Short 3b hair

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Curly hair routine for short hair | 3B hair | Nicole Priscilla Sanchez

473 views | 6 Feb. 2019

Hey loves ! I hope this

Hey loves ! I hope this was helpful ! Everything I used is linked down below !

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Hey Everyone!

My name is Nicole Sanchez and I’m a new mommy to the sweetest little girl, Elyse Harmony Cruz. On my channel you can expect to see everything family, challenge videos with my hubby, makeup, even organization and motivation videos; a little bit of everything else and MORE!

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sonicmariodonkeykongzelda86 fan

Subbed and fifth like. Happy Hair Journey

Angelica Vlogs

Beautiful curls ???

SageC TV

I just subbed, keep up the great content! I'm always looking for new content to watch! I don't have your hair type but I want it so bad lol! Can I get the sub back btw?



Short 3b hair

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Curly Hair Wash Day Routine | Short 3B Hair

93 205 views | 8 Nov. 2015

i've been pumping out

i've been pumping out videos like crazy! hope you all enjoyed this one, thank you so much for watching! be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe!



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Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Original

Kinky Curly Curling Custard Styling Gel

OGX Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum



intro - the way // kehlani ft chance the rapper

video - all of you // roy woods (sondrio remix)

outro - wu-tang forever // drake (instrumental)



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camera - canon eos t3i

lens(es) - kit lens, 50mm f/1.4

editor - final cut pro x

lighting - lime studio


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Briana Munoz

yusss hair twinnn

Susan Riley

Gorgeous curls!

Jojo JN

Cantu has some really nice conditioners :)

Macaiah Foster

That looks more in between 2c and 3a but def not fully 3b

Eliza S-j

Kehlani ?

Donaldson Diaries

Hey dolls! After you've subscribed to this beauty's page check out my curly hair routine. ? feel free to like,comment, and subscribe ? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lIpCsyzM5CQ

Kim Rosado

cantu honey cantu??


good video, your hair is 3A tho

Anjuli Michele

Try it's a 10 products! they're amazing

Sue L

Shea Moisture products are lifeeee?

Kim Rosado

it's that time of the month to wash my hair?

Cassandra Tafoya

My hair is a mixture between 2c, 3a, and 3b. Which is frustrating, because some of hair ends up too short while other parts of my hair are too long. Any suggestions?


sister that’s 3a

power puff

U font have 3b hair u have 3a hair

Jessii Carney

What ethnicity are you? :) <3


You're welcome.

marwa elderbi

how many times you pre-poo yr hair

panda princess

good video but she talks sooooo fast

Rahilya Napoli

little sister... the song is unbearably distracting. please use instrumental if you must use music. otherwise, i really appreciate the video. thank you


You look like a babyyyy omg


Great job. Happy Growing.

Tina Lee

I'm not sure how everyone can tell you your hair type when clearly it's your hair so I'm sure you know what type of hair you have. I stay away from the hair typing system so I won't get people on my neck. Just subbed to support you. Hope you can visit mine and sub if you like ! I will be posting new videos soon.

Ashley Ernst

Love the video! You speak really fast though hahaha had to listen really carefully

Brenda Nittinger

Less music...louder talk. Sheesh.


1:06 ??
5:03 ...


Amazing! Even though you have 3a :)

vinka none

your hair is really pretty??you are hair goals?


Since you do this routine twice a month what do you do in between? I might have missed it, sorry. My hair is fine and thin so I try to prolong my wash n go's but it gets so weighed down by products. Also, I really like Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil deep conditioner. It is very moisturizing and softening but not heavy.

Gabrei xOxo

you remind me of Ashley from fresh prince of Bellaire so prettyy?

Seela Misra

You are stinkin' adorable!

Heea Bani

Shea moisture superfruit complex 10 in 1 renewal masque!!!!!!!!!


your hair is NOT short at all and it’s more like a 3A
not hating , just saying ?

Kellina Stunner

You have 2c 3a hair, not at all 3b.

