Is pantene bad for hair

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Is Pantene good for hair fall?

6 views | 28 Jan. 2021

Is Pantene Bad For Your

Is Pantene Bad For Your Hair • Is Pantene good for hair fall?

Laura S. Harris (2021, January 21.) Is Pantene good for hair fall?



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Is pantene bad for hair

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219 099 views | 23 Aug. 2017

Hey guys! You guys wanted

Hey guys! You guys wanted my take on the new Pantene Gold Series line and I was super honest about the products I tried. THUMBS UP FOR MORE REVIEWS

UPDATED REVIEW GOLD SERIES REVIEW➟ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFj_sgMA2c0


My Salon Visit➟ https://youtu.be/j6P6z2NmTMg

Wash And Go Update➟ https://youtu.be/QC9Us0hS2zE

I HATE MY 4C HAIR ➟ https://youtu.be/mqN-zwleR-8

My Edges Fell Out➟ https://youtu.be/jcsaOi3zbzQ

4C Hair Care Twist & Style➟ https://youtu.be/PNMC2fguiU4

Glorious Puff Tutorial➟ https://youtu.be/YtkKj2QY0VY

3 Styles to Protect Your Edges➟ https://youtu.be/ZkxVbj5PF18

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Kelly Anderson

When I first started using Pantene shampoo I loved the way it made my hair feel, it made it so easy to detangle as I was washing but I noticed that when I used it my scalp stared hurting as I was washing and I couldn’t really scrub the hair well and also all of a sudden I started having flakes in my hair and my hair started breaking a lot and I was wondering what the problem was because my hair dosent act that way. Then I came online only to find out others to have had this same experience with the shampoo so now I’ve gotten rid of it and I’m back to my old shampoo

Rey B

Pantene has never been for us. Will never try it

Paula Benson

I know someone that used the curl defining pudding and it was fabulous.

Natasha Welch

I think your hair should have been more saturated with water before adding the product. Maybe the results would have been different. And considering the products that was used, maybe a shampoo instead of a co wash would have made a difference as well.

Diva Diva

I tried detangle milk it’s horrible

Devyn Davis

Different folks different strokes. my hair loves this stuff. and I have super tight coils I wish I could insert pics

Halos and Horns

Issa no
I know a shampoo sucks when I can stand under the shower ray Jay in the rain and my hair be drier than when I started, thats Cantu level disappointment.

Braundi619 HelloUniverse

The custard gave you the flakes... I've only ever used the custard and i loved the slip but the flakes Had me snowing like December nights.. and this was 2 years ago.. i hoped it would be different formula by now, but. Guess not

Black Barbie

Omg! i was really rooting for these products as well, I am going to write a paper about these products and i was hoping they were going to be on point for the paper like yea, our products work. After seeing what the pudding giving a flaky residue did i would have to pass on that product. lol but i want to try there shampoo and conditioner and there co wash and see how it does on my hair. thanks for you the review!


i think the product itself causes the flakes. I had build up and when I tried to pick it out OMG it hurt. I only used the shampoo and conditioner. it was amazing but lord my scalp hurt. I did box braids on myself, had it in for a week and took it out because my scalp was on fire. those were the last products i used to cleanse my scalp. Yesterday I started picking it out again and it didnt feel like dandruff, it felt hard like plastic, when pieces of these "flakes" would fall on a table I use to lay out my products while i do my hair that shit sound like little rocks falling out my head. THIS IS DISGUSTING. Mind you I DO NOT remember the last time I had "flakes" like this, it has been yeeeeeaaaaaars! Not even with my eco styler gel did I get so much of whatever that was. I did notice it has silicon, and this isnt the first product i used with silicone; but I KNOW FOR A FACT IM NOT USING THIS AGAIN!!!!!!! my scalp hurts still!

Shaneka G

I used the curling pudding with my Camille rose moisture milk and I love it. No flaking for me.


I was so disappointed with this line. I always enjoy when I had straight hair but this makes my hair dry and hard. I threw everything out.


