Straightened 4c natural hair

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I Straightened My Natural Hair For The First Time!

284 253 views | 20 Dec. 2017

I finally straightened my

I finally straightened my natural after Big Chopping in August of 2016.

BE MINDFUL THIS IS NOT ,I REPEAT, NOT A REAL "HOW TO" VIDEO! I'm only showing my process with straightening my hair for the first time. I am well aware of the mistakes I've made such as the number of passes and using the maximum heat. I like to keep it real and show my journey.

2018 2 YEAR UPDATE: https://youtu.be/wEWw6DnX1io

All products were from Etaeproducts.com

Brush: http://amzn.to/2Ed6pUx or you can find it in Walmart

check out my review on the products: https://youtu.be/yEs7EEbtSFQ

Try My Lash Applicator On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DN19DWR

Camera I Use:

Canon G7X MARK II https://amzn.to/2NU4bup

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@ https://www.instagram.com/nolaviva/

Thank You For Watching!


OMG!! Stunningly beautiful. Just perfection!!! Amazing job, girl

Noelia Noliz

I'm white and I have to go through almost as much work as you with my curly, poofy, frizzy, dry, hair. It is so much work, I want to give up. I am losing my patience now that I am in my 30's. I don't have the same willpower. I wish I could hire a stylist to straighten my hair everyday???.
At least your natural hair looks good on you. You have beautiful curls. Lucky!

Bree' Dennis

Can you do a video on how you get the swoop in the front ? Mine never turns out that way ?

Joy Usman

Girl i love your hair!. you look like Uchemba, the curvy Nigerian girl on IG

Nya Ware

I switched to a regular dandruff shampoo. I had it like crazy and my scalp was always itching. Now i use pert plus. I also combine tea tree oil with my favorite oils to help my scalp. I am flake free

Wren 22

Why is your hair all over your head (uncombed) in the before picture....all beauty vloggers seem to do this, is it to show a Dramatic difference?

Its A. Newme

Thank you for video, we all start from a day one, and I appreciate that you went through the process of showing us what worked and what didn't. The fact that you didn't edit out your oops moments keeps it authentic. The end result is beautiful by the way!

Prissy Krissy

Omg I had no idea you made videos!!! lol. Hey girl! ??

Raimundo Nonato

Oi parabéns es mui beautiful

Terri Jones

Ummmm, imma need a makeup tutorial on that exact same look please!!!


Love you

Beautiful Liaah

I really love your hair?? i am your new subbies !! Check out to my YouTube channel ??

Asia Brantley

I use apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo no dandruff

Sayeta Zonen

it’s amazing for your first time.


Your styling was on point..x

Steph foster

Very pretty....

Dania Garcia

You need a comb when you are flat iron your hair, that way you just pass the flat iron ones.


Buy a titanium flat iron the KIPOZI FLAT IRON from Amazon is amazing and cheap

C. Nel

This is my biggest issue my ends never come out right when I blow dry

Jay Nation

Go to 00:23 to 5:09 very pretty glow up


your curl pattern is poppin , i loved this !

Shaina Jay

lmaooooo at the comments saying you doing multiple passes one time in the whole year will ruin your hair

nappy headed black girl

Beautiful hair.

Kayla Simone

Hi, where did you purchase your brush??

Clarissa Smith

Lop Dane situation that's how my hair look right now was in a low point tail as well we might have the same hair type


The problem with some black women like myself is the reason we don't have our natural hair out isn't because we are bald but because we can't keep it out for long before it starts breaking off.
So no matter how long it gets, after a couple weeks it breaks and splits no matter what you do and pretty soon it's short and uneven and you have to chop it.

I haven't had chemicals on my hair for over 10 years and I keep my hair up in crotchet braids 90% of the time because of that.
I just took my hair out and flat ironed it and it's almost to my butt and my friends who never see my real hair are like, "Your real hair is so beautiful, who don't u just keep it like that?" But they aren't black and don't understand that if I kept it out it would be short and crazy looking within a month because it just can't retain moisture for some reason.

So I have it back up in braids again. Sucks tp have all this hair and never be able to show it off?


Porque usam tanto a escova raquete em vez da normal de escova ?

tissiane alves

Lindo ?

Rasheedah Elamin

I love etea

Aaron Gillett

Your hair looks good. Your ends need to be trimmed. Don't keep burning them ends or your killing your hair .

Mich Will

You are beautiful

Juanita Weed


Danielle Child

Yes I gotta try this when my hair gets a little bit longer! Nice job


Looks beautiful... I had problems too with itchy , dry & flaky scalp. So for the past 5 months Ive been incorporating the ACV rinse into my wash day routine. Man oh Man the result from just using it one time. What a difference. It literally cleared my scalp , true story . I have no more flakes / itching , nada . Anyways loved the video , tootles !

