Straight facial hair

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How To Straighten Your Beard | Eric Bandholz

738 206 views | 13 Nov. 2014

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Here is my guide how you straighten your beard in a two step process. The first step will naturally straighten your beard to give a more natural look, whereas the second version will give you straight hair like you might see on top of your head.

To straighten the beard in the first stage you'll need beard oil, styling product, and a hair dryer with attachments. I will blow dry my beard up and out on a low speed at medium heat. The faster the speed and the higher the heat, the straighter your beard will be.

Once the beard hairs have been separated, I'll use the focusing hair dryer attachment to blow the side of my cheeks down. For me this helps them look thicker because I have thinner cheeks.

For stage two, you'll need a mini straightener and some hair clips. Clip away sections of your beard so that you have an easier time accessing sections of hair. From there with one slow, gentle swoop - start from the roots and go to the edge of the hair with the straightening iron. Continue until beard is straightened to your preference.







Carlos Zamora

I want mine as soft as Santa's wavy but silky and smooth ...is it possible?

sudipto das

That underchin looks weird

samuel hanma

good i dont have your beard.The process is worst then women do to their hair


Thumb's up video.


The beard looks way better straightened.

technician saab

You need turben


You make it seem so hard to keep a beard! There is no way I would go to those extents. You look good..but I think I will go natural. Okay....maybe a hair straightener and that's it. lol You're cute...so what does it matter? Thanks for your post to youtube!


Mine looks very much like the 'before'... I want it to look like the 'after' but not sure if I can be arsed to go to all the effort lol. I'm a lazy shit.


this is also how girls get ready in the morning. I can't spend more time on my beard than my girlfriend with her hair, defeats the purpose. wtf maybe clamp my beard for special occasions lol

Rochester'sGotTalent2019 by Paul Refici

what product do you put on first, second third etc? I have a very thin beard and cant grow it out im 69 retired and have to keep it trimmed to make it look good


I use pussy juice beard oil. It’s the best and smells good, too.

mohd arif

sir u do this process in ur daily life


Recommended clips to use?


Mr. Straight Hair is straightening his beard! How about getting a dude with pubes for beard like me to see how, or if this works!

Jessika Fun

If u dont have a well groomed beard like this one dont tell me i look good in heels

Randy Rodriguez Cabezas

Looks like his beard has a beard at the beginning

Asha Solo

I don't know why but dudes with beards are sexy asf??

Odb Guy

I dont like doing this .... But im going to make a video telling everyone to do it ....

Primal Strength

It smells like anus

Michal Tocimak

Hi Eric PLEASR ANSWER.I'm confused... somewhere I read something like never ever put any oils, balms, or whatever else while your beard is still wet.So that's what I do... take a shower, drying with towel then it's still more than 50% wet so i use hair dryer medium heat, once it's 100% dry I style it by using a brush and hair dryer, basically i make it straighter, longer and THEN after all I use Oil and beard wax... is it wrong? everyone says differently... could you please tell me the best order?

All Shade

Nevr knew guys ghd their beard.?

Petar Dujmović

I have unimaginably stubborn beard. Unfortunately this didn't work out for me at all, even though following trough step by step. The waves and curls just remained as they are. Rest of the beard just stuck to my face, chin and jawline, couldn't fluff it out no more.


I just shower, dry, 100% raw coconut oil then boar brush it thru thick and yet soft.

Clinton Fischer

Oh man..sorry I watched this. I would never do this.

The Wondering Angler

Eric, was that a fart?

Dani Flores

do you need to do this to prevent beard dandruff. my beard is really all over the place as i just now am starting to make a change.. is all this required to get rid of the dandruff and make it going from all over the place and curly to in lace and actually grow in shape? also i dont intend to have a beard quite as long as the guy in the video. a semi long beard is what im aiming for

Gray Shark126

Well I don't have that long beard yet, but I prefer hair dryer instead of ironing.