As someone with Back Length Natural Hair ..Thank You...   because the commercial for these products is LIT ////  thank you for the realness hun

Lily Raimey

I know what works for one doesn’t work for all, but I’ve seen a lot of people hate it at least don’t enjoy this line... The only person I’ve seen LOVE it is HalfricanBeate, be we all know what a hood sponsorship will do.

H Henry

I use the curl pudding and you don't need much to get the definition. I love it !!!

Jennifer Jones

The curl product does leave flakes. That's the only con with this product.

New Nana

Not for us 4C girls would you say?

Dominique Coleman

Perfect example of why I stick to black owned/ natural product lines. The flakes come from an ingredient that they use in all there product that leave a false felmy coating that "adds shine". On any hair type. Other products ive personally experienced this with is as: cantu, TRESemme, and even certain "olive oil/coconut" products. I DO NOT recommend. Especially since it took them 75 years to consider that there is a whole market/race that they did acknowledge. Ill pass


did you had water to ur hair?

Da Cheeks

Thanx 4d video. If u added more products than the instructions told you too, it may be the reason you got those flakes. I haven't used the curl pudding 2b fair but I have used the detangling milk, butter creme and intensive oil and I have never got any flakes. I just wondered what type 4 peeps thought about the line hence why I'm here. ?


I love this product line I’m 4b/c my daughter is 4C so what I do with her braid out and my twist out we use that florisol spray bottle thing and the butter cream hydrating Pantene product and it works wonders no flakes. So you may want to try that and minimize the quantity of products you’re using in the line. Great video as well ❤️??


you always get best definition when you put it on wet hair & let it dry

Sherreese Coleman

In order to avoid getting flakes from products you can use a T-shirt or a micro-fiber towel to squeeze out the excess product

Deborah parker

It's YOUR hair texture.

Hannah Bee

Thanks for this! Was shocked when I saw a Black hair product by some "mainstream" company. Subscribing too, you've got jokes ^^

Natural Kingdom

Black consumers tend to be ignorant even downright irresponsible consumers, Pantene Gold is One of the most toxic roll out products to black consumers, look at the ingredients??? they will destroy your hair, it contains substances that will be absorbed through your scalp and make you sick, The rating on many of the ingredients are IFY, BHT alone is shown to be a tumor promoter in one study. i recommend you research your ingredients before purchasing. Do not fall for the illusion on your hair or the glitz and glamour, move to a more natural based product for you hair or at least one that is healthier for your hair and health.

Lonnie 1Love

I hate flakes

Ania Johnson

These comments are dumb ?? if y’all did y’all research y’all would know that this line was made by ALL BLACK FEMALE SCIENTIST ?

Sanaa Watson

If you wash your hair properly, the products will work much better.

Jala Lake

The person who washes my hair uses this line and it works amazing on my hair but I have 3b-3c hair


It may have flaked because you have low porosity hair and your hair didn’t absorb the product. ??‍♀️ just a guess because it doesn’t do that to my hair

Krissy A Gorgeousness

Yes this product is very flaky ?I’ll stick to Shea Moisture for my baby.


Thanks for trying this out so I didn't have to. I have the same hair as yours. I'm gonna pass.

Kids First

Flakes because you used too much. Your facial expressions when using the product did seem to show a biased view. The product has same texture as black owned brands ? we want white makeup brands to make products for us but we are bashing this line because it is targeted to us?!? And we say they want our coin? Plus, black own products are just as expensive ?!!!

salaita k

I was in the hair store today and saw this, but didnt buy, so now im getting some negitives about these products. I will just stick with my camile rose. Pantene seems to want a piece of the pie with our natrual hair women. So full of shit !

Crystal Marcelle

I tried the shampoo and conditioner and love it! It keeps my hair hydrated longer. Was going to try other products so decided to look up review... I really dont like putting much product in my hair. Usually I wash it and apply heat protectant and that it until I need to wash it again or I will get too much build up.

Sav and Tay

Ur hair is so long??

