Putting on cologne

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How Much Cologne Should You Wear | Simple Everyday Fragrance Tips

49 085 views | 2 Jul. 2019

How Much Cologne Should

How Much Cologne Should You Wear | Simple Everyday Fragrance Tips

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Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube's authority in men's beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today's video, Big Beard B of Big Beard Business answers the age-old question of how many sprays of cologne should you wear.

Have you ever wondered how much colognes is too much? If so, look no further as this video provides practical tips and advice to make your fragrance application simple and easy. Use the tips and tricks in this video to up style game and hack the game to boost your level of attraction.

It's been said that fragrance is to be discovered not announced. What statement are you making with your fragrance? Now you no longer have to wonder and be a more confident man when wearing your signature scent.

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Kenneth Gibson

4 for me one in the middle of my neck one on each side of my neck and one on the back of my neck...done

Mr. Sway

3 to 7 sprays? 1 to 4 fuck man this video explained jack squat

Davis Kimweri

3 sprays . 4 max!


I’m in highschool and wear 3-4 sprays of ysl black


Dior Savauge and Aqua Di Gio I go 3 most of the time, no more 2 behind the ear 1 on the wrist

Lucas Scheidt

I go 4 sprays with noir anthracite. Until now no one complained :D Lighter fragrances get 6 sprays.

Pablo Golcher

Hi, my name is Pablo and I'm an oversprayer. I usually go with 8-9 sprays

Mista V

for me 2 is the magic number.


20 to 25 sprays always.

skrrrt cobain

5, 1 behind each ear, 1 on the neck, 1 one on each shoulder, 1 on clothing

Gregory Hogan

I'm usually good with 4-5 and depending on season and fragrance, for example Tobacco Vanille 2-4, Acqua de Gio (absolu) 4. and I get 8 hours projection at least.

Tom Frisco

I am still mastering it, my lady loves me wearing sauvage and this flanker of aventus and
I want to be smell unique and I want to give her the best of both worlds since she like both so I might mix my own fragrance at times?, like sauvage is strong smell maybe I go 3, than I mix it with creed aventus flanker.. If its the pretty strong one I will give a 3only. Than I will put at my neck area a 2 for office by Jeremy fragrance?? so far.. Shes loving it. ?


I usually spray 3 to 5 depending on the occasion and ppl that will be around(7 sprays for my lady). My usually spray both sides of my neck, chest, and both my wrist


I usually do 5 sprays of whatever I'm wearing. The fragrances I use the most are Sauvage, Aqua di Gio Profumo, The One EDP, Dylan Blue and Allure Homme Sport eau Extreme.


I use Club de nuit and Jaguar Pace, and I do 5 sprays

Agxny OW

Does anyone else get SUPER mixed feedback. I probably haven't sprayed right but some people say I smell really good and some people are just appalled ?

Joe Higgins

Warm winter smells 4-5. Fresh summer smells 6-8. Location doesnt matter. Get noticed, just be smart your choice. If it isnt appropriate for the environment you shouldn't be wearing less, you should be wearing something else.


I wear mugler cologne as an everyday fragrance and usally do 7 sprays. 2 on the front sides on my neck , 2 under my ears , 1 at the very middle of the back of my neck and two on my arms.. only because it's a fragrance you can get away with doing that. If i'm wearing coach for men for example 2 sprays is enough

Jesus Avila

Love your tips, keep up the good work.

David Ivey

For me, a big factor is whether or not I spray it on my clothes or not. It seems to project and last longer when I give my undershirt a blast. At least I notice it longer. I usually go 3 sprays. One on each side of the neck and one on my chest/undershirt.

Big dick Mcd

Versace Eros 73 sprays

Reginald White

10 sprays if the fragrance is light. If it's strong I may do 8. I hate when people say the fragrance doesn't last long but they spray it twice.


when I wear it for myself I spray the sides of my neck (2 prays total)

when I wear it in an environment where I am close to others I will add apart from the previous one behind each ear

when I wanna be noticed, I will add apart from the previous one behind each wrist, one on each shoulder and maybe one on the chest and one on the back of my neck if I feel lucky

K. Davis

Great info Brotha..
Usually for me: If it’s a Floral or Citrus fragrance I’ll go 4 sprays..
On heavier fragrances I’ll go 3 ..

