Is it better to take a shower in the morning or at night

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Guided Shower Meditation beginner level

43 280 views | 7 Dec. 2019

This is a beginners guided

This is a beginners guided meditation to play while you shower. It will allow you to remove any unwanted energy and prepare you for a fresh new day ahead. FOR MORE MEDITATIONS VISIT:


Lovejot Kaur

soo good

Olga Gomezsanchez

Loved it! ?

D Com


esra majd

جيت من فيديو روان منو مثلى ؟


Very poor. I need something that I can listen do during the shower. Even outside the shower I can barely understand what the voice is saying. Why make something where the text being said is barely discernible? A waste of time

kathyanne bishop

Thank you very much.
Only one thing I take my showers at night.
Still very uplifting. Thank you!

Pisces Immortal

No talking please, moving on to the next

Summah The *Vegan*

Thank you for making this ?????

Noor Alhamdani

هاي انا من فديو روان?♥️
Hi I am from rawan's video ♥️?


couldnt hear this in my shower maybe my speakers were just bad

Is it better to take a shower in the morning or at night

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Morning vs. Night Showers?!

8 489 views | 22 Jul. 2016

Ah, the great debate:

Ah, the great debate: Morning vs. Night Showers. Which one are you?! I'm all for Team Morning Showers, but I did a little five day experiment to see if I would convert to the dark side (night showers).

Comment down below and tell me which type of person you are! :)



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Omg you got so many subscribers so quick!! Congrats❤️

_O O

Well I even don’t have time to have breakfast since It’s really hard for me to get up, how can I take shower in the morning ?


God Big Comfy Couch was the best show ever in my childhood

Kara Burry

if I shower in the morning it makes it real puffy. I'm a night shower

Evan Di Cesare

I'm definitely a morning showerer, I just don't have the energy to shower at night lol


im a night showerer because I dont wake up early enough to remember to shower in the morning

Carmen Antoinette

I take a shower in the morning and night. Thts because I'm an athlete and I'm always feeling gross so that's y I take two a day. Btw I love u Tanya❤️❤️❤️❤️


I sleep with my hair wet


I personally shower at night but that's not because I prefer to but because my family do. I've never even had a morning shower ?

Dove13 squad

I absolutely love showers at night but when I’m to tired and I have to much homework I’ll shower in the morning the next day. My friend told me to try this out and the first day I hated it because it to cold in the morning to have showers but I felt fresh and awake ???

Rosa and Consuela 2016

I HAVE to shower at night because of school




I like to shower in the morning and in the night. But since I'm a scary cat if I watch some scary thing I don't like to take showers at night cause I take them really fast. And if I do it in the morning I take very long cause.... It doesn't scare me ??. If I don't watch anything scary I feel fine and like to take a shower at night


Can u do more Tanya vs something I love those

Poisonous Stars

omg!!! I love all of your videos!!! I will say, I shower at night, braid my hair before I go to bed, then straighten my hair in morning, which BTW is wayyyy time consuming. uz r thez bezt!!!!!!

Will Lombardo



I have to take night showers, I'm night shift. Taking a morning shower would be like showering at night for me, because the morning is when I head to bed. X)


You really need to get a new mic lol

Grace Elizabeth

Night showers are the best!!!! I just took one! I hate going to bed dirty!!!!

Nona Bug

hi tanya! another great video!!!!wat am I saying your vids are all ways perfect!

Ling Ly

Although if you shower in the morning and spend all day any where you were you would be sleeping in your bed dirty ?

Anna Salvi

I'm from Italy and here showering everyday it's really uncommon; we usually take 3 showers a week, one every 2-3 days... everyday showers can damage your skin and your hair; morover, our skin naturally produces grease, and when we take it away, our body produces even more of that, that's why your hair feels greasy if you don't wash it everyday, it's just not used to it...


Does it have any affects on skin?

Kara Burry

I'm going to take morning showers to see if I like it better

Jessica Moulton

night because it makes my morning routine for school easier and i can sleep in:) p.s i love your videos sooo much

Ryan M

my cavalier King Charles spaniel always uses my friends corgi as a pillow.
idk why I commented that.