Ire S

Ur hair is definitely 3b idk what everyone is talking about

Reg R

Thought I'd never find someone with hair like mine!!! :)

Sapphire Mazie

Your hair is more of a 2c / 3a texture ❤️

Jane Smith


Ashley Dummett

Your hair is beautiful ❤️??

Sarah K

you should try the shea moisture hydration mask

Jazzy Janae

Love your hair!! Just subbed!! Would love if you checked out my channel!!

Genesis Reyes

could you do a pinapple hair style I'd like to see it how it would look on your type of 3b curls

KayLea Fleming

Thank you for introducing me to Roy Woods! And for showing me a routine that actually works well with my 3B hair. The video is great and I liked that you listed what each product does.

Jalissa Molina

Ur hair is 3a mine is 3b


everything that your using for your hair is really working your hair looks amazing

Sosa Scents Candle Co

Woah I think I found someone with my hair type... never thought this would happen lol but good video, new subbie for sure!!

Amalia A

Your hair looks sooo bouncy and cute! Love this video, I subbed! I just did a curly routine, please check it out and sub if you like it :-)

Curly Headed Creations

i love the cantu deep treatment masque


This is my exact curl pattern, thanks for the info...appreciate it!! ???

BFF diys

manuka honey and mafura oil hair masque SHEA MOISTURE

Ada Unveiled

Beautiful curls!

Myriam Bourra

Pre-poo and deep conditioning ????

Mishayla Lavender

Where'd you get that pack of Shea-moisture leave-in?


wish i had your hair ????

Amy G

i don't know what people are talking about, you definitely have 3b hair.. it's just not super thick and very fine, just like mine :) it's beautiful!

Candy Rain

Where can I get your hair?????

Playful Studio

So MANY African ladies thinking they have 3A and 3B hair on UTube but they wished! You actually do have 3B hair and applaud you for getting it right. I also like your technique.

Jessie Treasure

is there another argan oil i can use i usually buy from walgreens and it seems they dont have it

Jasy Lee

Kehlani ?? #TsunamiMob

Krystal Noguera

lol i love the tgin honey miracle hair mask ?

Stephani Sánchez H

You are definitely not 3b!

samster hass

how can I get to her kind of hair in the beginning? my hair is sooooooooo horrible


I know this is suuper old but do you like via natural oils? Do you think they work well? I bought one the castor oil but I didn't know if it was good since it was a $1.

Melissa Lara

Your hair came out beautiful ?? by the way the superfruit complex hair masque is a great one to try . And it smells great ?

Manon Lombroso

Wicked video wicked music !

Sunny Loves

I cant find that song anymore. Does anyone know how i could find all of you by roy woods sondrio remix

Sheree Morgan

And your hair isn't short!

Adele Zadi

ma'am thats 2c, not 3b

nai kwän

thank you everyone for all the lovely comments & views! i would however like to clarify that i DO indeed have 3a/3b hair my hair is far from being wavy. hair density, porosity, and texture all come into play which is why my type 3 can look different from other type 3s. just felt like clarifying ??

Thermal Vibes

Wow, loved your result.  Great curls!

Brianna Warner

When The Way came on I immediately started dancing ?


Do a flatiron tutorial??

BFF diys

Love the vid, i finally found almost my hair ?

Loki’s little sister

I really don’t think you hair is 3b, if you can wake up and comb your hair while it’s dry, then your hair can’t be 3b

Brittany Harris

I Recommend Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Hair Masque By SheaMoisture . It's Amazing. !

Milena K.E

U pretty but i'm sorty to tell you your hair is absolutely not 3b , not at all !

Lidia Akkus

I can't believe you only wash your hair once a month

GhostGirl 23

I don't want to sound rude or anything your hair is very very pretty, and you probably know your own hair best but it definitely looks like 3A ??