TOoTh FaIry Gaming

Versace pour Homme! 3-4 sprays

Raihan El Hakeem-Bey

Bruh, if I’m in a short sleeve...I spray 4 on my neck, 2 on each forearm, and 2 on my shirt. 10 sprays total if it’s EDT OR higher.

Glizzy Glo

? ?

Ronnie A.

Zero. I've always hated wearing fragrances when I tried. They were just too strong even with one spray, and I felt like a douche the whole time. I just stick to daily bathing and deodorant.

XGrand ChampX

Im a 4 spray guy

Akib Ishrak Khan

It depends on the weather and country I guess. Over here in Bangladesh in summer, no one notices your perfume smell unless you do 8 sprays (from my experience)

Also, Bangladeshi people are used to with strong smells as like Indians and most other South East Asian countries. Lots of spices and strong scents all around

6 sprays maybe, if you're going to an office or closed environment, but that I find to be the minimum.

david ellis

3 sprays on the Sauvage parfum

Raymond Wall

Sauvage is my everyday scent I wear 4 sprays. Jobs done.

Chef BigAng

People who wear 1 spray bug me if your that offended by your own fragrance or if those around you are that offended by your fragrance then just don’t wear fragrance at all or maybe your using the wrong fragrance.

Deangelo Butler

Sup brother this the mover from fl sup

Bad Grandpa

Always 5 sprays out of habit. One behind the ears . One on each side of the neck. One on the wrist and dab the other wrist.

Big Beard Business

Check out our couples vlogging channel here: https://youtu.be/fba3vJs5pw8

Keep trucking

I’m a conservative mf 1 spray lol

Thomas McMillion

Something thas strong like JPG le male I spray about 2 and a half when at school and when I’m out wit friends in a open environment I go around 4


Who’s like me and puts two sprays on the right and left of the neck.
If it’s weak I do three, with the last one going to the back of the neck.
If it’s over strong and gives me a headache, I spray once to the back of the neck.


Talked about everything besides WHERE you spray it...

Brandon Hannans

5 to 6 works best

Vinny Rock

Four sprays Creed Aventus one under left ear, one under right ear, one on the back of the neck,one on the front of the neck. I always get compliments wearing this. Definitely a panty dropper.

Brody Rush

I go 4 sprays with dior sauvage

Cologneking 777

hey buddy I been rocking with you for a long time, now I need you to rock with me lol . can you subscribe to my channel. I just uploaded my first video for my page. I'm not new to the fragrance world I just decided to start making my own reviews. my channel is: cologneking777. thanks in advance.

The Fragrance Freak90

Lol wow I always do at least 10 haha I force compliments out of people Haha!

Atalia Rodriguez

I always spray on my wrists, behind my ears, collar bones and chest so I guess 4/5 sprays. Overdoing it makes you smell obnoxious

Nick Brown Nation



I find 5-7 sprays work for me it depends on what I'm wearing or who I'm seeing. In a good fit 7 sprays >>> . But in clubs 10 sprays dont hurt hahaha

Reginald White

I want my fragrance to be announced. Hello how's everybody. You gon smell me coming.


i do 13 sprays of dior sauvage at all times. no compromise.

Captain Kenway

4 sprays of Dior Sauvage to get the job done. More than that and you'll be smellig like insecticide.

Admiral Thrawn

A whole bottle of Yacht man blue is what I like.

Darijan Hrastić

Gotta say bro, NO.5 - How much you got left ???. Agree totally... out of every fragrance i own... this range from 3-7 sprays works best!!! How'd ya know that, nice nice ?

Gitesh Anand

At work - 3-4 sprays.
In the plane - hell yeah only 1 is too much.
And the fragrance must be lighter.
Club night - 7 to 9 sprays.
Meeting in a bar / Date - 3to5 sprays.

No matter what and where you are if you own ??? ????? ???? 1 spray is too much to handle.
So chose it wisely ?

