How to make lip gloss base at home

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How to make your own lipgloss base

3 151 views | 30 May. 2020

Thank you for watching.

Thank you for watching.


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Items to make lip gloss base


Coconut oil

Aloe Vera Jell

Baby oil

Original creator



I dotn have aloe Vera jell...


heyyyyy i am starting a new business and i need tips and stuff so i wanna ask that versagel is expensive so can I make my lipgloss with vaseline and sell it as an alternative?
can you please help me and will it work


Nice work. You and your Team produce high quality! Also, I really want To be youtube Friends :D

Maureen Nicks

Nice one girl?


Hi just wondering if the base comes out clear ?x

Nicki big ass booty

You’re sooo pretty girl ?

How to make lip gloss base at home

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How to Color Lip Gloss Base - Making Cosmetics DIY Tutorial

2 077 views | 8 Dec. 2020

How to Color Lip Gloss

How to Color Lip Gloss Base

Website: http://www.makingcosmetics.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MakingcosmeticsInc

Lip Gloss Base: https://www.makingcosmetics.com/Signature-Lip-Gloss-Base_p_1630.html

The colors used in video are:

- Iron Oxide Brown Dispersion: https://www.makingcosmetics.com/Iron-Oxide-Brown-Liquid_p_205.html

- D&C Red 6 Dispersion: https://www.makingcosmetics.com/Red-No-6-DC-Lake-Liquid_p_226.html

- D&C Red 7 Dispersion: https://www.makingcosmetics.com/Red-No-7-DC-Lake-Liquid_p_1291.html

- Mica Sugar Blush

- Mica Red

- Mica Pink Camel

All micas available here: https://www.makingcosmetics.com/Micas_c_34.html



Nina nina

can you make diy niacinamide serum

eve elchi Pir

OMG ?? ??❤️


My gloss keeps separating from the pigment. Do you know why that is?

sa B Elsa Elsa

Fantastic ?? ??♥️❤️

Sheron Owens

Omg, can you make a video on clear lipstick or lip balm with flower? These are beautiful, will be ordering some of this. The micas look so great!

How to make lip gloss base at home

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DIY: Clear Lipgloss Without Versagel? SHOCKING RESULTS?

64 829 views | 15 May. 2020

My Beauty Store? :

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Brandy Lashay

Good job girl!!! Let me go make some lipgloss!

Bella Aranda

thank you so much i have been wanting to make my own lipgloss but i cant cause my mom dont have enough money but this helped and it is good i made it

iarajo 8a

So did you use coconut oil, baby oil and beeswax?

Isabella Blick

everyone : talking about the lipgloss 
me: wondering why her pan is so tiny like ???

Blactina Media

That was amazing! You are a real life chemist!

Tina Milligan

Be careful with baby oil, it has laxative properties and if you like to lick the lip gloss you might not like the results lol

Annetta Gentry

Hey love I tried it out butttttt after it cool it literally came out like wax again... I didn’t use baby oil... I used castor oil instead... you think the baby oil is what makes it look like the versa gel?

Loving Life

This stuff dose not work at all


I bet if you use a little bit more beeswax then it probably would be a little more thicker. Not so runny.


Is it fine if I use coconut oil and not baby oil?

Rhee Wright

???? ???? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ?????

Ice Tea

I love you so much love you so much ma’am
And I watch all your ads I never skip em


But what does it look like when it cools and hardens tho.....

Jane Gibbon

Would fractionated coconut oil work instead of baby oil?

Gizem Burucu

Can you give measurments ? I am living in Turkey and i have no acces to versagel ?

LadyPs World

Please Can candle wax be used? Instead of beeswax

Alana Luísa Rezende


english minute algerian version

Plz answer me is that white wax that remove hair ??? Or an other type ??

Samanta Padrão

Wont it melt after some time?? like, become liquid again? pleeeease someone answer me!!?

Wicked Mouthed Sims

Please do not use baby oil for anything on your lip!!! It is external use only. Just use mineral oil because the fragrance in baby oil should not be ingested. This is smart asl tho

Tasharrum Salim Ansari

It will not work don't try

The Diary Of Fonze

Can't you use coconut oil, Almond oil and Vaseline?

Stella Gueyé

I need help mine comes out like idk Vaseline or something if I touch it it gets oily. But I want it thick like yk like an lipgloss base as she said

Rayyy xx

Do you have the ratio/measurements for this recipe xx

derpy teddy

Thank you ?


can i use grapeseed oil instead of baby oil?

Mackenzie Brooks

So after you make your lipgloss base using beeswax all you have to do is add the extra elements?

Lynn's Beauty Box

This is amazing dude!!!!

Simran Daswani

Completely crap didnt work for me mine just hardened

Madison Quinn

Girl this video was incredible did you actually just make the perfect lip gloss with this ?


Cool experiment! && i just know uuu from bmore lls


Thanks for sharing.. Wondering if you use this for your lip glosses now or versagel

swag kitten

And where should I store it when I can't buy a beverage nozzle?

Beca juju

Se eu quiser por corante estraga?