I'm a night showerer but if I'm not going anywhere during the day I shower like at 3:00 pm xD

Iceblade Sternglow

I am a night showerer and I total understand how you are a morning showerer because I do understand going to bed with a wet heed it STINKS! but I shower at night mostly because I can not wake up early! ??

tbh XD

This is probably late and you wont reply but your a great youtuber because-
1-your funny,kind,and smart
2-you reply to all/most of your comments
3-you have a corgi and I love corgis
well that's it hope you get a chance to read this comment? \(●0●)/

Modern Monroe


oof mate

I'm a morning showerer and I was upset that I no longer could shower in the morning because now my mom and I get ready at the same time.

She's like: Just shower in the afternoon.

I'm gonna wake up at 4am, no way I'm gonna go to school smelling like crap.

I know this is a first world problem but still.

Roretta Tutory

Morning showers are the best to me


night showers I'm 10 there's really nothing for me to do but play out side so i can wash it all of after


I can't take showers in the morning because I have to wake up and go to school


i shower at morning and at night. is that weird?
when i shower at the morning it makes me feel clean and refreshed and awake.
and when i shower at night i feel sleepy and clean and comfy.


Your just like me!!!!!!??????

Aleks Victoria

I'm a morning showers person



Indyana Ricci

mornings !!!!!

Nathan Catapang

I like these kinds of videos Tanya! Please do more of these! You're doing great! P.S. I prefer night showers.

Kayla Princess

You make me laugh keep up the awesome videos


Of course morning showers, except but if I feel I need to, like after a hot summer day, I'll just do both night and morning showers. Just remember to clean you bed at least once every one or two weeks.......

Naomi Leanage


Faith Orr

If you shower a few hours before bed then your hair can air dry. Your face would also not feel greasy if you washed it every morning. But it’s also bad to wash your hair daily so that’s why it might be a problem with feeling greasy all day after showering at night.

Mia Buchdahl

i dont really have a particular shower pattern. sometimes i shower at 9:am, sometimes 5:pm, sometimes 11:pm

A.J. Parker

I remember taking night showers a lot when I was in high school, but mostly just to wash away the filth and refresh me from the long hard days I had there, and I always kept my hair cut short enough to where it dries quicker so I don't have to worry about sleeping with wet hair. Nowadays, I just shower whenever I feel I need to (which is mostly in the mornings now).

Stranger Than Strange

I shower at night idk different things for different people

❁??ơຖเเ ?ᥙຖຖ?❁❦︎

im just lazy haha


Hii Tanya!! I hope you had an amazing day:))



Callie Sandberg

As a person who night-showers, I love the feeling good of not having my bed all dirty from the day, and my hair gets more bushier, which I like :)

Scott Rank

I want to do both

Crazy Loon

I don't shower at night (unless really dirty), because I shower not to smell (for others) and I only rally see people in the day so it's more about looking clean to others then myself.


im a night shower person, i have to go to school at 8:00 in the morning and i wake up at 6:30 and i just don't have the time in the morning and i don't shower everyday.. now i know what your thinking "yuck thats really bad" yeahhhhh NO i have a bath every night and then when my hair needs a wash ill wash it because its bad for your hair if you wash it everyday!!

Ashlin F

I am a night shower! Haha I never have the motivation to shower in the morning. I have only showers in the morning once. If you some who actually goes out side and runs or somthing it feels nice to come home after a long day and shower. Anyways I'm going to try this, showing in the morning! Also my hair type does very well Braden after a night shower it looks great in the morning haha, but I prefer to straighten my hair. Lately I have been brading it so I don't have to use the heat on it.??

Wolfpage Green

you are such a morning shower, you pointed out so many think I don't like ??????

Stephanie Asher

I have to shower in the morning too! I will shower at night sometimes if I get sweaty or dirty during the day but I never skip my morning shower. You do sweat at night and get oily whether you think you do or not. I had a couple of coworkers who only showered at night and they would get that funky hair/oily stench around lunchtime. Gross!!

