Resurfacing facial

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Cocokind Skincare Review | Chia facial oil + Sleep resurfacing mask

426 views | 6 Dec. 2020

Hi Everyone! In this

Hi Everyone! In this video, I review the brand Cocokind, specifically their Chia Facial Oil and the Sleep Resurfacing Mask. If you have any recommendations, let me know.

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My name is Bea and I’m a 24 year old living in Miami, FL. Graduated from college in Dec. 2019 and I am now working in freelance marketing. I love to make videos about beauty reviews, work/college, productivity, routines, and vlogs. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss an upload. Thank you(:

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Cocokind Skincare Review | Chia facial oil + Sleep resurfacing mask

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Music by Gil Wanders - Dreams - https://thmatc.co/?l=51DD8DC6


I recently picked it up to help with my skin texture and coloration. Thanks for the review ?

Meredith Z.

this video was so helpful i’m definitely going to pick up to face oil ?

Resurfacing facial

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Textured Skin Resurfacing facial on @Christen Dominique PT. 2 {Super relaxing}

301 852 views | 12 Jul. 2020

Hey Skin Junkies, Welcome

Hey Skin Junkies, Welcome back to Complexions! Todays facial is PART2 on my beautiful best friend, Christen Dominique! I’ll be preforming one of my signature skin and soul healing treatments that is exfoliating, resurfacing, firming and brightening + very relaxing with the ASMR/spa sounds! I’ll also be showing you ways to incorporate our Ultra Hydrating Collection into your daily beauty routine or even your treatment room if you’re one of my esthie-besties! & there is a VERY special giveaway paired with this video! I hope you all enjoy, as always let me know your favorite part in the comments to win a mystery box and a chance to win a zoom skincare call with me! Jadey #Skincaregiveaway #ComplexionsbyJade #ASMR

Watch PART 1: https://youtu.be/pUjkP2Yjeqs

Follow Christen: https://www.youtube.com/user/christendominique

Learn about our collection: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=YdQUtV2pvPQ&t=18s

CD Skin Type: Combo + Dry + Acne Prone + Texture


Are you seeking advice on how to make your skin the best it can be?

Which products to use in your routine? Or are you an Esthetician seeking guidance?

I will be choosing 2 winners to receive a 1 hour ZOOM skincare consultation with me! We will chat everything skin + I will send some products after the call that work for your skin type ❤️

{Open worldwide }


1. Must be a subscriber & follower #Skinjunkiecrew

2. Take a SKIN-SELFIE with one of our products & Post a photo on Instagram

3. Let me know in the comment section why you would love to win a consultation

Make sure to use our hashtag # DCXJADEY & tag us so we can see your entry!

TO WIN: my mystery skincare box of products: comment your favorite part of this facial. One winner chosen from the comments xx

Giveaway will run until the last Sunday in July so you will have time to try and show off your dewy skin results! I cant wait to see ?


Winners will be chosen at random and announced below on Sunday July 26th 12pm PST:


#1: Sarah Petrak

#2: Gygisell

Mytery Box:

#3. Danielle Buchbinder


DC: https://dominiquecosmetics.com

On dominique cosmetic site only you can get our Bundle {$52} comes with both our products + our jelly mint summer bag for free + you can receive a silk face mask free too {Put in the cart and it will automatically be taken out at checkout}

Available on Sephora: https://www.sephora.com/brand/dominique-cosmetics?icid2=product_link_brand

Available on Beautylish: https://www.beautylish.com/b/dominique-cosmetics

Available on Purish: https://purish.com/products/dominique-cosmetics-dc-x-jadey-wadey-ultra-hydrating-complexion-primer

Internationally on Beautybay: https://www.beautybay.com/p/dominique-cosmetics/ultra-hydrating-complexion-primer/

If you already have our collection & are loving it please spread the word and leave us a review!