This is stupid. It's called a hair straightener not a beard straightener

VanWinkle Music

I have a curly beard, and there are some techniques I want to try, but I just realized I'm basically watching make up tutorials for men.

jas kochar

sir my beard is new grown it is too short

Brandon Hobby

I was hoping for a good tip. You lost me when you said you got a hair dryer with ions. How many ions does your dryer have? Where do they come from? Where did they go? Where did they come from cotton ion joe? The next step caused the "im done" reaction. It was "use product". Gee, i never thought to use wax, gel, glue, or bird shit to straighten my beard. Mine is straighter than yours without "product". Ill stick to combing after a shower and when needed. Last was the straightening iron. This hair on your face will be there way longer than any other hair on your body depending on your length preferences. Why the frack would you risk the damage? Use it on your head hair, you hipster jackass!

David Varela Lopez

how long you let your grow up your bear like that?

ahmed abdullah

Great video! I've finally found a man with beard same as mine teaching techniques and now m gonna follow the category 1! I use Sunny Jamaican Black castor beard oil, but i procrastinate a bit on its maintenance on a daily basis.. Thanks bruh!

Joska Odong

Um don't you get beard heat damage?

Lucifers Raven

Excellent beard man. Thank you for the tips.

احمد الباشا

اكو عرب بل طياره ?


your beards already pretty straight, mines curly as hell like pubes :(


the shit i end up watching while being stoned


Beard envi..


got a subscriber beard brother, great video btw ✊

Al Awwabin TV

Indonsesian speak please :'D

Jonathan Thompson

I have such a dense, thick and curly beard. The hair looks like wire with crazy kinks in it. Been growing for 8 months now. Blow drying does nothing for straightening. I had to buy a heat brush to straighten it. Once straight I apply an oil and balm but after I few hours is back to the original busy look.


I'm 18 and my beard pattern is pointing backwards. It wants to grow backwards towards my ears. I havent commited to 5-6 months of beard but I'm just curious, will i be able to have a long beard because i assume that people with facial hair that grows straight down will have a much easier time having a good looking beard.

Jordan Sikes

Eric....that's a great watch...who makes it?

Ranjit Katariya

How do l stop my beard hair's falling ?


Shoulda used the straightener for the video.

Jus Summguy

I definitely don’t mean any disrespect but oh man you were going through a brutal phase there. I feel bad for you. I’m guessing you shaved it off not too long after this?

Javier Merino

Looks better.???? ??????????

PJ Adamson

The min I see the hairdryer going under his beard I turned off

Anjana Naveen

hey brother my name is anjana naveen.i am frome sri lanka.i wont grow berad fast and long how i do that.

Ariel Roemer

I use a heat gun and a fork. Superb results.

النمر الفلسطيني

What a great beard! How long time it takes for you to grow this beard?

Dion K

Did we really not have heat brushes in 2014? Now you can do it in like 1 minute lol

Ryan Stewart

I was actually really surprised at the difference! And yes, it did look totally different when you were done!


How long will it take to grow beard as long as yours.?
I been growing my beard for 3 months from clean shave and i have grown 2 inches and i have been been taking good care of it..! Oiling cleaning shampoo and combing it regularly..!

Nobel Pipe

Cool video awesome beard i have a question beardbrand how long did it take you to grow that mustache please respond ?


We have the same beard and I see that you have the same prob I do... Beard dent.. how the hell to fix it?

Ronn Power

And in 45 minutes AFTER your wife is ready.......

Pete L

Glad I watched this


dat penguin shirt doe...

Mohammed Saddiq Safi

Oh that was awesome. How often do we need a straightener and hair dryer...


This is so interesting lol it's a lot like straightening black natural hair


Ok so before the vid starts please dont tell me your going to use hair straighteners on your beard its just going to damage it.

John Leighton

Crazy how you can still see ure exact jaw line through that


What's the brand of that hair dryer?

Stoner Bob

Ur beard looks like mine after shower, got the same wave in my beard ?

John Sampson

Can you make "gay beard guide" next pls? How to straighten a gay beard?

Frankie Watson

What kind of blow dryer is that?


on the "before" picture at 7:22, it looks like you have a much shorter beard with a fake beard underneath it lol!


Hey Eric! I remember saying hello to you at SupaNova last Saturday. Your video is pretty cool. I may try some of these beard tricks. Good job on your beard man!