Rabbit Babbit

Wht if your both like on the week day on school days I shower at 7pm then on the weekends I shower in the morning

❁??ơຖเเ ?ᥙຖຖ?❁❦︎

I night shower & my hair doesnt get like that when i wake up in the morning so I dont blow dry

Rachel Young

I Take One In The Morning Or Night Depending On How I Feel

Shasha Divine

Tanyaaa we have the same opinion!! At night i get allergies because as you probably know im allergic to dogs, but im usually allergic to most things HAHAH

Julia Charlene

I Prefer Morning Showers, but I don't have time for them. So I have to stick with Night Showers :/

Becca Grube

I shower at night, and just sometimes during the day...... but my night showers are better :P :) I don't have that problem of feeling gross the next day I actually feel fluffy.... it may not make sense to normal humans but that's how it makes me feel. plus for me the warm shower relaxes my body so that I can sleep better and I swear a lot during the day because I work gonna kitchen whether I am in school or at work so I feel like if I shower before I go to school or work I'm wasting the cleaning since I'm going to sweat also the shower makes me feel uncomfortable after having to put actual clothes on for the day rather than putting jammies on at night then sleeping :) so I do believe for me night showers are better but I have showered during the day sometimes and know that that's better for some people like you for example Tanya @askylitavenue

Chloe Schrieffer

I'm a night shower person


i sweat at work so i wanna get clean before i change into clean pajamas and get into my clean bed


night shower squad where you at tho ??

Shae Romanowski

When its school time I shower at night because...... duhh and when its like breaks and summer i shower in the morning!


I love showers so I take a shower at night and sometimes in the morning and I love taking showers in the morning but I can't go to sleep in my bed feeling gross and getting my bed all gross??

❁??ơຖเเ ?ᥙຖຖ?❁❦︎

I showered at 3pm a few times I dont like it


Slipping into bed naked....? You sleep naked? Don't you get cold?!


I take night showers, I wish I could do morning showers but I don't have enough time because of school. Yes, school is over for me so I can now take morning showers!

Little Me

hahaha I take both.tayna ur such a risk taker!!

kali ethal

Tanya, where did u get that mason water cup filter thing for your dog?

KaZooMi Glider

I'm both. I don't mind showering in the morning or night. XD

Yamileh Perez

Night I don't now why but I just like to shower at night

Amber Gacha

I have school

Priska CR

evening shower person :p LOL. seriously tho. haha

The pika Lover


strike star

I am a night shower person. I do agree and like that showering in the morning can make you feel refresh, but I don't really have the time to do it. I have trouble waking up early, so I get the time to shower at night. Also, I only dry my hair with a towel and tie it up. My hair looks nice in the morning and when I untie my hair, it's like an explosion of fragrance from the shampoo/conditioner that I used that night.


I like night showers because they're a nice and relaxing at the end of the day. Also, I don't do anything with my hair (except dry it with a towel), I just go to sleep with it down and damp.

godmother gowon

im more of an afternoon showerer lol

Jolee Chan

Omg I love you your the best canadain utuber!!!!! Let's go Vancouver!! Lol I'm from Vancouver XD

Javis Agreda

Im gonna be a savage and say Im a bath person.
Any Bath Bomb users here!



LPS MoonGaze

#doggy hairs in my ramen noodles

Andie Fields

During the summer if I can't sleep I take a shower at midnight or one in the morning then sleep, but with school I take showers at around four at night.


i like showering at night cause i live in florida ?? im gonna sweat all day and i feels so gross to sleep in dried sweat. if i shower in the morning i sweat more because of the humidity. so especially during summer i shower at night.

sleepyfacedangel ♥

(✿◠‿◠)/ ♥ Fellow morning showerer here! I'll shower at night if I have an extra early morning the next day, so I don't have to worry about waking up late and not being able to shower. I will however "freshening up" in the morning, so it's like a mini wash.. LOL I work in an a cold enviroment, so in the winter night showers rock! Only down side they wake me up and if I take one too late, I have a hard time falling asleep.

