Nails change colors

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Poly Gel Nails ! Gershion Temperature Color Changing Poly Gel Review ?

1 517 views | 20 May. 2020



Gershion Temperature Color Changing Poly Gel kit



Norma Haynes

Love the color changing poly gel ??very Pretty colors ????

The Polish Queen

What a nice kit! The colors look really fun. Tfs ?



3 months ago

Hi Stella, I am so sorry to have to tell you this but please do not use Makartt poly gel on your own or any family or friends nails anymore. It has HEMA in all the poly gel and gel polish. I have been a big fan of Makartt for almost two years but they never had the ingredients listed. Amazon made them list the ingredients and what do you know, HEMA is the second ingredient but spelled out in the full name Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate so many people don't realize it is HEMA! I have developed contact dermatitis from using their poly gel which is not a good or fun thing to deal with. That is why I started checking every tube and bottle for the ingredients and saw my newer tubes and bottles finally had them listed. Please let your viewers know if you ever are sent products that has this ingredient in it. It is super harmful and dangerous. All my best always!!! Another awesome video too!

Sophia Truth

I too have had and still have terrible skin problems with nail polishes etc we need to let the public know there is harmful chemicals in these products we're using.  It doesn't make any sense influencing the public. Thank you for sharing C [email protected] experience

Debi F

A day late? They're all nice, but love love the yellow.?

Viola Brown nailcoverlover

???Girl I love the color changing they both r gorgeous on your nails.?

Nails change colors

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Mood Color Changing Gel Polish

2 331 259 views | 27 Nov. 2016

Suzie has fun trying out

Suzie has fun trying out some Mood Color Changing Gel Polish.


Joya Mia is offering 50% off on their Mood Color Changing Gel Polish, as well as many other items (see below) in their website store, by using the Discount Code: SUZIE. Use the links below for products featured in this video.

Products Featured in this Video:

UV-Nails UV Gel Base Coat - JOYA MIA


UV Nails Mood Color Changing Gel Polish - JOYA MIA




Ugly Duckling UV/ LED GEL POLISH #43


UV-Nails V10 LED Nail Dryer - JOYA MIA


UV-Nails UV Top Coat - JOYA MIA


Other Products Joya Mia will discount with the code: SUZIE

Gel Polish, Glitter Colors, Neon Colors, Cat Eye, V10 LED Nail Dryer, LED Lamps

I receive a small commission if you use my discount code: SUZIE. Thanks for supporting my YouTube Channel.

Have Fun!



Follow Suzie on Instagram:


Suzie invites you to share your own nail design photos with her on Instagram with the hashtag:

"# nailcareereducation"


You can also follow Suzie:





Sydney’s Show

I had nail changing colors for my first nails with tips


Go nail stuff is sooooo cool, I wonder if the UK has this yet ?

joshua sorel

Hi Suzie! I am 10 yrs old and i think your aboustoltly amazing! I love your nail art and i would love to learn more! U reallly inspire me!

Lunar Module

What's up with her teeth?

jasmine Rondon

Does it work


i have nails that change colr

Sunneva Rán Steingrímsdóttir

You’re background goes with the nails

Tecia Eaddy


Thurga Gandhi

You are cute and your nails are gorgeous

Amel Daikh

I find it so satisfying when she is outing on nail polish

Valerie Webster

All your supplies are soooo expensive OH YA you get everything free and your boring JUST SAYING

Roxy Measor

I went to the website you linked and searched mood changing nail polish, but it comes up with nail brushes :(

Haya Zehra

Still watching in 2018

Tanya Porteous-edwards

I'd do the Exact same thing with the polish on fake nails and hot water ? I would want to know now what they would look like and not having enough nails to test each color would drive me crazy ?

sadie scalfani

i love you!




Black fingernails are one of the most obvious signs of a bimbo! Who can love the colour of the dark and death?? :D
And then, the basic colour of the stupid gel? A cement colour?? :D Who would like that? Construction workers?

Ermira Gojnovci

Omg i wish i had nails lime that

LucyLiz123 456

I have colour change to min us Matt cream to Matt gray

Sophie Elizabeth

It’s so ? nice

aanumtaa ahmed

Her entire them of videos like theway she talks and edits her videos remind me of the game choices.

Reeta Singh


Tricia Moller

That is extremely cool

Nurul Dwi Arista

Nek ngiseng cawike piye.. ??

Shivan Lane

It isn't physics, it's thermodynamics. Everyone seems to mic those two up.
Still very cool and when I get my nails done I will have to try out this polish!

isabel roldan

She could’ve used her finger and press the nail samples or put a blow dryer to change the color but she decided to go throw the trouble to get hot water and a container and pour rip

Alana Lilman

Want this?❤️

Melita Tomlin

How do you manage to receive so many free items...??? I would love to receive freebies ?

Dia Aln

Are those your real nails


Her laughs sounds like lady like’s Kristin

Bailey Beckley

If those are your natural nails GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ti Ara

Please help mine wont change color!

Daisy Hernandez

I want u to do my nails

BelGames14 07

How come when the mood changing polish is in the container it doesn’t change colors

Barbara Kamer

Where do you get the stuff

Mimi Unoriginal

I hate that it's called mood polish. It's such a scammy name. I think color changing would've been enough

CaterinaBear :3

Hi this is the first video I watched my you


Cool but those colors are ugg


The music for the reveal shots reminds me of The Sims Superstar expansion pack.

Luke Woolner


Josée Lanteigne

Were can i buy those mood effect nail polish plz?

