Shampoo that dyes your hair purple

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How To Dye Hair With JUST Shampoo!!

38 343 views | 4 Feb. 2018

Seriously I just used

Seriously I just used Shimmer Lights toning shampoo to get periwinkle hair!!! Forgot to mention that I left the hair to soak with the shampoo overnight. Get the Shimmer Lights conditioner too and use that normally because the hair will be mad dry afterwards.

Also I made this on my phone hence the terrible title cards enjoy

Marisa Ann

How long did you leave the shampoo in?


Stop causing in videos or ells I'll report you

Shanelle Jackson

“is it weed is it drugs is it anthrax” is literally me. glad i’m not alone in jumping to the worst conclusions ??


Can u do the same with purple conditioners?


guys, i did it and it left me with severe dandruff to the point where my hair is covered in flakes. i don’t recommend

Michelle Hillsman

Did not work on my natural hair☹️


You have a really nice accent it’s not american-sounding at all!
I know you’re Canadian but a lot of Canucks do have strong american-sounding accents as well


your eyebrows are incredible

Ashley Raphael

omg Naomi Smalls is that you

Shampoo that dyes your hair purple

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putting purple shampoo in my dry hair overnight??

20 752 views | 6 Feb. 2020

10/10 will do again. My

10/10 will do again. My hair is super gray now and I look like a grandma and I love it. Thank you for watching! Don't forget to comment, like, and subscribe for more content! We're almost at 100 subscribers! Help a sister outttt!

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Elizabeth Tisson

U are very energetic


bro u talk too much ?

Sadie Creamer

I'm happy I don't have to dye my hair all the time I'm a natural blonde but I don't like my blonde hair my grandparents won't let me dye it

Julianne Molenaar

I’m doing it right now and it’s so purple at the top cause I put it up


Over here waiting for Brad Mondo.

Vpma23 Sigan

Trying to much to be funny and it’s turned out annoying

Emma Gordham

How iconic

Pablo Villeda-Echeverria

Um....I'm living for this video so far

Luceritoo Loredoo

And I’ll take your grandpa and your dad lmao

Elizabeth Tisson

I came here cuz I wanna leave my purple shampoo in overnight but I don’t want to accidentally dye it purple

Gusgus 938

Give yourself bangs now lmao

Miranda Pk1976IsBk



U made my night your funny

nancy pimentel

Lmfao!!! U remind me of my daughter n myself ? loved ur video !!


Me: having a good day
Allison: let me stop you right there

little daisy

Did you let it fade out and how long did it take to fade?. I left a different brand on for a about 2 hours and my hair is purrrple

Jess Laney

me, currently lying in bed with purple shampoo on my hair, about to go to sleep but watching this video to see if it works:
you: ‘it burns’

uh oh

Ektaa Sahota

Sis said “im gonna use my phalanges
to comb my hair” ????

cheri carpenter

this was so funny , awesome informative video though. i'm sitting here watching this with purple conditioner sitting in my hair with a shower cap on. I was lol watching this, I guess I won't keep it on overnight, I don't want all the old geezers drooling over me if my hair turns grey ?

Maddisson McDermott

You are fucken awesome!

Charley Hew

You should of used purple conditioner much better for it


You are so funny dude! Lmao. Stand up comedian in the making ?❤❤❤

Walafalamoosie OADM

I need this energy in my life. ???

Tori Frank

It shouldn’t burn. Absolutely recommend buying shimmer lights next time.

faith rogers

I actually fucking love you lol.

gabbz llmas

lol I love this . I just got perfect results with this shampoo :)


It should not burn...you might be reacting to minerals in the shampoo.

Luceritoo Loredoo

Lmao your too much haha love it

olivia miller

y’all sayin she’s funny, she’s just annoying

Tristan Overholser

this video had me cracking up?? 10/10 better than the more popular videos on youtube

Imogen Lewis

if i want to get rid of gingery hair how long do you recommend leaving it in?

Elizabeth Tisson

This is great


On the real tho.. can we get an asmr video

Shampoo that dyes your hair purple

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Purple Shampoo

116 546 views | 20 Mar. 2018

hihi i tried toning my

hihi i tried toning my light pink hair to a more silvery pastel pink and filmed the totally winged process XD



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OMG namiiiii it looks so good on you!!!! Now I want to try this colour on myself too!!!!!!

ɐupɹǝʍ ʞᴉɯ

Wow you look better in this colour!!

Abigail Long

I think this is legit stunning

Joker Card

How are you naked in front of your friend XD

Queen Existence

Your roots were pink and the ends were dark purple after the shower. Somehow, it's now all evenly colored? I think there was a touch up in between. You're protecting the people paying you to advertise their products. Your hair turned out like crap and you know it. Can't trust you. Unsubscribing. Bullshit!

Lucy Li

Just loving your hair ??

Stray Stay

Классный цвет получился✌? тебе очень идёт ?


I absolutely LOVE it! It’s like a mix of unicorn and cotton candy hair. It’s so soft and beautiful!

Nubia H.

