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some things you'll need if you want to start binging and purging!

159 492 views | 17 Apr. 2018

Guys can't believe I have

Guys can't believe I have to say this again but THIS IS SATIRE AND INTENDED TO DISCOURAGE UNHEALTHY BEHAVIOR. I am bulimic as shit and don't wish it on anyone.

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i cant stop eating so i need to throw up :) im 181 pound and going into 6th grade (im 11)

Mohammed Borah

What's the first thing u used to neutralize the acid in ur mouth??


Hand Sanitizer.... Hahaha


I just ate pasta and haven't puked in years.... I'm scared and don't wanna do it, but I still need to find a solution to my not ED or a solution that makes me not gain those calories

(sorry for the basic english, I'm not native)

anniesez it

I get sippy cups from dollar tree...so what ever food I regurgitate after purging I just throw the shot thing away......I find using a toothbrush to vomit easier and cleaner.....I usually use garbage bags... the strong no leak scented ones.....❤

Unknown Unicorn

You look so upset? It breaks my heart.

Jeffrey Almroth

Drink a bottle of water to help make it easier coming up

Radioactive Unicorn

Oh man, I relate on another level

Hopeless Kid

I just binged and purged then binged again and I'm considering purging for the second time and it's not even 1 pm

Chase Davis

If you really like puking and are depressed try ayahuasca

So Vidushi

Can't believe you are still replying to comments. If you're reading this- you are beautiful and I just hope you're more okay now.

William D'Amico

But I hate throwing uppppp, but I neeeddd to loose weightttt!


this is honestly so sad :((

Nikki B


I wish I had money to buy this stuff?

Jaclyn Feliciano

How much baking soda to you need to rinse you mount with?

Cora Johnson

What is it when you don't binge eat you just throw uo after you eat? Asking for a friend.

Rainy Drafts

do you have instagram?


it took me half way through to realize this is fake-

crazy rat

Is she being serious? (Dont hate me I just wann know)


I had to read this title 5 times. Why in the world would anyone want to start this?

Herbs and Magick

“Cups, keep these everywhere”
Oh god this is about the involuntary purging...
“...Acid reflux and involuntary bringing up things from your stomach...”
Anyone who is thinking about purging, this one is so true and so embarrassing. Imagine talking at work and your mouth fills up with vomit. This is what your life becomes.


y’all how do u shove your finger down ur mouth and puke. i keep gagging but never actually throw up

Lilly green

I've tried throwing up so many times but I just can't for some reason. No matter how hard I try, i just can't gag. And if I do gag, nothing comes up. It's weird cause I have acid reflex and haven't thrown up in like 8 years ugh, I just want to be able to get food outta my body ?

Skinny Sister

I was purging for a couple days and I already just want to not eat bc it hurts so bad...

A Garcia

Hand sanitizer really gets the smell of potassium deficiency off

Ell Nichols

Who in their right mind would post something like this you are are basically showing someone how to get into an unhealthy state!!

Genna Bugeja

im just stick to not eating its easier

Emily Ramirez

I am so sorry you are going through this, I hope you can recover at some point soon. It sounds like you struggle a lot on a daily basis and I just want you to know that I wish you the best ???

Michael Robb

Well I will tell any young kid watching this I had problems with body image but never purged. I just ate less food sometimes. Balancing a diet can be hard especially if you actually weigh a lot on the scale. So many people think they are fat but when you actually gain weight fast then it's actually a confusing situation.

Hannah Payne

why would you make this video....

I changed my username i was Michelle

What's the thing at the start? I'm not from the US so I'm really confused

Aelan Harris

“according to mfp it’s cardio or something”


you look like seo yeji

Samhita sv

Today is my second day of purging and as much as I tried to get all the food out I couldn't which led to me feeling worse abt myself. And ik it's only my second day but I'm rly scared and idk what to do

Jojo J

what's in that box ? baking soda ?

Sad Baby

I exercise every day and eat healthy but sometimes it just one of the days or few days that you can’t stop eating so I have to purge because I feel guilty.

Khambile Mercy Msonthi

This is one of the saddest Yotube videosI have ever watched ?


so how do people learn how to purge? do you look it up? does somebody tell? or do you just...?

Maggie Loughman

Thank you for this, I need it at the moment.

Lucia 1484

I hate how this is funny to me ??


