Obese white women

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Transgender Model Defends Her Comments Claiming 'All White People' Are Racist | Good Morning Britain

1 735 959 views | 4 Sep. 2017

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Munroe Bergdorf defends her comments made on social media that resulted in her being dropped by L’Oréal.

Broadcast on 04/09/2017

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Obese white women

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Woman criticized for shopping at clothing store because she's white | WWYD

3 365 772 views | 4 Dec. 2018

Sparks fly when a white

Sparks fly when a white woman is criticized at a clothing store for dressing "too urban." As insults fly, will patrons step up and say something? First broadcast 6/5/2015.



Check out some of the Best WWYD? Episodes ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Htytu...

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What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go ary. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC.

What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.

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Dale Andrews

I'm a white guy who was brought up in a Western Auto store. Remember those? The way I described them to people now is that we "sold everything but food!" But when I think, I have to take that back. I think we may have carried some beef jerky on a hanging rack like you see in a grocery store! But, back to the point. Dad always used to tell me "the customer is always right", to a point. In this case, yeah, sell them to the white girl and don't give her a hard time about it!

Jordan Butler

I absolutely love that last woman ! She’s awesome !

Matthew Platt

Discrimination goes both ways as it always has. Hating someone for the color of their skin is small minded and immature. Appropriation of a culture is a whiney. We are the great melting pot. We are AMERICANs. If you need to be anything else you need help. He is right. What is right or wrong not what is black, red, white or yellow.

Nikki Pennington

I think this is my favorite WWYD video I’ve seen yet. That last shopper...I just want to hug her.


Remember when P!nk use to dress in R&B clothes back in 2000


I really cant understand people that dont let other dress like they want because they dont have the "appropriate skin"
Black girls straight their hair for exemple, I don't even see the point .
Some say that it is "appropriation of culture" but even that I cant understand .
This is just a look, There's nothing behind . If I like to paint my nails red but there is a culture that do that too, why should I stop and in what way could I offend others by just minding my own business ??

(I wear normal/classic clothes, so I'm not concerned about that, but I have a friend that was mocked by a black girl because she has curly hair and she's not black but maghrebian...fun fact, it was her naturaly hair )

Comrade Kermit

reverse racism bruh

Silas Bijl


The One In The Middle

All those clothes in that store are western styled anyway. Its not african clothing. T shirts are white clothes. Manufactered shoes and boots are white.

D Lam

to be fair, the white girl did look ridiculous, dreds and hoops and all, manby one at a time

Kelsey L.

I absolutely ? adored that last woman. She was right and standing up for what was true


It’s 2015 ???

Lonnie Davis

Borrowing black culture? Dreadlocks were worn by Vikings. So really Dreads are Viking culture.

Keamogetswe Modisane

Black people have influences, especially in music. There are white people who are gonna like that influence and appreciate it. To all white people who appreciate instead of appropriate, thank you.

Happy Birthday

the last two people are amazing?


How could people say that style belongs to a certain race. It’s a style. That’s it. She dresses like that because it makes her happy and that’s all, so people need to just sit down and leave people alone for dressing like their “culture”.


She is right, stop that circle...


In all honesty there is nothing wrong with embracing other people's culture just as long as it isn't to make fun of them, and you respect the culture it came from

myra dagellin

this episode is pretty much just showcasing black women being racist to a white woman. over CLOTHING. come on

Manny Mitchell

Her clothes aren’t the issue it’s her hair which is cultural appropriation

Shelbi Sanders

Style has no color

Barack Obama

It’s not about race or cultural appropriation; it’s about going out in public looking like a hot mess.


None of the positive comments are from black people I see

Jessica Joubert

Omg that last girl was so passionate! I loved her!

karla Knapper

That last woman, wow, she got me emotional. True words "at the end of the day we are all sisters."

Paul Shaylor

Yo, the last lady is so pretty

Melanated God

I love that other cultures are IN LOVE with our culture. It's quite flattering to me lol.


I use to have micro braids in my hair and got crapped on a few times for it. Two women, working at my cell phone store even messed up my phone account deliberately.

alžběta l

I think that this only got worse actually

Selim hh


James Faragoza

Not accepted by her own peers, not accepted by other race peers


This is why cultural appropriation confuses the hell out of me. Sometimes it's ok and sometimes it isn't.


She made me cry

Instrumental X

I love good people.

Karneet Sethi

The guy at 4:30 is savage ??


The last gorgeous lady for President. Make it happen.

Purple Vi

I dress kind of goth sometimes. Not many black people like that style. But if I ever saw a black goth. I would never say or think they're trying to be white. Because that's stupid. Blacks can like heavy metal too.

