Matted cat hair removal cream

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74 392 views | 25 Jul. 2020

EVERYTHING you need to

EVERYTHING you need to know to GROOM your DOG like a PROFESSIONAL PET GROOMER in one video! How to GROOM your GOLDEN RETRIEVER at HOME like a BOSS!

In this demo I will cover in detail "Golden Retriever Full Groom De-shed Products Tools and Methods for BEST RESULTS!

Step by step groom a golden retriever dog start to finish! Let me show you how to stop golden retriever shedding hair?

#DogGroomingTipsAndProducts are the focus here on this channel and we are live every Monday at 5:30pm (EST).

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Coat Handler undercoat control shampoo:


The Absorber Drying Towel:


Kenchii Large Slicker Brush:


Les Pooches Mat Zapper/Emergency Brush (Red Color):


Bark2Basics Ear Cleaner, 4 oz:




Tropiclean Spa Facial Cleanser for pets:


Mixing bottles for shampoo and conditioner:


Nature's Specialties Quicker Slicker Ready to Use:


8” Scissor $80.00:

Kenchii Scorpion 8” straight shear


Lightning Shear (scissor) 40-tooth 8.0" Grooming Thinner:


Kenchii Flash™ Digital Cordless Clipper, Pearl White:


Comb $9.94

Andis Pet Grooming comb (steel)


Nail trimmer $5.00

Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper


Styptic Powder $4.89

Remedy + Recovery Styptic Powder (stops nail bleeding)


Wall KM10 clipper $156.00

(Purple) https://amzn.to/31RMa6A

(Blue) https://amzn.to/36b0wT5

Clipper blade oil $2.68


Andis cool care $12.99


Clipper Blades: Wahl Ultimate Competition Blade Series

#30 $19.99 each…. (Quantity 2 $39.98)


#10 $19.99 each…. (Quantity 2 $39.98)


#7F $22.99 each…. (Quantity 2 $45.98)


#5F $24.99 each…. (Quantity 2 $49.98)


Wahl Stainless Steel Snap on comb Attachments $39.94


Mixing bottles (3 pack) $26.89


Shampoo $39.99

Tropiclean Aloe and Coconut Pet Shampoo


Conditioner $39.99

Tropiclean Kiwi and Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Conditioner


Bath Tub leash and Hook $17.99


Grooming table (or portable) $116.99

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Grooming loop $14.64

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High Velocity Forced Air Dryer $202.59

Metro 4.0 HP 2 speed force dryer


Marilynn Quintero

I am getting a new golden retriever in a few weeks, and I’ve been looking for good videos on how to properly groom them. Your video explained everything soo well, it set me a little more at ease now that I know what a good groom looks like.


What comb are you using to comb with during his condition?

Ella Me

Cloud_Tiger 09

Tips for grooming a Doberman please?

Sarah White

How often should they be groomed, typically?


Great video! I would love to see you groom a Sheltie! I subscribed!

Erika Scott

This has been eye opening! I have never used thinning shears on my golden only straight shears. She is past due for her grooming and light trim and now I need to order some new things to use. Thanks so much!

Mary Margaret

I'm considering adopting a Golden. This video was EXCELLENT in regards to a thorough clean/trim.
*If you brush your Golden every day or at least every other day, how often would you perform this more thorough groom care?
*What brush do you recommend for every day on a Golden? THANK YOU!

Es Goodman

Where are you located? I want to bring you Murphy Brown my Golden for a spa day.

Amphii ._.


Austin Gibson

He is super gorgeous!!!!!! I love goldens

Scott Lundegren

This was an excellent video! I'm having trouble finding a groomer that knows how to properly groom my Golden. They all seem so ready to run the clippers over him.. Is there a secret to finding a groomer that knows how to do the scissor work like you do? How do you ask for this type of grooming? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and for your great video.

Karen Crecco

What a sweet pup!

Kyle Aiken

Where are u located?

Samiksha Jadhav

i have a golden 3 month old how much should i brush him
and how do i deal with the hair faal and his underweight!!!

Christina Cruz

Wow top job. Check out rovers make over grooming this lady shaves all the dogs and is over the top negative. She really doesn’t know her breeds. It’s sad. I really love your channel because I love hair on dogs and fluffy dogs. Well done.

Tiffany Kerr

Thank you so much!

Cass White

What is the length of your thinning shears and scissors? And also on the clipper?