I currently weigh 82 pounds and my dad just made me eat a lot, thank god I found this video because I really want to purge it all out


hi edtwt


im in the middle of class and i cant focus because along with a large hoagie i had a bag of hot cheetos and a bag of hot doritios and a gatorade, and now i feel disgusting and i can never get myself too throw up unless i use my electric toothbrush that I don't want to smell like vomit so i want to tell my teacher to let me off of zoom this fucking second before my body starts to digest that disgusting bullshit :)

Vera Martin

I'm at the toilet while watching this, toothbrush in hand

Good Useful Nintendo Account

I already started, lol

Cecilia Tan

Does baking soda toothpaste work???

Layla W

Ah yes “joke”?

Amber lou

I just got done making myself throw up


watching this to distract myself from eating


I saw this and my eyes grew HUGE guys please don’t throw up on person.


i actuallly searched thi sup so someone wouldd discourage me. thanks, you did the job

Waylan Smith

I can't throw up lol


But how do you get yourself to throw up?


It the first one baking soda or baking powder

Lauren Myers


Sarah Cobabe

Me, as soon as she says this is a joke: ah frick, it’s not real? ?

Afahg Glal

i was just abt to purge but this literally stpped me

Bad Vibes

Water makes me fat? ?

Kelly Tyson

Enzymes booster stains soaker helps with clothes and carpet.

Ella Hobson

Ngl. I'm bulimic and i don't need any of this stuff..... Confusion. I just drink loads of water after.

alpa gaming

Now my recommended is full is Juice WRLD ... ;-; RIP my YT page. TwT


Wtf is wrong with why are you promoting this sick shit y’all need help ?

Smiley Smiley

Well this stoped me being stupid

Jess Hazen

It’s 2020 I have TONs of sanitizer ?

Jessica Johnson

Im about to purge for the seventh time tonight



Minhee’s Long legs

Just had a small bowl of rice noodles and I want to purge but I just don’t know how


I’m sure you won’t see this but, holy crap you are stunning. I wish I was that gorgeous ?

Nameless FTM mess

Glad I have acid reflex for once. Makes me nauseous so when I go to purge it’s easier to get myself to vomit. Plus it’s a good excuse for when people catch me purging.

ash S



Thank you...I genuinely needed this

10000 subscribers without any videos

Guys just know there is a healthy way to get skinny and feel good me And my friend started a healthy routine of fasting it's a part of modern medicine and it's healthy look it up it's called water fasting u don't need to do this

pheonix Burnett

Can you brush your teeth after you purge and still get the same results


i always cant bear to throw up food that my parents make, especially if they look a long time and made it with extra care :((

reinbu rhythm!

oh...i was genuinely looking for someone to let me know how to binge at the end of each day and then purge it out

gym squad

Can you please not encourage this??‍♀️

Venice Bitch

ok but i didn’t know about the baking soda thing is it necessary because my mom will notice

Al. S.

You know what is the worst thing?
That these people (I used to be a bullimic, not anymore) are conscious of the consequences and still do it.
That is very stupid (I write it from experience).
I overcame it, and I hope everyone who suffers from it overcomes it too.
It’s disgusting, stupid, tiring, painful and damaging.


Does regular toothpaste work to brush your teeth? I know arm&hammer has a toothpaste line, but does it work the same?

Warm Milk

can i use baking powder instead omg my mouth smells so bad


I dont have a gag-
And i find it hard to vomit cuz ive seen some rlly grousome shit when i was young

Micheal McKenzie

Damn she really said "this is a joke" shiiiiiiiit

Yonina Kronfeld

I hope you're doing better

Bྂrྂoྂkྂeྂnྂ Sྂtྂaྂrྂ

A few years ago, I was suffering from anorexia, my parents made me feel a bit more self confident and I started eating a TON! And now, I’m fat, I started getting bullied and now I’m going back to being anorexic, at least I wasn’t bullied.

