Neck tightening treatment

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Profhilo Treatment To Lift And Tighten The Neck | The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

13 320 views | 23 May. 2018

Dr Joanna Christou

Dr Joanna Christou recently treated Belle, a 51 year old patient who had some concerns about her neck. After Belle had Ultherapy and saw the firming of her face, she realised her neck was ageing and was recommended Profhilo by the Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

When Profhilo is injected into any area of skin laxity, there may be a little bit of pressure and a sting. Over the next few weeks, you will see a gradual tightening and refreshing of the skin quality with restored firmness.

With strategic placement of Profhilo we can create a durable lift and tightening under the jawline as well as remodel the skin by improving hydration, and improve overall luminosity.

Visit our website to find out more about this amazing treatment: https://www.cosmeticskinclinic.com/premium-brands/profhilo/


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Disclaimer - Results can vary from patient to patient, during your consultation, we can discuss a treatment plan that will meet your specific needs.

Zari Aria

This is great.

Neck tightening treatment

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Skin Sheek HIFU Neck Tightening Treatment

1 819 views | 26 Feb. 2020

High intensity focused

High intensity focused ultrasound can produce small, micro-thermal lesions at precise depths in the dermis up to the fibro muscular layer, causing thermally induced contraction of collagen and tissue coagulation with subsequent collogenesis, while sparing the epidermis. Want to see the entire protocol? Check out The EC Protocol Library: http://bit.ly/ECProtocolLibrary

Chamagne Williams

Awesome video great information. I'm in Texas. Is a medical director required to be on staff to do HiFu?