Sponge Bob

Dont.listen to this guy..dont spray 7 times.....

carlos fromtx

I'm about to purchase a cologne for office / everyday use. Please someone comment a recommended cologne?

James Coenraad

Sauvage 2 to 4


The number one thing is Where are you going! If you’re going to work in an office setting, the amount of sprays doesn’t change because of the weather since either way you’ll be indoors!

jarred ocasio

Safe cologne options that smell amazing in my opinion
Dior suavage 4-5 sprays
Bleu de Chanel 6-7 sprays
Gucci guilty 4-5


Take it from me: wear to impress. Apply 7. 2 at neck, 2 armpit. 1 Chest. 1 back of the neck and last but most important 1 at your balls

Sean Sweeney

Aventus is by far the strongest I own. 3 sprays max.


Versace Dylan Blue, 4-5 sprays. 2 on the neck two on the inside of the elbow. 5th back of the neck or on the Clothes itself.

Captain big Dick

For parties I do 8-10 sprays idgaf but for just going out or dates 3-5

Aaron Gold

It definitely varies for precisely the reasons you stated. But I do find that 5 is generally standard for me.

Riley Thomas

How many sprays of eros for more of a casual setting? I do 2


Wassup, i need your help :)
I just bought Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and i'm taking 5 sprays of it. If i'm asking people about their opinion on it, they have to come directly through my neck to smell it. But i thougt people can smell this even if im walking by or stand in a little distance to them? What am i doing wrong? :( (sorry for my bad english)


6 sprays max, 4 min for me!


Depends on how strong it it for me... If it projects really well, I'll do one on neck, on on back of neck and one on chest. That's it... For everything else I do one of each side of neck, one on back of neck, one or two on chest/stomach area and one of wrist and rub em together. It's tried and true for me.


No less than 2 no more than 5

Edward Tossey

I do 5 sprays of Bleu de Chanel edp usually

DM Coffey

Office-Aventus/CDNE/Armani 4 generous sprays. Dior Suavage 3 conservative sprays. Bar/nightlife 6-7 sprays or 3 Generous of DS.

abraham castillo

It would be a pleasure to answer this question with my humble opinion.

Ask yourself this..what am I going to wear today?

Chill? Classy? Casual?

Find a scent that’s congruent to your sense of style.

Also if you watch this channel; chances are that you have nice cologne..be generous with your cologne. Five sprays is a comfortable number or all around the neck and behind the ears.

As well know the intensity of your fragrance and plan accordingly also
BONUS TIP: apply petroleum jelly - Vaseline (fragrance free) all around your neck first, then add your fragrance.
This is going to get you the most bang for your buck as far as maximizing your fragrance.

You’re welcome gentleman.

Edgar Vasquez

For me, I just open the cap of the bottle and pour the whole thing all over me

Mr Freeze

if it's ZION by Alexandria Fragrances, I dump that stuff on me until I choke myself out, only then i'll leave the house.


I think Sauvage usually needs 5 BigB. It’s fresh but it needs better projection. My fave ATM is YSL Y EDP and 3 sprays is MORE than enough =D


I wear silver mountain water and baccarat rouge 540. 2 sprays max

Don Corleone

How many sprays if youre a motorbike rider? Even if i spray 5 times by the time i get to my destination i smell like the road ?

Oriyomi Lewis

Depends on how powerful the perfume or cologne is, though.


Why do people spray so much any more then 2 sprays is to much for me

Dante Brazle

This is just silly. The Easy answer is 5 sprays to the naked torso, 5 sprays on the under shirt, and 5 sprays to your outerwear and 2-3 sprays to the neck. I’ve never had anyone complain about my Fragrances be too strong. Good heavy with the sprays or go home.

Miles Bachelor

I think ‘where on the body’ is important as well. For a night out, I spray the neck , chest and below the waist. One spray each. Too much? Not enough?

Ciz C

ADG Profumo - 3 Sprays in the middle of fall.
D&G The One Epd - 4 Sprays
Chanel Eau Sport Eau Extreme - 3 Sprays

But everyone is wearing mask. I apply my fragrance for self compliments for now ?

The Gift

Lately, I've been spraying from 3 to 4 sprays. Think I'm stick to 4 sprays for a fact as of now.

