Straightening afro

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Kwanele afro hair straightening brush tutorial 101 (full video)

1 747 views | 1 Jul. 2019

#trending #naturalhair

#trending #naturalhair #naturalhairstyles

Granny Tladi

music is too loud

Tsebo Lephoto

I love it. It stretches out the hair out so goood.

Melni B

New sub

Eva Ramaila

Woww, actually bought the brush amazing. Well done Kwanele

Sinqobile Mabuza

The brush is sold out on your website. Is there anywhere else I can get it or will you be restocking soon?

Straightening afro

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Silk Press On Natural Hair Compilation

1 133 014 views | 20 May. 2019

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brings me back to my emo days where i straightened my hair to literal death

Julia Valentina

Que dor ver essa chapinha no cabelo cacheado??

jimins jams

I had deja vu of seeing this on my recommended


Very good


I am ten but whenever there is a party or something I straighten my hair it looks so bootiful

Marina Fenwick

Is a silk press just an American equivalent to straighteners in England or is there a process different? Xxx

Byun_x exo

The. Damage. ???? do ppl really think straight hair makes them pretty cuz my hair is staright af but i aint so pretty so ...

Love your natural hairrr

Nicole Marie

i’ve had my hair straightened plenty of times , but now i really want a silk press ?

Aliens Mephisto

Hair burning off should be the title.

Maria Grace Mahilum

I also want to straighten my hair but here in our country they will judge you they will to talk you every time you're walking and if you're talking to them they will ask you why u straighten your hair its not look good on you, you just ruined your hair. More more comments like wth nakakasawa potangina

Mehmed Restem


هديل احمد

الله اتفتني

Michelle Noonan

Black hair is so beautiful!! Straightening hair has been used throughout decades to make people look white. Break those deeply routed racial thoughts in your head and don't straighten that beautiful kinky coily hair!! Having straight hair isn't better or supposed to make you feel more better about yourself! You in your natural everything is supposed to make you happy. God made us so beautifully and whenever i see a women rocking her naturals i have so much respect!!! Just wanted to leave this in the comments for all the little gorgeous black/hispanic/curly haired individuals who think they need to have straight hair to be pretty. Ya'll are so beautiful and don't need to conform to these beauty standards!?? I come in peace and I love all of ya'll even the haters i know im bout to recieve ???❤


Ok. Just saying my hair is naturally soooo straight that when u brush them. It looks like I just straighten them . but the bad part about this is that my hair doesn't curl AT ALL like not even wavy so if someone has a hack that I can use plz inform me ???

Rachel Payne

You can tell how beautiful they feel and im living for it. We stan the queens in this video. ??

Edna Pereira

Meu sonho ter uma prancha dessas. Meu cabelo é muito afro

Dogs and Cats

When their hair is less knotted that my slightly wavy hair ? ? ?

Laila Banu

I have naturally straight hair..but a few months ago i moved in a new place and...my hair is getting worser day by day....i told my mom to get my hair a keratine treatment....and...she told me tht when she was in college...she also did the same thinh...and now she has barely any hair in her head....my granny also told me tht my mom had thicker and longer hair than mine...so it's ok....love ur hair...love urself???

Breidly De jesus

What is the name of the Strain iron

Mihran Amini


•Hina_Chan• UwU

Ugh why are there so many black people



my hair is straighter than the chads and brads at my school but I straighten my friends hair (it’s like 4A-4B) it’s very satisfying and pretty fun to do


I am turkısh

عالم شيماء لتجميل Beauté du monde Shaimaa

We hope you share my sweet channel https://youtube.com/channel/UC_WqTt089UBbIzZfhoBexAA

Michele Vicente

Eu tenho uma chapinha que chega a 480 graus BRASIL

Katsuki Bakugo

3:37 she is so pretty

Natalia Monteiro

Essa chapinha e perfeita

hamohamed Karoor


Ridhika s

Now I thought , how lucky I am as I have fully straight natural hairs???

mawraaa playzz

What are the names of these straightners?? I wanna buy one :)

trick solution

Nothing strange


my natural hair is same as 4:30

Elijah Miriam Ragadio

My hair is really really really really straight like literally straight

بنت حرب

Ksjsksjsksjzmznzmzmznzmzmznmzz!zm!snxudkw!wos! zzh!slssos
Slskskks!s sjs owueiyhdlslus!wje
Osusksuksusydmxhxx?aowhjrls. ????????????hfkdis!sie!iss!id

Analia Majao

God I can’t stand when the hair dresser starts messing with your hair and it looks perfect especially when it’s curled. It’s not even that satisfying when they keep messing up the perfect curls

Aesthetic Barbie ÒwÓ

Black kids love it when there hair is straightening bc we don’t have to deal with the tangledness but we can’t get it wet ?