This video is so good. I just found it tonight. We have a golden retriever and I needed tips how to groom him and this is great! Our boy doesn't stay as still but he is getting better at it. Thank you so much!! Your a awesome groomer

Harley Fetterer

I feel like you are the bob Ross of dog grooming? so soothing and awesome at what you do!

KODA BEAR the Samoyed

This is wonderful! Do a samoyed next :)


The depravity of human traffickers knows no bounds. The good news is, many of have had a chance to look up the comms. The pasta salad isn't a secret and neither is this. The whole world is watching.

joanne weigel

I have a Golden Retriever that has thick, long curly hair and she looks bushy! There's not so much undercoat on her as there is soft, fine fur. Is there any way I can trim the curls down without going against the "no clipping rule" for this breed?

Derek Ab

Thank you for all the wonderful advice. My golden retriever named Buoy will appreciate it aswell. I was only brushing before and after. He will be getting his bath tomorrow and I will be brushing as you showed. One question -- what type of blower do you use? I just use a regular hair dryer.
Thank you, Derek

Astrid Tellez

How often should I be doing this???


I seen Groomers on U-Tube shaved Dogs tht have undercoat, As a real grommer U should never shave any Dogs tht hve an undercoat @ all!!!!!!U did an amazing job on this beautiful Golden Retriever!!!!!!I like after U finish wth the Dogs U let them walk around!!!!!!

Hector Ramirez

Do you have a video with a Rottweiler?




could you PLEASE do a wooly coat siberian husky just like this?! i love all the details that you mentioned like where the hair should end and trimming the ears, and all of that! would love to know your thoughts on the husky. haven't seen a video quite like yours. love how thorough you were.

Kim Gurley

What a beautiful boy! Great tips!!

Kenny Muiyuro

I love golden retriever pup's so please send me one I have been beginning for it so please send me one.!

Donna Shields

What are the products called?

B. Borer

Great job! And this boy is a beauty. ❤️

Amanda Reed

I want you to wash your own eyes with that "safe around eyes" dog soap. Make sure you get it in your eyes plenty... then tell me it's safe for you to be scrubbing into his face like that.

Hunter Eidem

My childhood golden was named Auggie as well!

suneeta sahu

Awwww look at his wagging tail!

Raz M.

Clearly this is a well cared for Dog, since he already looked good when he came in

Hannah Carlson

What is a list of the products you use? Thanks so much for the video. If i took my pup to a groomer i would hope they would be just like you!

Julianne De Gracia

We have a 8 year old golden retriever and has skin disease and no matter how much shampoo I put to her she’s still stinky. Is there any shampoo to heal her skin disease? As well as her stinkiness?

Erica Smith

Thank you for sharing this in depth video! I would love to be able to bathe our golden. Do you have any tips/ suggestions for grooming at home without a Prima bathing system & pet grooming table?

Jill Hanfland

My girl is kind of a golden wiener. So she looks like a golden retriever with 4 in legs. Is there a pair of thinners that would work well for her paws but maybe less expensive?

Em Po

i love how you explain the steps but i think you could be a little more gentle while washing the dog

lyn stephen

i am contemplating getting a gr. i do not now have a dog. how often do you have to bath it as opposed to grooming?

Pamelia Westbrook

U were meant to do this ! Your baths are awesome

Samixya Thapa

Amazing work



Silvana Converti

Where did you buy your clothe?

David Z

Thanks! That was really helpful... I normally trim ears and feet before bathing... was surprised to see you do it after... so many good insights... I never combed in the bath before! I have border collies too and there's lots of coat there! Really appreciate your help -

Lizzy B

Please give me the best tips to find a groomer like you!! How often to you recommend a groom like this??

Jake D.

Wow I cant wait to use all of this professional equipment at home

Galina Crosby

Where is your salon located so I can come get my dog groomed? You're great!

Camy Mapes

Where is your salon? I’d love to have you groom my baby

Rae Hester

have you got any videos of a rough collie?? id love to see a collie get groomed xxx

Red Jenny

I'm going to grooming school in January! I love watching pet groomer channels! Glad I found yours! Augie is so HANDSOME

Lauren Wellington

He is so gorgeous! How long should a groom like this take with a professional like yourself?! X

Morrisey Abdallah

Fantastic groom as always Go groomer ?
But, Gus kind of slacked off during this appointment. He didn't really check in with the client during the groom. ???


me: allergic to dogs
me: is getting a golden retriever puppy in less than a week
me: watching this video crying

Lalaina Garcia

You just sold me on the value of a good groomer. I can't imagine buying all those products and spending that time.