Michael Daniels

Thank you so much for this video. When my beard is longer it looks just like yours did at the beginning of the video. I have been trying to figure out how to get it to look more like your beard at the end of the video for years.

Allan i dalen

ok thanks for the help. i also have curly beard.

Mainak Nandy

Very Helpful... Thanks a Lot

Andtea Wright

You look better good job,thank for the info.

Kenneth Warlick

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Internet Police

I just use a heated comb with a steel hair brush on the skin side so I don't burn my face (or melt). It's very quick and your hair is exposed to the heat for literally 1-2 seconds....no funky burning smells or any damage I've ever experienced. Been doing it for years and the growth is unaffected and healthy as can be.

GreenEarth guardian

Wow....that's a good way to do it.

Yer Mano with the hair From down the Road

I was wondering whilst watching this was how did Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels get their beards so magnificent during the 1800s.
the thought came from how your look just told me that you were going Workers party meeting in Moscow.


this works this works this works this works.

Holy shit! I have terrible beard genes and so while I can grow my beard out it retains no moisture whatsoever and is extremely curly. I did the oil, paste (Swapped it out with beard wax instead for a much stronger hold & moisturising properties) and blow drying and I cannot believe how straight my beard is. Going to do this every morning so I am presentable ha ha

Ken Foland

Hey, Beavis. He said it smells like anus! Huh! Huh! : )


Let Your Beard Grow Music Video!

Brian Tringali


Craig Stevenson

love all your stuff, thank you! my beard is super curly and I do this on pretty much a daily basis for work! I have to say there is something that gives me the ultimate fear Putting oil on my beard then applying heat. I wash, oil and brush, get dressed do your morning stuff= let that oil sink in then style as you wish before leaving... or just put oil in last thing! oil and conditioner restores the natural pH balance of you're hair after washing and shampooing closing the hair cuticle making your beard soft and sexy, so it's best to use it asap after washing just look after your beards when using heat chaps.

Muhammed Mohammed

Thanks for the video ! Really helpful.

Ha Ho

Can you do this for short beards? Like 2-3cm?

Insanoid Music

I have the same curly beard. Damn this ja helpful.

Connor Zilch

I wish my beard could withstand that much attention. I can run my hands through it and get strands out in my comb and hands every day, root and all. I wish I could interact with my beard like you do.

Alexander Crump

Curly and woolly is better than straight. Beard is fuller and more interesting.

Gagandeep sui

thanxxxx sir
But tell how to remove a curl from beared


Quick question: How do i accquire your products here in Brazil?

Jack Burton

This is the most ineffective and time consuming method I've ever seen!

John Gill

Wish you would have done it with the heat on. It was cool to watch what each step did, then on the one I'm looking at doing I don't get to see what it was like after. A "Is this worth it, for me" test. No worries. Just if you ever do this video again, there are people that would love to see the before after of the iron!

Hani AlZaid

Hey Eric..i know this is an old video, but i hope you still get notified about my comment: doesnt all the heat from the air drying and ironing damage the bead hairs??

Fluffy Beast

Is it difficult to eat?

Andrew Wilson

Lost my third son in my beard 2 yrs ago, this may help me find the boy...keep up your humanitarian work.


It occurs to me, yet again, that despite the manly look such a beard gives, the care and maintenance required approaches feminine levels. I have a beard to minimize the need to groom. Daily blow drying? You can keep it.

Evan F

Is there an option that doesn’t involve as much heat? I’m hesitant to apply this much heat to my beard.

Ron Lobato

You are the hottest guy on YouTube


How long you been growing that beard?

shilpan dutta

Nothing beats Carlos Costa's beard.

Straight facial hair

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How I straighten my beard like a BOSS !!!! | Curly beard fix

831 712 views | 11 Apr. 2017

Ever wake up with Bed

Ever wake up with Bed Beard, messed up hair, or a curly mess? This is how you fix your messed up curly beard and get it looking great again.