Jeyda Mohamed

Is 0:32 Jasmine Brown?

Harini KG

It's really amazing feeling after Ur curls get straightened. I recently experienced it with my daughter.


Fun fact : i have never had my hair straighten due to my mum she used to say that it'll ruin my hair and from that time until now (im 15 now) i haven't had my hair straightened ._.

Hevellyn Victoria

2:05 credo kkkk

Bedirhan Olur

Yaaa Türkçe bilen varmı?

• S h u g e r •

Im a boy and i have an afro, my hair is nearly at my waist.

Mary Lu

I have naturally straight hair and I’m sometimes curling them

Lion King

There losing there hair

Asima Shafi

Can anybody tell me...
Best brand of hair straightener is...

bitch love yourself

My hair is naturally straight ? and I love my hair so much



Zozo Zozo


Imene Hakim

كيسموها لامارك تاع ليسور ?

بنت حرب

Ksci!d i!djclrdd!

Aya Djabri

أنا شلفاوية خصني لبلاك

Wasi Rahman

I don't know why people don't like thire own natural hair

Elizabeth Marak

Someone plz tell me the name of music

Iced Tea

What’s that hair curler called where you just press it on the hair and take it off then it becomes ruffles or something?

Thank you to anyone who answers x

Gabby H

It's all fun and games till your 14 years old and your hair is fried and your hair is falling out in the shower and its thinning ??

Jesus Freak

Am I the only one that thinks this is so satisfying

بنت حرب

حلو جيد. عفيه. ????☺????

kermina Rafat

What kind of iron is that?

Micael Henrique

lizando o cabelo ou n vai continuar sendo encrivelmente lindo só basta se amar em primeiro lugar❤


فدوة اشتركوا بهاي القناة https://youtu.be/U0thBz2gosg

Imaan Iqbal

I like curls hair so much

Hasna Alghahim


Erika Troya

holaa alguien que hable en español

Ximena F2

She looks ugly

Grá- Solar

Looks at my ratatouilie hair : i need this done

Big Bandit

Mine always be turnin out stiff


فدوة اشتركوا بهاي القناة https://youtu.be/U0thBz2gosg

VoteForTwiceOn-H1 SMA-GDA-andGlobalFansChoiceAward

5:32 Such beautiful hair!!!

أم العنود

اكيد في عرب هون

Tmara Letham

Black girls buy wigs dont damage your curl pattern

İrem Yurtalan

Kivircik insanların saçı düzlesince daha iyi oluyor

jade juarez

Me encanta ver este tipo de vídeos lo malo que no entiendo nada porque no trae traducción al español ni en los comentarios

Atreus II

Afro hair looks so gross ?

Addio Mondo

How long does it last?

Marwan Marwan

شو اسم الاستشوار

mom, com pick me up, i'm scared

I almost can smell the burnt hair but I have the 'rona so i can't

kaval Queen


بنت حرب



Preciso de uma prancha desse...onde comprar?

that curly hair with like, white pink and red is so cute in the thumbnail

Timmy 2 Thicc

That one little girl, around the 3rd or 4th one, she was so cute!

كادي XL



I like getting a silk press, but I hate getting it done cause the lady be burning me??????


soooo ssaaatttisssfffyyyiiinnnggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily Herron

so this is where 2am youtube leads me...


Just Joy

4:42 them CURLSS ?❤

Marina game

Eu também quero fazer chapinha


do this has some kind of chemical? like, my hair will be natural again if I wash it?

Teresa Payne

Stunning results!

Marina game

Me passa o seu número

Dr:haneen jaseem

اكو عرب يالطياره

بنت حرب


miki joue

شعب حزائري فقط?? شعب مسلم فقط?? شعب ??فقط مواطن جزائري??♥️ فقط✌️
ادعمونا برك عرفونا انشرواوقناتي هدوا هو حلمي ??

جواهر جواهر

شكد يستمر هذا التسريح ويرجع الشعر على طبيعته ممكن جواب

Vânia Chagas

Meu Deus que prancha é essa

mòù sïbâ

زعما كون نشريه نلقاه في للجزائر

kaval Queen


Syed Alima Geelani

2:07 the kid was cute

Straightening afro

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Straightening Afro-textured Hair | Process + Tips for Type 4 Hair

351 views | 14 Oct. 2018

Hola Beauties! In this

Hola Beauties! In this video I am going to be showing you all how I straighten my type 4 hair from start to finish. I detail what heat tools are used, heat protectants, straightening method, and helpful tips to get silky results WITHOUT damage. I hope this helps! Besitos!

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Korean 3-Step Piggy Pore Strip REVIEW | My nose is SO GROSS


Nakia Dixon

Hey! Any tips on how to grow your hair?