Michael Pierson

6 sprays most of the time. One on each forearm, one on each side of the neck, and two on the front of my shirt.

Khoi Le

My "magic number" is 5 sprays. 2 behind the ears, 1 on the shirt collar directly under your chin, 1 behind your neck and one on the lower part of the middle of your neck. If it's a strong and sharp fragrance, I'd move that last spray to the chest.


pure XS night - 4 spray. front of neck, 1 back, 1 on chest (clothes)

Brady Seward

I go 4-5 with Dior Sauvage EDT and it’s pretty consistent for me

Mickey Black

What about cheaper cologne


Wow maybe I am not spraying enough because i never go above 3 sprays. A lot of times only 2. Afraid of it being to much.


I wear Prada Black and about 2 sprays on the wrists.


Two on each wrist and two on the upper chest.

nick_ sometin

3 the least 5 most the time 7 just cuz

Jemel Little

In Florida it’s hot lol gotta be carful here with the amount of sprays .. I work outside so I don’t get to enjoy that AC like some people

Mauricio Rangel

3 sprays of ultramale lasts all day, 4 sprays Dior edt last about 6 hours.

Nc Hemi

3 sprays Dylan blue

D'Marcus Williams

Spicebomb Extreme gets 4 sprays MAX.

Usually I live off 3.


4-5 of Tom Ford Oud Wood

Abdullah Ahmed

How many sprays for restaurant?

Rahul Thakur


louis martin

BBB? This is helpful ! A question ! I myself feel like this : I don’t want to choke anyone BUT I should be able to get a whiff of the scent I’m wearing ! I can’t smell it ? It’s not enough ! My ? How does being a smoker factor in ? Could that be why I can barely smell many of my frags ? It can’t be Every Mancera , every frag in general ! Please advise

Putting on cologne

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How to Apply Cologne without Spray

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How to Apply Cologne without Spray

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Rashod Monts


Milan Nikolić

i wonder if you can just take the spray nozzle out of an empty bottle and put in the bottle that doesnt have it

Rodney B Hunt

I need to share this with some people I work with lol. They think they should wash in it.

Aidan Shaw

find the hair a great spot to hold a fragrance.i use some oils and mix them in non scented moisterizer.and applay all over after a shower.

Maximilian Alvarez

thanks for the tip, only issues is I always get scented body wash

Rocky Raccoon

How many dabs?

Olivier Brault

I like the way you say cologne.


Thanks :) Subscribed!

Let's Talk

This guy is the least man I’ve ever seen


This video definitely deserves a sub


Ash he’s talks so cute like a little baby ??? I just wanna give him kisses


Not sure why you are the only one that made a video like this on YouTube. ?

Salty Ice

Thanks, I got an Avon cologne bottle. You know how strong that shit is.

Felix Zandanel

you're a legend


By a cheap plastic spray bottle, pour some in and voila’ spray away. Hello.

Yung Gelato

Nice tip, I was doing this before I knew ha. Just was checking ?, nice video bro.

Patrick Aniciete

Thnks man??

Robert Toole III

Earned a sub


Thanks man. I’m 14 and decided to try it out. Perfect thing to do during quarantine lol

Max 905

deserves more subs

Alex Mendoza

Lmao I just splashed it on my clothes and it stained . I forgot perfume is oil based . Oops. Thanks now I know ?

unknown temptation

You need to work on your fuckin intro


Thanks for this video I needed it lol

David Graham

Awesome! About to go to prom so this really helped!


I got cologne for Christmas but it didn’t have spray so I was like what? Until I found this thanks

Nicholas Cairo

Love this guy! Sub'd man

Shane B

I dig this dude. His hand gestures are on point.


This is very helpful thanks

odie gwapo

Wow. Only dab method

usman ali

Thanks man you made my day

Ben Cornish

this man slowly becoming my dad


The way you pronounce cologne is cute?

Merlin Parache

This is great. Thanks!

David S.

Damn I just drank mine thinking it would come out of my pores...




Very Nice yes


Bro this is legit thamks

Putting on cologne

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How To Wear Cologne CORRECTLY (10 Mistakes To Avoid!)

