Joico hair color sally's

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Hair Color Express! The 30-Minute Power Placement

1 785 views | 18 Aug. 2020

Quick, out-the-door

Quick, out-the-door hair-color services have never been more important. And Joico Global Salon Business Expert, Gina Bianca, is a master at strategically navigatingthe fine line between artistry and the bottom line. Tune in here for a video that’s going to turn you into a productive superstar, as Gina demos 30-Minute Power Placement, the hugely popular presentation she unveiled at Joico’s HairJoi LIVE Show.

Just a few of the things you’ll learn:

- A gorgeous, half-hour color placement technique

- 3 ways to double your business

- How to foil with passion and purpose

- Time-savers that help you earn more with each client

Joseph Sudano

You are great. My question is how do you put foil on short hair


What she said about feathering towards the top is gold. If you have a dark hair client your better off teasing completely saturating and then shadowing. I see people feathering on level 6 hair and below, and all your doing is creating orange hair at the top of the foil.

Stryder Mclean

Where can I see the end result

Joseph Sudano

I don't want to get ahead of you but are you going to put a color on your high lites I get confused because of the timing on the foil to the last foil

Bhavesh Valand

Where is the final resulte

Karla Molina Mcfield

Love the result!!!!

Joico hair color sally's

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742 views | 16 Dec. 2020

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! A few months ago I told myself next time my work got shut down by the government I was going to dye it! I had been wanting a really pretty lavender color but the first round didn't quite pick up greatly so I found the next best thing!!! Tune in to find out! Enjoy!

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Social Media Links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hannahbelle_1/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hannah_Belle_1

TikTok: @hairdresserhan7

Products used in this video:

Pulp Riot

Shades: Nevermore, Lilac

Joico Color Intensity

Shade: Per-Wink

Music: Freemusicarchive.org ( Songs: Rollie, Made it By Yung Kartz)

Jailin Damon

Okay but the finished product and the look yesss MAAM

Sirena Tran

Wow the color looks amazing! How do you maintain it?


Oooo love this!!! ????


waitt this color looks BOMB on you and it’s so vibrant!! ?? i love the joico dyes, i’ve been using the amethyst purple shade for years. lavenders/lilacs on me are gone after only one wash so i just go vibrant and let it fade to get that “pastel” ?

Sincerely Jackline DIY

That color looks amazing on you and your hair looks so healthy and shiny with the color. You killed it and you rocking that color well.

Mayra Q

What does the last one fade to?

Victoria Ashley

Seriously obsessed with your hair ?? Looks amazing on you! Gorgeous color ?

elena diamantopoulos

omg gurl this colour looks amazing on you!!!

Jessalynn Scholl

Your hair came out amazing! I love this color and it looks stunning on you! ? Also your makeup is so on point. You are beautiful ?

Sihle Stylist

Wow it turned out so great


omg you are so pretty--have you ever tried just the lilac colour? I just dyed my hair and im looking for another lilac hair dye :)

Joico hair color sally's

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The Secret To My Hair Color

66 375 views | 28 Sep. 2016

Hello my lovelies Welcome

Hello my lovelies Welcome back as requested I have informed you all with my secret to my hair color please feel free to ask any questions you may have that I did not answer ")

Social Media:

Instagram _daisywaisy_

Snap Chat : daisy6110

Business Inquires:

[email protected]

Collaboration Info :

Please contact me on instagram through a DIRECT MESSAGE

or email me at [email protected]

Products shown

Can be viewed at Planet Beauty: https://www.planetbeauty.com not online but in stores

also available for purchase for license stylist at Cosmo Prof

or at amazon.com

also can be viewed at : http://www.pravana.com

LoReal HiColor in Magenta or Red can be purchased at Sallys or any local Beauty Supply store that may carry it: http://www.sallybeauty.com/permanent-red-hilights/SBS-500240,default,pd.html

Colors of my current hair:

Pravana Wild Orchid mixed with less than half a tube of Violet




Wilma Cervantes

Which color of hi color do you use

claudia torres

hey quick question what kind of development do you use?