TIn DaShiz

Oops I have done both. Night showers are great. Get into bed clean.

Corey And This Channel

I just take shows whenever I want ???
P.s Luv u Tanya ✨

Caden J

I take night showers bc
A: I'm a night owl and tend to sleep until like noon so it's easier to shower at like 9 and go to sleep later
B: I'm a dude with really short hair and all I have to do with my hair is act like it's 2007 at a heavy metal show and head bang.
C: being trans, I have to wear a chest binder. Getting those on when you just got out of the shower is absolute hell.
Night showers just work for my lifestyle and stuff


Am I the only one that takes both.

Puppylover Furever

Lol Sploot in the intro goes behind your back all like "umm shower?! This is not good YOU CAN NOT TAKE ME INTO THAT NIGHTMARE!!! Quick I have to hide!?"

Manuella Talita

In my country, we shower morning and night tho ??? we'll call u dirty person if u just shower only in the morning.


I like to shower both at night and in the morning. the thing is...I usually throw gel in my curly hair so it would air dry, so I wouldn't care if I had to rewash and restyle in the morning. oh and i usually didn't wash my hair at night. So my answer is both.


Both work for me I mean I kinda like morning because it's like my hair is fresh and just perfect but night time it feels good to wash away all the dirt so I'm like a morning/night person


I prefer showering at night because I hate to have to get ready with wet hair and I don't like blow drying my hair and when I shower at night when I wake up my hair is always dry and smells good

John Anneheim

Actually scientifically speaking dr.lupghing responded to this various debated situation in which a study was taken on the human brain on night and morning showers and when you take a night shower your pores open up and when you lay in your “clean crisp” bed your actually accumulating dust and other various debris into your skin which doesn’t make it that good after all and cause pimples, in the long run taking showers in the morning especially cold ones take the drastic turn and make you have a mental feeling in which you feel way more awake and your brain reacts as it’s thinking something different is happening we must stay alert now and so the brain actually wakes up your system and alerts that anything could happen at any time so you should... scientifically speaking take showers morning but you can take them at night too because your really not hurting but morning showers do have more drastically impacts into your body in a good way

Lisa Kostner

I absolutely love both of the shower times


well i do it randomly but....i shower in the morning but when im to lazy i shower at night

Is it better to take a shower in the morning or at night

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Morning vs. Night Showers

24 331 views | 12 Jan. 2021

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Henry Young

I have bad OCD in regards to germs and now we’re living in a pandemic, I take night showers (which i’ve been taking night showers for years). Morning showers give me anxiety due to me building up germs on my body though out the day

Sebastian Lopez

I like to shower at noon and use two sets of clean clothes per day

Yeming Huang

Take 2 showers

Santos Rivera

Alot of people are
Wrong and dumb.


In covid times, if you can smell me, you're way too close. In normal times, morning showers to feel good, evening showers to feel clean.

Colin McDonald

What if I exercise?

Elisha Koch

But, but, I don’t have time in the morning... dislike it is I guess

Chris Lamarque

I’ve never understood how both are not mandatory


first of all when did we agree on daily washing? and secondly is you want to wash daily chose nightly. you are the most vulnerable to disease the first period after washing. your resistance increases quadratically before it levels off and start to decline slowly.

Brenden Bennefield

Why not just do both. I support morning showers anyway.

Al S.

To this I say fuck that im staying a night shower person and I shall STAY a night shower person...

Morten Holst

Lunch time showers are finally possible due to working from home.


Is common in Brazil take 2-3 baths everyday, so, no need to discussion this there

Marius 100mark

A big argument i hear ist hair, but the other way around... people with long hair don't necessarily have the time to let it dry in the morning :) however i do not have long hair so morning showers ftw ?

Five Sign

An especially wrong take in the middle of a pandemic ?‍♂️

Kevi Kiru

Did not know you had this channel! A travesty indeed

Ethan S

I totally disagree and hate you for thinking this, but I love the content anyways, keep it coming!