Your support means the world to us ??❤️

Products Used:

Yonka Lait nettoyant

{cream cleanser}


Curel foaming face wash

{made for dry/sensitive skin}


Glow Skincare LA towel:


Code: Jade25

Sanitas Glycolic 15% solution exfoliator


Soothing Eminence chamomile tonic

mixed with our Ultra hydrating fine mist


Odacite C&R oil


Skinfood sheet mask


Indie Lee eye


Gel Primer 24k complex for Nuface


Trinity Wrinkle Reducer

this is a detachable head


Trinity Facial toning kit


Blue light for scars


Elta MD Spf


Summer Fridays lip balm


This video was filmed, edited, voice-overed & preformed all by me! Hope you enjoyed!

I love you all & good luck xx

The description may contain affiliate links for a small commission on purchased products. Affiliate links support my channel, so I can continue to make informative and fun videos for you babes!

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SUBSCRIBE here: http://bit.ly/thejademarie123

SNAPCHAT: Jademarie123

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jadeywadey180/

cassandra shiller

do a whole video just combing hair with one of those little combs. everybody would wanna see . it really helps me sleep and calm down

Sara N

Serving others, healing others is karma of the highest order. Bravo ???? In these times of isolation and loneliness epidemic its nice to be in service of others, giving people massages in these touch deprived times. ❤️

Shanna K

What music is this? I love it


I love the double cleanse, is that ok to do everyday? One of my cleanser is the one you listed today curel ❤. I need to add something for adult acne and the dreaded mask acne. Thanks!

Lilayy Rodriguez

I'd love to see a video with Alexa Demie


Hey everyone! I have a job opportunity where you work from your phone. I’m looking for more girls to join the team, must be 18+ and reside in Canada, USA, UK, Poland or Ireland! reply if you’d like the details, and if you’d like to apply I can get you in asap ❤️

lauren robber

the sound bath made me feel like i was in the rainforest cafe

Catherine Traylor

Your videos are so helpful for my skin winning a consultation by you would be skin saving heaven. I would love to know how to treat my skin in the best way and have professional advice. I have seen esthetician’s before but I feel my skin still needs work and I still have hyperpigmentation/hormonal scars. I would love and trust your opinion❤️?


Can you do my facial next? ? so jelly I wish!

Alma Lopez

All I want is a facial from JadeyWadey ??

Mendez Fam

I always enjoy the facial massage and seeing the products you use on her because we have the same skin type

Mona Al Asiri

Omg I need that???❤

Patricia Albino

Amo seus vídeos!

Sakshi Chauhan

Hey, Jade! All of your videos helps me to know about the techniques and different skincare products and the skin issues they address especially the videos pertaining to acne prone skin as I have too and been having acne problem for so many years now. Products that you use are expensive for me but one day I hope I would be able to buy them and get a clear skin. Always enjoy your videos #skinjunkie @JadeyWadey180 keep up the good work and lots of love. ❤️???✨✨☺️??

nicole rodriguez

Watching your videos put me at ease!!! Your channel has really
Motivated me to take care of my skin !! Thank you ?

Bianca Tibbets

My mom is a training esthetician and she loves your videos! I love how you incorporate crystals in all your facials! ❤️


You don’t realize how sore you are or how bad you need this until you watch someone else getting pampered.?? love your work Jade your name fits you so well❤️

Jenny Tran

My favorite part is just the whole vibe ? lighting, crystals, all of it! ✨

Ruhy Naaz

I just can't wait to book an appointment !!! Where did you live ??? The BEST facial i have ever seen!!

Disney Lover Tasha

I love watching your videos! My favorite part is the meditation time! It calms me down so much! I love it

Sophie Jane

Could you do one on older skin

Itz nowayda12

It’s so amazing and satisfying ??

Stephanie W

You are the facial magician I swear! I need your help with my Melasma :( never had kids.. 31 and it’s sooo embarrassing ?? let me know any products or tips! If ok :)

angie ausanz

More videos like this please with relaxing spa music ?