This was really helpful..Thank you ??❤

Nirvana Jiménez

Puede ser cualquier Cera ? O solo Cera de abeja?


melt the beeswax with the oil so it can infuse easily and not turn white instead of melting the beeswax 2 times

Liz Cerón

can I use glycerin instead of baby oil? I got confused and bought a lot of glycerin lol

Nirvana Jiménez

Cuales son los ingredientes en español porfavor

Alena Howard

She literally gave the ingredients she used & showed the process she went through to make it, but there are still people asking for measurements. Its not hard for u to come up with YOUR OWN measurements ! Lazy asses just want everything handed to you. You will not have a successful business for long if u ask everyone for everything.

Blactina Media

Where do you find natural baby oil? All the baby oil Im finding isn't natural.

may Bee

You should have put the whole glass bowl over hot water as in bain marie, then go your thing.


Let's see a follow up video please.

Georgia Fowler

can you use baby oil substitutes for this recipe?

Lisa or Lena

just a question does it stay that nice texture and stay that clear?

Vanessa De Jesus

Does it have a bad taste or smell to it?


If you use a double boiler you can warm your oils WITH your beeswax.

Lorraine Castro

What are the exact measurements cuz i try to eyeball it but i failed.?

Adriana Robles

Is it liquid again with the heat?

Tia Baker

So would u recommend using more beeswax then baby oil to make it thicker?

Alexis Peppers

Sis I'm shook thank you so much for sharing this video

Slayed Hairstyles

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It totally changed my life w i n m a k e d o l l a r . s t o r e

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Francesca Jeanelle

Ok so what I did is 3tsp of beeswax and 25tsp of coconut oil. The viscosity is 7/10. Its very foggy and I didn't place it on the fridge. I just cooled it at room temp. I wonder how I'll make clear lip gloss

Isabel Lam

I had a reaction to baby oil when I was 5

Gréta B.

her voice is so relaxing


Can you do a chapstick video ?????

s t a r s

I got some bees wax in my simply earth box and I am trying right now. Anyone want to support my channel

Lara Amber

But I don't have beeswax ?

Maameyaa A tv

do u know any cruelty/vegan free oils

Maria Luísa

Does it harden up after because of the beeswax?

FJ Gloss

Thank you thank you thank you mwaaaaah


Hey they say that’s for candles but I seen cosmetics grade so that mean that’s good for it right??

Dewi Elang

This is life saver

restu riandini

can it mixed with pigment?

Secret Person

Do you have to use baby oil? Could you use another type of oil?

Sekaiya Richards

"It got thick" Why can't I get thick...

Tamm Jones

Are you from Baltimore?

Shameka Rambert

I want to add aloe Vera gel to this recipe ... has anyone tried ?


I hope mines work ?

Assasin Girl Witheragon

Hey! Thanks so much for that :). I've seen videos on how to make a natural lip gloss base but not all of them showed the consistency, and I really wanted to see how similar the consistency would be to versagel, as I've already bought vegan waxes and cocoa butter to attempt this for my online business. Girllllll, I was shocked. Do you think that you'd be able to store a large quantity of it and then mix in pigments and scents later on? New subscriber, btw. <3


Heat all of your oils together with the beeswax so it doesn't start to solidify when you add cooler oils into the hot wax. Great video. Thanks!


Yes this the ones thanks you did that lol

Mo Styles

I just tried that last night! My first try was a fail ? but these tips will definitely work

Eva Semin

Can you put the links to the products in the comments

Tasharrum Salim Ansari

Can u tell me the exact measurements please

Itz Rosy

So cool

mayowa. ldnn

I tried this and it wasn’t clear or glossy it felt like Vaseline please help

Mackenzie Brooks

Can you do a video with you using yellow beeswax

Margarita V

Can you use wax from a candel Instead of beeswax?

geraldine haywood

I tried it my base came out white but it came out fine keep practicing til i get a clear base if not my white base is perfect

Yung NiNi

So did y’all NOT see something in the baby oil at the beginning


I think it's awesome that you take the time to make video tutorials most people wouldn't take the time to share this type of information. After seeing a few of your videos I wanted to bring to your attention that Baby Oil is a hydrocarbon and should never be used on the skin; and if it's inhaled for whatever reason can be even more harmful. So needless to say I was a bit nervous when you heated up this product.

It's suppose to be a highly purified Mineral Oil another substance that should never be used on skin, but sadly we all know that products here are not as filtered or purified as they should be. Also another item that should never be used on the skin is Petroleum Jelly... Please be careful!

Aashna Bhargava

Substitute for beeswax!?!?

Flavio Sousa


Drei Chuchu

I have a question

Phoenix official

Mine became a petroleum jelly ??

Tasharrum Salim Ansari

I need to ask something , you have said that you didn't make any perfect lip gloss base , but you made this one ....

Nour Walaa

Can i just use aloe instead of versagel

Lisa or Lena

just a question does it last a long time on ur lips ?

Kathy Mines

Alguien me podría decir en español ¿cómo se llama el producto base que uso para hacer la base de lip gloss ? por favor ( qué no entendí bien ) .

Irene Anane

Hi am in Ghana and want to start a lip gloss business , how can I get the needed things to start with

Sejal Ghag

Hey did it stayed the same consietancy, plzzz relyy

Candi Noel

People asking her for measurements seeing damn well she’s not using any measurements ???

sln kid channel

She had talked too much

wendy Pendo

Is the beeswax you used Cera bellina?

Patricia Gonzalez

Alguien que escriba los ingredientes en español porfsvor?


Could you give measurements? I would love to make this

chara Thompson

do you need baby oil?



Tasharrum Salim Ansari

Please , please give measurement please