Fantastic video and Augie is SO cute ??. Thank you!

Laura M

Can I ship my golden to you and you can just ship him back to me groomed? ? Love the video! Thank you ?

Liz Bee

Thank you for this video. I'll be trying this on my 8mo. old golden boy. He's A Lot more energetic but I'm willing to do this 100% if it helps the shedding. I swear he sheds another dog every week.

J Alex

Super informative video; thanks! How often do you recommend doing this? Also, do you ever trim the curls on the back legs/hip area?

Tereza Valencia

i learned so much

Itz_Pastel Angel

Those Absorber Towels seem amazing! Ima need to ask my mom if we could get one for my puppy molly! we take her swiming a lot so this will be very helpfull to dry her off with before we put her in the car.

Ayaan Ali

I agree she is the best groomer


Yeah , after you train them to tolerate being handled that way .
Let me put it this way . What would you do if grooming wound up making the pet hangry at you ?
Like what would you do with angry pets ?


This really helped me understand my dog! He is a German shepherd mix, and looking at oggie I see so much of Sam in him. Great pointers on the double coat and trimming those ears (not too much) that tip you gave by the ribs really excentuates the waist. Looks great

iza Czajkowska

Hi Amy, when YOU deshead a dog does it leave your salon completely loose hair free or do you just remove most of it so it doesn’t head as much?

Elena Garcia

Thanks so much!!!! You are truly the BEST!!!!!

Shandy Blair

My golden gets really fluffy around his butt and a VERY long bib, how can I properly groom those areas? Groomers are closed where I am and he is in desperate need of a grooming.


I really love your videos! This one especially! You should make a video like this but with a staffy mix, or some type of dog with short hair like that. I’m starting grooming soon and i’ve been watching your channel non stop ?

ReFail RaySky

Is a Slicker Brush better than a furminator ??

André Perrone

Whoa! Impressive! Would love to have you in Calgary!!! Great job

Mindy Redmond

I'm so happy I discovered your channel. Your an amazing groomer and I definitely picked up some tips that I will use on my golden retrievers. I don't want to have to dilute my products are there any commercial brands that you would recommend?

Dee Wishies

He looks awesome.... thank you for some great tips.

Patty G

Augie, you look MAAAHVELOUS! Seriously, great video! I can't stand the hair in my house anymore. We have a lab and a golden mix and It's just constant hair everywhere! I'm going to try to implement this myself. A side note, your outfit looks like it dries quickly and hair doesn't cling to it...great combo!

Erik G

How much does this cost?


My goldens hair isn’t that thick so those brushes go straight to the skin. It’s too harsh for her. What’s a good alternative?

Lisa Carr

I don't know how I managed without the force dryer got mine around 6ish yrs ago for my Leonberger still works great and now use on my long haired german shepherd both of them I swear had a GPS for any water and was rare to come back from a walk dry which meant brushing was a lot easier as it kept the shed low with 5 min quick brush and comb during major shedding I use on them dry to loosen up without having to bath to get rid of it

Angel De Luna

Oh my God can you groom my Golden! Where are you located?

Johanna Lopez

Gracias saludos desde Costa Rica ??

Andrew Darkowski

looks like shit


Im desparate with covid I am not taking him to groomer and have to try myself.Best vid and explanaion with anatomy lessons.


Fantastic job!!!! As a Golden breeder/owner/show handler myself, it is so refreshing to see a groomer who actually KNOWS how to properly groom a Golden. So many groomers don't even bother to take the time to brush the dog out prior to bathing and so many of them seem so rushed to get them in and out of the bath as quickly as possible and don't take the time to really lather the shampoo and let it sit on the dog for at least a few minutes before rinsing, and you can forget about ever seeing them brush or comb DURING the bath! Thank you for showing people how it's done! Side note, our youngest Golden's name is also Augie. :)

Marcus Minsky

Do you know anyone in the Philadelphia Area that offers grooming services like this?

