Legs scars

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Mel Washington - Legs and Scars (Tent Revival)

8 947 views | 20 Nov. 2013

Legs and Scars by Owen

Legs and Scars by Owen Beverly.

Executive Producer: Mel Washington

Produced by Nine Line Productions

Jake Etheridge


Heather Phillips

Thank you man, your voice illuminates my darkness. You inspire me to be better. I love you man

Lauren Craddock

This is so beautiful it hurts.

Melody Weaver

I Thoroughly enjoy listening to your original songs  your Voices complement each other Very Nice  !

Old Ventures

I fell in love with this song when I saw you in Nashville with Kevin Devine. I listen to it everyday.


I love you Mel....can't stop listening to this. You are both beautiful,


So good Mel! If you ever come to Az we have to jam!


Such a great song choice and performance. Owen Beverly/Tent Revival...hidden gems.

Chad Dickerson

Music is the God I perceive most clearly and worship most sincerely. All fictitious characters aside, you just became my favorite angel. Singing in the choir in my head, strong like your soul depends on it, and sincere like a confession, and confident as if you have wings and can just fly away if no one's listening.

Legs scars

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The scars of leg lengthening surgery

29 068 views | 17 Feb. 2020

In this video I show what

In this video I show what my incision sites from the leg lengthening surgery looked like nearly 8 years ago when I got the procedure done and what they look like today...SPOILER: THEY ARE BARELY NOTICEABLE!!!

Seriously guys, after the incisions healed enough, I started applying daily topical ointments like cocoa butter, scar serums, vitamin E, supplementing with collagen type 1 & 3, and massaging the skin area multiple times per day to further help reduce their appearance.

The appearance of the scars later on in life will also depend on your skin complexion. The lighter you are (like me!) the more noticeable but still hard to see. If you have darker skin it's not noticeable at all really.

Finally, if you really can't stand them, laser removal is always an option.

Comment below with your thoughts of the scars left behind from the surgery...


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-By Victor Egonu


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Victoria Wang

Do you think it worths for a 5’8 female to get tibia lengthening to reach 5’10? I have quite fair skin so scarring is my main concern also since women wear skirts and shorts more.

Prince Oniego

Upto what age can have chance for this surgery?

Mr Banksz

Are we really going to break our legs to become taller!? This is semi insane ?

Diarmuid Mcmahon

Did you have it for cosmetic or a shorter leg?


Can I do both tibia and femur? My legs are very short in proportion. Also have you experienced any sort of knee and ankle pain and were your foot getting tired more easily after? Thank you.

John Doe


Amir Aiman

How many inches did you get post-op?

robust smith

Fuck scars being short scars me enough bro lol I'm 5 foot 6 I was born with pituitary dwarfism lucky to be as tall as I am , but bro could this get me to 5 foot 8?

Md Faiz Islam

Being 5'6"...I know how much criticism and bullies I have to face...Everyone makes me feel as I'm just ugly and short as hell...can't take this anymore...I just want to get taller doesn't matter if its cost my life...My age is 19 btw

Ranjeet Kumar

Please reply me


hey, can you call me or something, I really need to talk about this. Im seriously considering this.

Justin T

If y’all worried about scars go to Walmart and buy coco butter it removes cars within 3 weeks

Luca P

hey man you can try using a dermaroller for your scars

Abhishek yadav

Bro could u plz give me ur no

Sid Bhagat

My fucking legs felt so weak watching the bandagaes getting taken off

herbertsuan Fun

Can you still do heavy exercise like running a half marathon after doing this..im applying for army officer in my country and I lack 1-2cms ..how long does the surgery takes does it hurt a lot.. Please reply sir

Cow gives milk

Is there any side effects .?

The Zack Thatcher Show

I’m 16 and 5’10 without shoes and i kinda feel bad for bitching abt my height cuz he had to go through all this just to still be shorter than me

Akshima Malhotra

I want to get this surgery done and participate in pro wrestling.
Will my athleticism decrease after this surgery and in professional sports such people who underwent this surgery are allowed to compete or not ?

Aya Bannouri

How much does it cost? And where did you do it? Please

Unofficial Composer

I'm 5.4 I wanna be 6 man
Is it really painful?
Can we do it like 3,4 times?

Aaden Hayes

What is the best way to exceed my natural height? I read loads of superb reviews on the internet about how exactly Mobotallor Secrets can help you grow 4 inches taller. Has any one tried using this increase height secrets?

D. Vidas

doesnt that make you look kind of weird because your tibia length are not proportional to the rest of your body?, i mean when we grow taller we get longer from head to toe right?

ardit gjini

bro some people has get cancer from this is this safe

Pure imagination studios

Yo this man in the future

Technical player

What is your height bro

Lime Flavored Bleach

I’m 17 and 5’4 so I really need this surgery.