Amber M

This is the exact color I'm always trying to get... Every purple or plum color I try usually comes out too dark on my hair. I currently just did the loreal hicolor magenta. Beautiful at first, but it always fades. I'm gonna try and find these colors and do this next time.

Kaylee nikole

Hey I know this is a year later lol, but what shampoo and conditioner do you use to protect your hair?

vanessa rojas

I got my hair bleached and dyed red at a salon about a month ago using pravana products. I plan to start refreshing it on my own so I ordered pravana chromasilk vivids in red. Would I dye all of my hair with just the dye? How would I lift my roots? I know you mentioned the L'Oréal in magenta but just to be clear would I use L'Oréal with a developer (or without a developer?) for my roots and then pravana over it? Or L'Oréal on roots and pravana on the rest of my hair? Please help!! I plan to dye it on my own this weekend. Love your advice

Genesis Nunez

I have my hair red right now using magenta in the hicolor I want to dye it the purple but the dark being towards my roots and my ends the brighter color you have any suggestions?

Char of Cups

But yes very very helpful and by the way I subscribed so check out my channel if you'd like cuz soon I'm going to be doing a video on how I got my hair purple and then red possibly as well so check those out anyways have a nice day

Liysette Lema

Hey. I have just the tips of my hair purple. It was bleached but now I want my whole hair purple. I plan on doing what you suggested. Can I do this all in one day or should I do it separately?

Delilah Sanchez

Ok babe so after i use loreal hi color.. and then wait a lil and then throw the pravana colors on top??

Pricilla Ruiz

I mix wild orchard and half of the violet what do you think

Nina L

This is the color I've been lookong for. Question for you did you use all three of those colors or just two and was that the wild orchid and violet? And how many boxes did you buy to do your whole head of hair?

Stanislava Dimova

your hair color is amazing .!! like it a lot !!! very good

Pamela Castro

what do i have to mix if i want it to be a dark purple but not black?

Heidy Katheryn

Hello I have a question I’m red hair and I’ve been using L’Oréal majicontrast magenta however it look more red and I kinda want my red a bit more pink so I was seeking for a new product I found this vivid but I’m not sure how it works my hair is very red and I haven’t bleach in 2 years by using 40 vol developers so I was wondering if I can mix L’Oréal and vivid products with a 40 vol developer, what I don’t want is to bleach my hair at all ?


Do you know if they sell Pravana in the Antelope Valley?

Rochelle Sammy

Hi I love your hair colour. I recently did my hair and it's super brassy. Not what I wanted. I want to try doing it myself and I would appreciate it if you can walk me through the process. Also I'm from the Caribbean so I'm not sure where I can get the pravana colours

Nancy Lopez

my hair is violet do I have to bleach it to have your hair color?

Crazzy Stuff

I have gray and black natural hair. Do I still need to.bleach I only want the white hair to.get the color and look like high lights. I will appreciate if you answer me thank you.


How do you get the chocolate brown in there? I love the color with darker hair

Aria Standford

I just wanna know how wild orchid looks like without any colour added

Brenda Perez

I have been doing my hair over 20 yrs. I tried what you did exactly and have a mess of colors in mybhair now. The hi color magenta took great but when i went in to do the pravana it was dark as well as it did not turn color at all in some areas. Wish I could get your color but it may have to wait a while until my hair recovers from all the processing back to back. I did this after seeing a professional and my hair came out too dark.

Kush Queen

I get it off Amazon ??‍♀️

Tanushka Jagan

does this color suit men. I usually prefer burgundy - is this mixture of color similar to Burgundy. Please confirm the 3 colors used - is it Magenta+Wild Orchid+Amethyst. Is the mixture in equal propostion - 1:1:1 or any other ratio. Why do I see Purple mentioned by many in the comments even though you have not used in the mixture.

Pricilla Ruiz

So are these permanent

Brenda Perez

So did you use the Loreal HiColor first and then the wild orchid with Violet to get the color you have on now?