Lucia Castro

I wish you the best. Seriously. :(

B's Light

I was on youtube looking for tips to lose weight and had an idea to purge. But then i came accross this vid. I hope you're well now. You saved me ❤

angiee dolandee

Tbh this is sad but I feel fat so yea thanks for this it’s gonna help a lot I’m at the store rn Ima tell my mom too get me lots if baking soda if she ask why I won’t tell her but yes thanks

Sonia Thehedgeohg

my disordered ass thought you mix the baking soda with water to drink as a laxative for a fucking sec


So if you use baking soda do you just put it on your teeth and then rinse it out or like make baking soda water mix and gargle it? Also does it prevent from your teeth getting bad because that’s what I’m scared of is my teeth getting bad

Haley Hodge

I’ve been dealing with bulimia for 5 years now, and I’ve never heard someone be so open about everything that goes into and comes with bulimia... Thank you so much ❤️ Bulimia SUCKS!!! And I wish I never EVER purged that one time! All it takes is once! It starts once a month, to once a week, to once a day to several times a day! It impacts your work, social life, energy, EVERYTHING!!! It literally feels like you gotta plan everything around IT! ?? I’ve done crazy things to hide my ED when I lived with my parents and I have never come out about it because it disgusts me soooooo much and it’s embarrassing. But it helps big time to see someone be open about it so I just want to say thank you from a 2020 person dealing with this horrible disorder❤️?

Ella Samms

Stay strong, you can get better! You are so beautiful, anyone reading this, you can do it! I know it might seem like you can’t, or you don’t even want to, but life is so much better when you recover! I’ve been where you are, and I can’t even look back on it without crying! I love you all and I believe in you! You can be happy again! Tell someone, whether it’s a family member, friend, teacher, Doctor, etc. Please try to get better, no one deserves to go through an eating disorder, life is more that the way you look! Stay strong, you can do it?


I know this was posted a long time ago, but i just want to let you know that this video helped stop me when i was just about to try again after being clean for a while. thank you


No no no no honeyyyyyyt donttt you are skinny and pretty you do NOT need to do this

alexis cassidy

M-my dad doesn't know about my ed but hes always talking about my weight

Bubbles_ xx

Thanks dude.

Kesu Amarou

I just had a cinnamon scone that has over 700 calories. I'm so disgusted with myself. The thing is it was homemade and when my dad told me "it has over 700 calories, but let's count it as a treat :)" I almost threw up right then and there. He doesn't know about my ED by the way, don't attack him


Next thing is hand sanitizers laughs in covid19


I just binged on so many different things and I feel disgusting... I don't purge, because I'm kinda scared of it and I just can't do it, but I really want to throw up rn... I can't do this anymore :(

Maddy Movie Maker

im hoinf to atart purging next week yes i know its bad but i want to be akinnee and exercising aint working


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Intervention: Andrew's Bulimia: Binging & Purging | A&E

249 423 views | 2 Feb. 2013

In this scene from the

In this scene from the episode Andrew, Andrew's family discusses his eating disorder and how it affects them.


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"Intervention" profiles people whose addictions or other compulsive behaviors have brought them to a point of personal crisis, and the friends and family members who come together to help them.

A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at aetv.com for more info.

Stefan Kurlak

This was 5 years ago ......is he ok now ?


Feel sorry for him but, what a baby!
His transformation was amazing! Congratulations!

Blair Barnes

His poor mom. I don't even want to know how much she spends on groceries for this kid

marshall walton

if this was a girl y'all would be feeling so bad for her

phuk luzin

I feel for the guy I've had a on again off again relationship with anorexia for the past 4 years and I don't know how to deal with it


This was literally my life a year ago I wanna go back now


I´m a bulimic here, It hurts me to see someone else having to go through this because ya¨ll have no idea how much it hurts to force yourself to throw up, I hope he gets better

Dennis Östergårds

Well, could we see the rest of the episode?!


I have the same thing when i smoked weed! Idont throw up, only if i drank to much or had too much heroine


The hardest part about EDs is everyone needs to eat. For bullimics, food is heroin, but you can't just say "I won't buy heroin, Ill go cold turkey on heroin" because without food you die. I hope he's doing well cause he's suffering a lot


I am an overweight bulimic so I can't have treatements.. I just keep going


am I the only one whos mad that this kid ate all that food and just to throw it up like at least use it for its purpose which is to nourish, do you know how many people who would love to have food like I understand its is an illness but c'mon there has to be a level of common sense. go see a therapist because that's horrible to do to your body and it's horrible considering amount of people who don't have food

Camille Smith

currently eating bag of candy that im supposed to save for halloween and i have no plans for it to come back up.

Marley McClain

Season and ep ?

Hail The Electro-Shock Blues 42

Eating disorders are a tough battle

Zee Camp

Stop it!

