Turmeric for skin whitening

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Turmeric Drink For Skin Whitening At Home || हल्दी के पानी से पाएँ गोरी निखरी त्वचा

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Hi everyone

As today's life we are just taking chemicals in different form so my only view is to make our body use to all the natural things and more homemade products that u will able to DIY your own self.Lets move together more close to Ayurveda n away from chemical beauty products


1cup warm water

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp honey

1 tsp lemon

Mix them well

drink early in the morning

after drinking this drink dont drink anything for half an hour.

Turmeric :https://amzn.to/38g9XU


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Meena Khan

subha khali pet turmeric water pine ke baad fir nasta karke orange juice pi sakte hai

Anuj jha Chootu jha

Mai 12 year girl Pani ke jaghay doodh le sakte hun subah ninhe pet haldi dodh

Meena Khan

reply mam please mam please

Suraj Hoty

Very good

Meena Khan

pleasw please reply main

Shraddha Jadhav

Without honey pee sakte hai kya???

Meena Khan

please mam meri sadi hai mujhe apna color fair karna hai please reply mam???

Jesy Jeni

So nice

Turmeric for skin whitening

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Skin whitening only 7 days face get fair, glowing, with Turmeric Ginger and Yogurt permanently brig

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Amybelly MC

Very good to cut down of face fat

love it


Turmeric for skin whitening

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jinsha jins

Nannavunnund natural remedies ellam ??