Skin sun damage

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Tips to Avoid Sun Damage

3 163 views | 2 Jun. 2016

Learn what you can do to

Learn what you can do to keep your skin safe and prevent skin cancer.

Skin sun damage

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New Skin Regenerator Frequency - Heals Burns, Scars, Sun Damage, Cuts FAST Skin Growth

33 759 views | 14 May. 2017

Instructions: Lie down,

Instructions: Lie down, Turn-off the lights, Relax, and Clear your Mind. Breathe deeply and let the beats put you into a meditative state.

The video contains binaural beats technology requiring BOTH left and right stereo channels to work. A single speaker or mono output will not work. There are no or minimal natural background sounds for maximum effectiveness.

Please use good headphones or earphones to improve the effects.

These are experimental samples used within our group of tester's for over a year. It is as perfect as we can get it now so it was decided to release to the public. We found it is a code for unlocking the spirit. And the spirit can do anything! Use the two basic beats stated below as a daily regiment for a minimum of 30 minutes to see the good benefits. Seriously, no pain no gain!.

To get the full version of the Ascension Beat and Solfeggio Harmonics, just sign-up to our forum below, as you can find us there! Please support our efforts!

Please sign-up and join us on the paranormal forums, and post your feedback/experiences there:


Members may get chosen for free energy scans and clearing services if they post the most feedbacks. So sign-up today and become an Awakened member!

Our website has a full-length album called Beauty Forever 4 that includes this binaural beat: Awakened2012.com

Other Full length binaural beat brainwave entrainment tracks are available in iTunes:


Consult with your physician first if you are using these beats while on any sort of medication or have any kind of medical condition.

These Beats by King-Louie AKA Ascension-ArchAngel

Sharing is Caring...More to Come!

Loco Ko

@Ascension-Archangel King-Lui

Can you please make one for MRSA please

David Mccormick

i used earphones and got better effect i sought of noticed energy all around me with eyes closed.and tried to focus that energy on healing blemishes etc .

Cherin Malapitan

I hope it works, i got a chemical burn from a product that I use

miss hira

will this recover my scar on nose ?

Bang Chanstolemyheart

Why can i hear whispering? Is it supposed to be there?


This is fantastic! I have a wounded finger and as soon as I started the video I felt something on the skin go away and the pain disappeared, a pleasant itching appeared. Thank you with infinite gratitude!


Please tell if this is for the whole body or only face...

Eva Victoria


BlessingAll OverMyLife


Actress Stephanie Tope A.

Thank you Ascension Archangel for your wonderful work...Ive used other audios and am sure this 1 will work jus as great as the others. Bless Spiritual Herbalist Healer Actress Stephanie Tope!

simhi free

Hello King Louie. Thank you for all your good work.
I have a couple of questions that need answered please. Thank you. Do you have anything that would help a couple of my dogs with skin problems? One has dermititis from flea allergies. My oldest dog has Demodex, a mange mite. My herbal skin sprays don't last longer than a few hours.

Marie Stella

Hi can I use this in conjunction with the acne healing frequency?

Witch 1998

I have a Sunburn but im sure it will help

Eva Victoria

Blessingsuponblessings. Much love and gratitude. #angel7??

The V word

I understand.. You were so right. About chakras. Now I understand my expierences and feelings.. Time to break the chains..

Can I ask you - Are you still doing your work? If not - Can I conntact you and get some instructions what to do (or ask if I'm doing it correctly)? I don't wanna to make things worse.


I'm here cause I did the eraser challenge in 6th period but without the "challenge" part...I pretty much just scraped off a ton of skin near my ankle with an eraser bc I was bored...it might get infected (._. )

hip hip

as soon as I listened, the pain went away. Thank you ??

Barry Airdrie

Hi King Louie ,
i wanted to ask you
in 2013 i got my head shaved from an incompetent Turkish barber with a cut throat razor and the stupid idiot scooped a chunk of skin out of my scalp
so now i have a permanent scar on my head it is a pit on my forehead because he scooped a chunk of skin out so the skin is uneven so there is a pit on my forehead.
so can this video help the skin from that pit to regenerate fully so there is no more pit on my head ?

mialinda trulove

I got pretty bad sunburn from being outdoors and at the pool. The pain was pretty bad, especially in My shoulders. I just listened to this, and the pain is a lot less now.. I will continue to listen to this throughout the week and post updates. I really think this is helping. Thank you

Seema Khemada

One time a day is sufficient???