Shannon Armstrong

Girl you scared me with that shot after rinsing the deep conditioner out lol thought it was my head of hair lol GORGEOUS


I had to rechop my natural hair after 3 years of growing it due to heat damage. I havent taken good care of it since then smh But you friend are beautiful and the style came out great!

Deijah Neverdon

You have beautiful hair

Ty Dolla

Another think you could do for a silkier result is wrap it with Saran wrap after u flat iron it and blow dry for about 15 mins at least! It came out really cute though ?


Omg it came out gorgeous ? it makes me want to straighten mine

Ryma Ait Salah

u re so beautiful

Karoli Naa

Did your hair stayed straight and for how long ? My hair goes back puffy immediately ?

Queen Gatita



What's the song

Naturally Beautiful

Try applesauce it really removes


Beautiful curl pattern girl !?

Sally K

Daaaaamn babygirl you’re gorgeous


Omg she’s beautiful ❤️?

Claudineia Oliveira

Aí gente o cabelo dela ficou legal mas pra ter esse trabalho todo acho q ela começou 7 da manhã e terminou as 7 da noite prefiro ir no salão gasta mas não tem esse trabalho

J & Renae Tv

You sound just like tonya from little women LA

Jazz Kay

I haven’t straighten my hair in over a year ??‍♀️ I’m scared lol

Teresa Taylor

So way ment did she blow dry rewet and blow-dried again


Beautiful hair ???

Candi Cane


J Danielle

first suggestion and the mist important is heat protectant. That's why your curls weren't really reverting back was because of heat damage. Not using heat protectant is very risky

Sara Noel

What type of paddle brush did you used when you were blow drying ??


Saw the thumbnail HAD TO CLICK

Takisha Newkirk

You don't put a heat protection in your hair

Imtithal Saeed

8:45 the true black beauty.

Gemini Jackson

New sub! That came out beautiful sis!? Great job and thanks for the errors, really appreciated!

Cécile Bnz

Make up tutorial please!

Jyssy James

You are so stunning!!!

Aasha Fierce

Trial & error type shit. The struggle was real but the results Issa amazing ❤️

Tenisha Albino

Finally a video where someone is doing their own silk press!!! Thank you so much!!! You've done a lovely job & your makeup is on point too!!! Try aloe Vera, it works wonders for the hair and scalp. I use tea tree creme brulée by Hollywood beauty for my daughter and eucalyptus oil and her dandruff is gone. Dry scalp included. Hopefully that helps. Thanks for helping me!!! Subscribed ?

Het heru

Yes honey

Fonch Z

Why so much make-up? Surely a natural pretty woman such as yourself doesn't need to compensate that much. And yeah you might want to fix up the hair growing around your ears. I think it'd enhance the quality of your look. But overall its impressive. Not what I'm looking for though.

Olivia Brown

Beautiful results! I would love to see you do a product review of Straight Silk Spray by JuniorLabs. It makes my hair soft and flooowy. ?❤️?

Jordyn Hall

So pretty ? what’s your hair texture ?

Aesthetically decent

That flow honey you are slaying the game xx

ogechi obizuo

where did you get your hairbrush?


I love your natural hair ? it's beautiful

Rere Moore

How long you being natural


the song ! i love miguel ? but yu did that ?

Stephanie Drummond

great job . i enjoyed the vid your hair texture is like my daughters i am considering straighten it soon but she only 12. thanks for the washing in sections tips i m defiantly going to do that her next wash

Ranks Productions

Very nice video blessed love empress

Queen Gatita

About how long will it last?

Amma Appiah


Chelle Flambert

Thumbnail ? i wanna straighten mines now but soooo afraid of heat damage. ?

Carmen Junieth

I love your natural hair you are beautiful girl

Elissa Wlison

U shouldn't put heat towards ur hair with our any moisturizer and heat protecter


I know some don’t like it, but a ceramic boar bristled round rush will get the hair and ends straight when blow drying. It makes a huge difference when straightening hair.

Heather D

came out great. Thanks for showing your entire process. That heat protectant is important though...but I'm sure u know since this video is old.

Ceycie Mateo

Doesn’t that butter weigh the hair down?


Aloe Vera juice helps with my dry scalp

Claresa Tatum


Juuu Jackson


Kimberly Goodman

What brush is that? (Big one)

Its Amelia

You are so patient girl, love the results


Go to doctor - maybe u have psoriasis.


Gorgeous results.

Maureen Muriu

you make it look so effortless. ugh
your hair looks amazing btw

genesis clark

Your natural hair or beautiful

Chrisey Brown

Thank you and it's beautiful ?


This video was real


Yasss it looks good

kay Beauty

You are sooo beautiful been a YouTuber for years jus found your channel I had the same length before I did my second big chop but I didn't see no heat protectant please use it so u don't mess up your curl pattern bcuz your hair is so healthy and I kno u don't wana mess it up

lovely Bonita

Wow, you look great. No weave.

