Rubbing alcohol stick of truth

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Alcohol Ink & Resin: BASICS

3 532 views | 9 Dec. 2020

What a perfect marriage

What a perfect marriage alcohol ink and resin is. I made some gorgeous DIY coasters with them.... Come along for the fun!

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Stefanie Staniak

Love how they turned out. I would love to see how you sanded them. Also, when you pop them out of the molds, isn’t the underside the top of the coaster? I’ve always wanted to try this. Maybe this summer when my to do list isn’t so long. Thanks for sharing.


Way cool! Love the gold marble effect.

Sherry Thompson

I love watching resin videos so soothing especially the reveal ? Thank you for sharing !

Deb T.

Love these!

Mary Lehett

Thank you for taking us on your first time experience w/coasters. You make it less intimidating.

Ingrid Blackburn

WOW that lavender one is insane Laurel!! How cool are these? Great video. ???


Love your attitude, I’m very very new to resin so seeing this and just having a go is lovely!

Jesse b


Susan Byers

Very pretty

Pauline Galloway

I remember pouring plastic being all the rage in the 70s. Dried flowers and shells embedded and felt backing to create ornaments. Using inks opens up the possibilities. ?

Ardyth Percy-Robb

Super cool! Love the results you got!

Nina Cox

I love the pink and lavender ones the best. Others are nice but last two are my favorites. Thanks

Joan Orloff. DK

Awesome work of art ? I love it ❤ thanks for sharing your creativity Hugs xx


I hate glitter too!

Ang B

wow!! I definitely want to play with that! I am loving the white alcohol ink.

Beth Miller

Freaking fantastic, Laurel ??

Sandra North

That looks like a lot of fun! Great Christmas gift for someone.

Rubbing alcohol stick of truth

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Easiest way to remove TAPE IN EXTENSIONS at home with NO DAMAGE

36 031 views | 21 Apr. 2020

I have installed tape in

I have installed tape in extensions on myself & my clients in the salon for 6+ years now, and this is by far the most efficient way I've found to remove them. So quick & easy, NO DAMAGE, and you can buy what you need at any drugstore??

Let me know what you guys think & what you want to see next!


jaiskaur chahal

Where i can buy 91% Alcohal spray plz let me know ?


This was an absolute life saver! The rubbing alcohol took them out of my hair so much easier then the adhesive remover. Absolutely NO tugging or pulling! THANK YOU! ?

S Zackery

Does the alcohol dry out your hair?

Lisa Yarmesky

You made it look so easy! I am a first time hair extensions person. Had tape ins done at the salon for over $200. Went back seven weeks later to have them re-done and cost $80 plus tip. Was told would be $60, but then was told that was for the first time. Mine REALLY seemed stuck when she took them out. Although she sprayed with some sort of adhesive remover, she still had a difficult time and there was A LOT of pulling. She assured me that she wasnt breaking or damaging my hair, but I don’t know how it couldn’t have. Yours seemed to just slide right out!

A Bolder

This seems so much easier than what I’ve experienced. I had to help remove my girlfriends and the tape leaves so much residue in her hair that you have to pull it off every strand manually. No isopropyl or any chemical we’ve tried helps much. Can’t comb it out either as it just locks the comb instantly and starts breaking her hair (has very fragile hair). She’s left with a ton of glue residue. Must be doin something wrong :(

Heather Golden

Hi I just wondered if you could help, can you re install the tapes again the same day without washing if just using the alcohol spray? I know if you use oil you need to wash and dry before re applying but if just using the alcohol could you just re install after re taping without washing? Thanks

Mollie Kurvers


Sherein Nasef

Could you do a video how to dry shampoo your hair with extensions

ara barrera

I just wanted to say thank you so much this actually helped me because I really wanted to take mine out even though I didn’t have alcohol I did have hand sanitizer and that worked perfectly thank you for the idea


Hi are these tape in extensions the best type for fine hair? I have been used to wearing clip ins for many years now so I can remove them on a night time, but I've noticed that we're the extensions clip to my natural hair its causing it to break off and have bald patches. I'm trying to find the best method of extensions so my natural hair can remain healthy and not come out with too much tension x


What do you think about using these on rather oily hair that needs to be washed every 2 days? Do you recommend putting these in? ?

Destiny Ranee

I have super oily hair will tape ins last ? Can i use dry shampo lol

Tenacious Dee



Hi! Any advice on how to prevent matting from hair extensions?

Felicity Duijkersloot

Thank you!! Going to try it!

vivi Oberlin

This helps so much ❤️ but I got recommendations that I had to buy hair extension tape And alcohol hair spray. But what’s the benefit in the tape please help

Jiggy Izzy

Where did you get your extensions? Can you leave a link?

Raeanna Moon

Thank u for this. How long do you keep your in.

Lily Ramon

How are you not super famous? (you are famous but I mean like super famous)

Dreamsworldxo Levi Lui

This works! thank you so much ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

karoline wilson

What exactly kind of alcohol do I use to split the tape? And any serum will work on hair?

Rheea Navik

Hello i have few questions regarding tape in hair extensions do they damage your your new growing hair or it doesnt bother them at all?

Mala Appu

Hi dear?
Nice explanation..
How many days this tape set in hair..

Rubbing alcohol stick of truth

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south park The Stick Of Truth | part 5 | how do you get in??

15 views | 24 Jul. 2020

Hey guys juke wolf here

Hey guys juke wolf here back with another video we're still playing south park the stick of truth

dylan picard

You have to dress like the goth people In the back and they will let you in