Co-Washing helps alot: https://scotchporter.5l5h.net/PD3Pj

Try this heat brush! https://amzn.to/37CO4eW

Great Cheap Blowdryer: http://amzn.to/2p5OqFm

Beard Comb at Beardbrand.com ...or buy a:

Kent Comb: http://amzn.to/2omOOz6

Awesome Beard Balm: http://amzn.to/2Dgbvz3

Mr. Rugged Wash: http://amzn.to/2vvU0V0

henry thiessen

I just bought a bottle of Ginger Viking Anti-Frizz, do you apply it in the shower or comb it in after?


Why trim the sides so far forward and straight down? You are leaving beard on the table under your ear area.

kelvin s sosa

I thought this dude was Rusev


Hey man great video! I have a Q: My beard gets pretty curly and tangled underneath my chin but relatively straight from the front, will a hair dryer help with the tangled mess underneath?

Eryk Jakubowski

Wow, I have a similar approach, but still quite different. So I also get in the shower and wash the beard with some beard wash or beard soap (recently my beard seems to tolerate the soap more, I don't know why lol), then I apply some beard oil to it while it's still wet to prevent it from getting flaky or damaged during the drying step (which is exactly the same as yours). Only after it gets dry, I apply the beard balm. Do you think it's legit? Let me know what you think.

Stranger Danger

This is the 3rd video of yours that Ive watched. Just subbed. I was just wondering at what time frame do the beard care products become crucial? Im committing to possibly a yeard now. Currently just a month in. I have grown one for 3-4 months before and never used care products and was fine at the time. What do you think?


Hey dude! Can you tell me if you used utility Balm and styling balm from BeardBrand : what is the différence? Thanks

Ricky Bobby

If men where females lol I always watch my GF watching this stuff. I wanna encourage my curls

Damon Nichols

Can you show under your neck? I like the shape of your beard, but I’m not sure if I got my neck line right to do it like yours.


Hey brotha, love your videos... just curious, how long did you wait for you beard to be at this length in this video?

David Salucco

Do you have any instructional videos on how to properly trim a beard?


Is it a must to wash your beard when you’re taking a shower and order for this to work I have a long beard and it is straggly at the end so I end up pending it upwards with bobby pins what’s the best way to handle my case thank you

Alikz Hamidon

pak you

Love Yourself


The mute Chef

Nice beard tattoo and chest hair man

alan treadwell

Does it last all day ???


Man beard tutorials are the woman's version of make-up tutorials. NOICE!

stephanie delarosa

I’m a 24 year old woman watching this at 2 am...who knows how I got here but you can bet I’ll be watching this video from start to finish

Jason Berezowski

My beard absolutely does not go straight. Its very curly. However, for guys like me the best thing is to do the method in this video to take as much curl as you can ojt of it and try to shape it so the curls at least stay in a shape instead of bushy and wild. I'm a big fan of trying to straighten it out into a pointier shape instead of the full thick beard like this gentleman has. Helps to keep all the hair in one place If it has a good shape to conform to

Derek Whitton Vlogs

Why am I watching this.... I don’t even have a beard...??

Mr. Kitty

I shaved all the time, really thick beard hair and at 52 yrs old I finally decided to grow a beard for the first time. I'm a month in and can't believe how much grey I have! My goal it to have a well groomed beard of length as yours. Your video is a help for my journey...thanks.


My beard is significantly more curly even after I put in a ton of work, than yours is when you just woke up. Lol

Robert Perez

First off great info in all of your vids!!! I found your picture on a couple products on ebay just looking out search "beard straightener" they used a screen shot from this video

Rollin Dub

Sick tats bro


Nice video, i have two questions (i know it's been two years sense you've posted this)
1. Do you shower every day?
2. If you do shower everyday; how do you wash your beard? Do you just use bar soap, water, or shampoo and conditioner?

James Schneck

None of these videos show how to untangle the knots or have thick facial hair. Sure they say use oil an a beard comb to speard the oils through out your face. The beard comb only works on your top layer while hiding under layer is snarls an thick patches

Dan and Lilly

How do you clean a sandal wood comb?
Like today my wood comb smells like bossman but tomorrow I may use honest Amish and i dont want the smells mixing over.
Can you rinse it in water like you would a Kent comb?
Would it swell? Get moldy?

Scott Oberle

1st time I'm growing a long beard and your tips have helped a lot, and i really enjoy your videos. Thanks brother.