I'd like to see you do a peachy or orangy color! or, how did you say it? rose gold? ^.^

nora h

I love that shampoo. I'm a natural blonde BUT I don't see the sun very much so my hair is normally an ashy brown. But when I use it regularly my hair gets so light

Isabelle Harper

I like the purple way more than the pink tbh

Taehyung Ls

it looks sooooo good!!

Malibu Way

Really nice I love it !!!

Anita Gomez

Was that shampoo on your face !!! Ahhhh that would drive me crazy

Nicolette Hibbert

I love it its my fave color you've done


I Love Her ACCENT ?

Olivianna Moceri

You should buy a wig and experiment on it

Rio Jsanea

omg this sort of thing happened to me too- I was trying to get to white hair because I wanted to do platinum pink, and my hair had reached level 10 so I got a purple shampoo to get the yellow colors out. I just washed with it, didn't even leave it in, and I got out with some white hair, some yellow hair and BIG SPLOTCHES OF PURPLE HAIR. I was so upset-- I ended up dying my hair lavender because I didn't want to deal with correcting the blonde anymore.

Brittney Medice

Ok how did you clear your skin and do your make up????


you guys are so cute. i like how michael is interested in all the beauty things you do. goals!

Paper & Leather- Meredith

Lol it’s not bad she says but you can tell she’s not happy, poor thing. It looked amazing though for real! Love watching your videos!! Hugs and blessings!


Bruh fanola is no joke, I bought it last week, put it in my hair for 5 min and now I have grey hair. It's a shampoo for extreme brassy cases.

Crystal Kadletc

I love this color so much. Embrace the experiments! I use my hair as my canvas!

Army Once Directioner

It's funny how I was thinking that's all you're going to use and her husband is like wow that's a lot.

home shopping

you look like kim yuna!!

Sabrina Cooky

Meu deus que menina linda?(BRASIL)


No offense but when you dyed you were washing your hair it kinda looked like and elementary glue stick....


im not a hairdresser but ive fucked up my hair enough to sort of know why this happens. masks and purple/blue shampoos all have some amount of actual dye in them, regardless of the brand. when you bleach your hair to the palest it can go before its starts to fall out (lol) its dead. the porosity of it is really high (ie it'll suck up just abt any moisture and protein it can get). just a tiny amount of dye is enough for your hair to absorb it. from my experience purple/pink/orange dyes fade quick whereas blue/green dyes literally stain the hair more. i know there are scientific and technical terms for all of this but Again not a hairdresser just a girl who likes to screw around with her hair. if u wanna get rid of the purple you can try a clarifying shampoo. ppl would recommenced head and shoulders but i personally think for bleached hair its too drying. this is all probably useless info but. thought id let the word out lol

Christina Zimmermann

The color is SO beautiful.


Your hair ???

Mikayla Thomas



please stay with the lavender- it looks sooo good on you~~

Me Mi

I need to make a screenshot so I can tell my hairdresser to dye my hair like this?

Elena N

yeah fanola no yellow is no joke. i wouldnt even compare it to shimmer lights in quality or pigment deposit. shimmer lights is way more drying as well and the matching conditioner really didnt do much for me in terms of toning the brassiness and moisturizing my hair. fanola all the way! also, whenever the purple was too strong, i'd just use a normal shampoo to wash my hair and it cut down some of the pigment. another good brand i've used is Royd Color Shampoo from Japan. i've tried the purple and pink ones and mix them with conditioner to make them more pastel.

Cerine che

Oomggg u look sooooo beautiful with this new purple_ish color ?????????


Girl girl girl. I love how it looked before and I love how it looks now. <3 Very pretty

Faith Virago

LOOOOOOVE this color on you!!!! Trying to achieve that nice lavender pink myself

Vik M

Purple hair looks amazing on you

Butterfly Kisses

Her face when he said wonky lmaooo

Ibeth MC

I like how you look now better than before ? I think you looked cute before but I like this look more ?

Kristina Sandnes

I have the Fanola no yellow shampoo and GOD it is pigmented. It has stained the bathroom bench, and my nails... It's insane. Hahah! :)

Line Laursen


Army Once Directioner

I like pink and purple.

Diana Wylie

do you always wear rings in the shower? lol


I love your hair, new suscriber!!!

Patricia Arnedo

Your color looks amazing! The gradient from pastel pink to lilac looks intentional and gorgeous ?

Introverted Potato

I really like that color, because purple is my favorite color but it looks really cool on you.


That fanola purple shampoo is the most purple I've ever tried. it even stains my hands, but it has never turned my blonde hair purple

Sophia Larkin

*by accident

Aya Chafai


Mishka Rae

Yep, this happens with Overtone ^o^ I love it - I had pink hair for a year, and using the purple shampoo/conditioner as the pink faded kept the colour changing, so every week I had a different shade of pink/purple <3


It because your hair is very porous on the mids and ends so it grabs to your hair a lot faster

Aquila Grubbs

Your hair still looks good! I love the color.


i need your reply. Im thinking of dying my hair titanium color or platinum color or silver or dark gray idk but im hesitating, SHOULD I DYE MY HAIR AND BLEACH MY HAIR ??? Im a student toi and Im afraid i wont have time to take care of my hair but i realky wanna dye them & im wondering how many time do u spend everyday on your hair ?