Rice Cake

You can shower twice too

Mo n

Parque no los dos? ??‍♀️

Aashay Tambi

No showers!

Jeremiah Victory

Meanwhile the germans shower every 3 days


I wasn't expecting for someone to kick me in the face and tell me if you are going to have a night shower it has to be in addition to a morning shower

Oluwafemi Arteta Ogunsanmi

If my mom had explain like this, maybe I’d shower societally.

Harry li


Habaka Ellis

Bro, I swear this channel is some sort of social experiment and I'm here for it

North Carolinian Mapping

What about a compromise, in the middle,

during sleep?

Debi Taylor

Except in Australia where Thou shall not walk on the right side of the escalator. Why do Americans assume that their way is the only way? ?

Cor Tempestas

"thou shall: bathe oneself at least once per day" hahahahaha. since going home office you don't want to know how often I shower now

Cam Halls

Work night shifts in a hospital, shower before and after work!


Star the video. See the night showers being present first...
"dame I lost, he will bitch me"
And it's exactly what happen xD

I want a seperate YT account

Well if the shower is for you and the society, I want to get paid for this time by you and the society.

Hannes Rodriguez

The real play is to shower after you go running on a trail and get all dusty


What's a pellow?

Marco Pegoraro

"You don't need to be clean to sleep because you're literally unconscious"

Ok, you're single, we get it, no need to make a five minutes video about it.

Clos MasMas

I personally take night showers. I only take morning showers if I exercise in the morning. Also to save money, my house’s water heater is only on in the evening

Ryan Pratte

With all due respect, you’re just plain wrong

Daniel Lui

Bold of you to assume I take showers at all

jason dads

wait you mean that we aren't supposed to only shower once a month?


People who take baths in the afternoon watching this:


I shower in tje middle of the day...

Clive Cooper

Cold shower in the morning and hot shower at night for me.

Tech Help Portal Extras

I shower about every 3 days

alex ander

Each video I have the feeling you're trying to make the most disliked video possible

North Carolinian Mapping

I mean, what’s the point of morning showers? Night showers are for cleaning your body after a long day of dirt and sweat and to making sleeping more comfortable, but you wake up clean in the morning so why the hell take a morning shower (I don’t smell, sorry)? Who wants to sleep in filth and sweat? Morning shampoos make sense tho because you know messy hair.

Mackenzie Storey

I was wondering why the channel was named this, and then I watched the video. This really is a hill to die on.

Daniel McCully

Yah but now I have to get up 5 minutes earlier.

Danny T

Me living in the tropics: showering twice a day is the bare minimum.

Matthew Dylan Tan



Lmao imagine making a 4 minute video of how you’re wrong. For starters not all of us have a cushy job where we can go to bed without showering. I often have 3 showers a day, 1 to wake up (5:30AM) 1 at work when I’m leaving and one before bed to make sure I fully clean myself after work. Honestly if you’re only showering in the morning you’re gross and clearly ain’t getting any


I wasn't expecting for someone to kick me in the face and tell me if you are going to have a night shower it has to be in addition to a morning shower


Actually, dermatologists say showing every day is really bad. Really, one can shower 2-4 times a week and not smell. The showering every day thing was actually pushed by soap companies and the like in the early 20th century in order to push up sales.

AJ Grant

I’m going to disagree because of two reasons. First, body temperature. Your body’s temperature fluctuates throughout the day, and morning showers screw up the temperature cycle. Secondly, I have allergies and I do not want to be bringing in any pollen or other stuff into my bed each night. Also a bonus reason: I cant sleep if I feel sticky.

Shubham Sagar Singh

Shower twice.


Or option C: Don't shower at all


Next one: Chopstick is superior than spoon and fork combined.

Rice Cake

Who cares?

Martin Aarne

Bruh try cuddling with someone who hasn't showered that evening.

Marnok Gharge

This is what I wanted but didnt know it.


I take shower 2 times a day. In the morning, and afternoon after a workout.
In the morning it help me wake up, and get ready for work.
Afternoon, like I did workout, so I need to shower


You didn't think this one through. What about the people who work in filth as a profession? They definitely should not be sitting around in that til the next morning.