Sonia Heckard

Sis, how are you going from co-wash to styling products? What happened to shampooing and conditioning?

Rene Torry

Thanks for review

Chat Pointer

At 2 mins.... so basically it doesn’t work

MzJamaica Mee

Glad you did this video, Yh like you I’m not feeling the flakes! Hell I could get that from eco-styler


I use the detangler and moisturizer for my daughter's 3 type hair. On my other daughter's 4 type hair it works but not as great.

D I V A Kingsley

Why do people "co wash"?, because it doesn't clean your hair or scalp....would you wash your body with lotion? ?

Patrice Henry

Being 4c I use these product I feel as though you wash your hair wrong ...because the turnout is different


Love this video! Thanks for your review!


You're so cute ^^

Pamela High

You have flakes because you saturated your hair by looking at the video


I loooooved Pantene's Detangling Milk but for 9$ and only 7oz we had to break up.

Sheyda Far

I'm not black but I would love to use some black hair products on my hair,they look buttery with a nice smell and just lovely,Black hair is a statement piece and I've been obsessed with it whole my life❤️

jane doe

The shampoo made my hair fall out.

Jay Jay

i have fine 3b,3c,4a hair with medium porosity & the pantene gold series line worked BOMB on my hair. gave me shine, moisture and left it soft and defined.


Okay I agree with your review of this product but on those products it doesn’t really say “Leave In” anywhere I would see why there were flakes

F Crawford

You are beautiful as well as your hair but this product is not working well for your beautiful curly coils! Thanks for the tutorial but NO...I say move on to a better product from black owed hair products...they know best! ? ?

Kat Rice

Maaaaan, there are so many companies coming out with products for "natural hair" but conveniently leaving out 4c hair. Rolls eyes I don't trust them. Not one bit. Either they leave us out altogether or they throw us a few products, that doesn't work, and think we should be eternally grateful. They get the hype coming from people with looser curl patterns.


3:45 Grape seed oil makes my hair feel hard, stiff, and gummy. Olive oil makes my hair feel fried.
Avocado oil makes my hair feel smooth and manageable. Raw, shea butter makes my hair feel moist like cake.
What will coconut oil make my hair feel like?

heidi buckley

I meant I kinda think it's ok if some products for cater to everyone, not everyone is good at everything,stick with what yk, yk

Christine Hawes

I only use the detangling milk that's it

Wendy Walwyn

Thank you for a honest review

Brenda Macias

This Gold series get the BIGGEST thumbs down,hell no,can I get a "won't EVER try again" for $1000.00 Alex....I used the creme detangler,the leave in and the curl creme...not much of either and it literally left flakes looking like frosted flakes in my hair...I rinse my hair to the fullest I have been natural for over 6 years. So trust me I got this...I will stick to what I've been using from here on out...I wish I could get my money back because this is going out with the Mondays trash!!!! You people that are reviewing these products need to tell the truth..stop sugar coating stuff because your getting it for free. The rest of us aren't!!!

Erica Hill

Im not a fan of the patene gold series line. The Shampoo makes my hair feel dry and brittle, and the curl pudding left flakes In my hair as well.

miss uchiha

I swear Halfrican beaute did a review on this and she liked it a lottt or is it they changed the formula and a better version or the same but she liked it for her type four hair???

HH 4Lyfe

The first thing I noticed is your hair was not that wet

Taren Mingo

Hey I used the curl refresher spray on my twist out in conjunction with the leave in. The spray makes my hair hard after it dries

Cynthia Walker

I don’t have 4C hair and the Pantene Gold series works really well on my hair. No heat needed. I never get flakes.

Cayenne Thepepper

I got this recommended to me this product but I'm afraid that it might have hidden harmful products that can affect my hair health and my personal health


I'm almost certain that I have type 4 hair (still kinda transitioning so currently unsure) but when I used the shampoo, conditioner, and detangler they worked fine for me? Maybe hair porosity has something to do with it?