Nubia H.

it looks cute! I seemed like it would look bluealmost, but it's fine

sebin bok


Yen Teainem

Was that purple shampoo meant to dye light hair purple?

Olivianna Moceri

The color is amazing!


I love it!

Sarah Alipio

It is almost like my hair! :) it is soooo cute tho :)

angel bunnie

i love it n i need it XD

Del L

This was literally me when i used purple shampoo when i was trying to go platinum

Cindy S

Why dye your hair when there's colored shampoo ?


I put it on third wash of my new hair. My purple become more greyish. I should have use less


What product and color you used for the pink hair?its pretty!

boutera christine

You ara amazing !

YouTube Bopperette DeepThoughtX

Sis this actually turned out to be the best colour you've had yet! Absolutely adore that colour and it makes you look more... Innocent?? Lol i dunno but it's beautiful. One question.... How would you now upkeep this colour?? Would you need to bleach the roots, dye them every other colour you had this year, use the colour remover & yellow hair shampoo & hope that they turn out the same colour as the rest of the hair?? I'm so confused right now..... ????


omg ur hair is beautiful

justashadow _

Wow its so beautiful!!!


Does those work on just pure natural black hair or nah?

dilara karaman

It looked so satisfying when you washed the shampoo out ??

Hana R.

You look like a mermaid ??

Skull Wing

You are lucky as f, lol.


This is so pigmented

Tari Tangeo

I dont see a porblem with anybody making their hair too purple on accident I just dont? It always looks so pretty.
P.s. Oh i guess unless you have shitty job and/or family that doesnt allow that

Lais Kappke

Lol this reminds me of the time I used my aunt's red hair shampoo when I had blond highlights/ombre hair. ? It turned pink!


GGGIIIRRRLLLL what foundation do you use?!?!

may b.

seems like a lucky mistake to me haha, i like the pastel purple color a lot ♥

Cornelia Landegren

this color is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It s definitely better like that

Tausha the Tech

Its pretty


See I can’t stand fanola it’s too strong now which is okay but for most blondes is gonna be porous , so the results are so uneven I’ve used it and I’m really good at toning and it just wasn’t right , best purple shampoo is joico colour balance

gisette oyaga

It looks like a wig but I love it.

Un Intentional

I just realized that u kinda have a butt chin, AND ITS KINDA CUTE LOL?

Vesinia Alo

Wow lovez it?


My grandma (85) doesn’t want to have that elderly gray hair so she tries to remain blonde, but something went off this time and she has light purple-ish hair ?

dani cat

Purple shampoo isn't aoemthing to fade color, it has purple color in it to cancel out the colors on the other side of the spectrum if the blonde undertones are yellow/orange. Your pink looks like it was kind of a purple magenta based so it's not gonna cancel it's just gonna blend together. It looks good though!

Annie Nguyễn

OMG!!! It so beautiful ?
You look like a fairy ?
I love it ?


Your shower is so cool!!! Mines doesn't have a hose ;-;

Laney Loves

As soon as I heard army selca day I screamed ARMYYYYYY

Living my haunted life

i like this color on you more than the brighter pink

Laura M

This looks beautiful on you! I'm so jealous. If I wasn't 52 I would wear this color in a second. Wear these colors while you can. Also, fanola is a much better product than Shimmer Lights so I really wouldn't compare the two


Get $10 off oVertone products through my referral link! http://prz.io/r1lKemC0 ??


The purple looks so much better!!!

T r o l l

Its so pretttyyyy


That colour looks absolutely stunning on you love ❤️

Katja A.

I have the same shampoo its super strong and violett

Brenda Tan

Goshhh i like this colour so so muchhhh ❤️ is like unicorn ?

Allester Epin

Hi Nami~ love ur vids~ I just want to share with you about my journey of bleaching and coloring my hair.. it was around May last year that I've decided to go crazy with my virgin black hair.. at first I was going for purple hair, but ended up with emerald green hair (I liked it tho).. a few weeks after the green has faded, I got my purple hair (the stylist added amethyst to the roots but it came out baby blue, but it kinda worked with the purple).. a few weeks after, I experienced allergies (searched online and found out that I'm allergic to PPD, which is from the brand of the purple color).. I had to cut off my purple hair and left with short baby blue hair.. the first color was semi permanent color brand and I did not experienced any allergies like the second time of color, so I'm guessing that I'm not allergic to that brand.. after a few months, I've decided to go crazy again because my hair was long enough and I went platinum blonde.. and that was like mid Oct.. up till now, I just maintain my platinum blonde hair using purple shampoo and conditioner.. my black roots have already grown tho.. so now my hair is like an ombre of black and platinum blonde.. hehe~ maybe end of May I will experiment with another color or two..

Kazzandra Six

That color looks amazing on you <3