Ok, I have really bad OCD, and lately I’ve noticed that I can’t stop picking and touching my face. I’m really afraid of pimples, but I never really get them. I end up scratching my face up terribly and it looks terrible. I’m really hoping this helps because I’m going to try to break my habit wish me luck❤️

Barry Airdrie

I went to a Turkish barber (in Scotland) in Spring of 2013 and got my head shaved with a cut throat razor and the incompetent asshole scooped a chunk of skin out of my scalp.
To this very day there is a big scar / pit on my head from the area where he scooped a chunk of skin out of my head with a cut throat razor and the skin is uneven because although the wound healed up but there is a pit on my scalp from uneven skin because the skin didn't fully grow back to cover the pit up on my head.
every time I see my head in the mirror I feel like crying because of the horrible scar the incompetent idiot left me with by scooping out a chunk of skin from my head.
Anyway will this video help in healing up that scar or not ?

Sheetal Chavda

Hope the upper lip heals and disappears!

Kaelyn Ruiz

I was taking lemon bars(yummm) out of the oven and the pan was pretty heavy so I tried to pick it up with two hands but the oven Mitt did did not cover my whole hand and as I try to pick it up the whole back of my hand gets burn the the 350 degree bars in the oven. Then as a reflex I jerk my hand away but then burn my arm on the door of the oven. I really hope this works. It hurts a lot?????

Barry Airdrie

i just went to a Turkish barber to get a head shave yesterday (15th November 2019)
and the stupid incompetent idiot scooped out a chunk of skin from my head.
It's one thing cutting me but he scooped out a chunk of skin from my head.
this will leave me permanently scarred for life as well as a pit on my head.
Can this subliminal help to fully regenerate my skin or not ?


Hi and thanks for the video..how many times should I listen per day?

Jeffery Bernard

the new skin regenerator could be woth while the issue in it is the constant tone is so loud instead of being in the background so you can focus on the program when will you realize that

Barry Airdrie

I burned my leg in 1986 (when I was 8 years old) when a firework exploded and my leg went on fire and I have a massive burn scar on my leg to this very day.
will this fix it ?

strawberry K.

Thank you for putting together a frequency for this subject. Only, is it a way of making it at least one hour long, so we can sleep to it?
I have a non-cancer fast skin growth issue and trips to the doc are expensive. I don't go as often as should. This could be my miracle. The itching has decreased but it is just my second day.

Jessie Santos

Thank you

Alie Fee

Your work is amazing! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It really really works! My skin is so clear! - so fast! - I combined this one with the Acne and PMS frequency. I feel so much better …

kapal rusak

hi.. can this heal for acne scar with type ice pick, box & rolling scar?

Catarina Sofia

Hi I have hyperhidrosis it is very uncomfortably for me especially in the summer. I don´t know if it is some kind of abnormal hormonal problem. is that possible to help me out?

Bang Chanstolemyheart

I burnt my leg pretty badly. This should work.

David Mccormick

i think this works after a while.u just have to focus on blemishes etc.alot is mind over matter i believe.the music frequency helps to vibrate u to focus more etc on the marks n imagine them healing its the power of the mind to heal i believe.

Ascension-Archangel King-Lui

The full-version of New Skin Regenerator Frequency is on the album called Beauty Forever 4. http://awakened.x10host.com/albums_2023.html

João Batista da Silva

Please, could do this same audio, but with the Portuguese subliminals.Could you tell me in English what you're saying in this sublimal?

Actress Stephanie Tope A.

Can I recommend to u all having burn scars eczema to use aloe vera leaf along with the audio to fasten and completely heal your scars if you are still dealing with them. I scrub my scars 3x a day with aloe vera leaf. I just cut it and rubb the gel side to my skin for abt 30 mins or cut the gel off and apply it to the skin overnight. Trust mi u will see results instantly. If you have skin irritations scars psoriasis due to health issues pls try sorrel it detoxes the skin and entire body along with the aloe vera leaf. Bless Spiritual Herbalist Healer Actress Stephanie Tope

João Batista da Silva

It serves for the Portuguese

Ascension-Archangel King-Lui

Hi Awakened ones,

I have the new Facial Collagen Booster being uploaded right now! It should be ready tonight. It should be one of my best beats for removing the rough energy on the face that causes bags or fine lines under the eyelids. You can thank my future-self for this one. He really still cares about this time even though he is physically immortal. He wants us to awaken that we are more than just a physical being that our soul is in the head and not in the body.

Rohini Sivaraman

acne scars?

klara couteau

You are the best !