My ear pierced

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Getting My E-Boy Ear Pierced and Shoppin' (2/4)

225 507 views | 23 Feb. 2020

episode two of a lil four

episode two of a lil four part series just kinda following me thru life at the moment. here's when i got my ear pierced, something i'd wanted to do for a while so whatever i just did it lol.

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He’s too cute like- I can’t anymore- his laugh- ?????

Ahed Elzaidabi

I want more conan vlogs


I'm starting to want to be more like Conan... Does that mean I have to be gay? Is he gay or not? I'm a herbivore male myself. But I want to look and sound like Conan. I like this guy.

Kathlyn Ho

Conan: Look at me ugly *ss motherf*cker.
Me: Excuse me? Honey you are a angel, don't call yourself that.

Richard Moon

No guys he's not an eboy....

His ear is


Lol why's the recent video for kids and why are the comments turned off

Jasmen Metwally

pls can we have one more art tea video :( I miss soft boy Conan

Sunset Vibxes

His laugh and smile makes me soft?

Kuro - Kuromi

nothing hits harder than conan calling himself an ‘ugly ass mf’ despite being the most gorgeous man ever i can’t even-

random person

New conan fans: ohhhh hes such an e boyyy
Old conan fans : awwwwwwww look at our softie trynna be an e boy so cuteeeeee

L bennett

conan is an eboy now ? he’s so cute aw

Rottingbugz Z

Omg it looks so Good!

Neusa Yamaguti

Conan is perfect ✨✨


he became a e boy he used to be a soft boy


Nobody: Conan: Conan starts crying after they turn off the camera XD

La Cucaracha

What happened to I don’t find pleasure in stabbing myself?

MaryChun Slone

why are the comments turned off in his makin art with conan (3/4)?

rxd rxses


Maddie [*_*]

I love Conan so much not only is he a good singer, but he’s so inspiring! He literally said who cares what people things. Plus he wears ties around his head! No one does that but he made it work and no one made fun of him. I don’t know about you, but that rlly inspired me to be myself and wear what I wanna wear, whatever’s in style! Thx Conan Gray!!! ?☺️?

Park Rimi

He's so beautiful

Spooky Gal

0:12 uh- no- cone you got it all wrong-


I knowww the piercer guyyy he is also famous

Mien Thao

Everything looks good on him. EVERYTHING.

Izzy Polk


Dina Karimi

He still thrift shops. Aww


don’t you dare dis your past self for wearing primary colors you were and are flipping beautiful!

Dasha Beresovsky

i miss old conan this sounds more like a vogue interview than a video for fans to connect with him personally i want primary color conan back


Why is The comments turned off on ep 3/4????

Drake Partridge

His smile

idol forever

I like his dressing style


Can someone tell me what Conan is saying at 02:18 ~ 02:24??


I just miss Conan, it’s random but I miss him

anna grace yurkutat

Literally he's hysterically fangirling over himself in a magazine ?❤


Hi Conan gray I love


How To Thrift Like A Popstar ?


I love everything about him. that’s all

Savage storm trooper Savage squad

Be you and under stand your life be different be the same be a person be the people be you.

Rachael Collins

he's so cute


He went from Aesthetic to E boy
Lol I had that to but I switch ?

sunflower sheys

I'm so proud of him

Alan S Tan

Ok YouTube Conan is coming back.

Sheyla Martinez

When you come to México? Here we love your music

Rhea marie

your so cute conan

Asia Denis

That laugh was so pure and genuine, it made my heart melt ❤️?????

sarah maria

okay but I need 40mins of this

Spooky Gal


Kaidou Shun

bring the vlogs back

Matías Becerra

I'm the only one that miss the videos every week and the cute conan? :(
I mean i love conan and this new phase but i really miss the primary color conan

Anouk AK

A little part of me died when he said oh shit and didn't blur it out with his screaming and a picture of him being the old Conan.

Chris Afton

What happened to 2 years ago Conan? lol

Michael Garcia

It’s sad about those tweets

Daniel Medina

When you wish old Conan was back the cute kid we all feel in love with don’t take me wrong so proud of him it’s not the same ?✌?

Hey Hi

It kinda hurts to hear him say he’s ugly. Like if he is ugly....... what am I?