YosemiteFilthy GymRat

It hurts me to watch this...Sending love and get better wishes to him! ❤️


Comment section:
98% people complaining about arrogant and ‘guys cant have eating disorders’
2% people who actually think that guys cant have eating disorders


It’s sad to see this struggling with it myself for 2 years.


I’ve had this for 15 years. I’m over it I hate it and it’s a waste of money

- -

my man just needs to go on a 1 year bulk and hit the gym hed look good


Bulimia is more common in Women than Men

Aire Vax

its so sad to see males struggling with this just as bad as females do..

Paulo P

1 in 4 people with an eating disorder commit suicide; think about this.


Not me watching this lying on the floor unable to move after puking my guts out for 1 hour

um ok

Why don’t you guys understand how awful eating disorders are?


Literally watching this bc I want to relapse to bad w my bulimia rn

Hailey E.M.S.

Please tell me that was acting


Same thing for me.


I used too eat beetroot first so when the last of that came up I knew I was empty. My mouth and hand constantly covered in sores, it’s very hard work and devestating. Not done it for 4 months and although put on weight feel mentally so much better


He certainly didn’t like the idea of growing up! It’s like he’s trying to stay a child....very immature!

Corey Ball

bout to catch hands at my crib

Angry bird

I can't stop even my teeth hurt

• Alexandra •

Watched a video on a case of a girl who had so much in her stomach that when she purged her stomach ripped and her brains popped out of her skull while she was still alive, she had like 3.5 litres of food/liquid in her stomach when she was autopsied....I would wish that on my worst enemy :(

Maegan Diagostino

I would love to see more men affected by this illness

Aurora Lovegood

7 months and he gets an intervention?? Bless him... I’ve been bulimic for 30 years

M & G

That’s not bulimia that’s anorexia

Lil Zen

problaby becouse of his ears ! Looking like fkn dumbo

Joey Coburn.

Yeah I'm a college student and I'm taking neutrino classes, and according the way he eats yes he needs 2,000 calories in him same applies for people my age and I hope he goes into treatment and gets better, good luck Andrew you got this kid.

J DoritoHead

Bro I just binge I don’t even purge

shannon osullivan

He cannot help this. And it’s so sad to see the act , I feel like Ed are more intimate than other things. It’s a direct line into the state of mind someone has and to be judged for being sick is ridiculous. And it’s already bad enough that men simply “can’t” have Ed’s. You don’t think he hasn’t noticed how alone he already feels. I pray for a safe recovery. W me, it’s the anxiety that takes over and I feel as though everything I’ve worked towards is ruined. I’m incredibly sad by this.


Bulmia is not just a woman's disease men get bulmia.
It's terrible disease it can lead to kidney failure upper digestive problems
The right way to diet is not stuffing yourself and throwing up or starving yourself.

elgg projet



you guys really don’t understand eating disorders huh? he’s struggling just as bad as i have and you can’t just stop doing it. it’s such a hooking addictive cycle

kimberly s

I went to a clinic for bulimia... there was this one woman who weighed 90 lbs soaking wet and she told me how everyone one tells her she's skinny, but she looks in the mirror and sees something completely different.
I can relate to that.
It's easy to judge people with eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder until you've lived it.

Brebrat Baby

These comments just make me mad.



Negative Creep

I have anorexia, which manifested from bulimia (except purging via laxatives and excessive exercise) and it truly is an addiction. I can’t stop, even after treatment.

Stephen Miller

On break at work I had 2 hours yesterday I went to a restaurant then right back to work to eat some pasta literally couldn't stand up straight went out back finger down the hatch and the hatch critical strikes the ground

Hannaviel Borlongan

I know the bad side effects but why can't I control doing it.. It seems like whenever I purge, I feel great.. I am bulimic for 10 yrs... We can't control this.. We need understanding..?


....he’s as bad as me...like I’ve never seen someone who binges and purges as much as I do

VASTFLYER 232••••••••

This is so disturbing...

3 Foundation


VASTFLYER 232••••••••

Just kick him out.

Kiefer Rendon

Food acts just like a drug... it releases endorphins and seratonin, hints why you feel so good when you eat something you really like. I hope he got real help!

Bagge Beats

Wow this music is a little extra imo

leah #

dealing w this rn idk what to do. my therapist doesnt deal with eating disorders:(

Jessica Limones

I was this bad just last year. I stopped purging because I was doing it up to 10-15 times in a day like this guy, but I was sooo skinny. Now I've gained 40 pounds and I'm contemplating going back to this behavior.