‘You’re The Smart One But Why Didn’t You Think Of a This?!’

karl lmao

Please don't call him cameraman, your viewers would like if u called him by his name

Milica M

Black nail polish looks little messy around the cuticles.

Erin uk photographer admin

I am also experimenting on ordinary nail polish sandwiched between the uv gel polish that I'm sure would make the nail polish last that extra longer time

Drucilla Jones

"this is hilarious " whats hilarious the fact that color changing polish is changing color, yes hilarious

Trudy With Her Cat


Bailey Beckley

Is that how long your natural nail is?

Destiny Arroyo

R your real nails

Beth White

Is that her natural nail she's applying the base coat to

Mehak Sandhu

I thought it was joya meeea she said joya myyyya

Alexis Dussault

can you do this with short nails? I bite me nails

Chloe Tran

Do all of those come in a set or do you have to buy them separately

Juliana G.

Where do you buy them?

Sophie Elizabeth


Ethan Stone

Pearlescent pigments of Yortay has the capacity to show the elegant luster and color of the natural pearls, shells, butterflys, fish and metals.Pearl luster pigments has the luster as an additional property in comparison with other pigments. It is widely used in cosmetics. http://effectpigments.net

Foolish Bard

So i just got these done today. Yes i know it is a thermal paint. But its like mood rings. Still cool.

Also i got the seafoam green(hot) to lilac purple (cold)

Cloudy X_flowers

Can we get these polishs

Shianne Pellegal

My natural nails keep beaking how do you keep yours long??


I NEED the black to yellow one.

cassie armstrong

i need my nails done will you do them


How u get such beautiful nails I grew mine not as near as pretty as them

Bülent Bayır

Your nail reel?

paulina 23

My mom does nails like that and she's going to buy changing coulors like you have.And she said she migjt do it on my nails if i stop bite them and are long.I also stop biting my nails which is good.

Traveling Pair

Body heat makes it change, so cool. Would love to see in pink.

jiaxuan xx


April Rios

Can you do Harley Quinn on a models nails

Lilac bish

I hate it??

Joanna Morgan

I love watching your videos. I had forgotten how much til today..xoxo

Erin uk photographer admin

I like to keep my nails pretty short but at a reasonable length I think uv gel polish is for me I would try anything out

Beth Irvine

i hope to hear from you soon

PandaWhite Edits

IKR ??

Nacho Estrada

Do you must use the lamp? I saw a video when they use it to paint cell phone cases, would it work without the lamp? Sorry my bad English

roma menezes

love your nails

Canadian Kin

Question - I just went to UV Nails site to order the colors I like but got to thinking. Does a person HAVE to have the UV machine to dry and make this polish work? They want $300.00 for the "nuke" machine (before the discount code). I can't afford that. But I can afford the base, polish and top coats. Thanks, anyone that can answer :) Will wait to hear before I order.

Shaunie Wright

love love love this polish very pretty

batchi m.s

How can i build a nail to my right hand it is preaty hard....

Simply Dahlia

Lechat says to put on nail first then cure and lastly put your top gel then clean

jordi Belle

Your awesome

nidya rangel

Literally just bought myself the set ?

Beth Irvine

can the mood polish be used over clear poly gel nails

Nancy Kataraihya

I love her personality ?

Lola Myers

Nice work

Laura McCament

Thanks Suzie for showing all the color changes!!!! Love them!!!

Dhiraj Nicky Mishra

Very nice aaryan



xiang yi

Sorry I'm late but like 2 years late Cuz I rly just thought of this and how and where do you get the mood changing thing

Iannah (Iya) Sy

mood is a combination of nude and mint basically if you pronounce it


Everybody keeps saying that it is just thermal but technically when you change mood it is basically thermal Reacting. If your angry you might be warmer than usual...just saying.

İrşil Güneş

I've been using fake nails for a while now but I think they are not long enough. Can you tell me where I can find ones that are longer. Thanks in advance.

Cowan Hutson

beautiful nails can you do mines? meant please.

Lisa LeBlanc

Hi. Just wondering do you have a link to buy the complete set. ?? The link you have does not take you to a full set.. thank you.. P.s. love your work. Amazing..always so delightful. :-)


I like it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

hajnalka ambrusova

I suppose there will be no ombre effect on very short nails as Ive got.

Austin Paul

Im a guy and i just got into nail art and right now I have my fingernails done in sparkly clear coat polish and i think it rocks and no im not gay or anything else, perfectly straight male, im just an artist and nails are simply just a blank canvas for my art

Matthew Reynozo

I came here to see what the fuk is mood

Kimberly Levin

Can you put it on top of a light gel polish with clear top coat? Thanks


Wow amazing

Sabina Nelson

Need to try those. I was wondering where Suzi surname comes from.

sunny gang

If i was to name the polish its name would be pecan ice cream? reply if you think its a good name( im at 3:36 in the vid )

Nails change colors

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How to make change color of Nails in Photoshop. FIM Tutorial

52 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Hi guy's welcome to my

Hi guy's welcome to my

FIM Tutorial You Tube channel

Today video topic is : How to make change Color of Nails in Photoshop [FIM Tutorial]

Picture; picket up from unsplash.com

Photoshop link Password is 123


contact me for photo editing video editing intro outro thumbnail lyrics song etc.. on fiver


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How to make use spot healing brush tool in Photoshop


NOTE : Faisal Ihsan Mian [ FIM Tutorial ] channel creator.

Thank you guys for watching my video if you have any questions just do comment i well solve your problem

[ LiKe, ShArE, CoMmEnT, AnD, SuBsCriBe To This ChAnNeL.]