Polaris Nebro

dude, where did you get that done?
and how much did it cost per say?


Sir I have a friend.he can't walk.only by support.any have idea related this surgery? Any have to do?

mohamed ahmed

Man you look so much like tyler1


Honestly the scars themselves aren’t even really bad. They could pass as scars from just falling or something.

Underrated God

Hi I have a question I'm about 5 3 in height if I did 7 cm in my femur would it look unproportional or should I do less than 7 cm plz I need ur help

Yaman YMA

Hey bro, so question, why have you decided to do the surgery and not just get shoe insoles if it changed your height by 2 inches?

Afgy Malik

Hi how are you I just wanna say my brother is 19 and almost 5.3 I think he really need this surgery.but my brother is mix martial artist so is it good or bad. M talking about the surgery. He have so many 6 footer friends and his friends are taller then him and he feel so bad but their parents heights are normal like 5.3 (5.5) but how those kids are very tall Hope you understand what m trying to saying.

Default Name

imagine going through all this and ppl still call you Shawty ?


Was it painful? Back when you started to recover

Shazam 666

Lets suppose i dunk and i did surgery will i be able to dunk after surgery after all rehab , recovery and exercise and what about the muscle?

Denzel Horton

Do your legs still feel normal and healthy? I’m afraid that my legs will get worse as I get older if I do this surgery


How many inches can you gain I heard that some only gain 2 while some gain 6 inches and I heard that “Limb lengthening can lead to many complications. Unlike other cosmetic surgery, limb lengthening can lead to chronic pain and disability.” Is it true?
What was your height before & after?


I went through this surgery I recommend you seriously think about it I was laid up for awhile. Mental health is very important scars are no big deal compared to during and after mental scars. It all depends on you as a person but sometimes surgeries are not a quick fix. I have no regrets but I truly recommend counseling especially if your younger getting it done. You posting these videos are very informative for others. I had mine done early 2000s so I didn’t have this info at my fingertips. Ty

Ranjeet Kumar

How many height you gain from this surgery

PeeJey Cee

in South korea it almost cost yourl aroungd 60-70000 usd depends of type of surgery included 3 months stay of the hospital .leg lengthening was up to 6 cm . Please see videos here at youtube .Dr dong hoon.

Reina Arana

Did he say winter of 2020 ?!?!?!?!
This was made in February

Josna Chowdhury

How many inch can I grow through this one surgery??

Ouy Bouy

Bro, what is your height?

Just Alucard

How taller you were and how much you got?

Prem Kumar

How long will it take for 3 inches ???
It's possible 3 inches in one surgery ??

Zayn Mahrez Iqbal

So what if someone does the maximum 5 inches and then after he recovers like he can walk and run and everything can he again do another 5 inches ? Love your videos boss ??

Jay-USH Chauhan!

Nice video man? Love from India????


How has your dating life changed? Have you seen a significant difference, slight improvement, or no change?


All he wanted was to get some pussy

Matthew S

This is the only first-hand experience I have ever seen regarding limb lengthening surgery. Thank you so much. Has the surgery caused any permanent decrease in fitness?


Hyey dude, so to confirm you got these scars through precice? Do you think LON will result in more scarring on the tibia?

glorykk10 r

How much does it cost?

Cpt Kiwan

Can u make sport !

Crispin kitsta

Do you experience any pain ? Are your legs strong as before the procedure?

Blake B

Hey how much did you gain in height?

Pauline Pardiñas

When it heals, u can go back to ur normal life? No pain?


Bro I am tall and I hated fat women

Leah Chen

U didn’t do IT band release ???? They said must do It Band release the scar will be 5Cm if lengthening more than 4cm

Hammer An Anvil

Did you have any medical issues that called for this? Or did you just have this done to get taller?


Send us a message for more Information https://www.instagram.com/livelifetaller

Justine Moreno

I hope you could help. I want to walk straight

Millennia Co.

Can you talk about leg shortening?

Sultan Mahmud Rabbi

Who the f**k cares about scar on legs? It is a surgery to grow taller. If it is done uncomplicated then be happy with such scars.


how much did it cost bro

Akshima Malhotra

And what about the complications ?
Bone growing sideways during the healing phase after bone breaking ?

Ritika Singh

Can you run normally now

king adam warlock


Weby Wood

What is the pain like on a scale from 1(bitting your tongue) to 10(getting stabbed)?


I'm 142 and poor as fuck and this surgery looks painful and It will take a lot of my time so I'm just gonna love my self ??? so unfair ????

sayan ghosh

Can I walk soon after leg lenthening surgery?..pls ans

Muhammed Aman

Hello sir. My height is 168cm and age is near to 18 . I want to increase my height upto 175 cm can this surgery cause our leg work out in gym like over weighting and playing football. Pls reply

German Blackwolfgh

how tall you was and how tall are you now ? and do you can play football or kickboxing ? or bones are not what they was any more ?