293 925 views | 23 Feb. 2020

In today's video, I’m

In today's video, I’m going to teach you how to apply and store cologne the right way.

?https://youtu.be/gg-O6CJoqwU?list=PLbAUemeg-KycvD73GI9xuKHygzvltW81f - Click here to watch How Many Colognes Should YOU Own? Ultimate Guide To Fragrance Types!

?https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/how-apply-cologne-right-way/ - Click here to read the article How To Apply Cologne The RIGHT Way: Mastering Men’s Fragrances


0:16 - Pay attention to the situation

1:19 - Understand what you're wrong

1:35 - Understand the potency of the fragrance

2:23 - Know the Sillage AKA Projection

3:01 - Wear the fragrance before you judge it

4:34 - Know where to apply fragrance

5:33 - Where to apply fragrance

7:28 - Rubbing the fragrance

8:11 - Don't store it out in the open

8:29 - Don't expose it to extreme/cold

8:57 - Find your signature scent

9:09 - Less is more

https://thestylesystem.com/youtube - Click here to check out my 100% FREE Masterclass: 10 Skills You Need To Command Respect, Attract Opportunity and Increase Your Income!


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BW_Eco 82

I thought spraying on the wrists and rubbing ur wrists together was a staple. The small amount of heat caused by the friction help the fragrance project

Swigitty Swooty

"discovered, not announced" couldn't agree more with this statement.


So.... 4-6 sprays on more than one body part? I use Eau de Sauvage Parfum. I'm never sure, if its enough or not, no one reacts to it. Just politeness and they hate it, or is it not enough when I do 2 sprays on both of my axles?


Armani Acqua di Gio has been my absolute favorite and have worn it for more than 20 years! Everyone loves it and always asked what it is.

One of my ex’s loses inhibitions with it ???


Mist cloud intro made me lol

Will Selkirk Ross

Mate just to correct you as im sure youll appreciate... 'sillage' is a french word with the "LL's" silent ...pronounced 'see-arj... soft j

Steven Mabee

What is that multi colored Spicebomb called?

Kennet Mitchell

Hey Tony
Thanks for the videos. They are great. Just a suggestion, maybe try combing or brushing your eye brows when you style your hair. That's what my wife told me also. That way they aren't looking so wild and untamed ??

Build a Reef Aquatics

Fragrance won’t last weeks on your clothes ??do you not wash your clothes? Lol I’ve never experienced this...and I have a pretty good sized collection lol

Gabriel Felix Muñoz

parfum edp eddt that chart was wrong

Lalo Calderon

I avoid the chest area because is all over my nose and it gives me headaches, I prefer on the back of my neck.

Manufacturing Partners

The rubbing myth is pushed by idiots that actually believe it breaks down the molecules. In reality it only dries away the top notes faster into the base notes and dry down.

Faraj Aa-Taweel

U shud like be president or something man, u really smart and diligent and maticulous

Jordys Mom

Hi I'm a female years ago years ago I was taught that when you go to a job interview just take a shower clean your hair your nails you know where e nice nail polish nothing bright we took job interviews very seriously. So in do not wear fragrance because like you said you don't know if they're if it's a male interviewer he might have just broke up or divorce his wife she may be wearing or have worn that sent that you're wearing is the first thing you do when you walk in the door you remind her of that hateful woman that you just got rid of ants going to cost you a lot of money and alimony and in child support you know what I mean. And if it's a male coming do not wear cologne and maybe a female interview and she might be reminded by what you're wearing of her ex-husband is not willing to pay child support and alimony or very little at that so you may not get the job because of that cuz you just annoy the heck out of her. So it's best not to wear any fragrance when you go on job interviews I tried to tell my daughter that few years back but she did not listen to me. So a lot of the jobs that she went on at job interviews all around Connecticut they took her far and out of the way she did not get a second reply and I told her you look the part but too much perfume to you you know how your hair looks nice your your makeup looks nice you everything looks nice but the perfume has to go you just be clean just take a shower good shower and what if you want to wash your hair wash your hair and that's it and you know don't overdo it like I said you don't know what people other people going through in their life and they may just be the Met cost you a good-paying job or job that you???