Kris L

Hi! Love your hair and bought pravana on your recommendation but it doesn’t seem to take to my hair! My hair is already dyed kind of a medium reddish brown and I bought violet and magenta like you said! I see the colours but they are super light and fade away within washes! I’m not sure why do you have to use developer? I’ve used la riche and that works fine for me but bought this because I thought the colour would be brighter!

Brenda Perez

You can order the Provant to hear colors on eBay! From regular colors to lock in color to vivid colors. Anywhere from 11 to 13 dollars and free shipping.

Kristina Tamsula

I want exactly your hair color I have virgin brown hair more like medium I would say do you recommend for me to use the magenta or red hicolor? Than after that can I apply the wild orchid and violet? I need step by step cause I dont want to mess it up lol

Char of Cups

3 years ago I did the Loreal hicolor first was the bright red using 30 developer and it came out very Ariel like lol but it did fade like a hot pink and certain places it was orange I almost had to color my hair like three to two times a month overall three months or doing this hair color I colored my hair 6 times I've never done that my entire life and I've been coloring my hair for 15 years so I'm trying the Wild Orchid by Pravana and luckily I'm a cosmetologist so it won't be difficult to get this LOL but yeah since I haven't colored my hair in about 3-4 months I have like six inches of roots and I'm naturally a blonde so I figured I'll try doing the same formula I did with the red with the purple I'm going to do by using 30 developer with the world Orchid from Pravana and of course it's just going to be bright AF so yeah im excited lol

Petra Z.

Bleach is not as horrible to hair as people make it sound IF you use professional bleach powder and developer (plus olaplex if you believe it works) and! good quality Toner/toning hair mask..
I have just bleached my hair and used proffesional 20vol and also amazing profesional toner and my hair is OMG amazing!! Silky smooth, healthy shine, soft and luscious and smells like damascena rose!!
If anyone wanna know what I used just ask me:)

MoonSol Myers

I used to do the loreal hi lights magenta also and did diff reds from manic panic. Been wanting to switch to your color, should i continue to use the loreal hi in magenta or switch to loreal hi lights in true violet?

Charlene Sattanak

Hey!! I love your hair! So I want to have like a violet hue to my hair and my hair is like a dark brown but it has a little red to it cause of my old dye that is fading! So can I just use the violet?Because I don't have any of the wild orchids color.. just wondering!

Aylins Corner !

your hair is like a violet well it looks like it and it looks beautiful?

Char of Cups

Hey girl good evening thought I would come back to your video and let you know that I did it and it's a lot more purple e blue on Camera and Video than in person LOL but everyone says it's really pretty I feel like maybe I needed more Wild Orchid plus I only highlighted my hair so the bleach areas are more purple than the darker areas but I tried my best about having to bleach my entire head hopefully I did a good job check out my channel my latest videos and my Facebook LOL and have a nice evening

Pamela Castro

wild orchid and violet is ok? or is it amethyst ? they sell them at walmart.com


Heyyy... Great color! I am planning to purchase these colors. Is it safe to repeatedly apply these colors without bleaching? Do they damage hair? If yes, whats a good period to wait for before coloring again?

Mishayla Moss

ive seen the Pravana brand at amazon as well


Hi Daisy, it was nice meeting you the other day. You mentioned you discovered another product but I forgot the name of it. Can you refresh my memory please? I recently dyed my hair and the color is a little darker then I anticipated and I also realized red suits me better than violet. I recently used Loreal hicolor in v19 and the previous time I used v18 so now it's darker. I still have prevana left but to refresh my hair and add more red instead of violet do you think it would be ok to mix, prevana wild orchid, purple and mixing it with something semi or Demi permanent from Sally's like Ion semi or Manic Panic in a red shade?


At the planet beauty in Ontario Mills do they ask for a license or you just grab it and check out?

Tonya Bishop

I been buying these from amazon for years.. Love pravana!!