Pinkwillow 55

Ok the facial was amazing but the music with the lady talking was a bit creepy.


I’ve always been into diy skincare formulations and that Ayurvedic décolleté elixir you used in this video sounds heavenly. Can’t wait to try it! Would definitely love to sign up for your classes

Alberto Villa

Total: 4838284238 $

Carmen Serrano

I truly love everything about your videos? but by far my favorite part is the massage. As an esthetician myself it’s my favorite thing to do in my treatment room ?


Hi jade!! My favourite part of this video was when you mixed your hydrating mist with the eminence mist! When I saw how that made her skin look I knew I needed that mist right away! I also didn’t realize you could use the mist purely as skincare so I went right on the Sephora website and bought 1 right away! also always love the facial message part- lately I’ll bring my iPad with me when doing my night skincare and play that part to help wind down! Xoxoxo

Camb6 Ajpw

First time i was not falling asleep in her video // I was drinking lemon juice :)

lisa .s

I just love the mask and crystal time ! Am sure she enjoyed. I love a cooling mask


Thank you for the wonderful ASMR content that greatly helps me sleep.
It’s also interesting to hear about the various brands since I never heard of any of them.

Devansh Jaswal

My favorite part of the video definitely has to be when u mixed Ultra Hydrating Primer with the Carrot Seed oil...the glow on her face from this combo is AMAZING ?

Jasmin Moon

I really love the music you used for this session especially when you got to the meditation state and the lady was speaking..I felt as if she was talking to me. It put me in a real zen mood.

Michelle Schmidt

My favourite part is when the meditative part starts. I love everything about this part. The lighting, the massage, your soft voice... it really helps me to calm down and unwind and helps me to fall asleep.
Your facials always hit different!!!


Hey Jade!! I love all your videos! I'm doing a video on my favorite skincare youtubers and l want to include you in the video, but first I am asking you for your permission to do so! Didn't want to include you without your permission!

Yeti Mirani

hello beautiful sister ..... introduce I am from Indonesia, I am very happy to see this video. honestly I have never done such a video for my facial treatment. ?

Christine Jeffries

What do you suggest for someone with dry, acne prone skin but is allergic to hyaluronic acid? It makes my skin burn and then peel. Every product I’ve ever tried that has that ingredient all has the same effect.

Chrissy Lee

Hi Jade! I am pretty sure I already commented on this video but I couldn't find it so I apologize! I always love your asmr facial videos. I love learning about skin care and different ingredients. I have combination skin. My skin is like Christen's with how it can be dehydrated and sensitive but I can still get oily in the T zone. I used to be oily until about a year ago so your knowledge that you share is very helpful. This facial with Christen looks like such an amazing experience. My favorite part well I have 2...first is when you used the skin "scrubber" as some people call it because I was gifted one when I complained about my pores. But I wasn't entirely sure how to use it, so thank you! My other favorite is that you were massaging her face/neck areas and combing her hair. The entire experience looks like a dream! ❤

Natalie Desselle

Where can I get the crystal face mask and eye mask!?

ام جنات ام جنات

مرحبا انا عربية ما اعرف اذا تقرين تعليقي او لا بس انا معجبه بك وبشغلك احسن يداك بيهم سحر اتنمى لك التوفيق

nandawramos :v

this video gave me a different thing on me, i kinda felt REAAALLY relaxed, like my body loosened up, incredible!

Ginger Golden Allgire

I wish I had a besty like you, Jade. Awesome!

Karla Palomino

OMG, your voice is soooooo relaxing.... I feel soooo good when I hear you.. It's like a fairy tale hahaha, I DONT KNOW, it's just suuuper delicated

Deylah Fountain

Ok wow... this facial is amazing! Where did you get the crystal mask you put over the sheet mask?!? ??