Peter Broederlow

Even the actress that was playing the worker couldn't help but adore the last woman ❤️

Ian Restil

While John is interviewing the innocent bystanders the girls in the back are lifting...


I'm not sure where the line is supposed to be drawn in regard to the idea of "cultural appropriation." Sometimes it is like a compliment or nod to the culture you are taking ideas from (fashion, music, lingo, art, or whatever hallmark.) I guess I would draw the line where cultural identity is being appropriated but the appropriator is not paying any proper respect to the culture from which it originated. For example: a rich, privileged person (doesn't matter what race or culture) pretending like they have/had a hard life on the streets but really has no clue what that's like. It's not really a race issue. It's an authenticity issue. With the fashion aspect aside it would be different if the white girl was unsupportive or indifferent to the hardships black culture faces or worse, was a racist.

Kory The Dumpster Rat

Wendy Williams talkin' about her "people's" culture being stolen while dressed like a regular rich white woman lmfao, bye sis

Eunice Castro

that last girl is so pure she almost made me cry :(

Stephen Rosado

2015: we have so much chaos in the world right now
2020-2021: that’s cute


Anyone have social media of the white girl? She is a fine diamond. ? ?

Katie M

Lol other than the fact that her whole vibe is not in style, i see no issues. She really kinda does look like Eminem or even K-Fed, like 90s / early 2000s hip hop??? lol no hate though

Tobyjohn Medicinehorse

I may be ignorant, but who cares how a person dresses???? I mean really, should I not wear Air Jordan's cause I'm not black??? Why are people so worried about how someone dresses. Look I live in Montana and we don't have a big black population heck there are more Mexicans living here than black people so what is the big deal???? Why do they care what someone wears so much????


Who cares whose "culture" it is. People don't hold a monopoly on cultures. Nothing is wrong with borrowing from many cultures when you like things you see in them.

sHE'S brOKen

clothes don't have a. a gender and b. a skin colour

Zataea ©

I love the last person in the video

simple ideas 101

The last woman is so chill??❤️❤️

Casson Dennison

Cultural appropriation is how you keep a culture alive

Breaded Chicken

.“She’s wearing cornrows” um yes she’s wearing corn rows it’s not just black culture that wears corn rows, I am Nordic and corn rows are part of my culture as well people assume I’m culture appropriating or trying to be black. You can look up Nordic hair styles and see the side corn rows they wear.

Jennifer Martinez

Love LOVE ❤️ ???

Jessica Woodsum

Who is people think they're fashions any better no

Tristan Griffiths

No such thing as cultural appropriation


Wendy Williams talks? I thought she only farts

David Tapscott



okay I get fabrics , bonnets , hair etc...
but modern clothing ??
I dont get it !!
like flashy jackets with chains ?
I dont see a issue

Mr. Round

Oh but the other shoppers aren’t racist. It’s not racist if the victim is white right guys?

Eva Jacobsen

That last girl... She could end racism all together with that beautiful heart, and she is soo right... At the end of the day, we are all sisters, and we shouldn't see skincolour at all... I really love her <3 <3 <3

Thielen Fan

So what on what you wear!! If you like the style wear it!! This is so wrong!! I know it’s acting but I feel it would happen in real life!!

Sabiene Fontanilla

Cultural Appropriation advocates segregation. Other people's feelings do not determine what we can and cannot wear.

Patrick Grieves

I like how Wendy Williams the woman who tries to act like the whitest black person, is telling people they are stealing her culture......


I love Shannon. I am Shannon.

Erin Mulliken

“It’s 2015”
It’s 2021

I haven't taken a shower in 8 weeks but

I'm Asian and I hate it when people get mad at non Asian people for wearing traditional clothes and it implies that only Asian can wear them like wtf why can't we let people embrace our cultures ? It just divides us even further, it's disgusting it's pretty much just gatekeeping at this point and most of the time it's not even offensive... Tbh it's like saying we can't wear clothes from Europe (tuxedos, suits, pants, etc) because we not European!! It's absolutely racist af... Now in 2020 I feel like we regressed in racism and stuff

kate baeza

you look a mess!!!!!

everyone in the store laughing

pya hydrn

Wendy williams is a absolute jerk
Her audience are worse


the last lady : we are all sisters
james charles walks in

Heaven Bunny

This is like criticising a black person for dressing white.

Cate the Great !!!

Idc if your black white green blue purple or red your cool as long as your kind

myra dagellin

if you have to start a sentence with “white people, don’t take this the wrong way...” then you are clearly racist. wendy williams is a fucking moron


"I don't care what color she is" "She is a sister" ? I love it!