Lesedi Tenyane

You ever been on a date and she just starts talking about her ex?
Now you sitting there being a therapist when in the back of your mind you are thinking "why did you agree to come here if you are still hung up on someone?"

Kabelo Clive

Thank you so much, so helpful ??

Marc-Anthony Gvzman

my signature fragrance is any of the fragrances by Floris London. Santal for fall/winter, cefiro for spring/summer. Also: Antonio I am trying the no deodorant thing. Wake up, workout then shower then applying cologne in morning (on skin hotspots near my pits [3-5 sprays]) then another shower late afternoon. More cologne same area(s).


I use Creed adventus all the time. No chance those interviewer's ex wear Creed adventus, those men wears Sauvage! Just like most good looking men. Sauvage = poor man's Adventus


I don't rub is a no no for me idk



Steven Gura

So I assume that you wear unscented deodorant so that fragrances don’t mix?

Light Kira

2:02 funniest shit I've ever seen

Real Men Real Style

WATCH NEXT: How Many Colognes Should YOU Own? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg-O6CJoqwU&list=PLbAUemeg-KycvD73GI9xuKHygzvltW81f
Should you rub fragrance? Let me know in the comments below! ??

0:16 - Pay attention to the situation
1:19 - Understand what you're wrong
1:35 - Understand the potency of the fragrance
2:23 - Know the Sillage AKA Projection
3:01 - Wear the fragrance before you judge it
4:34 - Know where to apply fragrance
5:33 - Where to apply fragrance
7:28 - Rubbing the fragrance
8:11 - Don't store it out in the open
8:29 - Don't expose it to extreme/cold
8:57 - Find your signature scent
9:09 - Less is more


When you talked about HOW many sprays to use and my ex husband Immediately came to mind BC he is from Jordan, AND the men/guys in the Middle East BATHE in their colognes! And then, depending on the type they sprayed, and THINKING they bought a great smelling cologne, chokes the surrounding people, but then BC they live in a desert climate, you can't smell ANY of the 20+ sprays they just wasted after 20 minutes or so!:????‍♀️?

alpha wolf

I don't really rub wrists together but when i did it didn't make a difference

Know TheLedge

Jeez this video is so empowering for cologne lovers lol

Ricky Ward

What cologne would you recommend for the office?


So much info crammed into this video, thank you :)

Kolbe Osborne

Every time I put on my cologne I spray some on my wrist then rub the two together and wipe it on my neck lasts all day.


I don’t think spraying in the clothes is that bad. Just don’t get trigger happy...it will be strong af on your clothes. Spray too much and you will fail.

eb olufade

Ok so I don’t have a degree in Chemistry but if you keep cologne by a window and it not good because of heat. When u rub yourself with cologne that friction which is heat. I’m not trying overthink smelling good ??

Ahmad Bilal Siddiqi

I just wanted ask one thing that if you apply Perfumes on your skin, so what will be impact of perfumes to be apply on skin.


Always go 3
Back of neck
Under chin especially if you have a beard

Gregory Phillips

Thank you for the info my friend!

David Ortiz

Man, this guy knows what he’s talking about. Thanks

Jordan Thistle

I'm not sure that "hot" spots are the best place to spray. The reason that you spray it on your wrists and neck (under the ears) is because it is the closest to your major arteries. The colonge gets absorbed into the blood stream mixing with your unique chemistry. The fragrance then makes it way to your blood vessels and out through the pores.

Phillip Lyn

Loving loving this one thanks for sharing very information blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work ????????????


That intro ?

Sergei Simonov

Thank you for another useful video, great tips on scents, so many people are getting this wrong


I respect your opinion, but background in chemistry or not, real world results clearly show that when doing the spray and rub method, performance of the fragrance suffers and top notes become stifled. The only time this isn't 100% true is with nuclear level performance fragrances, and even then, it will definitely effect top notes. There's a reason elite perfumers around the world caution against the method. Regardless of all of this, I think your videos are of a very high quality, and I really like your presentation and oration. This holds true for your Sexiest Cologne video as well, and several others. Great job!

