Led light therapy for wrinkles

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Review LightStim for Wrinkles LED Light Therapy for younger skin without injections

70 699 views | 22 May. 2014

This review for

This review for http://www.fabafterfifty.co.uk explores alternatives to botox and fillers and explains how LightStim for Wrinkles works to improve skintone for younger looking skin. This is the start of the 8 week trial of the hand held LightStim LED device that uses light therapy to improve skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase collagen production as an alternative to expensive salon treatments.


Have you noticed any results ?


Can you please tell me if you've seen any significant results? I received the same technology a few days ago. Also, even though I wear the goggles, I can still see the light when near my eyes and I'm a little bit concerned about eye risks. Are your eyes doing ok?

Magdalena Prettycripple

Please share your results. It has been well over 8 wks since your first video. I just bought one.


I used red & amber led therapy at a spa a few years ago, it was called the "Lumiere Facial". It was truly amazing. After about 4-5 weeks my skin was plump & glowing as was my friend's who used it too. Sadly the spa closed & I've been looking for a similar therapy ever since that was reasonably local without success. When I saw the smaller & less expensive version of this called "The LightStim Mini", on QVC UK as a daily special value at £74.99 each I jumped at the chance of ordering two as did my Mum. With the mini version I'd advise people to buy two if they can if they want to do their entire face, (I do face & neck too). I think the price of them now is £91 each plus p&p of £4.95 so still cheaper than one standard size version. The Mini's are still a very useable, reasonable size & lightweight. I've been using them for almost 2 weeks now & I can already see the glow starting to appear & pores smaller. I don't have deep wrinkles or crows feet but would love to smooth out what I have. I'm paler olive skintone & have mildly enlarged pores, but they're still a bugbear of mine. One other thing I've noticed is the redness around my eye area & dark circles have diminished. I now use very little concealer & foundation. Lightstim feels very similar to the Lumiere so I am optimistic that these will work. I will write again to let you all know how I get on after 8 weeks of using them. One last thing ladies & gents, please, please be very careful of any fakes that may be on the market! I saw LightStim advertised fairly cheaply on a site for people to bulk buy 5 units & upwards. I've heard that people bulk buy from these sites & then try to re-sell single units. I also read a long forum thread about the very same site where numerous people said they had received fakes from there & when they complained, only got a partial refund, (if anything). Ebay & Amazon are great at booting people selling fakes off but unfortunately they only know about them when it's brought to their attention. My advice is to stick to a reputable stockist or if buying off Ebay, Gumtree etc make sure that the person selling can reassure you their item is the real deal. Good luck to all who go for LightStim! :) x.

Anastasia Talan

omg you look so gorgeous!

Jacqueline Williams

So it's been more than 8 weeks, any followup?

Jong Ho Park

beautiful skin and face.....

Maria Roussis

I was just wondering ,do you use it with any creams while doing this or just on a clean face?

Poonam Sharma

Great video and you look so good. I'm thinking of purchasing lightstim. Do you still recommend this as I've noticed the date this video was first posted
Thank you for your time :) xxx


I used it and like it!

Jane Roth

Close your eyes when light is near. Bad for your eyes. Great for bad back or bad knee and for face wrinkles for sure I have one too.

Led light therapy for wrinkles

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SkinClinical Reverse Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy Device on QVC

10 957 views | 9 Jul. 2017

For More Information or to

For More Information or to Buy: http://www.qvc.com/.product.A299457.html

This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.

Lesley Shell

This is 2019 and I purchased it from Morning Save for $30.00 and 4 months later I look 10 years younger

Gerald Williams

Anyone happen to see this on derma-genics? like me??

J khajuria

This is the only qvc add i like and actually believe.

Led light therapy for wrinkles

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LightStim for Wrinkles on CBS's The Doctors

119 348 views | 23 Nov. 2010

LightStim for Wrinkles as

LightStim for Wrinkles as featured on an episode of The Doctors. The episode shows how LightStim for Wrinkles works and even shows results with before & after photos. The LightStim for Wrinkles is an LED Light that uses light therapy to restore your skin's youthful appearance.

Learn more at https://www.LightStim.com/wrinkles


At 30 you shouldn't have any lines or wrinkles unless you've been drinking like a fish and smoking!

Kay Coles

I have 3 small 4mm in size on my thyroid and they are not concerned and are monitoring..would it be a concern to use in your neck area...


He seems like this is his first time hearing of this


I am 35 and I have my first line and I don't drink or smoke.. Different strokes different folks.

Linda Fusco

you can buy it on qvc for 124.00 todays special


@rlcsvcy sure is right even my friends used to tease me looking at my acne Listen it was my happy days in my life when my skin specialist bro guided me with a effective method to escape from acne forever. you can watch the method i used to remove my acne here => bit.ly/Wfk7Fh?=aoptvl

lucero castro

Wat about marionette lines


What about the neck skin---I am getting crepey, droopy skin at 46.

Linda Fusco

Does it really work Linda?

Jessica Dagher

The dangers of LED light, here's the science. It's crucial to know before getting sucked into the trend. LED light damages and does not benefit skin: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mOQ2SmaDLOY


Wow, 1:29 the president of the company that makes LightStim Joniann Marchese


Please call our customer service and they can give you more information (800) 298-4010

Lilaeth Kho

LED plumps the skin by helping the skin produce more collagen, increasing fibroblast activity. NASA has used red light in space and it is being used to help Cancer patients heal faster from radiation sores and such that they get as side effects from treatment. LightStim is one of many good home devices on the market right now :-) Great vid - but the doctor is a jerk. I mean the tanning remark was stupid.

Kat Mac

Im wondering How does Lightstim compare to the Omnilux hand held device,  in effectiveness?   Interested in facts, thoughts and experience. Thanks


This thing has worked for me. I'm a 30 year old ,male and have fine lines around my mouth and forehead, It's bee 3 weeks and I'm already seeing a HUGE difference.

fred durst

I thought I was the only guy who used this!! That's a relief.......That being said, I love this device. I have been using it for over 2 months and my crows feet are completely gone, and I don't have any puffiness around my eyes. I need to let my wife borrow it after im done.

Connie neff

How much???


Doctor is an idiot

Suzy Waldner

how much is it?


I am 35 with a baby face but have seen one fine line that sent me into panic mode around my mouth..I hope I see a huge difference in 3 weeks like yourself.. thanks for the review.


I bought this unit last week and I will let you know if it does for me..in about 8 weeks.

Marie petite

We are all getting old; nothing can remove wrinkles without botox or the knife. Eat well, exercise, stay away from toxicity, and moisturize to keep one looking supple. Genetics and destruction plays a role in developing wrinkles. Nothing lasts forever!


I love LightStim! So addicted to it. Definitely a super good purchase. Check out my review :)