Ariel M

Hearing him purge made me cry because I recently relapsed and I know the pain he's going through. This disorder has taken 11 years of my life away and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Shawn Monroe

As a guy that has and still does struggle with an eating an eating disorder, this kind of representation is so so important. This is not just a female’s disease, and you never need to be embarrassed to reach out for help.


Imagine letting someone eat this food and then throwing it up. What a waste. If it was my kid he would be thrown out, no one is going to waste food like that not in my house.


The difference with guy vs girl bulimia is the girls hide it and the guys flaunt it

Cyrus Dickinson

I just had a 10,000 calorie Binge and now all I want is to throw up everything, restrict for like 2 weeks and of course, take some laxatives

Jessa Bella

idiots in these comments

Kevin Collazo

Is there anyone here I can speak to for help?

William Mv

Food won't taste anymore take it from an expert.


Bulimia is not just a woman disease.
Men can have this disease too
Famous people who had bulimia is Diane Keaton Joan rivers Elton John Richard Simmons Kathy Griffith princess Diana Jane Fonda .
Bulimia is a hard habit to kick.
I also struggle with the disease it self

devon davies

This will be me someday

Kevin Since

$tre$$ ❤...❤...❤...???? ??

Shirin Agha Sharif

Oh he cute :(

Aya Al Thallaj

Where can I watch this for free?


i have been dealing with this for 11 years. It really is the hardest to stop

Deadmanbich bich123

Wait does he have a sister or a brother???

Amanda Adrienne

His day to day life must have been exhausting


Is there an update on this guy.


Why does he look at the camera like there’s lasers being shined into his eyes?

David G

Waste of food


Okay to clarify, the sauces and such are acting as lubricant so when he purges it doesn't hurt as badly/

Madara Uchiha

It appears that because he is a male that people tend to not care but if this was a girl on the other hand for a man they would be like wtf you are stupid for a woman oh you sweet poor thing I’m so sorry I’m just saying men with eating disorders should be treated with the same amount of respect it really annoys me


Exactly like Kate Yup

Katie Washington

Very sad he has passed away from this disease

Jason LarvaCads

I tend to eat a lot. But I don't Purge. Yet my body is thin?. I think I don't have any eating disorder, my problem is probably my body it's not functioning well.??.

Heart Break

I have no energy anymore people who have not bulimia don’t understand how awful it is I can’t anymore I just wanna be skinny that’s all without getting fat when i eat

Shane Lees

His eating disorder serves a function. It masks a deeper issue.


This is so sad

apology girl pearl

i wish i could be bulimic omg i envy you guys so much because yo get the release of hunger pains and the body im terrified of throwing up

L Hall


feather dande

Anorexia and Bulimia i can and will NEVER understand.....

Jenette goh

Wait....he takes in 12000 calories and is still so skinny.

Maize The holographic corn

You would think that the aversive feeling of vomiting would make him not want to purge ?? oh this was a dreadful video to watch ?

Drew Burk

Normal teenagers eat this much and are still skinny WITHOUT purging.

Spider Man

It's the liver and your blood. Your blood feels dependent on it and your liver has its own routine from it.


I never thought I would be bulimic but look at me now breakfast lunch and dinner it’s a horrible binge/purge cycle. I can’t get it of it. It sounds so stupid because all you have to do is stop doing it. But once I start eating my brain goes into a lock overdrive where food is my main focus and goal anything and everything. I can’t stop eating when the lock overdrive begins but just eating is a trigger. Being in the house is a trigger. So either I go anorexic or bulimic. Eat nothing or eat everything.


very ballsy for a male to go on tv about this. some things are just taboo for males

dino not dyno

All these women in this comment section action like a typical enablers.. Y'all are gross .

Morgan McLaughlin

Bulimia is highkey the worst

Courtney Butzko

He looks so horrifying while all skinny and stuff. He’s just eating and not even tasting the food at all.

The Outlaw pantera rulz

Why is he skinny


I do think im suffering with it. I am overweight and whenever I eat the normal amount of food not like his because I can control it, i still feel bad so i vomit. I don't know it's just that today's standards are pressuring me to become more great, and the bullying I am suffering, I want it to stop.


I do this about 3-4 times a day :S