Josh George

3a- anything from curls as wide and loose as a piece of sidewalk chalk to anything looser than the size of a Sharpie marker
3b -curls the size of a Sharpie
3c- looks like the coil of a corkscrew
I'd say her hair is 3a not 3b, but only my opinion. All love and it's her hair. Whatever she says it is?✔

Oviya Moorthy

Your hair is almost exactly like mine!!

Ashkey Step chicken

we have close to the same hair mine is 2c/3a hair

Alexis Sawyer

Your hair is beautiful! It's more of a 2c/3a texture tho...


I know this is super late but oh well. I don't know what people are thinking but definitely are a 3a/b curl type. 3a curls are very loose and a lot of your curls are tighter than a 3a. Anyways, your hair is gorgeous

tatiana bicknell

You should try the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil masque. I've been using it for almost a year and it's been such a life savor! Gives my hair a good amount of moisture and has made it so much healthier. I also like Shea Moisture's Weightless Fruit Fusion masque. It doesn't make my hair feel stronger like the JBCO masque but it does moisturize and define my curls. I'll probably be trying the 10-in-1 Renewal System masque next.
P.s. I have fine 3a/3b curls

Lina Staudt

I cursed at my laptop. I fucking love your hair.

Maria Medina

my hair is just like yours !

Maria Valentina

we have the same name i swear! my name is nilah maria herrera but i go my middle name! i dont like my name so i plan on changing it when i get older lol :)


We have the same hair type! I'll definitely be doing this routine


for me it is pretty clear that your hair is 3a/3b , I don't understand why people are saying your hair is wavy!

Short 3b hair

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SHORT Naturally Curly Hair Routine | For 3B Hair | with less volume

3 829 views | 29 Aug. 2019

This naturally curly hair

This naturally curly hair routine is perfect for anyone who has a shorter hair cut, is considering getting a shorter hair cut but isn't sure how it'll turn out OR if you want less volume in your hair. This will work particularly well for type 3A and 3B curls. This technique will give you gorgeous silky curls but with a softer less voluminous effect. I hope this helps, if you like this video please:

LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to support my growing little channel! ?

? ETSY SHOP: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ZovinaMaria?ref=shop_sugg


@the.sun.to.my.flower ?


? WEBSITE | www.zovinamaria.com

Thank you my loves.


You hair is 3c


Omg I love it, pls make a video teaching how to cut the baby hair like that, is just beautifil <3


You brush a lot

Tea Spilled

Because I’m cheap, do you think using “Shea Moisture Curl Mousee?” Ik you don’t like to touch your hair but I can’t find any that spray so do you think the one I listed will work as well? Love the video so much!

Sonia Moretti

Wow! Definitely gonna try your routine.
I feel you! I have very thick hair also!! 2c3a ... thank you!! I also want to get rid of some volume because I have soo much hair

yeehaw !

thank you so much!!! you seem so kind :) i loved this video and i’m so glad to have found someone with the same hair type as mine who doesn’t really want volume.. bless your soul and have a great day beautiful!! <333

Zovina Maria

Hi guys! Please let me know if you found this video helpful. I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories about your hair or your hair journey!
Much love. See you in my next video.


Are those your natural baby hairs or did you create them by cutting it? Your curl is just like mine, just a different length and I prefer to style my hair more round.

kay :D

reading the title made me sooo happy because i finally found someone with the same hair texture and length as me !! <3 tysm for sharing :)) (totally feel you ab that looking up short curly hair thing too :,))

Jasmine Samantha Chapman

I LOVE THAT! creating content you wish you had when you were younger <3 ICONICC ZOVINAA


i've been straightening my hair for about 5 months straight because i constantly felt insecure about my curly hair after i cut it but after i watched your video which btw you have exactly my hair type im about to style it curly and order some curly hair products, thank you so much for sharing!! <3

Jade. Mrct

Thanks for this routine !! You look so sweet?

Jessie Sc

Your curls are beautiful sweetie. They are definitely not 3a. I would say they are 3b/c


your hair is so pretty! I have same hair type as you do but the top sections of my hair are really heat damaged so my hair sadly only curls at the the bottom of my head :(