Nick Centeno

Very helpful video!!

brion gamboa

No men don't wear perfumes only women wear perfumes men just need to take a shower and have clean clothes. Stop being women use of good smelling all natural lotion if you want to scent. Mentioned be smelt 5 minutes or 20 minutes after they walk out of a room The presence needs to be felt not their smell! At most aftershave is okay on the days that you shave

Seyed Hassan Razavi

True DON'T RUB THE FRAGRANCE, it'll change. Within 15 minutes you'll be able to tell the base note. I'm a Former Senior Beauty Consultant Christine Dior.

TONY 2017

I’ve been wearing Polo Blue since 2002. Awesome fragrance!

Marvin Jones

I have a bald head and I am about 6'5... I spray one spray on the top of my head... is this a good spot?

Antonio Guerrero

Being that one should not wear fragrances to an interview, as that is one of the big "not to do at interviews," being in a small office wouldn't be a problem.

Tyler James

Should you rub a fragrance? I think the bigger question is what's the point to rubbing? Rubbing a fragrance is not going to change anything with scent, sillage, or time. If a fragrance has potent sillage, someone relatively near you won't know where on your body it is. And if a fragrance is more gentle, rubbing it won't make it easier to smell. The way to make a fragrance easier to smell is to do another spray, or 2, or 3 hahaha. Just be aware of the fragrance's sillage and how hot each particular hot spot is.


You have quite a large collection of fragrances.

Tim Young

I don’t trust anyone who calls it nitch. Also it’s par-fum. Not perfume.

Angelo Suarez

One of the best, most underrated fragrance reviewers. To the point, humorous, no bullshitting. Much love!

Jesse Castro

Damn, I learned a lot JUST from this video alone.

James Bashford

Generally around good material but the interview scenario was irrelevant, how would you know what cologne anyone else would wear let alone a stranger's ex haha speak logic as us real men only deal with logic ?

Jeremy White

Air dry creates much better performance then rubbing it in

Evyatar Valotker

Taneks Antonio

Masked One 1316

7:57 yeah you’d irritate and brake the skin long before you brake the molecules of the cologne/aftershave

Bbosa Fredrick

Authoritative review.

Austin Montgomery

Great video but I’d avoid the wrist at all costs. Go more forearm or biceps/inside elbow area.


He’s definitely right about testing before you buy. Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey is one of those frags that has a beautiful opening. I sprayed a sample bit on me and bought it on the spot. When I got home, the drydown musk note was absolutely sickeningly unbearable on my skin.
Lesson learned.

Oie White

You for got level mix at least 2 or 4 at an time
My grandpa use to spray his rump
How about just spray your clothes
You count what you wash your clothes some as simple as taking an bath can throw your fragrance off

skillad _

Amazing video thank you... If I get out of the shower and the Pores are open how much the Pores will be open I mean how much time have to apply a fragrance Until they close...??


"Less is more" Jeremy Fragrance must have smashed that dislike.


Do you know of anything that smells like Gucci Envy?

Joshua Connacher

I don't believe in rubbing because I believe that it does dilute the concentration You want to give the fragrance a chance to absorb a little bit not rub off on your other wrist before it absorbs into your skin

Daniel Hernandez

Aromatics are rings with double bonds. One ain't breaking that with heat and friction

E.J. Kelly

Good summary

Jakashia Alexander

Awesome and in depth video, you got yourself a new follower here. ?

Ingvar Törmä

I have worked as a seller of shaving water and perfumes and here are tips on how to test whether the shaving water suits you or not. When you are going to test a new perfume, spray a little on the wrist (blood vein goes there) and give off heat to the perfume, let it sit for about 1 hour before you smell and see how the perfume reacts with your body's odor. This with finding new shaving water can take time, as you have to proceed in the way I just described. The difference between these shaving waters is as follows
EdP = Eay de Parfym perfume oil strength of 10-30% and gives off odor for about 5 hours.
EdT Eau de Toilette perfume oil strength 5-20% and emits odor for about 3 hours.
EdC Eau de Colonge perfume strength of about 2-5% emits odor for about 1.5 hours.
The only places you should spray the perfume are behind the ear (Here goes the main artery of the rush of the blood gives off heat) therefore you should just put the perfume here.and MAX 2 pressure. When you spray behind the ear, the scent emits well.
Spraying on perfume elsewhere on the body is just a waste, as no stronger blood vessels go there and provide heat. The perfume will just dry in and the smell disappears.
A man should NEVER spray his wrists as ahn should wear perfume. Only women should do this, as you as a man might have to kiss the woman's hand and then you can smell her perfume.