Annette Clark

What a great video thank you


Fianally a grooming video grooming double coated dogs and not shaving or cutting their coat. This is just beautiful. I don't take my dog to a groomer for the reason that they would rather just shave them, that bath and brush them out. Or they want to use those furminator type combs, which cuts the coat. Those do NOT pull out the undercoat. I know, because I tried one on my Australian Shepherd. It did pull out and cut some of the undercoat, but it also cut the outer coat.


I’ve been searching for a video to teach me how to take care of our straight haired f1 labradoodles hair. I was so excited to find this one for 2 reasons 1 I think this will really help our big guy and 2 you groomed our little Lucy girl (cairn terrier) her whole life! I always knew you really cared about the dogs you took care of but watching you behind the scenes shows me just how much love you put into your work! Thank you for making this video?

Jamie Rose

I wish my groomer cut my golden like this! Even though I say bare minimum cutting she cuts his so much where he looks like a lab ?

Diana Michael

Got my first GR last week through (Clairesmith7325 on insta) I guess I've learnt a lot with this video. Thanks for this video

Sheridan Deal

This is the best tutorial of Golden grooming I've ever seen. Thank you so much for such a thorough, informative video. Augie is beautiful, before and after his groom :)


I’m getting a golden pup in a few months and have only ever had spaniels before so this is super helpful! Thank you!

Jaime Meza

I dont have a dog at all and i watched the whole thing ??

Josh P

Wow!! I’ve had Golden Retrievers for years and this is a treasure trove of info. I feel kinda bad that my at-home grooming habits were a bit lacking but now I know. Thank you so much for sharing all of this!

Andrea Spiczynski

Thank you!

Deb Macdonald

AWESOME VID!!! I learned A LOT!! I have 2 Golden's & my groomer has had to have a major surgery causing her to close for a few months (& my boys are looking ruff). She's the ONLY one I trust with my boys. The only thing I didn't see you show in the vid was sanitary path & trimming the pants? Would it be possible to show or tell how to do that...PLEASE?? My 9yr old has very thick, fluffy, long (easily matted) fur from having to be shaved for TPLO surgery on both back legs & my 2yr old has VERY long pant "feathers" that actually get in the way of his going potty...help please? I already have my amazon cart full of the products you linked to (attempt) to take this on at home & a hydraulic grooming table & dryer are on my Christmas list!

Priyadarshini Ganguly

Amazing and beautiful

Student Vet Amanda

This is such a great video!! Super informative!!


I should be brushing my Goldens way more, thanks.

Diana Bos

She is the best groomer I have ever seen! Where are you located???

Matted cat hair removal cream

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The Right Way To Wash Your Fluffy Cat

50 176 views | 19 Jun. 2016

Once in a while, every cat

Once in a while, every cat needs a bath either for hygiene or treatment purposes. Here are a few tips on how to make it safe and less stressful for your cat and yourself, especially if you have a long hair cat.

1) First off, if you don't brush your cats hair regularly, it would be helpful to brush through all tangles and knots.

2) Prepare everything in advance. Do not rush but try to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3) Fill the bath with warm water, warm enough for you to comfortably put your hands in. Make sure your cat does not see the running water in order to avoid additional stress.

4) Prepare the shampoo. Ideally, you should use one made specifically for cats. If you do not have one you can also use baby shampoo or organic soaps. They contain less toxic substances and are safer for your pets than regular shampoos. Try to use a non-scented one.

5) It is wise to wear protective gloves since your cat might become scared and scratch you, and it will also make you more comfortable in handling your pet

6) Prepare a large towel. Close the bathroom door behind you while you are washing your pet, this will prevent your cat from running out of the bathroom.

7) Slowly submerge your cat into the water, holding both front paws in one hand while the back paws stand on the bottom of the tub. This way you avoid getting scratched.

8) Gently massage the shampoo or soap all over the cat's body, except the head. Keep cat's head above the water at all times, because if the water gets into the cat's ears it can cause inflammation. Wash any soap or shampoo off of your hands and clean your cat's head and ears.

9) Talk to your cat, comfort them by saying "I love you." If you notice wheezing, growling or hard breathing, that could be a sign of distress and you have to stop bathing your cat immediately.

10) When you finish, wrap cat in warm towel and wait until most of the water is absorbed.

11) When blow drying, try to focus on areas with the most fur. This includes the back and belly. Do not allow your longhair cat to run away and hide. For Himalayan or Persian cats it is very hard to dry off by themselves and because their body temperature is higher than ours, they will start to shiver and might get a cold or even pneumonia. Keep them warm after the bath!