Jade Lashae

I'll literally pay any amount of money for this facial. PLEASE sign me up for one lol

educational side

hi I am your biggest friend

My.kbeauty. Obsession

What music do you use during your video and the sound bath?

Im Skynosaur

Can we ALWAYS get this much massage content?


My favorite parts of the video is how informative you are when explaining why you’re using each product and what it’s for. I love skincare, but sometimes just reading about a product can be confusing because what if it doesn’t work for my skin. Seeing you use them on someone with my similar skin is so helpful for me being a consumer because I feel more confident in my purchases. PS - I love all your complexion videos ?❤️

Mr.t Man.

These usually look like some kind of high elven magic ritual and it looks these people are getting the “full course” which means as much magic as the high elves can possibly muster.

elsa m.

My favorite part of this episode is when Christine asked if she levitated! You can tell she really enjoyed her facial. You are so genuine with your clients and it shows at the end when they look at their skin and their faces lights up. They always look relaxed and happy! Congrats on your success!

Kayla Rivera

your facial videos relieve any stress or frustrations I may have had going on that day. everything is my favorite. at first I was only watching them on insta but now I come on here to rewatch all of them. you are just that amazing. god bless your talent!


that Curel cleanser is amazing! I use it every day;)

mariana espejel

i love it when you cleanse the skin

Maganda Madi

New to your channel and I truly love it here! ??

Rosemarie Quintana

Jade you’re amazing!.. please share what is that tiny amazing little lip applicator your used at the end with the Summer Friday lip balm???? Miniature tiny things are my everything lol! Love ya babes.. thank you ??

Francine Methot

Je demeure au Québec et je suis tous vos vidéos. J’adore et comme j’aimerais être à la place de vos modèles...

Noelia Hernandez

Great video!! But the only thing that can heal your soul is Jesus Christ. God bless ❤️❤️

Fierce Shopaholk

Can you show skin analysis?


My favorite part of this facial was the lymphatic massage, it looked so calming; the sounds, the lighting ✨✨✨ oh what I’d do to have a facial by you! ? You are so talented, a true inspiration ?✨?

Kaylin Lamb

Who else is watching this before they fall asleep? ???

Jane W

My fav part is when she said are ur hands playing an instrument on my skin. Omg that sounds soo good!

Sarah F

Voice over has mad “burger king foot lettuce” vibes

Erika Ruiz

Love your videos! The whole facial looked like an amazing experience but my favorite part is always the meditative massage. I have to add how I particularly liked the messages you added in there (very helpful)?

Simone Intuitive

My favorite part about all of the work you do is the focus on holistic well being, and I love how you explain the products and how they will benefit the client. I just love all the knowledge I get from each video <3

Mari Freitas

My favorite part of the video is the meditation! So relaxing and soothing!! ?

Stephanie nunez

Where did you go to school for aesthetics? Your technique is really similar to what I have learned at my school...the Euro institute ?

Róisín Grant

We all imagined we were this professional when we played GirlsGoGames back in the day

Maria Guadalupe

?you’re literally my favorite esthetician. My favorite part of every video tbh is the way you explain why you use what product and what’s in it is so Informative. especially for us new esthetician. I’m getting my spa room all together and my goal is to have it as well put together as yours. everything you do is so well put together and thought out. your videos inspire me.

Isadora Nascimento

I Love ❤

Suchart Boontid

Her hands must be really soft and youthful.

Jackie Kennedy

Hello I want to know where I can buy a light therapy Mission with all the colours please

Juanita Acuna

Love every single part of the video, is so relaxing.. I hope someday I can get a facial from you?

Maria Alzate

Hi! I love you’re videos! Im an esthetician and have a skin and lash studio. I was just wondering where you got the facial mister(machine )it looks so awesome!!

Lindsay crystalhealing

Was that a rose quartz mask?! ? Wow I LOVE it!