Aundrea Castillo

✨wHy iS hE sO cUtE✨

•cheshire_ Cat•

I went to the same tattoo place to get my ears pierced?

Karma Akabane



i missed these chatty vids :)

Trisha Ann Tan

he laugh me????❤❤???????????????????


Conans gonna be the reason why I’m gonna actually do what I like in public
People like my family are pushy about not caring about what people think of me, but Conan just says it without worry, and I think that’s good for some reason

ion like you

im not trying to be rude but is he gay?


i forgot how much I loved him and his videos bc I kinda just accepted that he isnt on yt anymore and listened to his music instead but watching this reminded me of how I always used to watch his videos when I was sad or angry and it made me feel sm better :)<3

Kimchi Minji

he is so cute istg :) <3333

julie g

i love conan a lot, and ive been a big fan for a long time but it makes me sad how commercialized they made him :(( im so incredibly happy for his success bc he deserves it, it just feels like they make him have like a set persona with a set backstory. if he's happy though, i will support him and whatever he decides to do in his career, and I hope he meets even more success ????

Ivory Vaughn

How did I miss this one omg??‍♀️


I love e-boy Conan, but i do miss soft YouTube Conan baking and decorating and just chatting with us.

Jackson Wang

Omg he's so cute ??

Canthika Azdy

It's 3:46am here and I'm obsessed with his videos, help me ?

fruit nack

He is baby


Where do u shop


Conan , Don't you dare read the comments. People are toxic even though they think they're being sweet and all . It's Not. Be happy . You are awesome.

Corinne Smith

I luv this, I have been having a bad day and you always make it better???


Honestly he could wear anything and he’d look good???


primary colour phase was iconiqué


bruh why’d you turn comments off in your 3/4 video

noelle kim

smh he should’ve went to claire’s

Gabrielle Poitras

Why does he have a whole shop to himself???


why r the c.omments on the m.aking art with conan vid d.eactivated

jolie gillespie

"iTs tOoo bIg"

fathimath yaaniya

should i focus on comfort crowd or cone

Maisa Makhlouf

His laugh in the biggening was so cute


when he curses its soooooooooooooooo cute idk why

melanie quai

can we have yt Conan back for like one vid where he just sit and talk about doodles and plants or something??

Antonina Piwkowska

Why is the newest episode “for kids” ???

Mer Cook

~_~ he got his ear pierced by Brian Keith Thompson..... I’m jealous, cause I love his constellation piercing style


Aww I miss the whole softboy thingg

Katelyn Smith

Paper work. Signing me life away just encase I DIE!
-Conan Gray 2020


Conan: “The past year I have changed a lot.” 2 years ago he said he wouldn’t change. ❤️ ?

Ivory Vaughn

Conan looks so good with his ears pierced like literally iconic???


Is it just me or does Conan kinda look like SapNap with a tie around his head O-o

Zoee Perea

He’s straight right? He has a wife right?

Heidi Kirkpatrick

I have the same belt as him and now I feel cool


literally marry me plz n thanks ily

Katana- Taylor Swift Fan

Ahhha i love him?

HGSDF123 4

Like you ??

Yoko oh no

0:14 me accidentally opening the my phone camera

olivia Q

You are handsome


I love how comfort crowd is playing in the back ground

Debajyoti Barooah

The happiness in his face when he noticed the magazine gave me life?

Dear Lexii

i knew you were special when i would watch your normal videos and wishing i could find beauty in things like you did.. you going from this amazing content creator to this even more amazing star it still feels surreal


you and mom have not fed us in like a year. we are starving. can you feed us some dino nuggies?

My ear pierced

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Getting My Ears Pierced To See My Girlfriend React **UNEXPECTED**

88 994 views | 20 Dec. 2020

Today my boyfriend got

Today my boyfriend got his ears pierced to see how I, his girlfriend, would react! It didn't go at all how he expected!

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Iraj Abbasi

Is it me or I liked Gab's videos where she did stuff and made whole day vlogs. I loved the vlog where she changed her whole room. I like Luke but I "prefer" Gab's videos.


Perf couple man, u upgraded heavy. I love how he matches ur energy & he’s mature


I love when Luke calls us his lil cupcakes ?