Coral Reef Fish Eating From Hands Of Swimmers https://youtu.be/KbvlDCIpOE0

Large Porcupine Fish Puffing, Inflating and Deflating https://youtu.be/hbExnVzFJb0

Stung By Sea Urchin. What's Gonna Happen?! https://youtu.be/XBHBe10EPTE


Good luck doing that to my cat. He turns into to the ultimate warrior the moment he sees the water.


Your cat is well mannered and isn't clawing at you nor is it trying to run for his life. My kitty was jumping, meowing, clawing, clinging to the tap, just everything possible that will save him!

Itz Adee

If u let him dry off his self then he will catch a cold

Hani bachi

Water can't be damp!!!!

Jazmin Sauceda

My Himalayan could never ?

Alainah Lee

this will help me thx

Barb Steineck

You should never put a grown cat in a tub of water. Use your shower head.

MS Bonz

Thank you, but honsetly if u rewatch this video, u actually kept that dryer way too close to cat. Poor guy even its feet. A few times your actually touching the cat. I can only cringe ? at how it might have felt hopeing u have that dryer on cool dry. ? indont think u realised how close you where actually going. But i appreciate the video. And pointer. Give your cat a hug for me. Lol its a trooper. Lol?


Omg I hate this lol! Poor cat!

O.G Doggy

My cat name is asswhole

Keren Chadwick

you OBVIOUSLY dont care for ur cat as much as some of us do.... Hasn't he/she got a NAME,..."Well done CAT" !!!!!!! he/she obviously isn't a member of ur family......???

Snow Coco

My cat loves water so if anyone’s fighting, it’s me fighting to get her out of the water XD


Different opinions on this. Another video says do NOT submerge your cat, put cat into tub with drain OPEN, use a sprayer very close to cats body so as not to scare cats so much.

Fortunately, with shorthair breeds, it is very rarely necessary to bathe them. Only if they have fleas, are elderly or disabled and cannot clean themselves. Otherwise, leave them alone.


My kitten needs bathed badly, this is very helpful thanks!

Am Lo

Wow. Long bath for...cat. Lots of soap...?


Why should you wash a cat? They wash their self 3 hours a day!


After bathing my cat I walk like a Grandma cuz I get a serious back pain

Lucas Hood

I need to do this. My cat has the shits

China & Miley

great video -- and great work. This must have been a challenging video to make.

Real Deal

Oh my lawwd you shouldn't be using baby shampoo for a cat! That hair dryer look way too close! That cat is very good though


Baby shampoo doesn't always contain fewer chemicals and it strips the hell out of hair (oils, etc). Pet shampoo exists for a reason. You are using far too much shampoo.

Sky Tong

Aww that's so cute! You're cat is so calm in the water, thank you for this tutorial! I was wondering about the process of bathing a cat with longer hair since we might be getting a long haired kitten soon :+)

Totally Domestic

Great demo thanks!

Danny Kit

Scruff your cat like how some vet would do. Do it throughout the whole time bathing your cat for a few times. After a few times it would realise that water isn't that scary at all. After 2-3 times doing that my cat doesn't resist or run away anymore, even if I wash her by spraying water on her (not at her face obviously) using the shower head. Scruffing a cat won't hurt the cat. While we oughta love our pet that doesn't mean we should let our pet hurt us while we clean them.

Manee Jang

So cute ^^

Melinda S

Never use human shampoo on your cat. They need cat shampoo

Samsun and I

Proven cat that will react violently if you submerge them to pale or basin filled with water. Use shower head only.

Just Em

Thank you so much for making this video!


For everyones questions.
long haired cats cant bathe as easily as short hairs so they do need baths from time to time
baby shampoo is fine to use for cats

Alize Baby luna

Ty for this video pls i will be getting a kitten in what 2 days she will be a black cat her name will ve luna/lunar


For some reason, my cat just sits there, obviously he tries to walk away.. But he doesn't freak out or run and jump. After a while he just gives up and stays there.

PlusSize Boo

So cute, went from a fluffy cloud to a cat log when wet?