Scott Pensyl

You've never worked a dirty job and it shows.

Debi Taylor

Of course we should be laundering our sheets regardless of when we shower. But for me showering in the evening, I can go and entire week before having to change my sheets. However, my brother who prefers to shower in the morning, but has a job working in the mines Has to change his sheets every other day, because they are putrid black after two nights sleep. He is also single… And he wonders why ??‍♀️

Vishal K Sahoo

me who showers once in 3 days: hmmmmm

Nick Ha

Fine. Can we at least agree we should all.take a shower daily? Unfortunately daily shower is something relatively new. You don't think people who walks 5 miles to get 2 buckets of water shower daily do you? Or even the US during the great depression or even pre WW2. Daily shower is marketing tool to get you to buy more soaps and shampoo believe it or not.


So you're suggesting getting in bed dirty

IzzyCrown Art

B-but I take showers both in the morning and night because I'm in a tropical country...


In Britain you only walk on the left side of the escalator

Rice Cake


Sarat Chandra B

Wait,I have heard this voice before......which other channel do you work on YouTube?

leonardo são josé

i took shower 2 times per day. when i wake up and at 6pm, when i come home.

Mo n

Yes you need to shower at night... and also wash your legs ???


One small oversight, considering people you live with. If society requires me to wake up at an ungodly hour, say 5am, and I have ~45 min the get ready, I would have plenty of time to shower but would risk every morning waking up everyone else up thus ruining there mornings because showering is probably the loudest thing you could do to get ready. Also if you have a significant other and you plan to get intimate in the evening. Being freshly clean is a much added bonus to prolonging multiple intimate engagements

Bryan Heimlicher

So people are going to ignore his statement about walking on escalators? The left side is for walking and the right is for standing.


still mad about Farenheit

m e

you just know everyone involved in this argument is white. black people shower twice daily.


You guys only take a shower a day? What?


"I don't want to go to work 8 hours dirty."

-Gus Sorola


agree to disagree


every day? thats a sure way to fuck up the planet...

Finkel - Funk

I really hate the arrogant tone of these videos. You can make a case for opinions but acting as if your opinion is the only one that matters or being obnoxiously arrogant on purpose and preemptively insulting your audience all the time for disagreeing is just irritating and unpleasant to watch.
I'll stick to Polymatter.


switched from night to morning like 7 years ago. BEST DECISION EVER.

Benjamin Schröder

Wait do people actually shower every day?
I usually shower every other day, unless i worked out or smth

Matthew Dylan Tan

when you shower 3 times a day (me): haha.

cram left on the sun for 30 days

Alright get this, I’m sleepy in the morning so I can’t shower in the morning. Checkmate. And no, showing in the morning just makes me even more sleepy. Double check mate.

First Last

Traditional Japanese People; sweating profusely


Try to sleep with 7 other guys in the same room that didn't had a night shower and they come back to be and tell be if you still hold your opinion

Caz Yang

okay actually convinced gonna try showering in the morning for a bit see how it feels.

is it not common to shower every other day? every day seems excessive


What sort of maniac showers everyday? 3 - 4 times a week maybe. But everyday is just insane.


The best shower is the one after sex.

Benjamin Lehmann

Curly hair looks better if you shower at night and then let it dry while you're asleep. If you have a hairdryer, this doesn't apply to you.

Thomas Gibbons

Nah mate. Bathd


What about midday showers?

pedro catré

we are in lockdown and working remote, that renders the society contract null and void ;)

Joshua Leong

having to shower in the morning means I can't rush getting ready in 10 minutes and that's kind of a deal breaker.

Mo n

Night cuz I don't want extra dirty sheets... and I don't sweat in my sleep


Even though I disagree, I liked the video hahaha

Qoraz X

You completely neglect the fact that people exercise in the afternoon

Arnaud L. Flor

Brazil: 2-3 showers are mandatory additional might be optional


love the second channel keep them coming ???


i dont shower everyday