Kirya Kirya

The people in 2020 and 2021 all act like the employee now it’s horrible

Katelyn Villegas

Saying “she’s trying to be black” is so stereotypical like wtf is a black person “SUPPOSED” to look like??? Black people can dress and look however tf they want


Racial tribalism is a bigger problem than people would like to admit. However, because it’s black people saying this stuff is ignored by most. For the black people in this video that defended that white girl I’m glad that they called this BS out. If it were in the reverse it would still be wrong but be called out way more, and those involved would face extreme consequences.

Jireh Mirembe

Just so you know I’m black and I think this is unfair we all have our own fashion I also think that white lady is really pretty so I think she also likes our culture and she wants to do it to you be u girl ?


I wonder what would happen if this was filmed today, now that people are constantly accusing of cultural appropriation (especially with braids) ?

Helena Angelina

All this nonsense sh*t about " stealing a culture " or " dressing black " is made by SJW's and neurotic modern feminists.

Takia Tahmid

The last woman was the coolest person ever


Yall should send this to that kpop hater who calls the idols racist for wearing cornrows and show her how real people react.

Barbara Dinius

I say wear whatever the hell you feel like wearing!!! Black people clothes White people clothes?? THERE IS NO SUCH THING!! Wear what YOU want and piss on the haters!


The last girl was the cutest girl I've ever seen in my life ??‍♂️

несмешной человек

Only black people can wear fancy clothing

Otaku Manga Studios

To me, I actually find it racist to be acting like someone who's not black can't enjoy those styles. White people, or anybody else, who's not black, or get dreadlocks and stuff, never because they're trying to black face ever, it's almost always because they like the look. Also, I honestly feel like it creates a bigger divide amongst people, to make this a bigger race issue. I hate that people think racially quality means separating people, dividing people, and putting them in their so-called places. I'm sure if Martin Luther King Jr himself saw this, he would be pretty darn upset. I'm sure he would believe that everyone should be able to wear everything, unless they're truly is some sort of intent of cultural appropriation. I mean like, I get the perspective behind seeing this as racist, and I know that it might remind a lot of people of color of the atrocities of the past, which I totally empathize with.

But the thing is, in this day and age, someone who is not black wearing dreadlocks and or any other stereotypical African American fashion, is never intending to culturally appropriate, or do black facing. To me, it's like saying rap is an exclusive genre only black people can chime in on. now, it'd be one thing, if some white person decided that they're black now, and try to pretend that they're a black person rapping. That would be stupid and racist. But with the other example I gave before, that's like eminem. To me, saying the very act of someone who's not of color dressing and or enjoying such culture and style, should actually be celebrated, as it's a crossover of cultures, potentially bringing us closer together, and therefore slowly but surely ending division, therefore racism. I think the only way we could minimize division in this country, is if we embrace each other, each other's cultures, fashion, someone and so forth. There's a very big difference between embracing another culture, and masquerading as that culture.

Now, if you still believe that it's completely racist for someone who is white, or not of the ethnicity that stereotyped to be wearing the style that they're choosing to wear, regardless of that particular culture, let me give you a quick example.

In japan, nobody gives a Frick about a non-japanese person wearing a kimono. In fact, many people in Japan may feel flattered to see a foreigner enjoying this rich culture.

So please I beg all of you to please reconsider your definition of racism. To me, if your definition of racism is basking into other people's cultures, enjoying the vibes, flavors, and traditions, then I would say your ideologies are a bit divisive.

EDIT: I was just looking through the comments, and I guess I was so scared of what other people would think of this, because I've run into this kind of systemic stereotype a lot, and it's really bothersome. I had no idea everybody else was on my side too in this manner! It's so refreshing, honestly :-)

the cringe channel ye

I just can't belive people are being treated diffrent cus a word like you ain't got nothing else to do?like what??

Hurricane Ronnie

The last girl was my favorite... you can tell she’s a sweet person breaking down like that. We need more people like that in the world, willing to stand up for something while at the same time trying to teach the other person why she was wrong.

BBT Beats By T

These girls are so damn racist


Thank me later.

just live

One of them really said you look like Eminem?!

dot dot dot

no cultural appropriation IS a real problem and yall neex to quit it.

D y

More people for it than against. Thank God

Death BlaZor

And they say Reverse racism does not exist.

Ariana Corbu

OMFG. the people who didn't like her style just because she waswhite was plain rude.