Arianna Acevedo

Luke looks way better with earrings

Marisa Cohen

Y’all are always surprising eachother huh ?

J.T. Brock

“Too old for earrings”. Nah. Never too old, bro. You should put them back in and rock them.

The Goudas

You school down and Gab has liked every comment that is sweet ❤️

Sierra G

I personally don't like guys with earrings. Only some guys can actually look good. Just personal preference ?

craig parsell

Swear he's just a natural vlogger he's picked it up hell quick!

Emily Rootes

Hey Hey hey my little cupcakes ????????

Shania Mohammed

Lovely... I am now pleased ?


Luke gets a instant sub because of those flags


He absolutely looks great with pierced ears, keep wearing them !


They look good on you!

Albin Eriksson

l love Juce world and you are cool Luke and Gab you are butiful love your channel


His ears are very nice

kat queenn

Luke is cute no cap

Jessi Phaup

i love juice wrld

Destine Yeatts

God Bless everyone and God loves everyone Amen❤️??

homo sapien

This channels boutta be gab and luke????

Dessy Rose

6:31 Do I spot a hickey ???

Alexa Yanez

I want to see the big earrings y’all were talking about

Kaitlyn peragine

Luke intro Hey hey cupcakes That is the cutest thing ever

Arianna Acevedo

And it’s just earrings it’s not that big a deal lol

Valentin Garcia

To be honest she has an attitude she changed over the break up

Layla and Kaedyn

Can we talk about how comfortable Luke is filming in the mall , he was built for this

Grace LynnLea

" Hey Hey hey my little cupcakes!!" That was the best sentence of 2020

Gabrielle Moses

Do you like Luke with earrings?? I might ?

Kelsey Marie

Omg the tall thing makes me laugh bc my husband always asks me what a medium or large is bc he gets so confused at Starbucks?

An B.

gab is so supportive

Velancia Fernandes

Pretty phone case

Allie H.

4:48 that's when he knows he f****d up also so sorry your getting hate

Delaney Myers


Teejay Gang

Like em now he like juice wrld, i started making music 3 years ago cuz juice wrld an lil peep

Lindsay Gonzalez

Really nice?☺


Doesn’t seem like Gab shows Luke much affection more like a friend.

brandon martinez

So many things behind your back she says LOL


I hope Luke makes his own channel soon

Hope Singing Life

I don't understand why anyone would be mean to Gab she's the sweetest

Kaeleigh McBean

luke’s voice makes me laugh sm omg

Mia M

For some pressing I thought he already had earrings LOL

Julie L

I feel bad, I just got to this video. But Aawwwwwwweee we are his cupcakes. ?

black winter gaming


Binda Paws

I do love you guys but practical jokes on each other ( significant other ) is really getting old. I would hate my significant other to play practical jokes just for views. ?????

Natalia Petrowski

hey hey hey my little cupcakes
-Luke 2020


The weed flag in the intro!!!

serenity l

Gab saying that people on tiktok are commenting hate makes me feel so upset. She doesn't deserve it at all!!

Sara Fitzgerald

i wanna see him w like dangly earrings like a cross earring


I like the earrings.

Maiya Stinchcombe

The wY he said “ hey hey hey my little cupcakes” It was so funny! ? u made a perfect choice Gab ?


what happen to the other guy

Peppa Pig

I was eating chick filè at that exact same spot pile a week ago

What's the Tea?

Hi from the Dominican Republic

Fatima alshihhe

You have the best videos

Holly Ferguson

I love juice wrld!!!!! He the best well, actually Luke you're the best lol

EMILY Jewell

“hey hey hey my little cupcakes” love this ?

Marco Morales

Love this ??❤️, and the intro was everything ?

Iraj Abbasi

Sending love to both you guys! ❤


Luke you should actually get your ear piercing ❤

Arianna Acevedo

And if you want a tattoo get a tattoo it’s your life Luke

Kynadee Smith

Luke took over the channel. I kinda like it. Like if you like it to

Sabrina Trel

He should make his own YouTube channel that would be epic!


Hi can u not but in so many adds thx :)

María 1119

My little cupcakes yasss.
It's a thing!!

