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Doctor of Neora: how to use the skincare routine

10 107 views | 25 Dec. 2018


My NEW WEBSITE is www.braindoc.neora.com

Links to my favorites: https://linktr.ee/drkaryncatt

These are patented, plant-based anti-aging skincare products backed by science from Signum Biosciences, a biotech company at Princeton University.

Feel free to check out the Signum Biosciences website below, and click "resources", then "publications and presentations". The EHT is in the brain supplement, SIG-1273 in Age IQ day & night cream, and SIG-1191 in hydrogel patches & eye serum. SIG-1459 is in our pipeline, a novel anti-acne compound, soon to be released. It is superior to benzoyl peroxide, and even featured in Newsweek, the New Scientist, and presented at the American Acne and Rosacea Society!

Nerium is the marketing partner for Signum Biosciences. To me that's what sets us so far apart from other skincare and wellness businesses.

Signum Biosciences website: www.signumbiosciences.com

My website: www.braindoc.nerium.com (Please message me for the most savings) BEWARE of counterfeit products on Amazon and eBay.

Kim Hatzell

I will say that you and your skin look wonderful, wow 53? I used Nerium in the past and was pretty impressed with it, but had veered away from it because of cost. Flash forward to this week I went to finally order more and found out the name and formula changed. It was my understanding that the previous oleander ingredient in the original formula was what made it so effective. So my question is, if the new formula doesn't contain that ingredient (I read it doesn't?) is it as effective as the previous formula? Guess I'm just looking for info/reassurance before I go and invest I'm that new formula...I was a bit disappointed to hear about the formula change, but then again maybe it's a good thing?


Great video thanks for sharing. I love neora

Barbara Burguete

Si la usas desde hace un año x q tienes q estar leyendo todo lo q dices, eso no lo entiendo

Jennifer Payne

Great video!!!

Ana Lara

You look like you're in your 30s

Neora products

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The Science behind NEORA's Products - EHT and Dermal

325 views | 31 Oct. 2019

Learn more about the

Learn more about the science behind Neora's products (rebranded from Nerium International in 02/2019). Here is a great opportunity to hear from Maxwell Stock, CEO of Signum BioSciences, a Princeton University laboratory. If you are interested in trying out the products or have more question about the Neora product line, please contact me at:

John & Vikki Downey 951-312-6111 downey.neora.com

Neora products

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Neora Unveils New Weight Management & Wellness System, NeoraFit

83 views | 11 Jan. 2021

Learn more about

Learn more about NeoraFit™, Neora's new weight management & wellness system.