Im Skynosaur

You may never see this, and I doubt you'll get to it, but maybe someone has an answer. What do you recommend to either take proper care of, or reduce a raised scar? Not on the face. Just in general, since I know you keep up with other parts of yours and others bodie

The Fashion

Is expansive???

Manjit Malhi

Which city u are plz tell me

Devansh Jaswal

It's my absolute dream to get a facial from Jade ??


no music

Marissa Silva

It’s so hard to pick a single part of your videos and the way you do things, but something that really takes a toll on me and I feel is important as a new esthetician is your lymphatic massage. You do it so perfectly and I love always rewatch every single complexions video until you upload your next!!! Def helps calm my anxiety down at night time? your truly the best, I also love the holistic method!!

Karen Pizani

Her videos make me wish I would have became an estetician ( i hope its spelled right)

Arianna P

What is the music/meditation you use!? Or do you make you’re own?? I’ve looked everywhere for something like your demonstration ?

Trine Soegaard

Am I the only one who can actually FEEL the massage myself??

Kerry Fox

Thankyou for sharing these videos jade, you are a magician with peoples skin and they are sooo relaxing to watch... so grateful I get to watch you thankyou again ?????

Bhavitha Ikkurthy

One of the best YouTube channel.??

Zitron Zitz


shayla jaye

she kinda looks like alexa demie!

Jaleesa L

Are all products from a pro line?

Kamila W

i caught myself dozing off during this video, that's how relaxed i was! even though each video is perfect entirely through, my favorite part of this video would be the part of the facial where those beautiful pink and purple lights filled the room and you massaged her skin alongside those pretty healing crystals, i can truly see how much the skin benefited from that massage and left her looking absolutely glowy! thank you for being so inspiring as always, and i eagerly await for another video <3


Man, poor Christen. After all these years, she still has terrible skin. I feel like this shows that a lot of skin care products are ineffective, given the sheer amount that she uses. Or maybe it's the makeup.

Paula's Estética

Me encantaria ver lá traducción en espanhol o português ?


How I love your voice! Very soothing. And all the procedures you perform are nice and caring.

It’s Latasha

why are you whispering?


my favorite part was when you used the propolis and bee venom sheet mask. I love your videos and they always make me want to buy all the products when your client's skin issues match mine, but it's too many expensive products. Excited to try this $10 mask you've used and hopefully it will have the same effect for me.


Love those sounds, should include more in your videos. Glad to see you back on my TL.

Victoria VanPelt

When is your salon at I want to come get a facial sooo bad

Shirley Ferreira

Qual o nome desse vaporizador spray que você usa?

Shay R

You have the best asmr videos ?? so relaxing..

Resurfacing facial

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13 660 views | 20 Jul. 2018

Welcome to my channel if

Welcome to my channel if your joining me now or if you’ve come back I really hope you enjoyed watching this video today! X

Insta & FaceBook - Siancleakskincare


Cleansing Complex - is Clinical

ReSurfacing Mask - is clinical

Neutraliser - is clinical

Rejuvenating Mask - is clinical

Super Serum - is clinical

Hydra Cool Serum - is clinical

Moisturising Complex - is clinical

Extreme Protect SPF 30 - is clinical

Bae Bae

How many mins was the facial

Sue Tugwell

Superb video Grace, very well explained and beautiful result. I will look forward to having this facial again.

Jenny Patricia Garzón Martinez

The results are fantastic, so I highly recommend it. if you will travel to Barcelona, you could find this amazing facial in Despacio Spa at hotel the one!

Charlotte Smith


Jenny Patricia Garzón Martinez

you don´t need any make up on! your skin is really nice! I love it.

Chewy Praline

Shes wearing falsies or something or if no falsies thsn she has eyelash extensions and eyebrow tatoos so shes technically makeup free but not all natural. Just in case yall felt bad for not looking like her.

Jeannette Harrison

Beautiful darling. The facial looks heavenly. I'll try it one day. ?x