Vicky Ortiz

Try silicon mix and kanechom goats milk thats a really good deep conditioner treatment and it would help with your dry scalp guaranteed to work


First off right off the bat, starting out the shine of your hair is BOMB!! It didn't look dry at ALL!

Millie Mee

There is a cream called Top Brass on Amazon. Check it out, it helps me control my dandruff. I use the one in the blue box. At first two to three times a week on dry or wet hair. Then once a week, then twice a month. I think it’s great and hope it works for you.

Jas Gotti

Looks great but sissss what lashes were those ?

Straightened 4c natural hair

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1 661 views | 21 Jun. 2020

Hey loves✨


Hey loves✨

I decided to straighten my natural 4C hair to see how my hair would come out. I’m not entirely happy about the results but hey we tried ?

Let me know what you guys think

Enjoy !

Olivia Brown

Beautiful look!! I would definitely love to see you do a product review of Straight Silk Spray with Argan Oil by JuniorLabs. It really makes my hair soft and flowy ❤️❤️?

Gloria Bisaka

Love the look!!

Reammona Mothabeng

I love how you just compare everything to vegetables

Selma Benjamin

The video quality?❤️

shanice ward

im so nervous , gonna straighten my own hair for the first time in over five years!

Amanda Siwela

I like how it turned out sis!❤❤❤

Zukiswa Ngxamngxa

I hate it when those same people at the salon take that small comb AND THEN START AT YOUR ROOTS... LIKE HOW!?

Lerato Nkoane

Hi bonolo what hair products do you use for your hair?

Innocencia Moabi

Aus B! ❤❤❤❤

Gladys Vilanculo

You did the things that had to be done❤❤❤cute


Mara you need to blow dry your hair first to stretch it out and loosen it so when you straighten it it will come out straighter ?

Bonolo Ramarumo

You making me wanna also straighten my hair?mara my fear is heat damage ???‍♀️PS you have beautiful hair❤️

shanice ward

the final loooook!!! you are so pretty . love your hairrr

Straightened 4c natural hair

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STRAIGHTENING MY 4C NATURAL HAIR for the 1ST time | Length Check

49 850 views | 13 Mar. 2019

Watch me find out how much

Watch me find out how much my hair has grown since going natural two years ago!

Instagram: @Shaiannj





Jadore Fadi

I think I just found a YouTuber with my hair type ??????????


Idk if I’m tripping or not but did you goto Everglades High school?? If so I’ve seen you before and omg your beautiful I’m bouta subscribe lol

That Jamerican Kidd

Next time use the titanium flat iron

Pretty Bitch

You have really nice speaking voice lol

onyinye -

Have u washed ur hair since and did u get heat damage

Torsha Jefferson

I love it nice

Yewande Alabi

Can you please do a tutorial on the bun you did in your first wig video?

Kanon Dillard

Your so beautiful

cartier norford

You remind me of ryan destiny. So pretty

Elsie Dankwa

“Tbh I was expecting more growth but whatever “ me every time I take my braids off

salimata diaby

So no heat protectant?


Ur beautiful af??

Kayla Pascal


Kaila Mercado

WOW so amazed by your process, keep it up girl!


Bro bro you cute. ?


Ya hair looks great..Why would it need to grow out before you wear it straight? It’s at the top of your shoulders lol most natural queens are out here rocking it from transition to big chop to awkward... all the stages! enjoy yourself! It’s just hair??‍♀️

Dana Morrison

Y do ppl always say they'll link the video but never do? ?


You are so pretty ??

Yani B.


jj kfl

If you wrap your hair after straightening, it will make it look shiner and bouncier :)

Angella Donaldson

Hey cousin go head girl?

Haley Price

You are gorgeous. I just opened the video and you’re gorgeous!

pocky pocky

You are so pretty

jula bibi

very beautiful face


Gorgeous queen!! Thank you boutta straighten my hair after a good 4 months lol

Breonna Ross

Your hair type is not 4c maybe 4b

Rita J

That moment when you have a natural hair and you are too scared to know the length and excited at the same time??


omg shaiann! hey girl lol

Sincerely Hammy

You are so pretty wtf??? skin routine??


your natural hair is incredible!

Gee Gee

We basically have the same hair age?? If that makes sense and I haven't straightened mine before

Mic Powers

She has a good energy.

Nataja Jackson

That's what I call beautiful hair, I'd so love to see you review Straight Silk spray w Argan oil. Definitely makes my hair silky straight ?


Kerry Washington vibes

Mariama Sani



Can’t wait to see another length check in a year!

Heliotrope Sunset

She went over your hair way to many times with the smoking hot straighteners.