How to grow out baby hairs on hairline

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Thinning Edges & Bald Spot ( How to Quickly Regrow & Prevent )

113 950 views | 1 Jul. 2018

Hey Loves ! This video is

Hey Loves ! This video is all about how I grew my thinning edges and bald spot back! I explain how I got it along with how I fixed it. I hope this video is helpful !

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Jordan West

Hair popin? and this video right on time

Sparkle 1212

Also protective styles aren’t so protective...let your hair be free and flowy with nothing pulling on it or rubbing against your scalp...even silk presses every two weeks or once per month are healthier than most of these so called protective styles...just deep condition make sure your ends are trimmed hair and scalp moisturized...my hair has always be the longest and healthiest without wigs weaves braids tight ponytails etc

AnaCan SkyWalker

I honestly thought I was born with the bald spot there bc I have them on both sides but I’m really thinking like...”I do pull my hair back a lot” this helped???????


Yasss I have trouble w my edges


My problem has to do with stress and also the puffs that I have been loving for a bit

J Mariexc

Instead of gel try castor oil n water for ur slick bck’s

Mikailee Elpedes

i always wore a tight ponytail because i was a varsity. i started having a bald spot and my scalp started hurting. still trying to grow them back and relaxing my scalp. stress contributes to this as well, also staying up late.


I love her name


Goddamn these videos be too talkative.



Francisca O'Hara



Top knots are literally my THING?But ik i gotta stop now

not the bayang

Also the thing is..I did this hair style everyday...with loads of gel...smh how didn't I see the problem

Carlene Pires

The back of my hair is thinning because off slick back buns??‍♀️

Brittney Nelson

Constantly wore my hair in a bun and saw how much my edges were thinning ? I regret it.

sam abboud

please cut long story short

Maryam Iqbal

you are so beautiful MASHALLAH ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


My edges look like that .. naturally lol, especially on the right side. It's so thin that it looks bald. Just to prove there's hair there, I have to pull on it lol ??‍♀️

Nicole Wynn

Great video! This information was literally all I needed to know :D


Thought I was the only one whose edges started thinning from the slick backs.

CandaceVon TheMua.

Mines thinned in the front after I removed my faux locks.. like I think the weight of them on my edges when worn out was too extensive for my edges Bc my edges are very feathery.. so I noticed once I took them out that my right side was thinner? and to think it was posed to be a protective style

33Lady RAM

I was using a hair clip and it literally broke my hair off in the middle and the edges starting thinning.

Naomi Camille

You’re so prettyyy ?

Jay 1x

Guys I got a bald spot in the in the front of my hair idk what to do any helps ?

Chantelle Rose

Yesss can’t wait to try this. These slick backs are killing my edges but it’s my fave style ??

Terrell Miller

This is Pretty Face Porn ?

Kami P

I honestly think mine are inherited but I’m not sure. Ion like it tho ?

not the bayang

My shit got braided...and now it's gone...too much gel too

Masmuha Majid

My hair is going from thick to thin and I'm acc stressing. It calms me down so much to know it doesn't just happen to me, especially the bald patch, it's where I tie my high ponytail.


I’m starting to do low buns/ponytails

Summer W.

You cute, so Imma subscribe or whateva.

Aliyah Bello

I was constantly curling and unraveling my hair and I see the difference. No more !!

The fact that I done this to myself makes me feel bad knowing there are people who wish the had hair and would never do what I did.

Got Melanin?

Okayy bomb sisss we need that skin routine asappp ❤️❤️❤️❤️??

Marii Angieee

I’m soo late but , I been doing lots of buns and doing my edges with the buns what should I do ?

Jeff Bommarito

Rosemary essential oil?

Lytania ortiz

I have the same problem right now and I think it’s because of the same thing????

Dee Pee

This video is so stupid....talk talk talk talk and talk.....oh amd.more talking???


My middle name is naomi

Masmuha Majid

Thank youuuu, also u really pretty and u hair is beautiful

Shantil Wallace

Notification gang?????

Egyptian Princess

Omg it sucks cause i be trying to braid my hair, but the corners be hurtingg?


When I tell u I needed this


How long did it take before you saw results? ?

Mocha Coffee

I literally want to cry my edges on my left side is literally disappear out of no where

Black Winter

*? video... sees b4 pix of ur edges...touches my exact same thinning spot??...? I don’t pull my hair up... ??but I’m wearing a scarf right MF now & have been!???‍♀️. Thanx sis?

jose gomez

Your very beautiful! and thank you for the advice!

Naomi Camille

New subbyyyy ❤️


Dayummmmmmm your hair gorlllll??????????????✨

Alexia Nelson

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIe0DzbFL1s take a look at my journey!


I have thinning hair from my anti depressant and I don’t want to stop the meds because I really need it. So I’ll this a try. I hope it works! Pray for me y’all

Jenne Harderwijk

New subscriber ❤??

Arriana Pandacorn

I did a slickback for only three days and now my hair looks like crap!! I don't know what to do. I did them with a side part and around that part is so thin and on one side of my hair my edges are GONE.


I got hair, and clean underwear
look at my hang time, look at my hang time.
and I can put it in a bun, and I can put it in a bun
I got my edges back, I got my edges back

This is literally all I was thinking when I watched this, but thank you for the tips! I really needed them love

Caroline Diamond

Thank you for this video queen! By the way you sound like Saweetie?

Chadzmin J

Hiiii I love you videos!!!


Those edges tho?

Jada Johnson

I have a bald spot on my middle of my head isn't growing enough hair but I tried lounana coconut oil tonight I wanna try first it work for hair growth thanks

Lacrystal N Kidz

I used wild growth,ors temple balm and castor oil after getting traction alopecia with smooth bald spots around the edges I also took the mane choice hair vitamins. I saw growth in 2 weeks.my hair came back fully in 6 months ??

Naomi Camille

My name is Naomi also lol


Do y’all think wearing a bonnet 24/7 can cause this cuz I get bumps along my hairline cuz it’s like irritated

Lisa Wallgren

I am 11 i have straight hair, i have always had a little thicker hair then others , a couple of weekends ago i noticed thining on the efges and also bald spots, i got super scared, what should i do

Autumn Lathea

You’re so pretty omg?


TL; DW version: Be patient, scalp massages and take care of your hair..