Sofija Radonjić

When she said you don’t have to wear them all the time ?

Cookie Monster


Wait what does she mean? Am I behind or something cuz I never knew he had a channel

Owen Powell

What do people have a against boys and earrings I have had mine for 7 years now whats the big deal.

Caroline Curmi

Does anybody realize that Gabrielle was putting a fake smile on especially from 9:20 till the end. NOT hating ,cause I love Gab.

oscar argueta

Next prank is luke gets a tattoo lmao but make sure its fake luke! Hahahaha


Love this video. Sending happy vibes Gab to make your night better!! Luke, you’re a great boyfriend, just the way Gab looks at you says it all. Y’all Stay Safe and Stay Savage!!

lowkey Jeden

Does she like and respond to comments?

Maryam Narsi

He’s a trump supporter? Idk he has the America flag which people say if u have it ur a trumpi lol

Mara Goracke

Why does he call us cupcakes ? but yet why am I in love with it too? please keep calling is that


Gab you should smash luke's laptop and buy him a new one

Mili Patel

hahah loved the hey my little cupcakess :))


whats lukes youtube channel

Faye Baldock

Prank idea for Luke

You should do the getting a tattoo of gabs name and see how she would react. Love you both so so so much xx

Sarah Majors

Love this!!❤️

Cheyenne Risinger

Hey hey my little cupcakes

Fiona Gioia

god he’s so precious and sweet???

Minette van Staden

He is actually a very good youtuber for basically a begginer

Tianna Downey

Whats lukes channels name??


Gab seems way more mature omggg so proud




I've seen you've been commenting on Ryan and Montana's videos recently! I think you should do some pranks ideas from them.

Jamie Lee Ashton

Unexpected ????

Aran Bowe

the build up is the exact same on every youtube ‘prank’ it just seems fake how someone can actually be ‘surprised’ every other day with: prank this and prank that

Kathleen Terrill

i honestly don’t like earrings on guys. no judgment or anything but i’m not a fan. buttt obviously do what you want my opinion doesn’t even matter?

Ellisa Ariane Corpuz


Shania Mohammed

Luke... now you need to pull on her heart string now... Pull a big prank


Love Luke and I love Juice world so we're automatically friends YAY ??

Jennifer Bonnar

This little cupcake is good hbu daddy cupcake???

Aliyah Coleman

My boyfriend and I say -What a whack video he kills it every time

John Doe

Lucky Luke is way to much like his cartoon character - will stand his corner but is laid-back and don't want no trouble! His prank is too nice, he needs to get on his horse and stir things up, his gurrl Gabrielle 'Annie Get Your Gun' Mosses is a tough cookies and can handle a gun fight! ?
Bless him, a few more months of youtube and he’ll be as evil as the rest of us!?

Anisha Sylvester

I'm really liking this Combo♥️Luke is a man of character!! Love y'all so much

Shay Fox

He looks really good in earings like he has the face for them lol

Kylee Grace

i kinda like it not gonna lie?


Imagine living in Missouri, this comment was made by a Kansan. Also Kansas whether is worse, it will be 80 then the next day it will be 16. We have a warm winter this year and next year there will probably be like 4 foot of snow and -15 degree weather. checkmate

Lynlee Canada

i'm sorry about your brake up and i love your chanel

martin searcy

Luke is really coming into the YouTube community well he’s went from an unsure about this type of person to full on prankster in just a couple months too bad this one was a bust nonetheless it was a funny video

My ear pierced

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Getting My Ears Pierced!!

1 502 views | 9 Sep. 2020

In this video I got my

In this video I got my ears pierced without my parents knowing, and my parents get pretty mad. We also mess with some people and smash a crap ton of plates..

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George Thomas

So cool


May sound cliché but they make you look cool, ignore any negative comments.

Ryan Coursey

They look really good caden

Jordan Butler

Do the WAP

Ryan Coursey

Here before 5million subs


This is the gayest vlog ive ever seen

Peoria Videos Ltd

On that little screen, I doubt they would have even noticed if you hadn't mentioned it.


Your ears are gorgeous. Piercings suit you

Matthew Austin

Looks good! Did you keep them?

Jack Ward

Mama jessops disappointment is unmatched