videos...whether it’s products or tools, you’re always open and honest...thank you for that, that’s hard to come by...


I wish my twist came out as defined and juicy looking like yours.......mine look like a kid twisted them ?

chanel Casson

Beautiful sista love the voice ❤️


Whats your hair type

Taj Jay

Your hair is definitely goals ?. I hope I can get to this length in about a year or so?

Sharona Young

I love your personality

stina lynn

I need that comb!!

therealgloriamay May

Ahhh I want that hair so bad !!!!!!!!!! ???? what's do u do to make it not brake out !?? And moisturized !!!!! Anyone have advise !?!?!?!?! ??

L.T. Chosen

Your hair is growing long and beautiful!!!!

Daniel Mullens2

Hey razor just put you hair in four sections and rinse it out and scruch

Mesha Cash

Your hair is absolutely beautiful!
May I ask what nationally are you? I hear an accent in your voice.
Was your hair always long as child?


"Massage massage massage and drag". I was low-key twerking to it in my head???‍♀️.

latoya banks

Just subbed,? #HAIRGOALS?

D. Deborah Jones

Beautiful hair! Can't miss that VI accent! Love it! :)

Araina Weemes


Kay I

Omg! Wish i had your hair! Love that intro song. U Trini?

isaiah drake

You Should Try Fenti Skin Care

MadStyleChica 15

Awesome job, instantly subscribed! Many Blessings!

Greta V

Sis...PLEASE tell me where you got your large wooden wide tooth comb?!! ?? I've been searching everywhere for the one you have.

Ebonie Sanchez

Hey! Can you please share what butter you used? Thank you


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Dejarnett Lee

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Love Grace

beautiful i like your long hair ❤ and your skin ✔️

titan s. c.

this is literally what I do almost to a T, and my hair has been ~flourishing~. it's longer than ever. I had no idea it was likely due to this routine. thanks for the vid! you have such a cool vibe ^^


? I use bags when I don’t have caps ?

Patricia Harris

I a mask with alot of moisture u see i m low porosity. Plz help

Mia Long

Do you have high or low porosity?

Yanis Agodor

Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16"

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Jahdiah H

Yuh from deh V.I?? ?? @Razorempress ??? hair gorgeous enuh

Ebone Freeman

I love these videos! Thanks for the motivation girl!


MY GYAL ??? Don’t stop!


... Your shoulders and upper back looks so strong. Very nice. I bet you have bicep power to????

Sandra Spivey

Hi, I’m a new subscriber. Love your content. See Dr. Vanita Rattan on YouTube. She is an MD who focuses on hyperpigmentation for people of color. She has changed my life!


Any Hair commercials in your future? WOW!!! How GORGEOUS!!

Tashawna Jamison

Beautiful black Queen

rere nomad

hey, another virgin islaner here. im tomian.

Christana - -Adeyemi

What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?


Your beautiful all around girl. Not just your hair. Just stopping thru with a like ?.

Nova lee Perry

Hey girl I have been watching you since 2015 happy to find you back

Felicia Dunn

Your hair is so gorgeous! I need a hooded dry cause mine broke down!

Chery Haynes

Your hair is beautiful ????

Chat Time with Sonia

Love the tips ?

Tiare Pearce

Ur so funny I love it. Love u girl


Yooz the toolz


Need this inspiration. Have everything I need but have been so lazy.

Traci Brown

Where can we buy this same wide tooth comb that you use? I have asked 4 times but no response. I cannot find it on the internet. Please let your viewers know. Thx


The parting gods ?

jayyy london

Wet and Knotted ???

Tammy Garrett-Williams

Gorgeous hair girl! Where can I purchase the wood comb?

Colette Nsatu

You're hair looks good ??

StylezBy ROBIN


hajara muhammad isah

I'm still wondering why I kept repeating massage massage massage and drag??

Cady Hawkins

Omg your hair is so BEAUTIFUL and ur skin is ????❤️❤️❤️


Even though I mostly use my fingers where did you order your wide tooth wooden comb from? Everything I’ve been finding is plastic.


Hey hey! ❤️

Coco Laní

Your hair is getting longer and longer?????I need your regimen!

Nubian Warrior Goddess

You are naturally beautiful


“My favorite thing to doooo ? BARS.” ?? i subscribed!

Maher Nusrat

I have straight Bengali hair lmao idk why I'm watching this

Ashanta Pinckney


Sherrina Ransom

Beautiful hair

Cheryl Clarke

Thanks Razor!


Beautiful hair!! Love it ?

R&D E&JLee

Wow?....Your hair must be super strong...If I even "think" about putting a comb on my wet hair, she will just fall out on her own?...
I don't care how gentle I would be" NOPE" she would just say " I'm out sis"....?...

Mz. Joyce Mz. Joyce

Where did you get your comb from?

amina. k

literally soo pretty ?

Daedri's Vlogs

Can we talk about her muscles!!!!! ?

Rosemarie Cruz

Love the wash hair routine. What products did you use?