Gerald Chesnut

Gentle cycle in your Maytag, LOL

sandra despain

First off Never use human shampoo on cats. On persians once in a while you can use dawn orginal dish liquid to degrease but use cat shampoo. 2nd never ever submerge your cat into water. I use kitchen sink wet kitty down with sprayer and soap up and shampoo and then rinse twice with sprayer. Towel dry ..Carefully blow dry after brush out then brush again.


what the hell is this??
Theres a thing called cat shampoo, your cat is not a human. You also used way too much. Your cat is long haired so dont rub it circularly with a towel, that was a mess, youre just matting its fur. And theres no need for hairdryers, youre traumatizing it further and they can get too hot too quick and irritate their skin. This video was terrible.


my cat’s a maine coon mix, it take 10-15 minutes just to get him completely wet cause his fur is so thick

Road Runner

That seemed to be a lot of soap! I think having two buckets would be better. One with rinse water .

nouna noufa

No way my cat keep jumping very hard

Rosemarie Battiste

Bath? Never! bucks likes a horse...
Blow dry ..let's not even go there

Divjot Kaur

Thanks ☺️

MaryEllen Barwise

I’ve had nothing but failed attempts at bathing my Himalayan. He hates it. He straight up bitch slapped me last time. I’ll keep trying.

angry peppa

My cat loves the bath and water

Kyle Wilson

thanks for the video. use a plant based shampoo next time. Johnson and Johnson is toxic, baby shampoo or not.


I can bathe my maine coon mix girl with our little dog, she doesn't try to jump out and even likes to headbutt the dog during the bath. She cries a lot at first, but with calmness and pets she calms down and purrs a little while I bathe her. If you have a kitten with long hair, get it used to bathing while it's young so it won't be a hassle later. I use baths to help blow her coat out since she sheds so much.

Justine Merrill


Explore With me

You aren’t meant to wash them they was them selfs


My cat loves baths when's it's hot out.

Ammers Lo

Pretty kitty...

nouna noufa

Your cat she's very come

Matted cat hair removal cream

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The worst dog ears I have ever seen Top 3

784 935 views | 27 Jan. 2020

This is number 1 of more

This is number 1 of more to come soon!

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#Dog #Dogears #myfavoritegroomer

Belle Cabello

It bothers me that it’s grooming practice to just yank hair out of dogs ears. Gotta hurt like hell. Why don’t you trim the hair and clean it?


Plucking ears, is so satisfying afterwards! Seeing that clear ear canal. :)


Wow the woman doing plucking is so rude
I feel for her husband if she has one

nancy Mckay-Russell

too rough with the dog ..... need to be more gentle............

Steven Hulbert

Been a shelter volunteer and have alerted kennel attendants to ear problems I see with dogs. Groomers can have very laborious conditions with matted animals, it's hard work!

Craig Richard

Yup after my parents divorced my dad who just thought cigarettes were the greatest fucking thing ever and are completely harmless and if you complain it’s not really bothering you or anyone else... and my dogs coat was always oily and disgusting cuz of it. My eyes are watering just remembering (I was also allergic to cigarettes and my dad didn’t give a shit. He’d hotbox the fucking car and if I’d go to even just crack the window he’d freak the fuck out)


It actually varies some states most groomers clean the ears in others the vets do it just like some groomers use ear powders and some like her don't it just depends

Taylor Montgomery

That first lady has a horrible vet and is in denial about it. Also, how do you not know how much your bill is?!


What a cute Shih Tzu. Usually, they are more vocal and aggressive, this little lady is so calm.

Sharlene Symcheck

What do you mean by it’s the chickens ? I don’t understand

Ruth Grosvenor

This groomer is quite abrupt and rude.

Tabatha Hastings

Can't you numb the ears first before plucking? ?

Carrin Renee

1st one is a sweet little dog. So well behaved.

Banana Ninja

Odds are they font go to the vet they may just go to a walk in clinic for a rabies vax

Kevlar Vrus 57

4:04 granny having hot flashes. Hope her SO doing okay.

Dereanna slime and toys Almen

I like her she make sure these dogs are taking care of


Omg stop taking so much in that dogs face while pulling hair out his ears like hell ridiculous

Katie Russell

My dogs ears matted quickly. I was first trimming the hair, and cleaning weekly(literally every Sunday is ears and nails). One week they were fine, next week they were matted. I do all the grooming myself, and didn't take him to a groomer yet, so calling vets to get the mat removed, nobody would! All said to find a groomer... eventually found a new vet that I love for my cat, and started to take my dog to as well, and they didn't say a thing about taking him to a groomer, just said sure, and pluck his ears! Cost less than the groomer in our case, but just about the same price. They only have vets and techs there, no actual groomer.