Jelyna Duurham

Your hair wasn't wet gurll

Tia Williams

I bought the co wash, oil, and leave in milk. Smells great. But i am not getting any real moisture

Nell T

The shampoo and conditioner works miracles!!

Larissa riss

pls shut up you have 4c hair which is coarse no curls pattern so it just dont work for your hair natural85 had a great review your just putting the products down the issue is your hair not the prodcuts

Jeikeira C

Thank you for this video. I have 4c hair n I will not be buying Pantene products

Mendi Watson

I don't care for the moisture milk, but the cowash is awesome for my hair, and I love how it's sulfate free.

Paula Benson

Grape Seed oil yes.

Mary Heard

I love co wash, leave in hair milk and butter cream.

Scottie's Diary

I remember back then when Pantene had the "relaxed and natural" line and it was not IT!


This is a white owned company that jumped on the bandwagon of black hair products. Thank you for the video, but I won’t be buying these products.

Steph Nnaji

baby where is the water at

Lakyah Willis

Can you do a 4c hair braid out with "The Mane Choice"


This is a very honest review because I was not happy at all as well


Wow on the flakes

Ayana Fletcher

Pantene is trash in a bottle. I don’t understand why black People buy that stuff. All it does is leave residue on the hair, sit in top of your hair, makes it crunchy, and knots the hair up. Even ones that say no silicones or Parabens you still have to put 6 different layers of oils to make it actually moisturize the hair. Just a waste of money.

Nee Vee

This line was made by 10 black scientists, but ya need to remember that different products work for different black natural hair types. Our hair needs different things and that's just how it is

Cheemoandia Blake -SBE-

Beautiful self

Kelly Anthony

The hydrating butter is a regular for me, hands down. It is affordable and my hair is moisturized. I like it better than the name brands Miss Jessie and Alikaya.

Zhanerke Zhanerke

Beautiful girl


Pantene buttercream make my curly pop with wet line gel?

jb back

Cute ..your hair looks to have a lot of body .. i have just started using the Pantene pudding and it made my hair kind of hard but i had lots of curls and i have 4c ....Excellent review

Nun Ya

Have you tried having your hair REALLY wet...almost soaking wet & putting a good 5-6 pumps of the detangling milk?? Our hair textures are VERY similar & it loosens my curls sooo much!! So much it is almost straight!

ambzz babyy

Tht why it’s flaky you put to much leave in

Dionna Carter

I tried the shampoo and it made my hair feel so stripped and dry and it made it tangle. ???

Joshi'Yonna Hayes

The co-wash works fine for my hair never tried the other products tho


I think it was the amount of milk you used.


I love the line! I've never used the curl pudding tho. I have low porosity, 3c/4a hair and I do the LCO method with the butter creme and the oil on top (immediately after, not when it dries). works wonders for me!! My little sister has 4c hair and I think the butter creme works well for her.


I bought all of these. And all of the other ones. I got three hundred dollars. I BOUGHT ONE OF EVERYTHING PANTENE AT WAL-MART!! It made me so happy.

Island Daniels

Pantene doesn’t do that to my hair plus you don’t have to use three products or all of them they can all have different results when used alone

Kimberly Garcia

I have these products but they dried my hair out

mochahantis live

I tried the butter creme and I was not impressed either

Hunny Bunny Sharms

I've had the same flaky affect with Pantene. It doesn't work for me either ?


lol they can't even make products on their own line mix together (hence the flakes) I hate brands like this

RealBeautiful Beauty

Finally! a non sponsored video.. Bless you!

Is pantene bad for hair

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Is Conditioner Bad for Your Hair? | Pantene

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Is conditioner bad for

Is conditioner bad for your hair? Pantene hair expert Dr. Steve Sheil reveals the truth about whether or not conditioners actually work. Up next, can you use water as a hair moisturiser? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di_v3Dxs_jk&index=5&list=PLv2yE8vQRKrCFr-CwFFSB2cJdeiioXjXj

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This Pantene video finds out if conditioner is bad for your hair and how conditioners work to moisturise hair.