Viviscal hair growth

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9 268 views | 28 Jan. 2020



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LawyerInk Justice



Genetics is the key. Thanks for mentioning that!

Angel Devil

Nice info

Amanda Wiemer

You’re so pretty and funny! Love your review

Justin Rozas

Your hair is Beautiful!

Viviscal hair growth

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Viviscal Growth Series Part IV: 3.5 Month Update (Final)

49 049 views | 17 Nov. 2011

~~~READ ME~~~


~~~READ ME~~~

$10 off at viviscal.com with code "Elle"

Please check out my other videos on my Viviscal Series before asking additional questions. No, it will not make your hair fall out once you stop taking it. Yes, you can take two at a time (I started doing that).

Part I - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO9bUqwEU6c

Part II - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2OXhWEtqyw

Part III - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET3APzfz1_0

Thanks for watching and happy hair growing!

www.viviscal.com http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=denimpixie NEW Twitter!! - @QFTPC


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Samikshya Pokhrel

I have severe hair loss during 8 months and my front area is getting bald .Does it help to regrowth of loss hair?


I know this was almost a year ago but I just came across this vid and your reply. I am natural and my hair has been shedding excessively for several months now. Particularly excessive right after I mistakenly left a coconut based protein treatment in my hair overnight...ughhh! My point is that I have just started my 2nd mth of Viviscal a day ago and my results thus far are very promising. Last wk I noticed the shedding has slowed dwn, my hair has grown atleast an inch + my edges r filling in.


@SherylsTresses Do you mean big chop? My last relaxer was in May 2009, but I shaved my head partially, let it grow out some, then cut it all off again in December.


@BlueprintLuxe Hah! It wasn't consistent - there was one month where I didn't feel like my hair grew/retained at ALL. But like I always say, vitamins do not "make" your hair grow - there are several other factors that come into play regarding growth rate. And after that, you have to hang onto the hair you've grown!


will this stufff make my hair grow3 inches by next month?! i need long hair by christmas! where'd you buy it? do you have a link for where you bought it?!

Kelsey T

I use to take the visical back in the day when they first came out and didn't see much of a difference in my hair growth, just alot of money getting spent on these vitamins.lol but I am glad u feel they are helping. I personally think that u take great care of your hair and ur hair is going to grow at that rate regardless of whether u take those vit. or not.(but to each their own) hair grows from the inside and we get nutrients from our foods. (remember that) your hair looks good , keep it up

Kappy 13

Another great video. How can a sistah get a growth tank? Lol.


Thx for the update...Ur hair looks gr8(da fullest is an envy)!


@denimpixie do you think ppl are taking me seriously?! maybe lol i lol should lol riddle lol my lol comments lol with lols l




I'm up watching infomercials because I can't sleep and I see a clip from your video! Cool! I'm going to try this product.


@KLT828 I agree with you - this is why I convey to people over and over again that vitamins do not "make" your hair grow. Yes, I feel like I got a bit of a boost, but I do several things to care for my hair and try to live a fairly healthy lifestyle.


So thick an gorgeous!!



imperial diamond

your hair looks amazing. random questions: did u go to duke? what did u get on your ACT? did you go on an athletic scholarship?

T Lynn

Looks fabulous!!!!! Awesome growth and thanks for the series!


I am one year natural, and I think it's improbable that my hair will be as long as yours in another year. It looks great, Denimpixie!! I love your videos. Thanks for sharing.


@TikiTubeable I don't. I have a filter lens that softens the harsh light but it doesn't affect color balance. I have no reason to want to look lighter - I go tanning.


@LaDominicana2011 thanks Maria! I'm not claiming bsl yet, but I'm proud of my growth and retention! :) say hey to lhcf for me!


aww wish you would have done the 6 months. i was really looking forward to that


@KaRaBelli981 I use the Scalp Lotion sometimes but not really the shampoo and condish (I just have HGs I regularly use). My POC at the company told me that the vitamins are what really support hair growth anyway - of course shampoo and condish assist with a healthy scalp/hair environment, but if you already have favorites, you can use those.


No, I didn't notice that unique to Viviscal, but that's normal regarding the growth cycle of hair.


Question, I've been using vivisical for about 1.5 months now. I've noticed my hair is thicker but it seems like it's getting rid alot of dead hair and I noticed alot of little hairs. Just wanted to know if this is part of the process, if you experienced the same.


3c hair is your curl pattern. Curl patterns refer to the hair typing system...texture would be fine, medium, or coarse. And no, growth and retention are definitely not the synonymous! Even if your hair is growing rapidly, if it's breaking off (ie not retaining that length), no one will ever see it. You could have a growth rate of an inch a month but your hair will never actually get longer if it's breaking.

Kamiele Boston

I am officially going to order this Viviscal. Just going to have to make sure there is no chemical interaction between that and the Hairfinity (which is awesome also). I personally think Viviscal should give an "Elle" or "Izzy" discount code because I am sure you boost their sales. Your hair looks looks great and all in 2 years...fabulous!!!!!


i love your makeup in this video!!!!!