John Russell

I dub thee beard Nebuchadnezzar


My hair seems to be too strong for this stuff. It goes off fanning out in both directions going into a really intense curl at the bottom with another curl dipping in and then back out under my chin. lol.

Justin Rodriguez

I think his beard looked fine when he came out the shower

Stephen Golden

I have a curly beard that is just getting some real length to it. I like it curly! But I also appreciate tips such as these which give me the option of doing something different. I’ll try this out. Thanks.

Crankbait Baron

Finally a straight-forward no bullshit beard tutorial

OG Fitz Roy

U know it's some companies advertising straightening beard combs using images from this video

James Jameson

Well u got a sub...
Obviously I've got a beard going...lol
Good presentation bro

Mario Madrigal

Likable guy


Question for you bro. I never see videos or anything with the recommended amount of beard oil ro use on a beard. My beard is about 5 inches in length. I'd really like to know how much oil I should be putting in it.

jibin varghese

Very well explained brother .thank u so much

John Papadopoulos

You can get the Lumber Yard Utility Balm at Target for $15 per 4oz jar...buy 2 and you also get a $5 Target gift card.....SUPER BARGAIN!

Chris Morris

do you ever just rinse it or always beard shampoo?

Bipo1arbeard GAMING

Bit behind here but I just discovered your videos. Awesome man! Exactly what I've been looking for. I'm about a year in and it's out of control

Charlie Clark

Beardbrand is shit. Their balms feel like sand . It may be that I just got a bad batch. But their stuff just feels cheap and "run of the mill". And their beard washes have alcohol in them which is kinda funny cuz I'm pretty sure there's a video where Eric (founder) says that alcohols in beard products are bad. I may be totally missing the mark in this and If I am someone please help a brother out and point me in a good direction

Synyster Goose

The beard brand stuff is well worth the money in my opinion. Great stuff.

rob Hall

I'm at the 3 month mark, going for your general shape... I'm apprehensive about doing the first trim/ shape .... any advice?

Tim Borders

Subbed. Love finding hidden gems

Ricky Bobby

Lol u should start videos on bad tattoo practices. Addas lol can u imagine addas wanting Kaepernick


Do you recommend any beard straightner cream or balm.Because beard straightening brush is not working for me

Ray Matthew

How long did it take you to grow your Beard that long? And how often do you trim the sides ? Thanks

Stephen Hornback

Your image at 4:37 on the right is being used to sell some cheap beard straightener on Amazon by KOBWA? Don't think it is legit.

Daniel Kenny

how do you keep your moustache trimmed? my beard is getting longer each day but I'm cautious to trim my moustache, any tips/links would be great


What heat setting do you have the blow dryer on? Cool, warm, or hot. Thanks

jose nevarez

Where’s the link to the garage sale?

Nicklas Olsson

Awesome tats! Also awesome beard!

Oscar Lara

Bro your beard is dope! Goals. Subbed yo your channel I gotta get better at maintaining my beard


This is not a curly beard.... why do people think they have a curly beard when they dont. My beard is 6 inches when i pull it down with my hands but only 2 inches from my chin cause its so curly... you sir do not have a curly beard...

fc coz

I didn’t really see too much of a difference on his beard.....

Giorgio Gutierrez

I hope to get my beard like yours. It’s getting there but mine gets very curly and it looks like pubes. My friend always points that out :(

James Mace

New to the channel great vid , have subscribed thank yoi

Adal Abdul Sakeer

Does this beard oil or beard balm cause any side effects .........????


Another well made comb that has a decent line too is??Speert … HandMade in Switzerland too??


How long have you been growing your beard?

George A.

I didn’t think my beard was very curly until it started getting long enough to need brushing and combing. This will really help me out. Thanks brother. I’m having a tough time keeping it soft as well. Any recommendations for keeping it soft? Found any decent products that work well? The softener/conditioner I found at Walgreens isn’t doing it for me. And it smells like moldy sawdust... ??

Antonio Mejlis

Hey, Friend! I need an advice: you said it's better to wash the beard just once or twice a week, right? Well, does that also mean you have to use the beard oil with the very same frequency? 1ce or 2ice a week? Or, can I use oil a little more often?