Jesse Garcia-saenz

Jabari really killed the actors self esteem though with the " you look a mess " ???

sol yeon

When I was a sales in a dress store
My manager taught to that you tell everyone is beautiful and everything suits them
Even if you don't think it looks good, if you see the customer is happy in it. Tell them they are beautiful

Haley Lavrack

girl that guy telling her she look a mess made me spit out my tea lol

Justin Mullins

Human is human

Lana Santos

The last woman is so cute I can’t may God bless her ?♥️

Colleen Hartigan

I love that they stand for a principle, for a person.

That said, diffusion vs. appropriation is a complicated issue. I mean sometimes what starts as Appropriation becomes a genuine part of another culture, so you can't fault someone generations removed.

Obese white women

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Fat, Black and Woman | Annalisa Toccara | TEDxSheffieldHallamUniversity

13 203 views | 19 Dec. 2019

...the universe sees us

...the universe sees us differently, and behind the colour of our skins, and the layers of our flesh are a thousand thoughts and a thousand capabilities. Annalisa Toccara talks about how difficult it is living in a world that is judgemental and stereotypes people like her. Annalisa explains in this talk how she has fought through the pains of depression to create a healthy space around for her self and for others who are less confident. Annalisa Toccara is an award-winning cultural producer, freelance journalist, and digital strategist. With a degree in Theology and an incoming MA in International Public and Political Communication from The University of Sheffield, Annalisa is the founder of a leading social enterprise, Our Mel and in 2017, launched Sheffield’s first Black History Month Festival. Annalisa is also Head of Campaigns, Policy and Communications at Press Red - a charity educating, equipping and empowering on gender-based violence. Annalisa was honoured to receive a Women’s Centenary Award by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield in 2018 and is one of the Northern Power Women 2019 Future List. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Ryan Neave

[email protected] big girl


Obese people need to stop making excuses for their weight and be real

Katarzyna Pabianek

9 minutes and not much value

Limitless Potential

Let’s see what happens in 15 years when diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease kicks in

She’s killing her self now by over eating.

Stay a victim. It’s easier to try to make people feel bad for you.



Hoi Nori

Wow she sure is....something



toxic kate main

Why is she getting so much abuse? She's only telling a story

Mar Frank

She’s beautiful strong ?? and brave

Washed Anew

what the f* is she eating at 2:30 am in her secret corner?! damn, it has made her huge.


It’s easy to tell she wants to eat donuts and pizza while she’s speaking

Vindeshwar Kumar

You married


What’s with the volume?

Enoch Price

Made me vomit. Chears

Chicken Salad

you are clearly mixed hahaha America

peggy easton

how much damage to the car

Gormless Ostrich

What a victim.


She is Yuuuuge!

BurnThe Juice


Just An Honest Dude

she looks like a marshmallow that got double stuffed, then double stuffed again. ew.

Greatest Ever

Imagine this whining slob as your daughter

Brandon Williams

Did she eat the microphone??

Woodsie 72

"People of colours"

Google Skype

"so many layers behind my skin"

Shireen Christopher

Wow these comments should been deleted

West Hogam

Just accept that you're lazy and pathetic

Ethan Bonerton

What is wrong with this soft generation


Just lose some damn weight. You’re losing your breath just speaking.

peggy easton

I'm a women?

Bk Born

The fact that she has normal sized forearms and hands is interesting. Genetics are weird.

abd dfa

FACT: we will all indirectly pay (due to globalized economy) for this lady’s comorbidities, leading to multiple hospital visits, and eventual ICU stay that will leave her trach/PEG’ed and terminal discharge to skilled nursing home.

P.S. I get paid to treat these patients everyday for a living. Waste of GDP IMHO.


such a beautiful lady and I love Ted and This makes me push harder on my weightloss journey x bring it on 2020 quarantine life thinking hard.

S1 Dubbzz

what is it about obese women that want everyone to praise them for their laziness. hit the gym like a mad woman....you will feel so much better about yourself.

Lu Ekezie

I like big women I think she has a nice body

Yung Kim

Just say u cant lose weight

Carl Rodgers

Gargantuan catastrophe


I wish this lovely lady the best but I pray that she would lose the weight and get healthy

Jack Anderson

Utterly Embarrising

MacLinz Universal Channel

Total BS


Is that precious?

Kyle Dimetri

Even her breathing is heavy. Damn. Lose the weight

Paul Jay

I think what she is trying to say, is don't look at her in a single dimension. When I started watching the video, I thought it was going to revolve around a 'difficulty in trying to shed weight story.' It didn't, I think this was deliberate, and focused on a multi layered narrative. The punchlin is. There is more to someone than their weight. That said, for her own health and wellbeing, I hope she addresses being over weight.