Rhonda McK

Miss you. Izzy looks great.


There is absolutely no logic or science behind that, but people will believe what they want. Sometimes I feel that those claims are made in order to discount someone's success with their hair. Not saying that is you, because I don't know you, but I have seen similar claims and it's almost always in the catty realm.


How tall are you? I think this would help the audience collate to your growth even better :) Thanks -natural teen

Resauche Flax

Where can I get that shirt?


You're hair is growing beautifully...love the tee too!


@Kamiele1908 I do have a coupon! $10 off a $50 order (which is basically one box of vits) with the code "elle"


@LekiaLPTBeauty Sorry, this was pretty much the last video that I "owed," so I just needed to finish up.


@heartmau thank you! I saw your hair looking great too! My goal was bsl unstretched which is prob tailbone stretched, but I might only go to apl curly. It's so much hair!

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

I love your hair!! Glad you did a review on this. Thank you for the update:)

K JustTheLetter

I don't think you answered this question on this (final) video. Did you continue to use the Shampoo & Conditioner? I'm considering getting all of the products but I'm scared that the Sham/Cond/Oil may dry my hair out.


What other vitamins do you take?


I bought these after I watched your video. My hair has grown! I have a entire box left and I'm happy with my hair progress.


@trees9112 Thanks! I like it a lot more now that the red is just at the bottom.


@emarigirlify I never experienced that, but everyone is different. On LHCF some women were talking about hair growth in other places, so it really depends on your own body chemistry.

Marcus Carrington

Wow! I'm loving the thickness of your hair! I'm 3 months shy of my 2 year mark (I started out totally bald, though) so this definitely gives me some inspiration.

Sheryl Trammell

Thanks for sharing this video...!!! We got our last relaxer around the same time and I have yet to flat iron my hair. Hopefully I have about the same length as you but your hair may be about an inch longer than mine in this video and before your trim. :-)


beautiful growth and healthy hair! congrats

Nicol Delk Beauty

Omg!! Your hair looks amazing. I'm at that awkward length. I did my big chop in September. It's growing out nice but it's in the weird stage. I'm hanging in there tho. :)

Lucid LivingTV

Goodness!! I can't wait til my two year mark! Lol... I feel I'm a little above the average growth rate as well so this inspires me : )


I am so loving your hair. it is georgeous


@mcamurray It doesn't matter whether you were kidding or not, yo ass still needs to go pray!!! Loooove uuuuuu! :)


Thanks for sharing your experience!

Daishanae Babers

how much are they're on Amazon


Nope. Growth rate has nothing to do with curl pattern, although genetics are a factor. The culprit is usually retention, rather than actual growth rate.


@mcamurray Go pray.


@kahjoi1102 Actually, it doesn't matter. We had a thread on LHCF about this about a year ago, and it really depends on your measurements - neck, torso, etc. I can't remember what my measurement was to my hair goal (if you care to search on LHCF for the thread you can find it, lol), but it was the same as some ladies who were 5'8" or 5'7", while other ladies had completely different measurements. I'm 5'4" though - not tall and not an elf. If that helps you.


@kahjoi1102 Well I hope you don't take this the wrong way...but what if I was like 4'11"? Does that discount my process of caring for my hair? I've seen some ladies act that way and I really wish we'd just encourage one another rather than try to belittle someone's progress.

Documentary Minutes

Your hair looks great!

Loulou Matou

your hair looks nice and full!


@TikiTubeable That's true just like Chime (haircrush) she is cool and down to earth too like Elle but the little girl Dominique or (longhairdontcare2011) she will block u if u don't ask or make a comment praising her hair O__o


thank you for the update:) ur hair looks great


I like the two tone look on your hair, your real hair color on top of the henna'd.


I love that shirt!!!


@denimpixie thanks so much for the reply! (not only giving your personal insight and additional sources but also being kind enough to also answer my question "> ) and lol "...and not an elf" 5'4'' is legit... Well that much growth in 2 years made me ask, I must a dmit (i'm 5'9), and its healthy and beautiful! later and peace be with you ")


@TikiTubeable I have said several times that vitamins don't make your hair grow. These are basically marine protein, and it's been proven that protein does help with hair health.

Viviscal hair growth

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Viviscal - Hair Growth Cycle

20 421 views | 13 Dec. 2013

Learn more about Viviscal

Learn more about Viviscal at www.viviscal.ca

Viviscal works to nourish thinning hair and promote healthy hair growth from within. The Viviscal secret is its unique formulation and the key active ingredient AminoMar C, a marine protein complex that nourishes the hair follicle from within. Viviscal is backed by five scientific studies and is 100% drug free.

Swapnil Dhawade


Christine Yapan Batain

Thank you very much, it is very
detailed. God bless and more power!

Chloë Lynn

It’s so amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️??????