Great Cheap Blowdryer: http://amzn.to/2p5OqFm
Beard Comb at Beardbrand.com ...or buy a:
Kent Comb: http://amzn.to/2omOOz6
Beard Balm: http://amzn.to/2ooSYIE
Mr. Rugged Wash: http://amzn.to/2vvU0V0

Tony Ski

Can I blow dry my beard and comb with oil in it


What a beautiful beard!!!

Azoz Fs

This is not even slightly curly beard

my beard is curly, combs get stuck in my beard..

Andrew MacTyre

Thank you for all the tips. Very helpful seeing a very similar beard type to hubby's. And explaining it all the way through. #beardlovingwifey

Robby Robb

Another great vid full of tips, thank you. As a new bearded guy I really appreciate these vids. I have only been growing for 4 months so mine is not nearly as big as yours, but your beard length and style is exactly my goal.


Yes $30 but it’s really 2 to 5 dollars worth of the product

Greaylin Myers

Damn.. I don’t have a mom a sister or a girlfriend. Guess I’ll just buy one ??‍♂️

Disappointed Steve

Coincidentally, I ordered the Spiced Citrus Balm yesterday as well as Spiced Citrus Sea Salt... can't wait to use it! My own personal opinion, Beardbrand products are all great and worth the money. They're all I use! ?


Fuck yeah dude, just realized my beard is getting super strangling and my normal routine isnt working anymore since thi is the longest Ive grown it out. Introducing a blowdryer is awesome. Girlfriend is going to have to share XD


Beautiful beard. Just beautiful. Almost as lustrous as the Gnome King Keemstar.

Phil Freiberg

Great vid. How does that routine go with longer beards?

Dewey G

Watching this video answered a ? I asked on another video..great fucking beard man

The Wolf ate and the Goat remains whole

Your mornings look gods awful, same as mine, beard or no beard..


I’ve got thinning beard hair and lose beard hair almost every day! It gets difficult to make the beard look good and groomed! :((
How can I get a healthy beard ?

John Constantine

Do you consider important to work with your beard when it is little bit wet? Im currently drying it with towel and then applying balm/oil and using comb/brush. Is this a bad way to go?

Chris Waugh

It appears someone is using your image and others with some advertisements that I don't think they should be. I would post a screenshot of the ad but I don't think I can here.

Scrilla's Reviews

nice. hopefully my beard will benefit from this vid

Deadowl87 Wutang

Thanks for posting this, I've found your vids to be quite helpful! I was wondering though, have you tried wetting it with cold water instead of hot?
I shower in the evening and cold water is easier to apply from the sink, and I'd expect that the heat from the blow dryer would negate the temperature of the water.

ER Nesto

Idk what I’m doing I’m 14??


BeardBrand or TheBeardClub?

Jarrod Kackley

I like watching these older scuba videos. Sup Steve.


I wish I could post a picture here but your image is being used to sell cheap beard straighteners on Wish.

Billy Enyart

Great advice,,,just growing mine here and have gotten to an awkward stage,,,thinking the blow dryer will help a little. thanks,,,


would you ever recommend a straightening iron?

Jeff Hamlin

Can I use a heat brush with balm?

David Baxter

Opinions on beard straighteners? Those heated comb things?

Rusty Holt

I tried this and it didn’t work for me. Still looked exactly the same

sam smith

This isn't curly hair at all. good beard and tips but isn't the nightmare of a curly beard.

Manuel Lores

Nothing wrong with saying u got the blower at Walmart bro lol

Philip Crawford

What's your opinion on beard straighteners? I just got one for Christmas. Also I use balm but don't know if it's safe to use with a straightener. If so should I use the balm first or the straightener first?

Simon Treanor

I love your channel... thank you so much for all your tips

robert green

Even though you use beard wash because the beard was slept on and everything... is the beard wash same as beard shampoo?


Best beard guy

UrNot Alone

How can I keep my pubes straight?

Joe Ranua

Do you blow dry everytime in the morning? Or will that ruin the hairs? My beard is really curly. I don’t mind the curls but it makes it shorter then the hairs actually are because their curled in.


The only thing I would leave out, is the blow drying.