Robyn Vontiedemann

Great job! I dont know how you do it! Keep going & stay strong. Those poor dogs. From a dog owner of about 35yrs, from Robyn, Sydney. Australia


Geez, Dede (it's Kate ... hi) - I took Tami to the vet just because she scratched at her ears more than I thought was reasonable. She didn't have excessive hair but did have a lovely (not) yeast infection that took two treatments for the one ear. Wasn't cheap. Did not want to fork out $$$. DO want healthy doggy.

Lynn Rice

I just adopted a 6 month old puppy who needs his ears groomed and nailed trimmed. I’m in Austin so you’re way too far unfortunately otherwise I’d make 4 appointments for him and my 3 Persian cats.


what breed is the first dog?

Jennifer Gonzalez

Don’t like the groomer just a little bit rough.

Melissa Clagg

Its a wonder that schnauzer could hear at all, looked completed plugged by hair..
The poor second baby with the leg shakes cuz it was tickling/itching so bad every time you touched inside the ears.

Bailey Robertson

Trust me if you seek my dog it’s be way worst then these

Sw Sm

The last one was a shnuazer I have one. there ears are so hairy

Kiearie F.

“God I’m having hot flashes” ??

Trina Jones

Ear plucking/cleaning is my favorite thing to do as a dog groomer i just think it’s super satisfying


I love your hair with the second dog :)

Nicole Brea

This owner is annoying AF

Jennifer Hall

The dog is upset you are removing the hair because then he has to hear his owner talk and whine now.

Kelly Schultz

I do know cigarette smokers can cause breathing issues in dogs too


You would never get near my dog you and rough and have no love for the dogs you are in it for the money. And your grooming skills are awful

Margot Cabrera

How in the world can i get a hold of this amazing groomer for my little fur baby? :'(

Jean Royal

That lady was just trying to make excuses after excuses she only thinks after herself poor baby don't smoke inside bad for your health as well as for any animal come on adults think use that brain if you can poor babies with ear infections not good take care sending blessings

R Smith

I'm so glad our dog's ears are bald inside!


Vaccines cause ear infections and allergies

Jinkyoung Yun

Crazy stop

Caroline Reinventedhorsechild

I LOVE your veterinary style. So straight forward!

Unhappy Walrus

You repeated the second clip so that you could reach 10 minutes and be able to monetize this video. You’re not sneaky.

T. M

I wonder if the dog could hear ?


You’re a groomer, not a vet, so your comments whether the dog has allergies or an ear infection are improper. If you think the dog might have an infection because the ear canal is red, or because the dog is constantly scratching at the ear, your only responsibility AS A GROOMER is to suggest to the dog’s owners to take the dog to a vet for proper diagnosis. , Ear was is yellowish, so of course the hair in the ears is going to look yellow if the ears haven’t been cleaned in a while. You are too opinionated, and you’re wrong.

Leonard Voeltner

These two sound like the president and vice president of the united Karens of America.... they must be a blast at partys

Fitsar Rahadian

Welcome to another episode of “Where the quarantine has led me today “


I never understand why hair needs to be pulled out of ears. Yuck

Isabelle Compton

U should use ear powder to help with cleaning ears

Yvonne Ott

Weniger reden !
Dann verletzt man den Hund nicht im Ohr !
Reicht wenn man 1.× sagt & der Besitzerin kein schlechtes Gewissen macht !
Ich glaube sie hat es kapiert!

Lena Hughes

I'm lucky I have 5 dogs with pointy ears and only 1 with folding ears and the other dogs clean her ears and each other's. ???

Sophia Lashawn

The second one made me shake myself... I get ear infections and let me tell you. It's like having a bad toothache

Chief 90

No gloves? I bet she didn't wash her hands and ate afterwards.

Briana Walton

Awww the 1st dog was such a good girl...the owner was annoying asf

Nae Lynn

Who’s here from “my favorite murder”

Reina K.

Poor doggys. That must hurt without the powder. ?

Petitte Shaman

Its even worse than the wild dogs here -_-

Jane Stephens

Chicken, lamb and sometimes beef Can cause ear And skin infections.