Maisha Ellison-safford

sorry to bother you just came across this video and enjoyed it...can you tell me the colors and amounts you used if you remember for the bottom(darker color) of your hair...thanks

ToniAnn Licata

I am trying to get my hair purple I do have dark brown hair that I have dyed a few times in the last three months because I have been trying to get purple and it isn’t working...my hair is my baby and I can’t I just can’t bring myself to bleach it. I bought the pravana amethyst and violet but I’m worried now after your video...how do I get it purple without bleaching it???

Brenda Perez

Hello. I am just wanting to really know if for me to get the color you have I need to do the high color in magenta and then the pravana wild orchid mix with the violet. Please help me as I get my hair done in a couple of days. I do already have a red violet in my hair but it's fading out and I have roots already coming in! PLEASE HELP!

Delilah Sanchez

Hey love, so what ratio should I use for bleached hair?


Do u know where I can get those Pravana vivids online?

Elizabeth Flachs

Too bad if you live in Australia, coz i'd love to buy that brand dye. I did buy the LoReal HiColor in Magenta and red but is there somewhere i can buy online.

alyssa ybarra

So I bought the violet and wild orchid do I mix it with developer or conditioner? I want a good amount of it and for it to catch I'm going for a dark plum I guess you can say

Annie ledesma

Did you use just the loreal magenta on your roots since you stated the pravana will not work on your roots, then mix all the other pravana colors and put them all over your head including the roots?

Mary Ann Rodriguez

Love your video, your hair and your beautiful personality... I love Wild Orchid which is what I use on my highlights. thanks for your info

Anna Litwinczuk

hi can you tell me what developer you used?

Danny Reddey

U look fat....hit the gym!!!

Kathleen Eliza

Quick question so to get the color you have in this video you only used 2 colors??

Brenda Perez

That was you can purchase the Pravana hair colors on eBay.

Joanna Gonzales

Should i need to bleach my hair when i want to dye it to violet?

Lexi Lulu

how many tubes does it take to dye your hair length? i have alot of hair and am trying to decide how many to order

Brenda Perez

I am a little confused about which colors to use to get the color you have now. Did you use the Loriell HiColor in magenta and then the Pravana colors? I want to use the Loreal HiColor true violet and then the Pravana colors? Which Pravana colors should I mix after the Loreal True violet to get your color or do I need to use the Loriell HiColor in magenta?

Zandibel R

I spent like an hour looking at other videos and you just answered all my questions !


Have you ever mixed L'Oréal hi color in magenta with pravana violet?

Maira Sanchez

Hey hun. Question for you, so if my hair is red right now and I want a mulberry Bush color(burgundy/maroon). Can I use this mixture of "wild orchid/violet" to achieve it?

Kelly Rife

What should I use to lift my color so the pravana vivid blue will stick. This is the first time going blue or technically blue-green


My hair is/was naturally almost black & about 2 years ago I stopped using permanent color and let the gray grow in. Turned out I don't love the gray so I use Arctic Fox and my virgin gray/white hair takes the colors like crazy & it lasts for a good 4-6 weeks before fading too noticeably. I think if someone has light hair & wants to try a darker semi permanent shade it's always worth a try. Sometimes the overall tint can be very pretty and there is no damage.

Lucy Castillejo

Amazing color. Did you bleach your hair?

Rin Hime

hello I love your colour i was wondering what ould happen if i mixed the purple with magenta would it be a similar colour i want a more plumy warmer purple colour.

heather fetters

How many ounces over all do u thibk u used? I want to buy magenta. But dont know how many ounces i need

Charis Cat // Child of an Android

Hey. I hope this doesn't seem rude, it's not meant that way. But you can save a LOT of money if you mix the pravana with conditioner. I used about 40% pravana violet and 60% white conditioner and the colour still lasts for months. It's even recommended in the manual, but they try to sell you their 'clear hair dye' instead of conditioner. It means that i've been able to dye my hair using the same bottle 4 times now, and I can barely notice any is gone, it actually becomes way less expensive than any other dye. Your hair looks lovely :)

Sandra Mitchell

do you lift your roots with the loreal hi color, and then go in again with the pravana colors?