0:37 its the winter of 2020 dude are you from the future?


Who was your doctor? Where is the clinic located at

Angel Anchondo

I have a question. Can you workout legs as normal?


Why do you adjust your femur even though you have had tibial surgery?
Also, does the extension of the tibia do that surgery?

Pauljohn Tabanera

How old are you when you do that surgery?? im wishing to do that surgery in my life :(

Tej Gill

ALBIZZIA® AND GUICHET® NAIL clicking to lengthen in Europe vs Precise nail and electric device. , which one is better for recovery weight bearing and to get back to running lifting looking for 6 to 7.5cm etc

Sabi M

Not sure if you can answer this question but would you say it took you w while to be able to run, squat with weight, be active put pressure on legs and knees? And if so was it a year? Two years? Etc.

Carlos M

Due I love yours videos, I cant find more diaries about this, maybe because is like a taboo. question, since you did this you spend 3 days in hospital and 3 months in rehab, but you after hospital¿ could you back to you home inmediatly or you need to spend those 3-5 months in rehab in hospital?

Ashar Kamar

I have a couple questions. 1.) Did you personally pay the full amount up front, or are there payment plans? 2.) How was the pain during healing? 3.) What negative effects have you felt from the surgery after healing?


Is it worth it though?

Reina Arana

Inside edition brought me here

Nathaniel Johnson

So as far as sports and what not I’m fairly active I lift weights and I play basketball and football and stuff, so what would be my situation in the cases of these activities if I were to do the surgery

r j

I always wanted to asked you what about the arms? Does your body look disproportion??


Why u don't do 2 legs

Zincoco Zx

I’m really considering doing this surgery but how much did it cost for you to do the surgery and where did you get it surgery done which hospital because I’m thinking of going to turkey to get mine done but I’m suspicious please help

Wanang The Kawaii

What is the price of limb lengthening n I want to do it because I'm too short n I want to be tall im tired of this bullying. Sir tell me the cost of limb lengthening surgery in India ?? please

Renco Boy

Why you never do femur lengthening, if I'm not mistaken we can gain 4 inches by femurs lengthening.

a l f r e d o c a m p i l l o

The thing is I don’t want bone length in my legs, but in my hands

Zakariyo Javdatxojayev

Hi Victor is there any kinda disabilities after that surgery?

Konul Gachayli

nothing can remove those scars. no coco butter, nothing. U can make it less visible only with laser treatment.


Is there a possible risk of becoming actually disabled forever or is that myth? I’m thinking of doing it since I’m 5’2, age 17, but if I don’t grow to the height I want (6’0), I’m considering doing it.

Hani Dehina

Hi man i wanna contact u ❤️


Do any screws are left there forever? One of my friend had bone surgery now she have to put a screw on her bones for life...If there is screw inside my body how am I gonna go through MRI in later life?


I'm 5'7 and I'd be happy with being 5'10, that's average male height in America, the shit thing is, I would've at least been 5'10, but I had surgery as an infant that stunted my growth, can you fucking believe that?! I watched a video on height dysphoria and I can say I've had that pretty much my whole life.

Internet Girl

I wanna do this so bad but people call me stupid because I’m 5’4 ( 1.64 cm ) and I’m a girl so they say it’s not necessary but I’ve always wanted to be tall, 5’9 is everything I want but idk if it’s possible and I can’t even afford this surgery.

Renan Fontes

Do you walk 100% ( perfectly ) after the surgery ? For how long did you limp ?

Legs scars

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Brandon Whyde - Legs And Scars | Sofar Chicago

5 735 views | 30 Apr. 2017

Brandon Whyde performing

Brandon Whyde performing "Legs And Scars" at Sofar Chicago on October 6th, 2016

Sofar Sounds connects artists and music-lovers around the world through intimate shows in unique venues.

Subscribe for more great performances: https://sofar.co/subscribe

Find us on Facebook and Twitter for more information -



Artist: Brandon Whyde

Edited by: Joseph LaChance

Audio by: R. Brok Mende


Great performance!

leopoldo angelini

Very good, very.
This should be Mainstream, not Niki Minaj..

Natalia Silva

que voz ♡

Jessica Wagner

Saw these guys last night opening for Blues Traveller. And I must say, I am HOOKED. They blew Blues Traveller out of the water as far as I am concerned.

Steven Worgan

wow what a voice


That was amazing! Thanks Sofar


ugh this voice!Amazing!


sounded good to me, nice one

Patrick S.

Great song!