Would you RAM scissors in your own ear to clean them out?

Neekie C

I do my dogs but have been doing it for years, I also use ear plucking powder which I find very good. ??

Molly Bailey

I bet they felt so much better after that. Imagine having an ear infection and not being able to tell anyone and just suffering with the pain and itchiness. Poor babies. I check my dogs ears all the time.

benis benises

it makes me so nervous whne she as something that sharp when she can literally completely damage its eardrums if it shakes on her when that things in its ear AT ALL.

Kelly Schultz

The owner was just concerned.

Nickie Vinson

I see ear mites. Yuk

carol stubley

Great job, those poor pups must have been in pain.
Thank God for “My Favourite Groomer”
Greetings from Perth West Australia ??

Emma Cassidy

Surely a vet nurse or assisstant could do it.

kayla Williamson

She lying she didn’t take that dog to the vet ?

Fernanda Costa

Limpa com mais carinho

Rachael R

Alot of vets are against ear plucking. They say plucking can actually cause the infection. What have you learned/experienced with plucking vs not plucking?

Angela Hendry

I struggle to do this too

Marion Noonan

OMG, why are you ripping those lumps of fur out of the wee dogs ears like that. Poor little thing.

Bailey Robertson

He’s ears are very bad but he always shakes his head and I very old

Maria Huesca

She was trying to blame the past groomer saying that he or she doesn’t do the ear ??

Barbara Lent

Poor babies can never understand pet owners letting their pets get to this state. I have a six year old Shih Tzu she gets the full treatment every eight weeks grooming, nail and ears and regular vet visits for check ups. My children are all grown now but they jokingly say she gets better treatment than they did, not true but my fur baby is my life love her to bits. Thank you for taking care of these babies.

Dylan Tkd

Why does it hurt the dog soo bad?

Alice Mazzucco

Yes u can the smell of ear infection omg I know when my dog has one he gets them alot cuz I didn't snip his ears but the ear cleaning and the wax they use works so good ,but my dogs ears get black stuff not yellow

Amanda Starr Morgan

Unsanitary hemostats coming from the dogs ear should never be wiped across it's face! The debris that was pulled from his ear was smelly, indication of bacteria. Rule of thumb or common sense, you never purposely rub bacteria near the eyes.

Aunesty Thompson

Am I the only one who thinks she should fire the vet?


What is that thing you're putting the ear hair on? That looks handy and a lot easier than paper towels.


You have a horrible bedside manner and the way you talk to dogs is ridiculous. You are not a vet!


Holy crap! Is she yanking that hair out of that dog's ears? Is that the only way to get it out?? Why is it there in the first place? Ouch!

Kaylee Dejesus

4:04 me too

Joshua Garcia

4:05 ??????????

Republican 4U2NV

I was a heavy smoker for years... I never smoked inside or anywhere near my pets! It breaks my heart when people have pets (and children) in houses and cars full of cigarette smoke. It's one thing if you choose to smoke, but no need to harm others (including your pets!) that do not smoke!

Chloe Ammiano

I can’t stand the owners lmao


It's not the vet's responsibility to do YOUR job. The vet would not have been able to see down the canal with all the hair. If an infection was indeed present, recommend they take the dog to a real vet (yeast infections are not always allergy related. Certain breeds are more prone to skin infections) and have a cytology done. A lot of times these ear infections occur because GROOMERS continuously neglect to pluck the ears so the hair builds up, trapping moisture, breeding bacteria/yeast.

It's not the vet's job to do the groomer's work.

I get some dogs need veterinarian supervision (i.e sedatives), but that's a conversation the owner needs to have with the vet. The first woman was trying so hard to shame the owner knowing damn well had she been doing her job and plucking the ears each time she saw the dog, then the issue might not have been that bad. Then she tried to shame the owner for smoking and saying that was the cause of the issue. No doubt smoking around animals is not healthy, but your customer service is atrocious. That was a moment to educate the owner rather than shaming them.

Who ARE these people?!?


My vet actually told me that the ears are all the groomers job. He didn’t want me to do them and the only time he touches them is if the ear is already infected. I have since learned though that I have to do them at least once in between the grooming appointments. If I wait till her grooming appointment her ears are usually starting to get infected.

Анастасия Андреева

очень грубо работает с животным(((. присыпкой надо пользоваться для снятия воспаления во время процедуры.