_press s for sex _

I always rub my arms for no reason i never thought of it

ikechi music

Molecular bonds lol


So if I put on cologne after I get out the shower I put on a unscented lotion on or naw? Cause I’m confused someone help me out!?

Gallius 4th

My body just swallows fragrances XD even the strongest smelling stuff just disappear from my body after about an hour XD

Mike White

I don't know how I feel about constantly spraying my body with chemical's. We already shower with soap's and gels that have chemicals I don't think I have to add on additional chemicals with colognes. I just spray my clothes and I avoid my chest area because you'll go nose blind or you'll get sick of the smell because your nose is to close to the chest area. Especially if you're drinking alcohol.


Holy moly, im new to your channel as of today, i had no clue of all this... whooaa iv been doing it wrong this whole time.. i think my all around fragrance Poco R. Thank you so much for this informative video.


you can not break most bonds just from pure slight friction. if that was true you wouldn't be able to rub the cologne on your shirt.

Joe Momma

This whole time I put cologne on my clothes


How many sprays would you recommend and what areas for using Dior Sauvage EDT?


I love how you pronounce french words without even trying to say it with the French accent like many youtube fragrance Chanel

Jordan P

Me: walks in to a starbucks
Someone who just got out of prison for murder: smells the cologne of the man he killed.
Me: °_°
He: pulls out a gun and shoots the barista.

Conclusion: some of the shit you were saying was exactly that, Shit!

roberto vergara

You talk too much ... make me dizzy

Mike Miller

Says the 5'3" dude about attracting the ladies

John Jubal Murphy

Nice one; very helpful. Thanks!

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I love the intro ????

KC Garcia

So ill probably spray it on my genitals then?

papa duplar

I love this video a lot and I’m going to give my take on the running problem if I where to spray a fragrence on my shirt and lay on my bed or spray on my arms and hug my pillow I notice the fragrance weakens a lot quicker not just my nose by my dad agreed with me when I tested it


Amazing mist cloud into haha

Anthony Cekic

You talk about atomizers, but what about colognes where you have to dab onto skin? Do the same rules apply?

Ram Mul

I believe sillage is pronounced siage (the Ls are silent)

Anthony Forrest

Maaaan you are the best!! I want the most out of my purchase and My moments! This video makes that happen!! Right on!!

Adam Littlewood

Thank you Antonio another great informative video.

Dank Bear

Anyone want to bet this man doesnt know how to change a tire


I wish Stetson cologne had better projection and life.....it smells awesome but I have to frickin drench myself in the stuff to get something decent.

Richard Teevan

Again 4 to 8 sprays unless watered down is being the stanky guy all notice for wrong reasons. A Good cologne 1-2 sprays more than enough imo. Uggh Aqua di Gio one my fav smells but worst i ever had with my chemistry. Stops smelling after 5 minutes, on me.

Eli M.

I think if you are wearing it on your body, rub it in, maybe even the parfum oil will blend nicely with your skin oils.

Chris C

Hi Antonio,
What is your signature scent?

Jonathan Sølving

Holy shit, this was Great!! So tired of every fraghead ever saying: 7 SPRAYS MINIMUM

Garrett B

Whoever came up with the mist idea clearly sells cologne.

Mike E.

I have always rubbed on my arms. It works but I do notice the scent on my arms does wear off sooner.

Heriberto Morales

Bruh how was I supposed to know my interviewer’s ex used the same cologne as me )’: lol

M Ladd

If I did all that I would go through a bottle of Aventus a day! Can't afford it!

Ferdinand Carson

I have nothing to do with the medical field but I am thinking of your diet if you eat massive garlic, onion when you sweat (PORES) that might mess the scent also.